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Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
Volume 32, 2009 - Issue 11
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The al Houthi Insurgency in the North of Yemen: An Analysis of the Shabab al Moumineen
Jack Freeman
Pages 1008-1019 | Received 30 Jan 2009, Accepted 12 Feb 2009, Published online: 23 Oct 2009
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The Yemeni government has fought an insurgency in the north of Yemen against a group called the Shabab al Moumineen, (Believing Youth) since 2004. The insurgency is portrayed by the Yemeni government in the press as a localized phenomenon led by the single al Houthi family and state that their ranks have been decimated by near-continuous fighting. However, the al Houthi Insurgency, led by the Shabab al Moumineen, is far more than a localized uprising: it is a full-blown insurgency–and one that Yemen's government and people may not be prepared to combat. This article explains the origin of the Shabab al Moumineen and conveys the importance of this conflict in Yemen and its potential multiple impacts on the broader Middle East.
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