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The Civic Culture of the Arab World: A Comparative Analysis Based on World Values Survey Data
Middle East Review of International Affairs, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 35-59, Spring 2016
25 Pages
Posted: 24 Aug 2016
Arno Tausch
University of Innsbruck - Department of Political Science; Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration
Date Written: August 21, 2016
This study attempts to estimate the development of civil society in the Arab World by using comparative opinion survey data based on the author’s evaluation of the World Values Survey. Certain basic assumptions of current Middle East studies are evaluated, which are also reflected in the Obama administration’s Presidential Research Directive 11. While the directive emphasizes the compatibility of “moderate Islamism” and “democracy,” the current study finds that “democracy and the market economy” are not shared to the same extent by Arab publics. This study also tests the validity of these assertions with a UNDP type of Index of Civil Society based on WVS data and with various factor analytical investigations into the drivers and bottlenecks of the democracy movement and the support for the market economy.
Keywords: Middle East, Relation of Economic to Social Values
JEL Classification: N15, N35, O35, A13
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