The Event Calendar is the primary on-line resource for publicizing events at Duke.  In order for the calendar to reflect the rich variety of events at Duke, all departments and organizations are encouraged to publish their events in this system. The first step toward this goal is to establish Duke's groups and their event "owners" and administrators within the calendar.

In addition to promoting public events, your group may have a need to publish private or "local" events that are relevant only to members of your group.  Events tagged with the "local" category will not be displayed on the Event Calendar website.  However, you can publish all of your group's events, both public and private, on your desired website(s) by pulling XML feeds of your group's events.

If you have questions about this form or Duke Event Calendar, send an email to calendaring@duke.edu.
Provide the group name as you want it to appear on the Event Calendar including any abbreviation by which the group is known.
List the group "owner" (primary individual who manages events for the group).  Include first and last name
List the netID for the group owner. (format typically letters and numbers)
List the email address for the group owner.
List the phone number for the group owner.
List any other individuals who should be set up to add and edit events for this group.  Include the name, netID, email address and phone number for each individual.  Place the information for each individual on a new line.
Provide link to the group website (hint: include http)
Please provide any other information that may be helpful in setting up this group in the Event Calendar.
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