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Where are the DVDs located in Bill Bryson Library?
Last Updated Nov 26 2020, 12:30pm|TopicsBorrow, Renew & ReturnFinding Items
How do I access electronic journals?
Last Updated May 06 2020, 04:09am​|​Topics​E-Resources​Finding Items
Does the Library stock multiple copies of my textbook?
Last Updated May 06 2020, 03:52am|TopicsFinding ItemsSubject Resources
Does the Library have online reading lists for my course?
Last Updated Mar 06 2020, 02:05am|TopicsFinding ItemsSubject Resources
I can’t find a book on the shelf, but it says it’s “not on loan”, what can I do?
Last Updated Nov 26 2020, 12:29pm|TopicsFinding Items
What does this symbol mean? (+ ++ xx)
Last Updated Mar 06 2020, 01:33am|TopicsBorrow, Renew & ReturnFinding Items
If I can’t find the book I need in the library catalogue, can I ask the library to buy it?
Last Updated Mar 06 2020, 01:36am|TopicsBorrow, Renew & ReturnFinding Items
Does the Library have any maps?
Last Updated Nov 26 2020, 12:38pm|TopicsBorrow, Renew & ReturnFinding Items
Discover is not working, how do I access e-resources?
Last Updated May 02 2021, 02:03am​|​Topics​Collections​E-Resources​Finding ItemsIT Services
Where is the reservation shelf in Bill Bryson Library located?
Last Updated Nov 26 2020, 12:30pm|TopicsAbout the LibraryFinding ItemsShort Loan
How do I find the electronic articles/journals/books that I need?
Last Updated Mar 06 2020, 01:39am​|​Topics​E-Resources​Finding Items
I have found an article in Discover, but the link doesn’t work. What do I do?
Last Updated Mar 06 2020, 01:42am​|​Topics​E-Resources​Finding Items
Where can I find resources specific to my subject?
Last Updated May 06 2020, 03:53am|TopicsFinding ItemsSubject Resources
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