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Get all the answers to your questions on the EU, in your own European language from the Europe Direct call centre.
Questions about Trade?
This page provides you with the contact points for your questions on European trade matters. Please select one of the tabs below according to your interest.
For enquiries on general European policies, you may want to contact Europe Direct.
Trade defence
Export information
Hearing Officer
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Other sources
The Directorate-General for Trade conducts the EU's common policy on trade with countries beyond the EU borders.
This covers, among other things, Trade negotiations with countries outside the EU, improving market access for exporters and importers, ensuring that fair practices are applied to international trade and assessing the environmental and social impacts of trade.
Find the list of meetings of the Director-General.
We often receive enquiries that fall outside the scope of our work, such as questions about trade between EU countries, export/import promotion, import duties and taxation, consumer protection or recruitment in the European Commission.

Therefore we invite you to check on the "Other sources" tab to see whether your question can be better handled by another service of the European Commission.
For general questions on Trade:
Online enquiry form
Send your enquiry on matters related to EU common policy on external trade using our online enquiry form or by postal mail.
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EU Trade Spokesperson
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Information, Communication and Civil Society unit - Trade A3
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B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
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