Extremist who threatened top Belgian doctor appears to have killed himself, prosecutor says
Damascus to Tokyo 2020: Syrian refugees' remarkable journeys to the Olympic Games
Duchess Meghan on her book: The story I wrote could really be your story
How this CEO is trying to get his country out of its Covid crisis
Around the world 
Suspect charged with murder in death of American student Catherine Serou in Russia
Far-right extremist who threatened top Belgian doctor appears to have killed himself, prosecutor says
This cargo ship's captain died aboard. The crew was stuck at sea for weeks, with a potential Covid outbreak on its hands
Thousands march for LGBT equality in Polish capital
This rabbi is joining the German army, 90 years after Hitler expelled Jewish soldiers
Middle East
Palestinians cancel Pfizer vaccine agreement with Israel
Iranians vote in election all but guaranteed to deliver an ultra-conservative president
Israel to transfer at least 1 million Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians in swap deal
'Microchip manicure' turns your nails into business cards
Students and teachers abducted by armed men in Nigeria's Kebbi State, governor says
Liberian rebel sentenced in Switzerland for war crimes, cannibalism
Kenneth Kaunda, Zambia's charismatic first president, is dead at 97
Shooting at party in Toronto leaves 4 injured, including 3 children
Bolsonaro's rule is 'worse threat than coronavirus,' say Brazilians as nation passes 500,000 deaths
Alleged financier for Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says he fears being extradited to the US
Construction deficiencies behind deadly Mexico City subway collapse, report finds
Ugandan Olympic coach tests positive for Covid after arriving in Japan
China has administered more than 1 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses
The US triples its vaccine donations to Taiwan as the island battles an outbreak
This giant prehistoric rhino was the biggest land mammal to walk the Earth
CNN Business
'So... how ya been?': Stephen Colbert welcomes an audience back to 'The Late Show'
Attacked, rejected and harassed: Asians around the world speak out on workplace discrimination
160-year-old corporate giant PwC is getting a serious makeover
Europe ramps up pressure on tech giants
Silicon Valley may look very different after the pandemic
Featured sections 
Climate in crisis
US cities are losing 36 million trees a year. Here's why it matters
Miami's Little Haiti wasn't a target for developers. Until the seas started to rise
How rich people could help save the planet from the climate crisis
She could see our homes of the future
What skeletons reveal about this painful medieval fashion trend
Why it cost over $300 million to develop NASA's new space suits
France is sending a second Statue of Liberty to the US
LEGO releases 2,000-piece typewriter -- and it actually moves
The world's 'coolest' street revealed by Time Out
Covid lifted Prague's hangover. Now the city wants to quit partying
10 of the world's best hotels for when it's time to splurge
New UK travel rules: It's complicated
The exotic island paradise off the coast of England
EU Digital Covid Certificate: Everything you need to know
Special Features 
Why online supermarket Ocado wants to take the human touch out of groceries
Walmart's latest strategy to get your stuff to you faster
Dubai Now
The man-made islands emerging from the sea
This Martian city is being built in the desert outside Dubai
The ancient art of henna gets a modern makeover
Inside Africa
South African artist blurs dreams and reality
Cape Town photographer sheds new light on the city
Sharks and seals, photographed up close
Something extra 
US sports
Yankees turn third triple play of season
Reporter says she was raped by ex-MLB player
Bucks eliminate Nets and head to Eastern Conference Finals
Kevin Durant sets NBA Game 7 scoring record
Lakers let go of team trainer
Shot-putter sets world record at U.S. Olympic trials
CNN Heroes
A high school senior was accused of violating his graduation's dress code with his shoes -- so a teacher switched with him
When the pandemic brought her business to a halt, this chef tackled food insecurity with farm-to-table meals
Anonymous donor is paying the college tuition of Black athletes who get straight As at this high school
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