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Platform Information 4
Accessibility Standards
Emerald Insight
Is Emerald Insight compatible with mobile devices?
What are the technical requirements for access?
Account Administration Queries
Access and Authentication Methods 12
Authentication methods for
COVID-19: Off-campus access during the pandemic
Creating a WAYFless URL
Emerald guide to proxy settings for
Federated access to Emerald Insight (Shibboleth)
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Discovery and Metadata 13
Can I submit a federated search using Search/Retrieval via URL (SRU)?
Can we use our institution's default OpenURL button?
Does Emerald support OpenURL/SFX linking?
In which discovery services can I find my Emerald subscriptions?
Locating Emerald collections in EBSCO Discovery Service
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Managing your Library Administrator Account 7
The Account Management Portal (Library administration)
COUNTER Reports from Emerald
Emerald Engage - Supporting the Library Community
How do I access our usage reports?
How do I add/delete a new library administrator for our institutional account?
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Emerald eCases
Cases 5
Accessing Emerald case study collections
Cases publication workflow and points of contact
Emerald Cases Hub
How do I access the teaching notes associated with a case study?
Teaching case studies in an online setting
Student Access 2
Support for students and researchers using off-campus access
My student log-in doesn't work
Search and Browse 3
Why am I seeing an "access restricted" sign?
Your guide to searching on Emerald Insight
Why can't I access Expert Briefings?
General Enquiries 17
Can I write for the Emerald blog?
Find Full Text links in EndNote
How do I bulk export the citations from my search results?
How do I subscribe to table of contents (TOC) alert services?
How do I sign up for an Expert Daily Briefing Alert?
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Publishing Related Queries
Publishing with Emerald 14
As an Emerald author, can I include my article in my thesis or dissertation?
Can I prepare my manuscript in LaTeX?
Do you provide editing or translation services?
How do I correct an error in my published article?
How do I find out which volume and issue my accepted paper will publish in?
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Open Access 4
Can I publish my journal open access with Emerald?
Can Emerald waiver the Article Processing Charge (APC)?
How can I publish my article open access?
What are Emerald's Article Processing Charges (APC) for open access titles
FAQs 14
Author and reviewer access
Can we publish our conference proceedings with Emerald?
Do Emerald employ translators?
Editor and EAB member access
How can I become a reviewer?
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Pay Per View and Subscription Queries
PPV Queries 2
How do I gain access?
Can I purchase a book chapter?
DeepDyve 2
Can I rent an article?
How do I cancel my free trial to DeepDyve?
Subscription Queries 3
As a subscriber, can I send an article via Interlibrary Loan?
How do I subscribe?
Is Emerald content indexed in any preservation archiving schemes?
Rights and Permissions
Rights and Permissions 8
Can I copy materials from this website or re-publish any content?
Can I reproduce a table/chart/passage from an article?
Can I use Emerald content in a presentation?
Does Emerald support text & data mining?
How do we acquire translation rights for an Emerald book?
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