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How do I submit my manuscript to a journal?
Modified on: Tue, 27 Apr, 2021 at 3:49 PM
To have your paper published with Emerald, you must first decide on which journal you feel is the most appropriate, then you can contact the journal editor of that journal for further details. 

You can identify a journal by starting with our Journal index and sorting the titles by subject area.
Once you access a subject area, you will be presented with an A-Z list of journals. Select a journal and review the coverage and topicality information to identify the most relevant journal. 

When you have identified a journal for your paper, you view the ‘Author guidelines’ for further instructions, or alternatively contact the journal editor listed in under ‘Editorial team’ . You should supply a structured abstract with your submission or email to the Editor as this will assist with their selection process. They may also be able to recommend an alternative journal if the article is more suited to its remit.

Authors must supply a structured abstract in their submission, set out under 4-7 sub-headings:
  • Purpose (mandatory)
  • Design/methodology/approach (mandatory)
  • Findings (mandatory)
  • Research limitations/implications (if applicable)
  • Practical implications (if applicable)
  • Social implications (if applicable)
  • Originality/value (mandatory)
Your abstract should be a maximum is 250 words in total (including keywords and article classification). Please see our "How to... write an abstract" guide for practical help and guidance.

Please visit our 'How to Publish with Emerald' page for further details.

Please note that it is free to publish with us. However, Emerald does offer a choice of publication routes in Open Access environments. If this would be of interest to you, more information can be found at 

We hope this helps in the short-term and wish you every success with your article submission. If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for, please e-mail the Journal Editorial Office contact for the journal to which you are interested in submitting your research for publication.

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