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How do I submit a book or book series proposal?
Modified on: Thu, 25 Nov, 2021 at 3:10 PM
Our popular portfolio of 3,100 books is growing, and growing rapidly. We are adding more than 250 new titles each year, all carefully chosen to reflect the latest emerging trends and fresh thinking from some of the leading names in their fields. Emerald books span a broad range of topics and all content is rigorously peer-reviewed. Our focus on quality has ensured all titles now feature in both Scopus and the Book Citation Index.

Our Book and Book Series Author Hub provides a full range of resources to support you, each designed to make submitting a book proposal, preparing your manuscript, or using social media to promote your book as simple as possible. 
Resources on book publishing for early career researchers
If you’re an early career researcher (ECR) thinking about working on your first book project, you might also be in interested in our Emerald Engage platform. Emerald Engage is our online community developed specifically for those that are involved with research. It’s a closed global community where you can connect with others to discuss hot topics, share opinions, get information and resources, as well as getting invites to events. 
Our recently launched ‘Let’s talk about' series aims to equip ECRs with the tools and knowledge they need to get published. Recent instalments in this series have been videos on how to write a book proposal, and how to convert your PhD thesis into a book
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Query typeMain contact
Who to contact with a proposalRelevant Commissioning Editor
Manuscript submission requirementsEmail Customer Support for redirection to the appropriate Book Project Editor (BPE)
Plagiarism, fraud or ethical complaintsRelevant Commissioning Editor
Publication enquiries
 (post-submission, pre or post publication)
Email Customer Support for redirection to the appropriate Production Project Manager
Report errors, inaccuracies in published contentEmail Customer Support for redirection to the appropriate Production Project Manager

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