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Authentication methods for
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Access to is authenticated using the following methods:
Institutional IP Address
To use Emerald’s e-resources institutions should obtain and use a fixed, external IP address. Why?
  • Access by IP is preferred - we can register both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols (if both are in operation at your institution, it is essential that both are registered to the account)
  • Instant recognition for institution
  • Seamless access, no need for log-in details (username / password)
  • Administration reduced as all computers networked on the IP address can access e-resources
  • Heightened security due to reduced misuse of log-in details (username / password)

For these reasons we do not allow an IANA IP address to be registered for access - as per the list here. Please contact Emerald Customer Support for additional information.

Emerald supports federated authentication through Shibboleth, OpenAthens or SAML 2.0 and is compliant with several major federations. For the current list please see our Shibboleth information page.

In order to register your institutional access credentials with Emerald, please contact Emerald Customer Support using the form below.

Supporting federated access through Shibboleth/OpenAthens, SeamlessAccess provides a quick and secure single sign on, so that users can access (and other enabled platforms) anywhere using their institution credentials. Further information is available here.

Referring URL
We can establish referring URL access from a URL which sits behind a firewall and is not otherwise visible to unauthorized users. This must be a https:// URL and must not be in the public domain.  Please contact Emerald Customer Support for further information on how to set this up.

Google CASA
Further information about Google CASA is available at the bespoke solution page here.

Proxy Access
Further information about Proxy access is available at the bespoke solution page here.

Organisation Access Number (OAN)
We are now able to provide an Organization Access Number (OAN) to support off-campus access, where it isn't possible to use the alternative authentication methods which are referenced above. OAN's can also support membership access where username and passwords are preferred. 

An Organization Access Number allows each student or faculty member to have profile-based access to the institution’s Emerald account. This is accessed via the student/faculty members profile when they are logged in directly on the Emerald platform, or by logging in once they have arrived on the site via a search or discovery tool.
An OAN replicates the instruction’s access rights against a user profile and have an expiry date of up to one year.  We can create an OAN for up to 1000 users and each end-user must then register a profile with the OAN - access cannot be shared by single-sign on. An OAN can also be added to an existing user profile. 

To request an OAN for your institution, please contact your Regional Sales office or Customer Support
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