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Journal publication workflow and points of contact
Modified on: Fri, 7 Jan, 2022 at 4:13 PM
When you publish in an Emerald Journal, the Journal Editorial Office and Supplier Project Manager are here to help you through the submission process. The appropriate contacts are listed on each journal homepage and the attached PDF provides a summary of who to contact for what.

Query typeMain contact
Where to submit, i.e., which journal would be appropriate for my article?
Submission is via the Journal home pages (Find a journal)
How to submit a manuscript:
Online submission concerns or technical issues
Journal Editorial Office (JEO) or ScholarOne Support
Peer review or paper status enquiries (pre-acceptance)Journal Editor and / or Journal Editorial Office (JEO)
Plagiarism, fraud or Conflict of Interest (COI) complaintsPermissions Team
Publication Enquiries
(post-acceptance, pre or post publication)
Supplier Project Manager
Report Errors, inaccuracies in published online contentSupplier Project Manager
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