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From a citation identifier: This is a redirect from the name of a unique (alpha-)numerical identifier (such as ISBN) to an article discussing that particular class of identifiers in mainspace. By convention the redirect must include the parenthetical disambiguator "(identifier)". Its purpose is to avoid clutter in "What links here" of the target article and to improve reverse lookup of articles containing references to individual manifestations of this particular class of identifiers (typically linked to through templates (of the various {{citation}}, {{catalog lookup link}}, {{infobox}}, {{authority control}} and similar types) but it can also be used directly in piped links naming such manifestations), so that all mentionings of this class of identifier can be found in articles more easily. Do not use this redirect for "normal" links to the target page (in many cases, a similarly named redirect without the "(identifier)" disambiguator exists for this purpose).
To a related topic: This is a redirect to an article about a similar topic.
Redirects from related topics are different than redirects from related words, because a related topic is more likely to warrant a full and detailed description in the target article. If this redirect's subject is notable, then also tag it with {{R with possibilities}} and {{R printworthy}}.
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