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Hassan Khaled
believed to be behind the assassination; Khaled had been a critic of Syrian intervention in Lebanon. As Khaled had been killed while returning from a meeting
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Salah Al-deen Al-Ayyobi (TV series)
Bassem Yakhour : Nur ad-Din Zangi Najah Safkouni: Najm ad-Din Ayyub. Wael Ramadan: Raynald of Châtillon. Mohammed Miftah: Asad al-Din Shirkuh. Arab characters:
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Hanan Tork
albeit with different roles. She was married previously to businessman Khaled Khatab, they divorced in 2007. Hanan Tork has stated that one of the main
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Taim Hasan
the Cairo Festival for Arab Media for playing the title role in the 2007 Ramadan Egyptian hit television series "King Farouk". Hasan's last television series
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Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen(section Ramadan peace agreement)
gathering and going about their daily lives, especially at a time such as Ramadan." On 25 July airstrikes killed over 120 civilians in the town of Mokha
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Al Noor Mosque (Sharjah)
An-Nūr) is a mosque in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, located on the Khaled lagoon at the Buhaira Corniche. It is of Turkish Ottoman design and was
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Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine
exactly the same rights as Jews to come to all of Palestine. If Khaled Meshaal and Ramadan Shalah can come whenever they want, and visit Haifa, and buy a
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Egypt at the 1984 Summer Olympics
Lost to France (78-102) → Twelfth and last place Team Roster Khaled Bekhit Mohamed Khaled Alain Attalah Mohamed Soliman Abdelkader Rabieh Amr Abdelmeguid
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Dekho Chaand Aaya
Dekho Chand Aaya is a Pakistani Ramadan special drama serial aired on Geo Kahani during Ramadan in 2016. The drama aired throughout the month airing total
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List of contemporary Islamic scholars
al-Yaqoubi (born 1963) Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy (born 1966) Muhammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti (1929–2013) Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü (born 1965) Ali Bardakoğlu (born
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the foundation of Al-Badeel until September 2008, when he was replaced by Khaled al-Balshi. Print publication ended on April 10, 2009, due to lack of funds
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Zaynab bint Khuzayma
proposal. It was said the marriage, which took place during the month of Ramadan, was meant to assure his followers that their deaths in battle would not
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Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Mayweather never chose Amir Khan, was because Khan would have been observing Ramadan before the fight and therefore wouldn't be "at the top of his game". The
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List of political ideologies
A'la Maududi Taqi al-Din al-Nabhani Yusuf al-Qaradawi Sayyid Qutb Tariq Ramadan Ata Abu Rashta Rashid Rida Navvab Safavi Ali Shariati Haji Shariatullah
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The Imam (TV series)
in cooperation with Al-Buraq Qatari Media Production Company, For the Ramadan show (1438 AH / 2017 AD) with the participation of a large group of artists
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Rabi' al-awwal) as the Unity week. Then he declared the last Friday of Ramadan as International Day of Quds in 1981. " ... the imperialist at the end
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2021 Israel–Palestine crisis (section April–May 2021 Ramadan events)
causing fighting to resume. At the beginning of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in 2021, Jerusalem Islamic Waqf officials said that on the night of 13
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Jenan Boushehri (redirect from Jenan Mohsin Ramadan Boushehri)
Jenan Mohsin Ramadan Boushehri (born 1973 or 1974) is a Kuwaiti politician. She was one of the first two women to run for election in Kuwait, and held
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Mariem Ben Chaabane
2016, she starred in two series which were broadcast during the month of Ramadan, Awled Moufida and Flashback, The actress also appeared in the movie Woh
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List of Shahid Premieres Programming
VIP subscriptions to new users". The National. Retrieved 2021-07-08. "Ramadan drama 'Um Haroun' conjures up a religiously harmonious Middle East". Arab
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Mehliss Report
of Ziad Ramadan whom he had met as a colleague at a computer company approximately two years earlier. The last contact she had with Mr. Ramadan was when
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World Cultures/Culture in Africa/Culture of Libya
contemporary writing from Libya draws on a variety of influences. Libyan poet Khaled Mattawa quotes: "Against claims that Libya has a limited body of literature
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