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Islam in Europe
centuries-old Muslim societies in the Balkans, Southeastern Europe, Caucasus, Crimea, and Volga region, such as Slavic Muslims, Muslim populations of Albanians
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since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The currency of most countries of the European Union, the euro, is the most commonly used among Europeans; and
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Ethnic groups in Europe
Europeans are the focus of European ethnology, the field of anthropology related to the various indigenous groups that reside in the nations of Europe
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Demographics of Europe
and Muslims accounted for 2%. Muslims are younger and have more children than non-Muslims in Europe overall. Fertility and migration drove Muslim population
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Muslim Slavs
Muslim Slavs or Slavic Muslims are ethnic groups or sub-ethnic groups of Slavs who are followers of Islam. The term is most often used in the study of
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Religion in Europe
2007 Number of Muslims in Germany. Retrieved 13 October 2014 Hackett, Conrad (29 November 2017), "5 facts about theMuslim population in Europe", Pew Research
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Black Europeans of African ancestry
Black Europeans of African ancestry, or Afro-Europeans, refers to people in Europe who trace full or partial ancestry to Sub Saharan Africa. In the European
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Racism in Europe
mapped the countries in Europe with the highest incidents of racial bias, based on data from 288,076 Europeans.[citation needed] It used the Implicit-association
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Islam by country (redirect from Muslims by country)
non-denominational Muslims, Quranist Muslims and Wahhabis (with nearly around 1–2% of the world's total Muslim population) also exist. A study from the Pew Research
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Muslim population growth
Europe. In 2016, the median age of Muslims throughout Europe was 30.4, 13 years younger than the median age of otherEuropeans. 50% of all European Muslims
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Western Europe
Europe is the region of Europe farthest from Asia, with the countries and territories included varying depending on context. After the beginning of foreign
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Northern Europe
numbers of non-religious people and people of other religions, especially Muslims, due to immigration. The quality of education in much of Northern Europe is
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Flag of Europe
that year by the Council of Europe as a symbol for the whole of Europe. The Council of Europe urged that it be adopted by otherEuropean organisations
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History of Europe
and living in the city were required to make people civilized; Europeans and non-Europeans were judged for their civility, and Europe regarded itself
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Islam in the United Kingdom
Wales Islam in France List of British MuslimsMuslims in Western Europe Religion in the United Kingdom Islam in the Republic of Ireland CT0341_2011 Census
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Other White
self-identify as white (chiefly European) persons who are not of the English, Welsh, Scottish, Romani or Irish ethnic groupings. The category does not comprise
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Islamophobia (redirect from Hatred ofMuslims)
towards Islam and Muslims, such as anti-Muslimism, intolerance against Muslims, anti-Muslim prejudice, anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred of Muslims, anti-Islamism
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Muslims (Arabic: مسلم‎, romanized: Muslim) are people who follow or practice Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. The derivation of "Muslim" is from
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Persecution of Muslims
Persecution of Muslims is the religious and political persecution which is inflicted upon followers of the Islamic faith or those with a Muslim identity
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Southern Europe
Southern Europe is the southern subregion of Europe. Definitions of Southern Europe, also known as Mediterranean Europe, include countries and regions
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Arabs in Europe
Arabs in Europe are people of Arab descent living in Europe today and over the centuries. Several million Arabs are residents in Europe. The vast majority
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Moors (redirect from The Moors)
The term Moor is an exonym first used by Christian Europeans to designate theMuslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily and Malta
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Religion in the European Union
estimated that the Union's Muslim population in 2009 was 13 million people. The country with the largest number of Muslims in western Europe is believed
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Muslim world
around 6% in Europe, and 1% in the Americas. Most Muslims are of one of two denominations: Sunni Islam (93.5%) and Shia (6.5%), However, other denominations
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Slavery in medieval Europe
the sale of Christians to Muslims was banned (pactum Lotharii), the Venetians began to sell Slavs and other Eastern European non-Christian slaves in greater
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Islam in Russia (redirect from Muslims in the Russian Federation)
has the largest Muslim population in Europe; and according to US Department of State in 2017, Muslims in Russia numbered 10,220,000 or 7% of the total
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European emigration
European emigration can be defined as subsequent emigration waves from theEuropean continent to other continents. The origins of the various European
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Saracen (category CS1 maint: others)
were primarily Arab Muslims, but also Turks or other Muslims as referred to by Christian writers in Europe during the Middle Ages. The term's meaning evolved
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Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe
Research, a pan European Muslim Brotherhood organisation which provides guidance to Muslims in Europe. According to its website, it has "hundreds of member organizations
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White slavery (category Greek slaves of the Ottoman Empire)
trafficking) refers to the chattel slavery ofEuropeans, whether by non-Europeans (such as West Asians and North Africans), or by other Europeans (for example naval
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European Union
The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The union has a total area of 4,233
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Slavs (redirect from Slavic Europe)
Muslim Slavs include the Bosniaks, Pomaks (Muslim Bulgarians), Gorani, Torbeši (Macedonian Muslims) and other Muslimsof the former Yugoslavia. Modern
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European Islam
which constitute of large populations of native White European Slavic Muslims, alongside Muslim populations of Albanians, Greeks, Romani, Balkan Turks
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Turks in Europe
of Muslims in Europe and the Gülen", in Weller, Paul; Ihsan, Yilmaz (eds.), EuropeanMuslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives On and From the Gülen
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Regions of Europe
calculations of the midpoint of Europe (among other issues), and the pure geographical criteria of "east" and "west" are often confused with the political
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Macedonian Muslims
The Macedonian Muslims (Macedonian: Македонци-муслимани, romanized: Makedonci-muslimani), also known as Muslim Macedonians or Torbeši (Macedonian: Торбеши)
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Antisemitism in Europe
having originated in the Christian and pre-Christian civilizations of Europe. While it has been cited as having been expressed in the intellectual and political
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Romani people (redirect from Romani people in Eastern Europe)
Elena; Popov, Veselin (2012). "Roma Muslims in the Balkans". Education of Roma Children in Europe. Council of Europe. Retrieved 26 December 2012. "Population
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Cultural Muslims
born and raised Muslim, I still identify as Muslim, and I was also born gay.” Abdullah says that, unlike former Muslims, cultural Muslims may not wish to
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European migrant crisis
or non-Europeans in their communities. A study released by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights found out that almost 40% of Muslims (focused
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Genetic history of Europe
For comparisons, pair-wise Fst of non-European samples were as follows: Europeans – Africans (Yoruba) 0.1530; Europeans – Chinese 0.1100; Africans (Yoruba)
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Eurabia (redirect from Muslim takeover)
that if Muslims "taking over" Europe were imminent, Europeans would either forcibly deport their Muslims at best or engage in a genocide of them at worst
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Bengali Muslims
are the second largest Muslim ethnic group in the world (after Arab Muslims) and the largest among the Indo-Europeans. Bengali Muslims make up the majority
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Middle Ages (redirect from Europe in the middle ages)
population of Europe; between 1347 and 1350, the Black Death killed about a third ofEuropeans. Controversy, heresy, and the Western Schism within the Catholic
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Hijab and burka controversies in Europe
declaration of allegiance to radical Islamism. Although the Balkans and Eastern Europe have indigenous Muslim populations, most Muslims in western Europe are
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Ottoman Turks (category Turks of the Ottoman Empire)
between Asia and Europe. Western Europeans had to find other ways to trade with the East. The "Ottomans" first became known to the West in the 13th century
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Flags of Europe
This is a list of international, national and subnational flags used in Europe. An incomplete list of flags representing intra-European international and
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Immigration to Europe
and seek jobs elsewhere in the EU. While most immigrant populations in European countries are dominated by other Europeans, many immigrants and their
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Muslims (ethnic group)
former Yugoslavia still consider themselves to be Muslims in an ethnic sense. Remaining ethnic Muslims are most numerous in Serbia and they are constitutionally
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Persecution of Muslims during the Ottoman contraction
During the decline and dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, Muslim (including Ottoman Turks, Albanians, Bosniaks, Serbs, Greek Muslims, Pomaks, Circassians)
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