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Approved?See a List of BRFAs
Task(s)See Below
Programming language(s)Python using pywikipedia mostly
Exclusion compliant?No
Source code published?Email me
This bot ran on the Wikimedia Toolserver. Please turn off autoblocks if you block it.
This user account is a bot operated by Tim1357 (talk). It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually, in accordance with the bot policy. This bot does not yet have the approval of the community, or approval has been withdrawn or expired, and therefore shouldn't be making edits that appear to be unassisted except in the operator's or its own user and user talk space.
Administrators: if this bot is making edits that appear to be unassisted to pages not in the operator's or its own userspace, please block it.

Hey there, I'm DASHBot. I did a variety of tasks until I was deactivated in 2013. If something is going wrong, please turn off the corresponding task below, and promptly leave a message on my owner's talk page. Thanks!
TaskShutoffStatusLast RunApprovalDescriptionLog
WP:LINKROT-BotHereRuns when Tim1357 has timeRunning now (120k+ archives added thus far)ApprovedSee hereNo logs currently

TaskStatusLast RunApprovalDescriptionLog
UnRefed BLPsWill run on request, but the Unreferenced BLP Backlog has been well dealt withAugust 2010ApprovedRemind users who created unreferenced BLPs.No log. I could rebuild one if someone asked for one
Article Rescue Squadron helper botDe-ActivatedJune 2010Not needed because it was done in User-SpaceUpdate Wikipedia:Article Rescue Squadron/Current articlesAll logs have been deleted.
DASHBotAVReplaced by ClueBot NGOctober 2010ApprovedRevert cases of blatant vandalism using heuristics
Here (3.4 MB) A list of ~12,000 reverts that the bot did. It includes details about the reverted edit, as well as the regexes that were used in evaluating the edit.
LINKROTBotToo many bugs. H3llBot does a good job of the same taskSeptember 2010ApprovedFind dead links in article citations and find archives in the Internet Archive from sometime close to the access date of the citation.Again, I've deleted the logs. Message me if you need them, and I'll see what I can do.

In Development
Some Statistics
293779 edits in total. (283317 not including deleted edits)
91936 pages patrolled.
34697 pages moved per WP:HYPHEN.
19741 images resized per NFCC#3b.
5397 images tagged as orphans.
5666 edits removing non-free images from the user-space.
60872 updates to /Wikiprojects that request lists of unreferenced biographies of living people.
326 pages tagged for deletion per WP:CSD#RD2.
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