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I am from the US i have visited Israel, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and Turkey and Northern Kurdistan (Kurdish Areas occupied by Turkey). I am an atheist, and am studying to be a physicist, but I also find interest in pretty much every subject from history to language to engineering.
I am currently bombarded with school which means I don't have the time to edit on Wikipedia like I use to I would love to edit more articles and engage in more discussion however currently I can not. When this whole horrible year is over I can finish school and hopefully contribute more towards this encyclopedic wealth of knowledge, I have finished most of my school (for this school year) and will most likely spend an unhealthy amount of time editing Wikipedia.
My opinions no one cares about
Me a day after May day I was very tired (not actually me)
Politically I am a leftist and an anarchist, I believe it is the best for humanity and think capitalism is leading humanity to death and destroying the essence of humanity. In my view overall increasing destruction of the planet will lead to ecological collapse which will inevitably lead to the extinction of if not life, humanity. In my opinion oppressive systems are responsible for that.
Intellectual property is also theft. I also really like the works of Max Stirner and his take on anarchism and the individual, I have volunteered at multiple food banks mostly Food not Bombs. Currently I am on a personal jihad to add images to all Wikipedia pages. I have also recently started a Jihand to add hyperlinks to Main articles if the reader wants to read more. Main articles and Images add so much to articles, yet they receive so little attention. George Orwell is one of the greatest writers of history and I admire his anti-fascism and anti-totalitarianism.
Some nice words and a goodbye
The feeling of leaving something you spent large amounts of time and effort on, is always a strange and alien experience. A strange myriad of emotions, pride, happiness, regret sadness but overall a bitter-sweet feeling of at the very least you participated in something.
Once I felt exited on editing, it was wonderful but now I just feel tired, at once I took problems here with open arms and now I dread it. Idealism and reality collide and the result is always disappointing. So what's the point editing when there is no joy in it?
I wish everyone the best, and this strange beautiful project to operate for future generations, I am going to get some rest.
As it goes everyone knows that even Romans go, everything must come to an end and if nothing else I am happy I was part of it, if only for a short time, but I can't take this environment anymore, it's bad for my health. Perhaps I am not up for the challenge. All the best to all
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This user supports Democratic Confederalism in a free Kurdistan.
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