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This user account is a bot that uses AutoWikiBrowser and Pywikibot, operated by JJMC89 (talk). It is used to make repetitive automated or semi-automated edits that would be extremely tedious to do manually, in accordance with the bot policy. The bot is approved and currently active – the relevant request for approval(s) or tasks can be seen here.
Administrators: if this bot is malfunctioning or causing harm, please block it.
This bot runs on Wikimedia Toolforge.
Administrators: If this bot needs to be blocked due to a malfunction, please remember to disable autoblocks so that other Toolforge bots are not affected.
Before blocking this bot, please consider disabling the task in question instead (see tasks table below).
JJMC89 bot
This user is a bot
(talk · contribs)
Edit rateVaries per task
Edit period(s)Varies per task
Automatic or manual?Automatic
Programming language(s)
Exclusion compliant?Yes
Source code published?Yes
Current tasks
Category double redirect fixerRunning weeklyHereYes9 June 2019Fix double category redirects
Commons POTD importerRunning dailyDelete or redirectYesN/AImport Commons picture of the day
Coordinate parameters fixerInactiveHereYes27 February 2017Correct coordinate parameters issues from the enwiki ghel report
Draftification reportsRunning dailyYesN/AReport article moves to Draft or User
Draftification taggerRunningHereYes19 October 2020Add/remove {{drafts moved from mainspace}}
Inactive adminsRunning dailyBlankNo7 April 2018Report and notify inactive admins
Inactive interface adminsRunning monthlyYes17 October 2018Report inactive interface admins
MassMessage list updaterRunning dailyHereYes25 March 2017Update MassMessage lists based on user groups from logs
NFCCERunning dailyHereNo30 June 2019Request reduction of large non-free files per WP:NFCC#3b​/​WP:IMAGERES
Running dailyHereNo30 June 2019Request revision deletion of orphaned non-free file revisions per WP:NFCC#7
RunningHereNo18 May 2017Remove file uses violating WP:NFCC#10c and/or WP:NFCC#9
SVG validatorRunning dailyHereYes25 September 2020Validate SVGs and add/update {{valid SVG}} or {{invalid SVG}}
Wikidata ID removerRuns upon requestEdit to interruptYes19 August 2016Remove external link template parameters that have been migrated to Wikidata
Wikinews importerRunning hourlyYes17 May 2016Import dynamically-generated Wikinews
Completed tasks
AllMovie19 February 2016Fix AllMovie titles with invalid value from {{AllMovie title}}
Infobox coordinates migrator11 November 2016Migrate deprecated infobox coordinates parameters to
DCS27 April 2016Complete discontinuation of comments subpages
Jr/Sr moves28 October 2017Move articles with , [JS]r\. to remove the comma
Railway station moves2 December 2017Move railway station articles to railway station to correct the case
Taxonomy templates29 January 2017Remove |{{{1}}} from taxonomy templates
WPBS14 March 2016Replace with
See also: meta:User:JJMC89 bot
BSicons replacerRunning dailyHereYes5 February 2017Replace BSicons
  1. Redirects are replaced with their target.
  2. BSicons are replaced as specified on Commons.
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