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Hello! I do not know why you are on my page, as I am quite insignificant, but welcome anyway!
I lurked for many a workless weekend, combing through articles for missing spaces and comma splices, in the shadows of anonymity. Now, I have upgraded to a more...visible...​named​...sort of anonymity. To do the exact same thing that I was doing under the name of an IP address.
Here is a summary of my habits on Wikipedia:
  1. My edits almost always involve correcting grammatical/formatting errors (e.g. inserting a single period/full stop or capitalizing a single letter) both extremely minor and glaringly obvious. I find it far more amusing than any vandalism possible. Thus, you may not be able to find a pattern in the articles I choose to edit. They may actually be random. Simply roll your eyes and move on.
  2. My (not so) new hobby is fixing and filling out references (mostly by hand – I'm no good with most citation tools, but ProveIt and CiteGen are simple enough even for me
  3. My edit summaries used to be rambling and excessive when present. Now they are brief to the point of obfuscation. I have not yet found a style guide for those, though I have found a helpful legend (that I still managed to misuse). If somebody could point one out, that would be a pleasant surprise.
  4. Please forgive and correct any and all mistakes. I am prone to making particularly ridiculous ones due to inexperience or sheer incompetence. I'm always open to advice as well as the occasional trout or two if I've done something wrong.
I have recently noticed that there are many usernames that are similar to mine. My signature reads "Me, Myself & I", but I am not, in fact, Me, Myself & I. Nor am I Me, Myself and I. Nor am I any number of "Me, Myself..."s. I've added a peace sign to my signature to deflect potential confusion, although I fear its effect will be minimal.
(Full disclosure: one of those accounts is my old account, which I have abandoned with no redirect for convoluted reasons of password-forgetting-then-retrieving and privacy. I cannot account for all the edits made under IP addresses I share with others; none of them have an account to my knowledge, though I have tried to turn a few into editors!)
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.
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