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Pleae don't delete this page I would like it to serve as an explanation for the people I abandoned, especially my adoptee and my WikiProject members. I am pretty much done editing it.
I am the founder of WikiProject Seattle Mariners. If you need help. Please contact me on my talk and I will reply if I see your message.
If you are from the Project I founded I give you my utmost apologys for leaving in the heat of the editing and abandonig you all, but I realize Wikipedia is now taking my mind off of work, which I could originally get by, when it was fun for me, but I can no longer have fun while editing. Read more below.
Retirement Statement/Testimony
Ahh, Wikipedia, once one of my favorite hobbies, along with sports, reading, and goofing off with my buddies.

I'd originally had plans to become an admin, maybe create a bot after learning how to make one, adopt several users, create a WikiProject, maybe even get to over 30,000 edits.

Yet lately, Wikipedia is no longer fun for me as it once was. It has become almost like a second job for me, constantly trying to see if my adoptee has yet replied or if they need help, trying to make sure my WikiProject is all in order and keep it runnig along, even with 12 members. Special thanks to ComputerGuy890100 and WWEFAN99 for really helping me out with it.

I only changed my mind to retire about 10 minutes before retiring, but now I am more sure than ever that this is not the place for me.

It has been a crazy four months for me, and I won't ever forget Wikipedia. Who knows, maybe I'll decide to return in a year or so. That's why I created {{Un-retired}}. As of right now though, I will not return except to maybe reply to messages.

Not one event alone caused my retirement. However, I have recieved four or so attacks lately that I realized I just couldn't handle. As a matter of fact, I think I brought it upon myself. A string of other occurences as of late seems to tell me I'm not as good an editor in four months as I'd hoped I was.

I hope to meet up with everyone who helped me along the way once more. Good luck to you all and farewell!
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