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Hello everyone!
My native language is Norwegian, please feel free to correct my English.
Personal Info
Location: Oslo, Norway By education I have a degree as Cand. Jur (i.e. Master of Law) from the University in Oslo, Norway.
I have been on wikipedia since the beginning as public site making contributions. Eventually, I also registered as Raven_rs when that became required.
I love ancient history, reading a lot of scientific papers. My main field of interests are egyptology, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Climatology, Ancient Assyria, Ancient Hittite, Ancient Yamhad, Ancient Sumer, Ancient Babylon etc.
Some articles I have started or major contributions
Dedusobek Bebi was an Egyptian high official in the obscure Second Intermediate Period of Egypt.
Nebpu; was an Egyptian high priest in the Late 12th Dynasty of Egypt.
Caecina Tuscus; was part of the royal court of emperor Nero.
Nehesy was an Egyptian ruler in the obscure Second Intermediate Period of Egypt.
Resseneb (son of Ankhu) was a vizier in early 13th dynasty of Egypt.
Papyrus Brooklyn 35.1446 famous papyrus in the Brooklyn Museum. Based on german version.
Helius (freedman); was part of the royal court of emperor Nero.
Khakau (king's son); was the brother of king Sobekhotep III
Senebi; treasurer during the late 13th dynasty
Sobeknakht (king's daughter); a princess of the late 12th/early 13th dynasty.
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