2003 Yemeni parliamentary election
Parliamentary elections were held in Yemen on 27 April 2003, having originally scheduled for 2001. The General People's Congress of President Ali Abdullah Saleh received 58% of the vote, winning 226 of the 301 seats.
2003 Yemeni parliamentary election
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GPCAli Abdullah Saleh58.01226+39
Al-IslahAbdullah ibn Husayn al-Ahmar22.5546-7
YSPAli Salih 'Ubad Muqbil4.697New
NUPOAbdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi1.8530
Ba'ath PartyQuasim Salaam0.6820
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Nineteen parties fielded a total of 991 candidates for the 301 seats in the House of Representatives, in addition to 405 independent candidates. Over eight million Yemeni citizens were registered to vote, with the number of registered women voters almost doubling since 1997 (3.4 million compared to 1.8 million).
Although the election was deemed to be more free and fair than in previous years, there were still concerns about the conduct of the vote. The National Democratic Institute noted that:
The atmosphere of anxiety in the run-up to the elections caused by fears of violence, as well as heavy-handed and coercive measures on and after election day by elements of the ruling GPC in many polling stations across the country are troubling. There were credible reports of election law violations including political intimidation, underage voting, improper behavior by security forces, vote buying and obstruction by ruling party counting commissioners. [1]
The General People's Congress initially won 226 seats, and were immediately joined by 12 independents. Results in three seats were invalidated.[2] Despite the increase in the number of women voters, only one woman was elected, down from two in the 1997 elections.
General People's Congress3,429,88858.01226+39
Yemeni Socialist Party277,2234.697New
Nasserist Unionist People's Organisation109,4801.8530
Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party40,3770.6820
National Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party23,7450.4000
Nasserist Reform Organisation15,2570.2600
Yemeni Union of Popular Forces11,9670.200
Democratic Nasserist Party9,8290.1700
National Democratic Front7,0560.120
Social Nationalist Party5,3490.090
Party of Truth4,5850.0800
People's Democratic Party4,0770.070
Democratic Union of Popular Forces3,0030.050
Social Green Party2,2760.040
Popular Unity Party1,7390.030
Yemeni League Party1,3830.020
Liberation Front Party1,2820.020
Popular Unionist Liberation Party1,2410.020
Yemeni Unionist Gathering4830.010
Democratic September Organization810.000
Valid votes5,912,30296.83
Invalid/blank votes193,3943.17
Total votes6,105,696100.00
Registered voters/turnout8,035,72175.98
Source: Psephos
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