35th meridian east
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The meridian 35° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.
35th meridian east
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The 35th meridian east forms a great circle with the 145th meridian west.
From Pole to Pole
Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 35th meridian east passes through:
Co-ordinatesCountry, territory or seaNotes
90°0′N 35°0′E
Arctic Ocean
80°18′N 35°0′E
Barents Sea
69°12′N 35°0′E
Kola Peninsula
66°33′N 35°0′E
White SeaKandalaksha Gulf
65°45′N 35°0′E
Nikonov Island
65°43′N 35°0′E
White Sea
64°45′N 35°0′E
Shujostrov Island
64°44′N 35°0′E
White SeaOnega Bay
64°25′N 35°0′E
Passing through Lake Onega
51°14′N 35°0′E
46°15′N 35°0′E
Sea of Azov
45°44′N 35°0′E
Crimea (claimed and controlled by
44°50′N 35°0′E
Black Sea
42°5′N 35°0′E
36°43′N 35°0′E
Mediterranean Sea
32°50′N 35°0′E
32°16′N 35°0′E
West Bank
32°4′N 35°0′E
31°51′N 35°0′E
West BankFor about 5km
31°49′N 35°0′E
31°38′N 35°0′E
West Bank
31°21′N 35°0′E
29°36′N 35°0′E
29°21′N 35°0′E
 Saudi Arabia
28°6′N 35°0′E
Red Sea
24°49′N 35°0′E
22°51′N 35°0′E
Hala'ib TriangleDisputed territory, controlled by
 Egypt and claimed by Sudan
22°0′N 35°0′E
11°20′N 35°0′E
 EthiopiaFor about 18km
11°10′N 35°0′E
 SudanFor about 6km
11°7′N 35°0′E
6°28′N 35°0′E
 South SudanFor about 9km
6°24′N 35°0′E
6°1′N 35°0′E
 South SudanFor about 6km
5°58′N 35°0′E
 EthiopiaFor about 4km
5°56′N 35°0′E
 South Sudan
4°37′N 35°0′E
1°58′N 35°0′E
1°40′N 35°0′E
1°32′S 35°0′E
11°34′S 35°0′E
13°36′S 35°0′E
Passing through Lake Malawi
16°47′S 35°0′E
19°47′S 35°0′E
Indian Ocean
20°46′S 35°0′E
24°40′S 35°0′E
Indian Ocean
60°0′S 35°0′E
Southern Ocean
68°59′S 35°0′E
AntarcticaQueen Maud Land, claimed by
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