Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo
The Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo (Arabic: مجمع اللغة العربية بالقاهرة‎‎) was a language academy for Arabic created in Cairo, Egypt in 1932 by Fuad I of Egypt.[1][2] It publishes Al-Mu'jam al-Kabir [ar] (The Great Dictionary) and Al-Mu'jam al-Wasīt [ar] (The Intermediary Dictionary), two of the most important dictionaries of the Arabic language.[3]
One of the early tasks of the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo was to publish a historical dictionary of Arabic, tracing the changes of meanings and uses of Arabic words over time, though this was not achieved.[1]
Muhammad Tawfiq Rafaat [ar], Ahmed Lutfi el-Sayed, and Taha Hussein served as presidents.[3]
Wafaa' Kamil [ar] was the first woman to become a member of the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo.[4][5]
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