Al-Abbas ibn al-Hasan al-Jarjara'i
Al-ʿAbbās ibn al-Ḥasan al-Jarjarāʾī (Arabic: العباس بن الحسن بن أيوب الجرجرائي‎‎) was a senior Abbasid official and vizier from October 904 until his murder on 17 December 908.
As his nisba shows, he came from the locality of Jarjaraya, south of Baghdad.[1] He began his career as private secretary to al-Qasim ibn Ubayd Allah. When al-Qasim died in October 904, he recommended either Abbas or the Jarrahid Ali Ibn Isa as his successor; when the latter declined, Caliph al-Muktafi (reigned 902–908) duly appointed Abbas to the post.[1][2] His tenure of office was marked by a close alliance with the Banu'l-Furat, whose leader Abu'l-Hasan Ali became his chief aide and designated successor.[1]
When al-Muktafi died in 908, it fell on Abbas and the senior bureaucrats to decide on his successor. In the end, Abbas heeded the advice of Abu'l-Hasan Ali, who counselled the selection of a weak ruler who would be easy to manipulate: al-Muktafi's 13-year-old brother Ja'far, who became Caliph al-Muqtadir (r. 908–932).[1][3] In December 908, a palace revolt broke out led by the Jarrahids and the Hamdanid al-Husayn ibn Hamdan, aiming to install his more mature and experienced uncle, Abdallah ibn al-Mu'tazz, in his stead. The revolt ultimately failed, but not before the rebels managed to kill Abbas.[1][4]
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Preceded by
al-Qasim ibn Ubayd Allah
Vizier of the Abbasid Caliphate
October 904 – 17 December 908
Succeeded by
Abu'l-Hasan Ali ibn al-Furat
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