Al-Anba (Kuwait)
Al Anbaa' (Arabic: الانباء meaning The News) or alternatively Al Anba is an Arabic-language Kuwaiti daily newspaper.[1][2] The paper is owned and published by Bab Al-Kuwait Press Co.[3]
جريدة الانباء
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)Bab Al-Kuwait Press Co.
Founder(s)Khalid Y. Al Marzouq
PublisherBab Al-Kuwait Press Co.
EditorYousuf K. Al Marzouq
Staff writers600
Founded5 January 1976; 45 years ago
HeadquartersKuwait City
Circulation116,000 (2008)
WebsiteAl Anbaa
History and profile
The paper was launched on 5 January 1976.[3][4] It is the continuation of Akhbar Al Kuwait which was published from 1962 to 1975.[5][6]
During the invasion of Kuwait the paper was printed in Cairo, Egypt, from August 1990 to August 1991.[7]
Circulation and content
The paper is one of the most circulated publications in Kuwait.[4] Its 2001 circulation was about 107,000 copies[8] and was the best selling newspaper in the country.[9] In 2008, it was the first daily in Kuwait with a circulation of 116,000 copies.[10] In 2010, Al Anbaa was the 39th among the top-ranked 50 online Arab papers in the MENA region.[11][12] In 2012, it was one of the three most read dailies in the country.[7]
At the beginning of 2012, the paper signed an agreement with IMC Digital to improve its popularity in social media. As a result of this effort, the paper reached 30,000 fans on Facebook, over 25,000 followers on Twitter and a minimum of 200,000 video views on YouTube within the first two months of 2012.[13] Furthermore, hits on the website of the paper increased by 30% in the overall traffic and a 20% in the traffic produced by search engines.[13]
The content of the paper focuses on political, social, technical and sport news.[3] It provides all these news in an uncritical way since the paper has a pro-government stance.[2] However, in mid-June 1976, the offices of the paper in Al Sharq area were attacked.[4] In addition, the publication of the paper was ceased twice, in March 1987 and in March 1995, by Kuwaiti courts.[3] The paper also contains news on environmental issues.[14]
Staff and editors
One of the significant writers of the paper is Saleh Al Sayer.[2]
The editors of the paper are as follows:
1. Nassir Abdulaziz Al Marzouq (5 January 1976 - 1 November 1978)
2. Faisal Yousef Al Marzouq (1 November 1978 - 25 June 1990)
3. Walid Khalid Yousuf Al Marzouq (26 June 1990 - 1 May 1995)
4. Bibi Khalid Yousuf Al Marzouq (2 May 1995 - 8 February 2009
5. Yousuf Khalid Yousuf Al Marzouq (8 February 2009 – present)[3]
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