Al-Mansur ibn al-Nasir
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Al-Mansur ibn al-Nasir (died 1104) was the sixth ruler of the Hammadids in Algeria (1088–1104).
Al-Mansur ibn al-Nasir succeeded his father Al-Nasir in 1088.[1] In 1090 he left the kal'a (Beni Hammad Fort), the traditional capital of the Hammadids to settle in Béjaïa (Bougie) with his troop and His court,[2] which he considered less accessible to the nomads.[1] He left the region because of the destruction caused by the arrival of the banu Hilal.[2] His father had already prepared this transfer by transforming a fishing port into a city he calls An-Nasiriya but which was to assume the name of Bougie,[1] the name of a tribe that inhabit this region.[2] Al-Mansur has built public buildings, palaces, a water distribution network and gardens in Bejaia.[3] The Hammadid kingdom thus becomes a sedentary kingdom and not nomadic one.[3] the Kal'a was not completely abandoned by al-Mansur and he even embellished it with a number of palaces.[1] The Hammadids had therefore at this time two capitals joined by a royal road.[4]
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Preceded by
Nasir ibn Alnas
Hammadid ruler
Succeeded by
Badis ibn al-Mansur
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