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Baladiyah (Arabic: بلدية‎‎) is a type of Arabic administrative division that can be translated as "district", "sub-district"[1] or "municipality".[2] The plural is baladiyat (Arabic: بلديات‎‎). Grammatically, it is the feminine of بلدي "rural, country-, folk-".
The Arabic term amanah (أمانة‎) is also used for "municipality".[3]
Arab countries
Specific setNote
Communes of AlgeriaRefer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of LebanonRefer to tertiary level administration divisions.
Municipalities of QatarTop level
Baladiyat of LibyaPre-1995 and post-2013
Municipalities of Damascus
Main article: Belde
In Turkish, the word belediye (definite accusative belediyesi), which is a loan from Arabic, means "municipality" or "city council".
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