Bread and Freedom Party
The Bread and Freedom Party (Arabic: حزب العيش والحرية‎‎; Hizb AlEish WaAlHorria), also translated as the Bread and Liberty Party,[3] is a democratic socialist party in Egypt created by former members of the Socialist Popular Alliance Party.[4] The party is not registered as of 10 February 2014.[5]
Bread and Freedom Party
حزب العيش والحرية
LeaderKhaled Ali[1]
Split fromSocialist Popular Alliance Party
IdeologyDemocratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationCivil Democratic Movement[2]
House of Representatives0 / 568
280 members from the Socialist Popular Alliance Party gave their resignations in early November 2013, though the resignations were rejected by Abdel-Ghafar Shukr, the head of the party.[6] The Daily News Egypt site gives the number of resigning members as 304.[7] The resigning members criticized their former party for aligning itself with the military during the transitional period and defending the actions of the police.[7] The policies of the Bread and Freedom Party include wealth redistribution and development.[4]
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