Council of Ministers (Iraq)
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The Council of Ministers is the executive branch of the government of Iraq.
The Council of Representatives of Iraq elects a President of the Republic who appoints the Prime Minister who in turn appoints the Council of Ministers, all of whom must be approved by the Assembly.
Prime MinisterMustafa Al-Kadhiminone6 May 2020
Sovereign Ministries
Interior Ministerwww.moi.gov.iqOthman al-Ghanmi6 May 2020[1]
Finance Ministerwww.mof.gov.iqAli Allawi6 May 2020[1]
Foreign Ministerwww.mofa.gov.iqFuad Husseinnonenone6 June 2020
Defense Ministerwww.mod.mil.iqJuma Inad6 May 2020[1]
Oil Ministerwww.oil.gov.iqIhsan Abdul Jabbar Ismailnonenone6 June 2020
Other Ministries
Agriculture MinisterMohamed Karim Alkhafajinone6 June 2020
Communications Minister
Arkan Shahab6 May 2020[1]
Culture Ministerhttp://www.mocul.gov.iq/Hassan Nazim6 June 2020
Housing & Reconstruction Ministerwww.moch.gov.iqNazanin Mohammed6 May 2020[1]
Electricity Ministerwww.moelc.gov.iqMajid Mahdi Hantoush6 May 2020[1]
Education MinisterAli Hamid6 May 2020[1]
Health Ministerwww.moh.gov.iqHassam Mohammed6 May 2020[1]
Higher Education and Technology MinisterNabil Abdulsahib6 May 2020[1]
Industry & Minerals Ministerwww.industry.gov.iqManhal Aziz6 May 2020[1]
Labour & Social Affairs Ministerwww.molsa.gov.iqAdil Hashush6 May 2020[1]
Migration MinisterEvan Faeq Yakoob6 June 2020[2]
Planning MinisterKhalid Najim6 May 2020[1]
Trade Ministerwww.mot.gov.iqAlla Ahmed Hassannone6 June 2020
Transport Ministerwww.motrans.gov.iqNasir Hussein6 May 2020[1]
Water Resources Ministerwww.mowr.gov.iqMahdi Rashid6 May 2020[1]
Youth & Sport Ministerwww.moys.gov.iqAdnan Dirjal6 May 2020[1]
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