Cabinet of Libya
The Cabinet of Libya serves as the leadership for the executive branch of the government of Libya.
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Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh was selected as Prime Minister of Libya in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum on 5 February 2021[1] and a list of cabinet appointees was released on 11 March 2021.[2] The Dbeibeh Cabinet replaced the rival al-Sarraj and al-Thani cabinets.
IncumbentOfficeWebsiteSinceArab Name
Abdul Hamid DbeibehPrime Minister of Libyawww.pm.gov.ly15 March 2021عبد الحميد الدبيبة
Hussein Atiya Abdul Hafeez Al-QatraniDeputy Prime Minister for East Libya15 March 2021
Ramadan Ahmed BoujenahDeputy Prime Minister for South Libya15 March 2021رمضان بوجناح الحسناوي نائب
Khaled Al-Mabrouk AbdullahMinister of Financewww.mof.gov.ly​Archived 5 February 2006 at the Wayback Machine15 March 2021
Halima Ibrahim Abdel RahmanMinister of Justicewww.aladel.gov.ly15 March 2021
Ali Muhammad Miftah Al-ZinatiMinister of Health15 March 2021
Khaled Ahmed MazenMinister of Interiorwww.moi.gov.ly15 March 2021
Musa Muhammad al-MaqrifMinister of Educationwww.edu.gov.ly15 March 2021
Imran Muhammad Abdul Anabi Al-QeebMinister of Higher Education and Scientific Researchwww.edu.gov.ly15 March 2021
Saeed SifawMinister of Technical and Vocational Educationwww.edu.gov.ly15 March 2021
Najla MangoushMinister of Foreign Affairswww.foreign.gov.ly15 March 2021
Prime MinisterAbdul Hamid DbeibehMinister of Defensewww.defense.gov.ly15 March 2021
Kamel Braik Al-HassiMinister of Planningwww.planning.gov.ly15 March 2021
Wafaa Abu Bakr Muhammad al-KilaniMinister of Social Affairswww.socialaffairs.gov.ly15 March 2021
Omar Ali Al-AjiliMinister of Economy & Trade15 March 2021
Ahmed Ali Muhammad OmarMinister of Industry and Mineralswww.industry.gov.ly15 March 2021
Abdul Fattah Saleh Muhammad Al-KhawjaMinister of Civil Service15 March 2021
Badr Al-Din Al-Sadiq Al-ToumiMinister of Local Government15 March 2021
Fathallah Abd al-Latif Al-ZaniMinister of Youth15 March 2021
Muhammad Ahmad Muhammad AounMinister of Oil and Gas15 March 2021
Ali Al-Abed Al-Reda Abu AzoumMinister of Labourwww.labour.gov.ly15 March 2021
Hamad Abdul-Razzaq Taher Al-MarimiMinister of Agriculture15 March 2021
Mabrouka Othman OkiMinister of Culture and Knowledge Development15 March 2021
Tariq Abdel Salam Mustafa Abu FlikaMinister of Financial Resources15 March 2021
Tawfiq Saeed Moftah Al-DorsiMinister of Livestock and Marine Resources15 March 2021
Abdul Shafi Hussein Muhammad Al-JuifiMinister of Sports15 March 2021
Abd Al-Salam Abdullah Al-Lahi-TikiMinister of Tourism and Handicrafts15 March 2021
Ibrahim Al-Arabi MounirMinister of Environment15 March 2021
Zuhair Ahmed MahmoudMinister of Housing and Construction15 March 2021
Muhammad Salem Al-ShahoubiMinister of Transportation15 March 2021
Houria Khalifa MiloudMinister of State for Women's Affairs15 March 2021
Salama Ibrahim Al-GhwailMinister of State for Economic Affairs15 March 2021
Ahmed Faraj Mahjoub Abu KhuzamMinister of State for Displaced Affairs and Human Rights15 March 2021
Walid Ammar Muhammad Ammar Al-LafiMinister of State for Communication and Political Affairs15 March 2021
Ijdid Maatouk JadeedMinister of State for Immigration Affairs15 March 2021
Abdel Jumaa AmerMinister of State for Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs15 March 2021
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