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Clic (album)
Clic is a 1974 album by Italian experimental musician Franco Battiato. The album, released on the Island Records label (catalogue ILPS 9323), is a brooding and intense collection of instrumental/vocal arrangements. Dedicated to Karlheinz Stockhausen, the music has stylistic similarities with Philip Glass and Tangerine Dream, but is more lyrical and has elements of musique concrète. It was later re-released on CD with a different track listing.
Studio album by Franco Battiato
RecordedChantelain, Rome
Experimental rock
Progressive rock
LabelIsland ILPS 9323

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Reviewing the 1998 re-release of album for AllMusic, Ned Raggett said:
Aside from backing vocals and a string quartet, everything else is Battiato's doing, with the Krautrock touches apparent in his previous work starting to surface all the more readily here. Things are generally more meditative and reflective, though certainly Battiato isn't far from his usual wry humor (thus "Propriedad Prohibida," the title of his bitterly wry take on more-leftist-than-thou Italian bands of the time like Area, though the song itself is a quietly entrancing instrumental). ... "Il Mercato Degli Dei" is as representative of the album as anything, an instrumental composed of various parts and consisting almost entirely of Battiato's various keyboard explorations arranged and overdubbed, but emphasizing calm, quiet arrangements rather than Rick Wakeman-like orgies of sound. "I Cancelli Della Memoria" makes for a great start to the album, soothing Tangerine Dream-like airs and bubbling synth bass loops mixing with everything from (apparently) Battiato's own sax work to his more expected piano parts.[1]
Other personnel
Track listing (original 1974 vinyl release)
Music and lyrics by Franco Battiato.
  1. "Propiedad prohibida" (5.22)
  2. "No U Turn" (4:53)
  3. "Gates of Memory" (6:11)
  4. "Revolution in the Air" (14:02)
Track listing (1998 CD re-release)
(all music and lyrics by Battiato)
  1. "I cancelli della memoria"
  2. "No U Turn"
  3. "Il mercato degli dei"
  4. "Rien ne va plus: Andante"
  5. "Propiedad prohibida"
  6. "Nel cantiere di un'infanzia"
  7. "Ethika fon ethica"
^ Ned Raggett (2016). "Clic - Franco Battiato". AllMusic. Retrieved 10 May 2016.

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