Deal or No Deal
For the album by Wiz Khalifa, see Deal or No Deal (album).
Not to be confused with the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series episode "Deal No Deal".
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Deal or No Deal is the name of several closely related television game shows, the first of which (launching the format) was the Dutch Miljoenenjacht (Hunt/Chase for Millions) produced by French content production company Banijay (formerly Endemol (Shine)). The centerpiece of this format is the final round (a.k.a. the "case game" or "main game" ) which is played with up to 26 cases (or, in some versions, boxes), each containing randomly assigned sums of money. After the player for the case game is determined, this contender claims (or is assigned) one case or a box at the start of the game, without its contents being revealed. The contestant then chooses the other cases or boxes, one at a time, to be immediately opened and removed from play. Throughout the game, the player is offered an amount of money or prizes to quit, being asked the titular question, "Deal or no deal?" If the contestant rejects every deal and eliminates all the other cases or boxes, the player keeps the money that was in the original case or box. Thus, the contestant "wins" depending on whether the player should have taken one of the deals or should have held onto the original case or box until the very end.
Deal or No Deal
Created byJohn de Mol
Dick de Rijk
Original workMiljoenenjacht
Owned byBanijay
Official website
The gameplay of the show differs from country to country. In some countries, there is a preliminary contest in which the studio audience is whittled down to one final contender by several trivia question rounds, this final contender then proceeds to the main game. This was the format used by the Dutch show "Miljoenenjacht" (Hunt/Chase for Millions) which initiated the "Deal or no Deal" game (originally the Dutch show was based on a German format called "Die Chance deines Lebens" (The Chance of your Lifetime) which was based on trivia questions and did not have the briefcase element at all). There are also some versions with the number of players equal to the number of cases, each player receives one case. Via a short trivia round or a random selection, one player is selected to be the contestant for the main game with his case. In other countries, there is only one preselected contestant who will play the main game without any preliminary contest.
The main game revolves around the opening of a set of numbered briefcases, each of which contains a different prize (cash or otherwise). The contents (i.e., the values) of all of the cases are known at the start of the game, but the specific location of any prize is unknown. The contestant claims (or is assigned) a case to begin the game. The case's value is not revealed until the conclusion of the game.
The contestant then begins choosing cases that are to be removed from play. The amount inside each chosen case is immediately revealed; by process of elimination, the amount revealed cannot be inside the case the contestant initially claimed (or was assigned). Throughout the game, after a predecided number of cases have been opened, the "Banker" offers the contestant an amount of money and/or prizes to quit the game; the offer is based roughly on the amounts remaining in play and the contestant's demeanor, so the bank tries to 'buy' the contestant's case for a lower price than what's inside the case. The player then answers the titular question, choosing:
This process of removing cases and receiving offers continues, until either the player accepts an offer to 'deal', or all offers have been rejected and the values of all unchosen cases are revealed. Should a player end the game by taking a deal, a pseudo-game is continued from that point to see how much the player could have won by remaining in the game. Depending on subsequent choices and offers, it is determined whether or not the contestant made a "good deal", i.e. won more than if the game were allowed to continue.
Since the range of possible values is known at the start of each game, how much the banker offers at any given point changes based on what values have been eliminated (i.e. the offer increases if lower values are eliminated and decreases if upper values are eliminated). To promote suspense and lengthen games, the banker's offer is usually less than the expected value dictated by probability theory, particularly early in the game.[1] Generally, the offers early in the game are very low relative to the values still in play, but near the end of the game approach (or even exceed) the average of the remaining values.
Only a few people have ever won the top prize on any version of the show (see table below). For a contestant to win the top prize the player would have to select the case containing the top prize and reject every offer the banker makes during the game. The chances of a player selecting the top prize are 4–5% depending on how many amounts are in the game.
International versions
Countries with their own version (as of April 2020)
 Currently airing 
 Awaiting confirmation 
 Status unknown 
 Upcoming season 
 No longer airing 
CountryNameHostsChannelPremiere dateEnd dateTop prizeFormat
  • Rahim Mehrzad
  • Mukhtar Lashkari
Tolo TVMay 30, 2010May 14, 2013؋1,000,000Boxes
KutiaEnkel DemiTV KlanSeptember 2004December 201125,000Boxes
  • Deal or no Deal
  • (Dilema)
Eno PopiTop ChannelOctober 14, 20182019L1,000,000
L2,000,000 (Sundays only)
ادي ولا خلي
Éddi Ouela Kheli
Sofiane DaniEchourouk TVJune 17, 2015presentد.ج 10,000,000Boxes
Arab Maghreb
Al Sandouk
Moez ToumiNessma TVNovember 14, 20122013Boxes
Arab world
Al Safqa
Amir KararaMBC1September 14, 20042004US$1,000,000Questions & Cases
Deal or No DealMichel SananLBCApril 1, 20052006US$250,000Boxes
 ArgentinaTrato HechoJulian WeichTelefeJuly 13, 2003March 2006AR$500,000Cases
Lizy TaglianiMay 9, 2021presentAR$2,000,000
Դիլ կամ Նո Դիլ
Dil kam No Dil
?Armenia TVNovember 20062008֏ 50,000,000Cases
 AustraliaDeal or No DealAndrew O'KeefeSeven NetworkJuly 13, 2003October 4, 2013AU$2,000,000 (2003)
AU$200,000 (2004-2013)
Deal or No DealRainhard FendrichORF1July 1, 2005September 2, 2005250,000Cases
 AzerbaijanDavam Ya TamamIdris CafarovSpace TV2010201110,000Boxes
Murad DadashovAzad Azerbaijan TVOctober 31, 2016August 6, 201730,000Cases
MiljoenenjachtWalter GrootaersVtmOctober 16, 200420051,000,000Questions & Cases
Te Nemen of Te LatenFeliceVijfTVAugust 21, 20062009200,000Boxes
 BelizeTek It or Leave ItAngela GeggChannel 5December 2, 2008March 3, 2009BZ$15,000Boxes
Topa ou Não TopaSBTAugust 6, 2006presentR$1,000,000Cases
Сделка или не
Sdelka ili ne
Rumen LukanovNova TelevisionJuly 9, 2005January 7, 2018лв. 1,000,000Boxes
ព្រម ឬមិនព្រម
Prom Rer Min Prom
Ith SethaCTN2009200910,000,000 KHRCases
 CanadaDeal or No Deal CanadaHowie MandelGlobalFebruary 4, 2007March 1, 2007CA$1,000,000Cases
Le BanquierJulie SnyderTVAJanuary 24, 2007May 21, 2017CA$500,000Cases
Trato HechoDon FranciscoCanal 13October 19, 20042006CL$120,000,000Cases
¡Allá Tú!Julián ElfenbeinChilevisionApril 16, 2007December 28, 2007CL$10,000,000Boxes
Dong Gan Xiu Chang
Cheng QianBTV-8200720071,000,000 pointsCases
Ai Chang Cai Hui Ying
Chen Huan
Tian Yue
Zuo Yan
Huang Ziwen
ZJSTVNovember 15, 2008October 31, 2010CN¥100,000Cases (2008–2009)
Questions & Cases (2009–2010)
¡Hay Trato!Julio Correal
Carlos Calero
Canal CaracolJuly 16, 20052006COL$210,000,000Cases
 Costa RicaTrato HechoGustavo RojasTeleticaApril 10, 2012201225,000,000Cases
 CroatiaUzmi ili ostaviŽeljko Pervan
Mirko Fodor
Mario Petreković
HRT 220062007500,000KnBoxes
 Czech Republic
Ber nebo neberPavel ZunaTV PrimaFebruary 11, 2007December 27, 20085,000,000 Questions & Cases
Deal or No DealCasper ChristensenTV 2August 28, 2006November 22, 20072,000,000 KrCases
 Dominican Republic
Trato Hecho con NestléFrank Perozo
Mía Taveras
Antena LatinaJuly 20082009RD$3,000,000Cases
Trato HechoRoberto AngelelliTeleamazonasApril 9, 20062007US$100,000Cases
El Familión Nestlé Trato HechoDaniel SarcosGama TV and
Red Telesistema
January 26, 20102010US$100,000Cases
لعبة الحياة
Le'bet el Hayah
Razan MaghrebiAl-Hayah TVAugust 24, 20092010250,000
ديل أور نو ديل: الإختيار
Deal or no deal: El Ikhtiyar
Maya DiabAl-Nahar TVMay 27, 20122012E£250,000Boxes
 El SalvadorTrato HechoDaniel RucksTCSMay 1, 20122014US$50,000Cases
Mario SibrianSeptember 6, 2020presentUS$15,000
Võta või jätaAlari KivisaarTV3200720101,000,000 krooniCases
March 8, 20132013€100,000Cases
 FinlandOta tai jätäPauli Aalto-SetäläNelonenJanuary 10, 2007November 29, 2007€500,000Cases
À prendre ou à laisserArthurTF1January 12, 2004June 3, 2010€500,000
Julien CourbetD8October 8, 2014October 30, 2015€100,000Boxes
Cyril Hanouna
Valérie Bénaïm[fr 1]
Bernard Montiel[fr 2]
Christophe Dechavanne
C8May 18, 2020presentJackpot (starts from €250,000)Boxes
Misha Mshvildadze (2008)
Duta Skhirtladze (2009)
Rustavi 2November 11, 2008June 23, 200950,000 ლარიCases
 GermanyDie Chance deines LebensKai PflaumeSat.1April 30, 2000December 18, 2000DM10,000,000Questions
Der MillionenDealLinda de MolMay 1, 2004June 12, 2004€2,000,000Cases
Deal or No Deal – Die Show der GlücksspiraleGuido CantzJune 23, 2005December 20, 2008€250,000Cases
Deal or No DealWayne CarpendaleJuly 30, 2014August 5, 2015€250,000Boxes
DealChristos FerendinosANT1January 23, 2006March 4, 2011200,000
Alpha TVOctober 3, 2016present€60,000Boxes
Super Deal(weekends)ANT120062008€500,000Cases
 HondurasTrato HechoErick ChavarríaTelevicentroApril 19, 20152015Lps.1,000,000Cases
 Hong Kong
Deal or No Deal
Michael HuiTVB JadeOctober 29, 2006January 21, 2007HK$3,000,000Cases
Alfred CheungApril 22, 2007February 17, 2008Cases
 HungaryÁll az alkuGábor Gundel TakácsTV2April 4, 2004September 29, 200650,000,000 FtQuestions & Cases
October 2, 2006December 31, 2006100,000,000 FtCases
Áron KovácsMay 4, 2009June 4, 201021,000,000 FtCases
Gábor Gundel TakácsAugust 28, 2017October 6, 2017100,000,000 FtCases
February 5, 2018April 27, 2018100,000,000 FtCases
July 15, 2019August 23, 2019100,000,000 FtCases
Deal Ya No DealR. Madhavan
Mandira Bedi
Rajeev Khandelwal
SETNovember 23, 2005July 26, 2006₹10,000,000Cases
Deala No DealaRishiSun TVOctober 31, 20093 March 2012₹5,000,000Cases
Deal or No DealMukeshSurya TVNovember 7, 2009Cases
Sai KumarGemini TVCases
Udaya TVCases
Ronit Roy&TVSeptember 5, 2015November 29, 2015₹10,000,000Cases
Deal or No Deal IndonesiaTantowi YahyaRCTIMay 19, 2007December 18, 2008Rp. 2,000,000,000Cases
Deal or No DealDeddy CorbuzierantvDecember 1, 2011February 3, 2012Rp. 1,000,000,000Cases
Deal or No Deal IndonesiaCak LontongGlobal TVOctober 20, 2014January 29, 2015Rp. 500,000,000Cases
تمام یا دوام
Tamam Ya Davam
Sina ValiollahFARSI1January 16, 2012April 27, 2012US$20,000Cases
 IrelandDeal or No DealKeith BarryTV3November 13, 2009March 12, 2010€250,000Boxes
הדיל הגדול
Hadil Hagadol
Moran AtiasChannel 10March 16, 20052006 1,500,000Questions & Cases
דיל או לא דיל
Dil o Lo Dil
Questions & Cases
Affari tuoiPaolo Bonolis(2003-2005)
Pupo (2005-2006)
Antonella Clerici(2006)
Flavio Insinna(2006-2008; 2013-2017)
Max Giusti(2008-2013)
Rai 1October 14, 2003March 17, 2017€500,000
Affari tuoi - Viva gli sposi!Carlo ContiDecember 26, 2020February 6, 2021€300,000
 JamaicaThe Digicel Deal or No DealSimon CrosskillTVJSeptember 23, 20092009JM$3,000,000Cases
Za Dīru
Shinsuke ShimadaTBSSeptember 8, 2006April 5, 2007¥10,000,000Cases
 JordanDeal or No DealAnas HamdanAl-Ghad TVFebruary 4, 2021presentJOD 10,000,000Boxes
 KazakhstanУдачная Сделка
Udachnaya sdelka
Shah-Kerim KarmenovKhabarApril 3, 2020November 20, 20203,000,000Boxes
Қолда я Жолда
Qolda ya Jolda
March 1, 2021present
Deal or No DealMichel SananMurr TelevisionOctober 20, 2009June 7, 2010ل.ل. 200,000,000Cases
 LithuaniaTaip arba NeMarijonas MikutavičiusTV3 LithuaniaMarch 31, 20072010200,000Lt.
 MalaysiaDeal or No Deal MalaysiaAanont Wathanasinntv7November 3, 20072009RM100,000Questions & Cases
Yi zhi qian jin
Goh Wee Ping
Owen Yap
March 12, 20072008Questions & Cases
Deal or No Deal MaltaPaulo MicallefTVMOctober 1, 20072010€25,000Boxes
 MexicoVas o No VasHéctor SandartiTelevisa20052007MX$1,000,000
Yoo si voyRaul AraizaSeptember 20092010MX$2,500,000Cases
¿Te la juegas?Luis GarcíaTV AztecaAugust 12, 2019November 27, 2020MX$1,000,000Boxes
 MoldovaDa sau NuDan NegruPrime2010present250,000 leiCases
Deal or No Deal MyanmarKaung Htet ZawMRTV-4January 5, 201520152,000,000 KsCases
(original version) and season
Linda de MolTROS, Tien, RTL4November 25, 2000present€5,000,000Questions (2000–2002)
Questions & Cases (2002–present)
Deal or No Deal
(direct version) small program
Beau van Erven DorensTien, RTL5August 27, 2006May 15, 2009€250,000Boxes
 New ZealandDeal or No DealJeremy CorbettTV3June 6, 2007December 26, 2007NZ$200,000Cases
 NigeriaDeal or No Deal NigeriaJohn FashanuM-Net AfricaJuly 7, 2007December 29, 2007US$100,000Cases
 North MacedoniaЗеми или остави
Zemi ili ostavi
Igor DzambazovALFA TVNovember 3, 20072008MKD6,000,000Boxes
Се или нешто
Se ili nešto
Lila StojanovskaSitelDecember 18, 2011presentMKD1,000,000Boxes
Deal or No DealSturla Berg-JohansenTV2September 30, 200620073,000,000KrCases
El Familión NestléNelson BustamanteTelemetro20062007US$125,000Questions & Cases
Deal or No DealMarch 29, 20102012US$50,000Cases
Trato HechoAdolfo AguilarATVAugust 8, 2005December 9, 2005S/.1,000,000Cases
Vas o No VasJesús AlzamoraPanamericanaSeptember 12, 2016December 21, 2016S/.20,000Boxes
 PhilippinesKapamilya, Deal or No DealKris AquinoABS-CBNJune 5, 2006March 27, 20091,000,000
Luis ManzanoFebruary 25, 2012September 28, 2013Cases
February 9, 2015March 4, 20161,000,000Cases
 PolandGrasz czy nie graszZygmunt ChajzerPolsatOctober 1, 2005August 31, 20071,000,000Questions & Cases
Pegar ou LargarRui UnasSICJanuary 28, 20062006€300,000Questions & Cases
Da sau nuVirgil Ianţu
Mihai Dobrovolschi
Prima TVSeptember 5, 20052006150,000leiCases
Accepți sau nuGabriel CoveşanuKanal DMarch 1, 20082009100,000leiCases
Пан или пропал
Pan ili Propal
Nikolay FomenkoChannel OneSeptember 20, 2004January 5, 20053,000,000рyб.Boxes
Alexei VeselkinREN TVApril 17, 2006September 22, 2006Cases
Uzmi ili ostaviMilorad Mandić MandaB92May 7, 2007June 12, 20081,500,000din.Boxes
Deal or No DealAdrian PangMediaCorp TV Channel 5May 13, 2007January 31, 2008S$250,000Cases
Ruku na toPeter Šarkan NovákSTVSeptember 2005November 7, 20065,000,000 SkCases
Veľký balíkMarcel ForgáčJOJJanuary 5, 2018December 29, 2018€250,000
 SloveniaVzemi ali pustiBojan EmeršičPOP TV2005200715,000,000 SITCases
 South Africa
Deal or No DealEd JordanM-NetFebruary 4, 20072008R1,000,000Cases
Doen met 'n Miljoen!Casper de VrieskykNETOctober 19, 2007January 9, 2009
 South Korea
Yes or NoShin Dong-YeobtvN2006July 2007100,000,000Cases
¡Allá tú!Jesús Vázquez
Silvia Jato
Arturo Valls
TelecincoJanuary 26, 20042008300,000
Cases (2006 special)
Jesús VázquezCuatroJanuary 10, 2011November 4, 2011€300,000Boxes
 Sri LankaGando NogandoMahendra PereraSirasaTVDecember 12, 2008March 6, 20092,500,000Cases
 SwedenDeal or No DealMartin TimellTV4March 25, 2006December 1, 20075,000,000KrCases
MiljonJakten[2]Renée NybergTV3March 4, 2012January 3, 201410,000,000KrQuestions & Cases
Deal or no Deal med MiljonjaktenTV4November 18, 2014December 22, 2014Questions & Cases
Deal or No Deal – Das RisikoRoman KilchspergerSF 1September 1, 2004September 29, 2010SFr250,000Cases
Who's the Winner
Topic: The Deal 孤注一擲
Jacky WuTTVJuly 9, 2005September 29, 2007NT$1,500,000Cases
Yes or No
Dennis Nieh
Jacky Wu
CTSSeptember 12, 2009December 12, 2009NT$500,000
เอาหรือไม่เอาDom HetrakulThaiTV 320052006฿1,000,000Cases
Varavuth JentanakulChannel 7 HD2021Upcoming฿3,000,000
دليلك ملك
Dlilek Mlek
Sami El FihriTunisie 720052007300,000 د.ت.
500,000 د.ت.
1,000,000 د.ت.
2,000,000 د.ت.
El Hiwar EttounsiJune 29, 2014June 25, 2017Boxes
January 29, 2018June 2018Boxes
Trilyon AvıZafer ErginaTVDecember 9, 2003February 3, 2004YTL1,000,000Questions & Cases
Büyük TeklifHalit ErgençKanal DJune 5, 20062006YTL500,000Cases
Var mısın? Yok musun?Acun IlıcalıShow TVSeptember 10, 2007September 16, 2010Boxes
Cases (December 31, 2007 special)
Asuman KrauseFoxNovember 8, 2011March 29, 2012TL500,000Boxes
Ahmet ÇakarShow TVSeptember 11, 20132014
Граєш чи не граєш?
Hrayesh chy ne hrayesh?
Dmitriy ShepelevTRK UkrayinaMarch 7, 2010December 19, 20101,000,000Cases
 United KingdomDeal or No DealNoel EdmondsChannel 4October 31, 2005December 23, 2016£250,000Boxes
 United StatesDeal or No DealHowie MandelNBCDecember 19, 2005May 18, 2009US$1,000,000Cases
SyndicationSeptember 8, 2008May 28, 2010US$500,000
CNBCDecember 5, 2018[3]August 7, 2019US$1,000,000
Vas o No VasHéctor SandartiTelemundoOctober 8, 2006May 26, 2007US$250,000
Heloisa AlvesUnivision2020UpcomingUS$1,000,000
Trato HechoSebastián AbreuTeledoceOctober 28, 2019presentU$1,000,000
Trato Hecho FamososMaximiliano de la CruzJanuary 14, 2020presentU$1,000,000Cases
Đi tìm ẩn sốThanh BạchHTV7June 19, 2005October 8, 2017100,000,000ĐQuestions & Cases
Những ẩn số vàngChí TrungH1September 10, 2006200850,000,000Đ
 ZimbabweSaka Kana Aa SakaTande Newton and Isaac SmithZBC20072007Z$50,000,000Boxes
  1. ^ Fridays from September 4 to October 2, 2020
  2. ^ September 28, 2020
The first German version, "Die Chance deines Lebens" hosted by Kai Pflaume did not have the case game as the final round (they played a trivia game instead). However this was the show the original "Deal or No Deal" version (the Dutch "Miljoenenjacht" hosted by Linda de Mol) was actually based on. Miljoenenjacht started in November 2000 and introduced the case game in December 2002 after a 15-month hiatus of the show.
Véronique Landry is the only model to appear on more than one version of the show, on both the French and English Canadian versions.[citation needed] Howie Mandel, Héctor Sandarti, and Linda de Mol each have hosted multiple versions of the show: Mandel, with the American English and Canadian English versions, Sandarti with both the American Spanish and Mexican Spanish versions, and de Mol with both the Netherlands Dutch and German (in 2004) versions of the show. In the UK version Deal Or No Deal helped relaunch Noel Edmonds' career.
Top prize winners
All amounts below the prizes are their equivalents in United States dollars at the time of their win.
CountryName(s)DateAmount wonPrevious offerOther amountNotes
Mohammad Easa SediqiPrior to October 25, 2010Af. 1,000,000
Box Swap
Af. 2,500
First top prize winner in Afghan history
(unknown)Prior to November 28, 2012Af. 1,000,000
Af. 342,000
Af. 10,000
The banker first offered Af. 311,000, then Af. 342,000, then a chance to swap the boxes. All were declined. Rebroadcast June 5, 2013.
(unknown)Prior to June 6, 2013Af. 1,000,000
Af. 355,500
Af. 30,000
The banker first offered Af. 263,300, then Af. 355,500. Both were declined. Rebroadcast June 6, 2013.
ادي ولا خلي/Eddi Ouela Kheli
Mohamed MezianeJuly 7, 201510,000,000 DA
3,200,000 DA
200 DA
Khemisti Mohammed bin SayehMarch 15, 20165,000,000 DA + 1,000,000 DA
($45,117 + $9,023)
177,000 DA
10,000 DA
Won 5,000,000 DA from the box along with a 1,000,000 DA bonus.
Deal or No Deal
Abbas HusseinMay 5, 2006$250,000$71,000$25,000[8]
Deal or No DealDean CartechiniJune 17, 2004A$200,000
First top prize winner.
Anh Do (celebrity)September 19, 2007A$200,000
Second top prize winner. Money went to home viewer. The second celebrity (since David Graham) and the first to actually win the prize.
Leanne BenbowJune 2, 2010A$200,000
The first woman (and the third) to win the top prize. Had the "Dream Finish" - the last 2 cases were the highest 2 in the game.
Chris DoyleAugust 23, 2011A$200,000
Last winner of the top prize before the series ends in 2013. Also had the "Dream Finish" - the last 2 cases were the highest 2 in the game.
Davam Ya TamamSevdaMarch 26, 201730,000 AZN
15,000 AZN
RashadJuly 9, 201730,000 AZN
11,030 AZN
(Case swap accepted)
1,500 AZN
Tek It Or Leave ItValerie StevensMarch 3, 2009BZ$15,000
Topa ou Não Topa
PauloApril 2007R$1,000,000
Сделка или не Sdelka ili neVeneta Raykova (Венета Райкова)
February 200675,000 BGN
(unknown)December 8, 2006100,000 BGN
(unknown)5,000 BGN
Niki Kitaetsa (Ники Китаеца)
September 18, 2007100,000 BGN
40,000 BGN
1,000 BGN
Sevil Saliev
(Севил Салиев)
December 22, 2008100,000 BGN
Mariela Pepeldzhiyska
(Мариела Пепелджийска)
January 23, 2012100,000 BGN
Box Swap
2,500 BGN
Plevenchaninat Iskren
(Плевенчанинът Искрен)
January 24, 2013100,000 BGN
25,000 BGN
0.20 BGN
ព្រម ឬមិនព្រម Prom Rer Min Prom
(Unknown)February 200910,000,000 KHR
(Unknown)February 200910,000,000 KHR
(unknown)750,000 KHR
¡Allá Tú!
Mauricio HermosillaMay 4, 2007CL$10,000,000
FarándulaAugust 29, 2007CL$10,000,000
Box SwapCL$50,000
Trato Hecho
لعبة الحياة
Lebet el Hayat
Amal MohammadPrior to November 16, 2009EGP250,000
SamehPrior to April 15, 2010EGP250,000
Marwa AliPrior to September 3, 2010EGP500,000
Box SwapEGP250
ديل أور نو ديل: الإختيار
Deal or no deal: El Ikhtiyar
Sibai WahbaSeptember 12, 2012EGP250,000
Box Swap
À prendre ou à laisser
MylèneMarch 4, 2004500,000
Box Swap
ÉricMarch 29, 2004500,000
The banker also offered box swap and €200,000.
FrançoiseApril 6, 2004500,000
FredFebruary 28, 2005500,000
SabrinaNovember 29, 2005500,000
The banker also offered €200,000 and €300,000; it is rare for a contestant to have more than one offer after a single round
Marie-Ange FranceschiJanuary 23, 2009€500,000
SébastienNovember 25, 2014€100,000
ვა-ბანკი Va-Bank
Rezo and Archil Arveladze (celebrities)February 3, 200950,000 lari
25,000 lari
50 lari
Georgia Kastrada
(Γεωργία Καστράντα)
November 10, 2006200,000
Received €100,000, another half was received by a text winner
Giorgos Gkantadakis
(Γιώργος Γκανταδάκης)
April 6, 2017€60,000
December 11, 2018€60,000
Argyris declined to buy Box 23, which would have doubled his winnings to €120,000.
Áll az alkuSzőke SándorMay 23, 200650,000,000 Ft
13,000,000 Ft
6,000,000 Ft
Bereczki MátéOctober 19, 2006100,000,000 Ft
9,500,000 Ft
25,000 Ft
Csorba ÁrpádApril 26, 201021,000,000 Ft
15,000,000 Ft
13,000,000 Ft
Deal or No Deal
Ayushmann Khurrana (celebrity)November 15, 2015₹9,000,000
His briefcase contained the top prize ₹10,000,000 but his winnings were reduced by 10% due to answering the final question wrong.
Affari Tuoi
Roberto PepiFebruary 4, 2004500,000
Francesca MadedduDecember 16, 2004€500,000
Clarissa MeneghiniDecember 19, 2007€500,000
Danilo AnderliniSeptember 17, 2008€500,000
Francesca CataldoOctober 22, 2008€500,000
Roberto CaterinaNovember 23, 2008€500,000
Mara AncelottiJanuary 1, 2009€500,000
Stefania MenegazzoFebruary 23, 2010€500,000
Gabriele CalvelloMarch 17, 2012€1,000,000
The top prize was originally €500,000 as usual, but was doubled during the game when the player opened Pacco Matto (crazy box) and found Raddoppia (double).
Mauro GhiraldiniNovember 21, 2012€500,000
Patrizia MontalbanoJanuary 25, 2013€500,000
Pierangela ZaccariaMay 29, 2014€500,000
Also won a €1,000 Provaci bonus.
Alberto BindiMay 17, 2016€500,000
Alessandro CoronaFebruary 22, 2017€500,000
Deal or No DealRoaa Al ShanayniehMarch 11, 2021JOD 100,000(unknown)(unknown)
Deal or No Deal Malta
Maria (Doris) AbelaOctober 17, 2008€25,000
Vas o No VasElenaJune 11, 2005Mex$5,000,000
($460,050) (Saturday)
LuisDecember 6, 2005Mex$1,000,000
($95,360) (weekday)
LauraMarch 2, 2006Mex$1,000,000
($95,580) (weekday)
PatyJune 3, 2006Mex$1,000,000
($88,130) (weekday)
¿Te la juegas?MaríaJune 13, 2020Mex$1,000,000
JavoJuly 4, 2020 [note 1]Mex$1,000,000
Mex$50,000, Mex$250,000 and 1 other Mex$1,000,000
($2,234, $11,168 and $44,670)
(in English)Deal or No Deal MalaysiaTimothy ShimMarch 2, 2008RM100,000
RM 50,800
RM 250
Deal or No Deal
Min Thu Rein (မင်းသူရိန်)March 16, 20152,000,000 Ks
790,000 Ks
200,000 Ks
Rebroadcast March 31, 2015.
Deal or No Deal
Arno WoesthoffSeptember 2, 2001Fl10,000,000
Format not yet introduced[note 2]Woesthoff was the biggest winner in worldwide game show history at the time of the show's airing; he would hold the record for almost 13 years until it was broken by Brad Rutter in 2014.
Eelco SchumacherApril 2, 2009€250,000
Trato Hecho/Vas o No Vas
LicetOctober 14, 2016S/.20,000
Box Swap
Kapamilya, Deal or No DealTerry Lim CuaDecember 29, 2006P2,000,000
Cua was the only contestant to win P2,000,000 or more on the Filipino version.
Aiko Melendez and Candy Pangilinan (celebrities)November 25, 2008P1,000,000
Christmas Edition (5 P1,000,000 cases)
Jhaphet FlordelizaDecember 1, 2008P1,000,000
Arnel Pineda (celebrity)December 11, 2008P1,000,000
Bearwin Meily (celebrity)March 23, 2015P1,000,000
Ara Mina (celebrity)April 17, 2015P1,000,000
Joyce E. Bernal and Bela Padilla (celebrities)August 14, 2015P1,000,000
Kaye Abad and Nikki Valdez (celebrities)September 7, 2015P1,000,000
Janine Tugonon (celebrity)January 8, 2016P1,000,000
Uzmi ili ostavi
VidojeOctober 19, 2007RSD1,500,000
Yes or No
Lee Chang-geun (이창근)June 23, 2007100,000,000
¡Allá tú!
GilbertJune 19, 2007€600,000
Received €300,000; another half was received by an SMS winner.
María del Carmen BonillaJuly 25, 2011€300,000
Deal or No Deal – Das Risiko
Peter MeierJune 9, 2010SFr250,000
Who's the Winner
Topic: The Deal 孤注一擲
JUNIOR (celebrity)April 14, 2007NT$1,500,000
NT$1, NT$100, NT$10,000, NT$20,000 and NT$50,000
($0.03, $3.02, $302, $603 and $1,508)
The host Jacky Wu, who also acted as the banker, decided to give the final offer with 6 out of 16 cases remaining.
دليلك ملك
Mohamed MabroukMarch 22, 2006TND300,000
Each winner shared the prize with an SMS participant.
Mohamed Bashir MenchariNovember 13, 2006TND500,000
MarbroukSeptember 13, 2007TND1,000,000
AichouchaJune 13, 2017TND2,000,000
Joke prizeThe banker also offered 200.000 dinars ($81,396), which was refused. The winner also shared the prize with an SMS participant.[55]
Var mısın? Yok musun?
Ülkühan YılmazOctober 24, 2009500,000TL
Deal or No DealLaura PearceJanuary 7, 2007£250,000
Pearce was the first top prize winner on the UK version.
Alice MundayMarch 12, 2009£250,000
Banker's Gamble
(box swap declined)
Munday initially dealt at £17,500 but was offered the Banker's Gamble when the 1p and £250,000 were remaining. She accepted the gamble, which forfeited the offer and brought the game back into live play.
Suzanne MulhollandMay 13, 2011£250,000
(box swap accepted)
Mulholland also won an additional prize of a 2-week holiday in Florida as part of "Banker's Birthday" special.
Tegen RobertsSeptember 22, 2011£250,000
Tegen had the strongest board ever after round 3 to the end of the show; a staggering £560,250.60 was still in play after 10 boxes had been opened.
Nong Nig Ham NamAugust 5, 2012£250,000
Patrick "Paddy" RobertsAugust 12, 2013£250,000
Paddy was the first male top prize winner on the UK version.
Roop SinghFebruary 12, 2014£250,000
Singh declined to buy Box 23, which would have doubled his winnings to £500,000.
Ann CrawfordOctober 15, 2015£250,000
Crawford declined to buy Box 23, which would have reduced her winnings to £0.
Vikki HeenanDecember 23, 2016£250,000
The episode that contains Heenan's win was the final episode of the UK version.[56]
Deal or No DealJessica RobinsonSeptember 1, 2008$1,000,000$561,000$200,000[57]
Robinson was the first top prize winner on the American version.
Million Dollar Mission game (5 $1,000,000 cases)
Tomorrow RodriguezOctober 29, 2008$1,000,000$677,000$300 and 3x $1,000,000[58]
The final offer of $677,000 (which Rodriguez declined) was given when there were five cases remaining, and was also seen in Trouble Deleting Videos - Math Class Prank for April Fools2019.
Million Dollar Mission game (9 $1,000,000 cases)
Đi tìm ẩn số [note 3]
(unknown)Before October 200550,000,000Đ

First Asian winner. The other case contained the lowest value worldwide.[59]
Lê Bình (celebrity)October 9, 2011100,000,000Đ
First known celebrity winner. His last 2 cases were the highest 2 in the game.[60]
Nguyễn Thụy Minh TrangJuly 15, 2012100,000,000Đ
First known female winner.[61]
(unknown)August 2015100,000,000Đ
Nguyễn Thị ĐàoFebruary 28, 2016100,000,000Đ
Giáng Tiên (celebrity)September 3, 2017100,000,000Đ
Last top prize winner before the series concluded in 2017. Second celebrity winner.[63]
  1. ^ Most recent top prize winner in the Deal or No Deal franchise to date.
  2. ^ Arno Woesthoff was on Miljoenenjacht when the bonus round consisted of seven questions that could add up to 10,000,000 guilders (based on the German game show "Die Chance deines Lebens") instead of the case game, which is why there were no other amounts.
  3. ^ The Vietnamese version has 10 top prize winners. 7 are shown here. The other 3 were missing.
At the other end of the spectrum, in the UK edition broadcast on 7 December 2009, a contestant named Corinne opened her box to reveal (and thus win) 1p, having turned down first an offer of £88,000 and then an offer to swap boxes, which would have given her the top £250,000 prize. A similar event occurred on the U.S. version on August 25, 2008, where contestant Koshka Blackburn won $5,000 which was in her case after turning down the banker's offer of $530,000 and then the option to switch cases, which would've made her the first $1,000,000 winner. Also in the U.S. on September 22, 2006, Michelle Falco kept in $750,000 and $1,000,000 in play all the way to the end, she turned down the biggest offer of $880,000 and refused to switch her case, in her case was $750,000. She also would have been the first $1,000,000 winner had she switched cases. And again, in the U.S. on October 22, 2008, contestant Richie Bell won $1 which was in his case after rejecting the final offer of $416,000 and the option to switch cases, which would've made him the second $1,000,000 winner. Richie also won an additional $10,000 after completing the "Banker's Challenge" minigame, thus making his total winnings $10,001. Had he had switched, he would have won $1,010,000. Many other contestants around the world would have won the top prize if they had swapped their box/case.
Basis and antecedents
The game show has attracted attention from mathematicians, statisticians, and economists as a natural decision-making experiment. In 2008 a team of economists analyzed the decisions of people appearing in Dutch, German and U.S. episodes and found, among other things, that contestants are less risk-averse or even risk-seeking when they saw their expected winnings drop.[64] They went so far as to say that the show, “almost appears to be an economics experiment rather than a TV show.”[65] They found that contestants behave similarly in different versions of the show, despite large differences in the amounts at stake; amounts appear to be evaluated in relative terms, for example in proportion to the initial average, and not in terms of their absolute monetary value.[66] The research received a great deal of media attention, appearing on the front page of The Wall Street Journal[67] and being featured on National Public Radio.[68] This work was built upon by de Roos and Sarafidis, who analysed the Australian version of the show and determined that the risk-taking behaviour of a number of contestants would be inconsistent within each game (i.e. their aversion to risk would change), depending on the state of play and relative risk aversion of their confidant on the show.[69]
Australian Deal or No Deal contestants are selected "on the basis of being 'outgoing', but there is no screening of contestants on the basis of their risk preferences".[69] It is thought that other versions may screen contestants for being amicable to risk-taking behaviour.
Despite its air of originality and huge international success—there are more than 60 versions worldwide—there have been, in fact, numerous antecedents to the current run of shows. The first was the It's in the Bag, a New Zealand radio game show invented by Selwyn Toogood which began in the 1950s and which ran for decades after it was later adapted for television (1970s–90s). The show popularized the catch-phrases, "By hokey," and "What will it be, customers--the money or the bag?" in New Zealand. Similarly, in the 1950s, the UK TV show Take Your Pick offered contestants the choice of taking a money offer or risking opening a box. Later, in the 1980s, The Bong Game, a radio call-in show created by UK's Capital FM, tested contestants by offering them increasing returns in tandem with increasing risk.
Another long-running game show, Let's Make a Deal, involved contestants deciding whether or not to take offers based on what may or may not be behind a curtain/door or inside a box. Let's Make a Deal ran in the U.S. for nearly three decades from 1963 to 1991, during which time Monty Hall was the program's "Big Dealer," and was revived in 2009 with Wayne Brady as the Big Dealer. Also in the U.S., in the 1970s and 1980s, was a game show called Treasure Hunt, hosted by Geoff Edwards and produced by Chuck Barris's company, which featured a similar concept to Deal or No Deal. The show featured contestants selecting a treasure chest or box with surprises inside in the hope of winning large prizes or a cash jackpot. Both game shows, however, also featured worthless or nearly-worthless joke prizes, which Let's Make a Deal called "zonks" and which Treasure Hunt called "klunks." Deal or No Deal does not feature such joke prizes in the US version but does in many international versions. Finally, from 1997 to 2003, Win Ben Stein's Money pitted contestants against an in-house adversary.
Algorithm used by “The Bank”
There are several theories concerning the algorithm that “The Bank” uses to determine the appropriate bank offer. This is a secret held by the various publishers around the world, however a number of people have approximated the algorithm with various levels of accuracy.[citation needed] In many variations of the format the Bank does not know the contents of the briefcase, and therefore the Monty Hall Problem does not apply to the probability calculations, but this varies from country to country.[citation needed]
Statistical studies of the US version of the show were undertaken by Daniel Shifflet in 2011, and showed a linear regression of bank offers against expected value.[70] In summary, Shifflet found that the bank would offer a percentage of the expected value (EV) of the remaining cases, and this percentage increased linearly from approximately 37% of EV at the first offer to approximately 84% of EV at the seventh offer. This version of the program also allowed players to ‘hypothetically’ play out the remainder of the game from the point where they accepted the bank's offer, and Shiffler noted that the hypothetical bank offers were significantly higher than real bank offers at equivalent points in the game. Keep in mind, that this is for the syndicated 30-minute version of the show.
Video games
Online gambling
The Deal or No Deal television game show, based on the original Dutch Miljoenenjacht (Hunt for Millions), was introduced to the world by Endemol. The popular format, which requires the contestant to choose from 26 boxes or cases to reveal cash values, grew in popularity and eventually made its way into the online gambling industry as a result of the 2009 partnership between Playtech's Virtue Fusion and Endemol Games.
Online Bingo licensees of Virtue Fusion, previously acquired by Playtech, introduced DOND themed 75-ball and 90-ball rooms in addition to a slot game based on the game show, scratch cards and the launch of a new bingo brand named after the game show, Deal or No Deal Bingo.
Online gamblers experience the show's concept when securing a Full House win in the themed bingo rooms. The winner or winners enter a round of negotiations with the banker where they must make the ultimate decision, Deal or No Deal. The sense of community, often embraced by bingo players, is called upon as they assist the winner in determining the best option by commenting in the room's chat section. The Community Jackpot is divided among the Full House winner (50%) and all game participants (50%).
In February 2016, Playtech announced the renewal of its licensing agreement with Endemol UK, which will see the availability of DOND licensed online products continue for an additional three years. Under this contract, Playtech is granted exclusive rights to deliver these themed games to the UK market.[75]
The range of DOND games are available at Virtue Fusion powered bingo brands such as bet365, Gala Bingo, Ladbrokes, Mecca Bingo and William Hill.
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