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Earth Strike
Earth Strike is an international grassroots movement that called for a global general strike for climate action. Their aim was a global general strike lasting from 20 until 27 September 2019. The movement has had public support from organizations including Extinction Rebellion and Fridays for Future, as well as public figures including Noam Chomsky.[1] The Earth Strikes were part of the worldwide September 2019 climate strikes, which gathered millions of protesters.
Earth Strike

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Formation10 November 2018; 2 years ago
PurposeForm a general strike to protest political inaction on climate change
FieldsLabor movement
Environmental movement
An estimated 6 million people participated in strikes worldwide from 20–27 September.[2] Youth environmental activist Greta Thunberg spoke in New York on the 20 September strike and Montreal on the 27 September strike.[3][4][5][6]
Earth Strike was founded on 10 November 2018 after a user on the subreddit r/Chomsky called for a "General Strike to Save The Planet".[7] The post quickly gathered attention within Reddit, and the r/EarthStrike subreddit was formed to organise a general strike.[8] The initial protests were held on 15 January 2019, with 27 September being announced as the date for the "Earth Strike".[9] General strikes in Iceland in 1975 and India in 2019 were cited as inspirations.[10]
UK actions
The UK General Strike for Climate has been planned for 20 September 2019. This will be the first general strike in Britain since the 1926 United Kingdom general strike.
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