2014 Egyptian constitutional referendum
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A constitutional referendum was held in Egypt on 14 and 15 January 2014[1] and with Egyptians abroad voting between 8 and 12 January.[2] The new constitution was approved by 98.1% of voters. Turnout was 38.6%.[3]
2014 Egyptian constitutional referendum
Valid votes20,366,73098.80%
Invalid or blank votes246,9471.20%
Total votes20,613,677100.00%
Registered voters/turnout53,423,48538.59%

Results by Governorate
President Mohamad Morsi was removed from power during the 2013 Egyptian coup d'état.[4] The timetable established by interim president Adly Mansour envisioned a rapid transition, which initially entailed amending the suspended 2012 constitution.[4]
The process of amending the 2012 constitution began with a committee of 10 legal experts.[5] The draft amendments by the committee of 10 made many notable changes to the text of the 2012 constitution.[6] The committee of 10 completed their work on 20 August 2013.[7]
The second phase of the process included amendments by a committee of 50; those 50 people were announced on 1 September 2013.[8]Amr Moussa was chosen as the chairman of the committee of 50 on 8 September 2013.[9] The draft constitution was given to President Mansour on 3 December 2013.[10]
The Dignity Party backed the constitution.[11] The Free Egyptians Party supported it.[12] The Socialist Popular Alliance Party as well as the Socialist Party of Egypt also supported the constitution.[11] The Popular Current had said that it supported the constitution.[13] The Nour Party said it would support the constitution.[14] Tamarod started a campaign on 5 December 2013 in support of the constitution.[15] The Egyptian Trade Union Federation called on its supporters to vote for the constitution.[16] The National Salvation Front said that it would call for a yes vote on the constitution.[17] The Egyptian Social Democratic Party voted for the constitution.[18]
Khaled Ali, a former presidential candidate, was opposed to the constitution; he stated that it was "inappropriate" for Egypt.[19] The Revolutionary Socialists also expressed their opposition to it.[20] The Road of the Revolution Front announced on 8 January 2014 that it would vote against the constitution.[21] The Freedom and Justice Party and the Islamic Bloc, which had won 65.3% of the vote in Egypt's parliamentary elections in 2011–2012, opposed the new Constitution and the referendum as being the fruits of an illegal military coup.[22]
The Anti-Coup Alliance, which includes the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Freedom and Justice Party, announced on 22 December 2013 that it would boycott the vote.[23] The Strong Egypt Party and the April 6 Youth Movement also indicated that they would boycott the vote.[24] The Strong Egypt Party was initially going to mobilize for a "no" vote,[25] but changed their stance after members of the party were arrested for having posters which supported the "no" campaign.[26]
According to the official results, turnout was 38.9%. Turnout in the constitutional referendum of 2012 had been 32.9%.[3]
Tamarod,[27] the European Union[28] and 27,000 observers were expected to monitor the referendum; judges affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood were excluded from supervising polling stations.[29]
According to Human Rights Watch, 11 people were killed in the clashes on 14 January 2014.[30] However, according to the Health ministry, 8 people died in the first day of voting[30] and two people died in the second day of voting.[31]
In the weeks before the voting there were massive arrests of persons opposing the Constitution or the referendum.[32]
Voter participation was about 38.6 percent according to Egyptian government figures that were challenged by the Muslim Brotherhood, which had called of a boycott because the vote was taking place after a military coup. There were almost 20 million total votes in favor. The vote was held with support for a "yes" vote by the Egyptian government and state media as well as a crackdown on those against it.[33]
For comparison, about 16.7 million voters participated in the vote approving the constitution drafted under Morsi. This represented a turnout of 32.9 percent despite a boycott of the vote by non-Islamist factions. Of those that participated in that election, 63.8 percent voted for the Morsi-backed constitution, or about 10.65 million "yes" votes.[33]
Valid votes20,366,73098.8
Invalid or blank votes246,9471.2
Total votes20,613,677100.00
Registered voters and turnout53,423,48538.6
Source: Al Ahram
By governorate
Turnout rate by governorate for the Egyptian constitutional referendum of 14–15 January 2014.
GovernorateEligible votersVoter turnoutTurnout %Total votesValid votesInvalid votes"Yes" votes"Yes" %"No" votes"No" %
Kafr el-Sheikh1,935,985817,90442.2%823,516815,0388,478803,94098.6%11,0981.4%
Beni Suef1,506,498490,67032.6%496,172486,3609,812469,97496.6%16,3863.4%
Port Said453,377231,43951.0%239,772237,1882,584233,67298.5%3,5161.5%
Red Sea244,60377,68131.8%108,147106,7581,389103,85897.3%2,9002.7%
North Sinai223,53369,21731.0%75,96874,5571,41172,16196.8%2,3963.2%
New Valley147,52551,92335.2%52,87751,7691,10849,92096.4%1,8493.6%
South Sinai70,84523,80433.6%64,30163,1231,17860,65196.1%2,4723.9%
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