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El Menzah (Arabic: المنزهel-mānzah), is the name given to a group of suburbs located at the north of the agglomeration of Tunis, capital of Tunisia.
Sight from the suburbs of El Menzah
Created for middle class and upper classes, it is a subdivision of residencies, villas and buildings. These subdivisions are numbered from I to X by date of creation, the number I, built in 1953 (now El Menzah I) and the following in the years 1990 and 2000. Menzah II and III existed for a short time before that they were renamed Mutuelleville.
The subdivisions are administratively attached to the governorates of Tunis (délégation of El Menzah) and of Aryanah. El Menzah I, IV and IX are part of the municipality of Tunis, totalising 43,320 inhabitants, and El Menzah V to VII, are attached to the municipality of Aryanah, totaling 14,739 inhabitants.
The Italian international school of Tunis, Istituto Scolastico Italiano "Giovan Battista Hodierna", is in El Menzah.[1]
^ "Dove siamo." Istituto Scolastico Italiano "Giovan Battista Hodierna". Retrieved on 25 October 2015. "Avenue Tahar Ben Ammar 1013 El Menzah 9B - Tunisi"
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