Federal Reserve Economic Data
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) is a database maintained by the Research division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis that has more than 765,000 economic time series from 96 sources.[1] The data can be viewed in graphical and text form or downloaded for import to a database or spreadsheet, and viewed on mobile devices. They cover banking, business/fiscal, consumer price indexes, employment and population, exchange rates, gross domestic product, interest rates, monetary aggregates, producer price indexes, reserves and monetary base, U.S. trade and international transactions, and U.S. financial data. The time series are compiled by the Federal Reserve and many are collected from government agencies such as the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
The economic data published on FRED are widely reported in the media and play a key role in financial markets. In a 2012 Business Insider article titled "The Most Amazing Economics Website in the World", Joe Weisenthal quoted Paul Krugman as saying: "I think just about everyone doing short-order research — trying to make sense of economic issues in more or less real time — has become a FRED fanatic."[2]
FRED economic indicators (partial list)
TREASTFinanceMonetary DataUS Treasuries Held by the FedW
MBSTFinanceMonetary DataMortgage Backed Sec Held by the FedW
WALCLBankingMonetary FactorsAll Fed Reserve Banks - Total AssetsW
TLAACBankingMonetary FactorsAll Commercial Banks - Total AssetsW
BOPBCABankingConditionsNumber of US BanksQ
USNUMBankingConditionsNumber of US Commercial BanksQ
EQTABankingConditionsEquity/Asset RatioQ
TOTBKCRBankingCommercial CreditBank Credit of All Commercial BanksW
TOTALSECBankingCommercial CreditSecuritized Total Consumer LoansM
TOTALSLBankingCommercial CreditTotal Consumer Credit OutstandingM
INVESTBankingInvestmentTotal Investments All Commercial BanksM
USGSECBankingInvestmentUS Gov't Securities at All Com. BanksM
CONSUMERBankingLoansTotal Consumer LoansM
BUSLOANSBankingLoansTotal Commercial/Industrial LoansM
DALLCACBEPBankingDelinquenciesDelinquencies On All Loans And LeasesM
T10Y2YBankingInterest RatesUS 10-YR / 2-YR SpreadW
TB3MSBankingInterest Rates3-Month T-Bill: Secondary Market RateW
DGS10BankingInterest Rates10-Yr Treasury Const. Maturity RateW
GFDEBTNBusiness/FiscalFederal GovernmentFederal Government Debt (Public)Y
FYOINTBusiness/FiscalFederal GovernmentInterest on National DebtY
FYONETBusiness/FiscalFederal GovernmentFederal SpendingY
FYFRBusiness/FiscalFederal GovernmentFederal ReceiptsY
FYFSDBusiness/FiscalFederal GovernmentBudget Deficit/SurplusY
CDSPBusiness/FiscalHousehold SectorConsumer Debt/Income RatioQ
PERMITBusiness/FiscalHousehold SectorNew Home PermitsM
HSN1FBusiness/FiscalHousehold SectorNew Home SalesM
CMDEBTBusiness/FiscalHousehold SectorOutstanding Mortgage DebtQ
DGORDERBusiness/FiscalInd. ProductionManufacturers' New OrdersM
TCUBusiness/FiscalInd. ProductionCapacity Utilization: Total IndustryM
TTLCONSBusiness/FiscalConstructionTotal Construction SpendingM
BUSINVBusiness/FiscalOtherTotal Business InventoriesM
ALTSALESBusiness/FiscalOtherLight Weight Vehicle SalesM
UMCSENTBusiness/FiscalOtherUniv of Michigan: Consumer SentimentM
STLFSIBusiness/FiscalOtherSt. Louis Financial Stress IndexW
OILPRICEBusiness/FiscalOtherSpot Oil Price - West Texas IntermediateM
CPIAUCSLConsumer PricesCPIConsumer Price Index: Seasonally Adj.M
UNRATEEmpl & PopulationHousehold SurveyCivilian Total Unemployment RateM
UEMP27OVEmpl & PopulationHousehold SurveyLong Term Unemployment: >27 WKSM
UEMPMEDEmpl & PopulationHousehold SurveyLength of UnemploymentM
CE16OVEmpl & PopulationHousehold SurveyTotal US WorkforceM
EMRATIOEmpl & PopulationHousehold SurveyUS Employment/Population RatioM
POPEmpl & PopulationPopulationUS PopulationM
AHEMANEmpl & PopulationEst. SurveyAvg Hourly Earnings: ManufacturingM
AWHMANEmpl & PopulationEst. SurveyAvg Weekly Hours: ManufacturingM
AWOTMANEmpl & PopulationEst. SurveyAvg Weekly OT Hours: ManufacturingM
DEXUSUKExchange RatesDaily RatesUSD/GBP Currency Exchange RateD
DEXUSEUExchange RatesDaily RatesUSD/EUR Currency Exchange RateD
DEXJPUSExchange RatesDaily RatesJPN/USD Currency Exchange RateD
DEXMXUSExchange RatesDaily RatesMXP/USD Currency Exchange RateD
DEXCAUSExchange RatesDaily RatesCAD/USD Currency Exchange RateD
DEXCHUSExchange RatesDaily RatesCNY/USD Currency Exchange RateD
COMPOUTFinancial DataMonetaryCommercial Paper OutstandingW
VIXCLSFinancial DataVolatility InexesCBOE Volatility IndexD
GDPGDP & ComponentsGDP/GNPUS Gross Domestic ProductQ
GNPGDP & ComponentsGDP/GNPUS Gross National ProductQ
NETFIGDP & ComponentsImports & ExportsUS Current Account BalanceQ
EXPGSGDP & ComponentsImports & ExportsUS Exports Goods & ServicesQ
IMPGSGDP & ComponentsImports & ExportsUS Imports Goods & ServicesQ
DGIGDP & ComponentsGovt AccountingFed Govt: Defense BudgetQ
FGRECPTGDP & ComponentsGovt AccountingFed Govt: Tax ReceiptsQ
TGDEFGDP & ComponentsGovt AccountingFed Govt: Budget DeficitQ
CPGDP & ComponentsIndustryCorporate Profits After TaxQ
DIVIDENDGDP & ComponentsIndustryCorporate DividendsQ
PIGDP & ComponentsPersonalPersonal IncomeM
PSAVEGDP & ComponentsSavings & Inv.Personal SavingsQ
PSAVERTGDP & ComponentsSavings & Inv.Personal Savings RateM
MORTGAGE30USInterest Rates30yr Mortgage30-yr Conventional Mortgage RateM
DPCREDITInterest RatesFRB RatesDiscount RateD
FEDFUNDSInterest RatesFRB RatesEffective Federal Funds RateM
GRCPROINDMISMEIInternational DataIndicatorsProduction of Total Industry in GreeceM
GRCSARTMISMEIInternational DataIndicatorsTotal Retail Trade in GreeceM
GRCURHARMMDSMEIInternational DataIndicatorsUnemployment Rate - GreeceM
M1Monetary AggregatesM1M1 Money SupplyM
M2Monetary AggregatesM2M2 Money SupplyM
MZMMonetary AggregatesMZMMZM Money SupplyM
M1VMonetary AggregatesM1Velocity of M1 Money StockM
M2VMonetary AggregatesM2Velocity of M2 Money StockM
MZMVMonetary AggregatesMZMVelocity of MZM Money StockM
MULTMonetary AggregatesM1M1 Money MultiplierM
PPIACOProducer PricesPPIProducer Price Index: All CommoditiesM
IMPCHTradeImportsImports from ChinaM
IMPJPTradeImportsImports from JapanM
IMPMXTradeImportsImports from MexicoM
IMPCATradeImportsImports from CanadaM
IMPGETradeImportsImports from GermanyM
IMPUKTradeImportsImports from UKM
EXPCHTradeExportsExports to ChinaM
EXPJPTradeExportsExports to JapanM
EXPMXTradeExportsExports to MexicoM
EXPCATradeExportsExports to CanadaM
EXPGETradeExportsExports to GermanyM
EXPUKTradeExportsExports to UKM
BOPGEXPTradeExportsExports: GoodsM
BOPGIMPTradeImportsImports: GoodsM
BOPGTBTradeBalanceBalance: GoodsM
BOPGSXPTradeExportsExports: ServicesM
BOPSIMPTradeImportsImports: ServicesM
BOPSTBTradeBalanceBalance: ServicesM
BOPGSTBTradeBalanceBalance: Goods & ServicesM
Other Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data services
The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data is also accessible via other data services:
ALFRED (Archival Federal Reserve Economic Data) lets users retrieve vintage versions of economic data that were available on specific dates in history. The ALFRED web site states that “In general, economic data for past observation periods are revised as more accurate estimates become available. As a result, previous vintages of data can be superseded and may no longer be available from various data sources." It also says that "Vintage or real-time economic data allows academics to reproduce others’ research, build more accurate forecasting models and analyze economic policy decisions using the data available at the time.”[3]
GeoFRED is a data-mapping tool that displays FRED data series in color-coded form on the state, metropolitan statistical areas and county levels.[4]
CASSIDI is a data service that provides nationwide data on banking market structures and definitions, as well as banking markets for individual depository institutions.[5]
FRASER (The Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research) is a digital archive begun in 2004 to safeguard, preserve and provide easy access to the United States’ economic history—particularly the history of the Federal Reserve System—through digitization of documents related to the U.S. financial system.[6] Digitized documents include:
To create and maintain FRASER, the St. Louis Fed collaborated with the United States Government Printing Office, Federal Depository Library Program libraries and several university and public libraries.[7][8]
St. Louis Fed Research also hosts IDEAS,[9] a bibliographic database drawn from Research Papers in Economics (RePEc),[10] which consists of economic research from more than one million academic articles and papers. As of March 2018, the IDEAS site states it has more 2,500,000 items of research that can be browsed or searched, and more than 2,300,000 that can be downloaded in full text.
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