Governorates of Syria
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Syria is a unitary state, but for administrative purposes, it is divided into fourteen governorates, also called provinces or counties in English (Arabic muḥāfaẓāt, singular muḥāfaẓah). The governorates are divided into sixty districts (manāṭiq, singular minṭaqah), which are further divided into subdistricts (nawāḥī, singular nāḥiyah). The nawāḥī contain villages, which are the smallest administrative units.
Governorates of Syria
محافظات سوريا‎ (Arabic)
CategoryUnitary State
LocationSyrian Arab Republic
Number14 Governorates
Populations90,000 (Quneitra) – 4,868,000 (Aleppo)
Areas110 km2 (41 sq mi) (Damascus) – 42,220 km2 (16,302 sq mi) (Homs)
provincial councils and their executive bureaus
Each governorate is headed by a governor, appointed by the president, subject to cabinet approval. The governor is responsible for administration, health, social services, education, tourism, public works, transportation, domestic trade, agriculture, industry, civil defense, and maintenance of law and order in the governorate. The minister of local administration works closely with each governor to coordinate and supervise local development projects. The governor is assisted by a provincial council, all of whose members are popularly elected for four-year terms. In addition, each council elects from among its members an executive bureau which administers the day to day issues between provincial council sessions. Each executive officer is charged with specific functions.
Districts and subdistricts are administered by officials appointed by the governor. These officials work on local matters with elected district councils and serve as intermediaries between the central government and traditional local leaders, such as village chiefs, clan leaders, and councils of elders.
Governorate nameArea
Population density
Aleppo Governorate18,5004,600,166248.658
Raqqa Governorate19,616919,00046.843
As-Suwayda Governorate5,550364,00065.583
Damascus Governorate1,5992,211,04218,273.071
Daraa Governorate3,730998,000267.653
Deir ez-Zor Governorate33,0601,200,50036.313
Hama Governorate8,8831,593,000179.335
Hasaka Governorate23,3341,272,70255.544
Homs Governorate42,2231,762,50041.746
Idlib Governorate6,0971,464,000240.115
Latakia Governorate2,2971,278,486556.584
Quneitra Governorate1,86187,00046.742
Rif Dimashq Governorate18,0322,831,738157.039
Tartus Governorate1,892785,000414.905
Population density
DivisionsFlagLocationAdministrative divisions
SyriaDamascus185.18022,515,750118,9114 Governorates,
60 Districts
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