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On Wikipedia you can archive sources to prevent link rot. A comprehensive list of web archive sites can be found at WP:WEBARCHIVES (technical documentation) and List of Web archiving initiatives. Below are some of the most common. See also WP:Link rot for more detailed information.
Finding an archived source
You can use time travel to find an archive.
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Main page: Wikipedia:Using the Wayback Machine
The Wayback Machine is a service which can be used to cite archived copies of web pages used by articles. This is useful if a web page has changed, moved, or disappeared; links to the original content can be retained. This process can be performed automatically, using the web interface for User:InternetArchiveBot​.
Editors are encouraged to add an archive link as a part of each citation, or at least submit the referenced URL for archiving, at the same time that each citation is created or updated. New URLs added to Wikipedia articles (but not other pages) are usually automatically archived by a bot.
Visit the web form at https://web.archive.org​, enter the original URL of the web page of interest in the "Wayback Machine" search box and then select BROWSE HISTORY. The next screen may,
In short, this is the code that needs to be added to an existing {{cite web}} or similar template:
<ref>{{cite ... <!--EXISTING REFERENCE--> |​archive​-​url​=​https​://​web​.​archive​.​org​/​web​/<​date​>/​http​://​www​.​originalurl​.​com |archive-date=<date> |​url​-​status​=​dead​}}​</ref>

Main page: Wikipedia:Using Archive.is
archive.today is an on-demand web archiving service at https://archive.today. A web archiving service allows Wikipedia editors to reduce link rot by preserving a copy of an online source that can be accessed if the original page is moved, changes, or disappears. Not all web pages can be archived using archive.today.
archive.today can archive HTML web pages, style sheets, JavaScript, and digital images.
Besides https://archive.today, the domain is also accessible through aliases – including https://archive.is, .li, .fo, .ph. .vn and .md (Full article...)
Main page: Wikipedia:Using Perma.cc
Main page: Wikipedia:Using Webrecorder
Main page: Wikipedia:Using WebCite
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