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This is a list of international news channels, categorised by continent.
International news networks with channels in several languages
NetworkEnglishMandarin ChineseHindiSpanishFrenchStandard ArabicBengaliRussianOther
Euronews+--+++-+Portuguese, Indonesian, Urdu and Hungarian; discontinued: Polish, Ukrainian
CGTN (China)CGTN, CGTN America, CGTN Africa--CGTN SpanishCGTN FrenchCGTN Arabic-CGTN Russian-
IRIB (Iran)Press TV--HispanTVPressTV FrançaisAl-Alam--Sahar TV (Azeri)
DD (India)DD India-------
DW (Germany)+++--+--News bulletins in numerous languages aired by foreign networks
France 24++++-----
CNN (US)CNN International, CNNj, CNN Philippines, CNN-News18 (India)--CNN en Español, CNN Chile----CNN Indonesia (Indonesian)
RT (Russia)RT International, RT America, RT UKPlanned-RT SpanishRT FrançaisRT Arabic---
BBC (UK)BBC World News-BBC News Hindi--BBC Arabic Television-News bulletin for Dozhd TV channelNews bulletins in Urdu, Pashto and other languages
i24NEWS (Israel)++-Weekly Spanish news bulletin at i24NEWS English+----
TRT (Turkey)TRT World----TRT Al Arabiya-TRT RussianTRT Avaz (Bosnian and various Turkic languages with subtitles in Turkish), TRT Türk
PTV (Pakistan)PTV World------PTV News with news bulletins in Arabic, Balochi, Kashmiri, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Urdu, and other languages
Al Jazeera (Qatar)Al Jazeera English----Al Jazeera--Al Jazeera Balkans (Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian); Al Jazeera Urdu (launch cancelled); Al Jazeera Türk (launch cancelled)
Sky News (UK)Sky News, Sky News Australia----Sky News Arabia---
AfricanewsPlannedPlanned-+----Planned: Swahili, Portuguese
Telesur (Venezuela)Web-based channel-+-----Produces news bulletins in Portuguese which were aired by Brazilian and Lusophone African TV networks
CNBC (US)CNBC, CNBC Africa, CNBC Europe, CNBC Latin America, CNBC World, CNBC TV18, CNBC Asia-CNBC Awaaz (Hindi)--CNBC Arabiya--Class CNBC (Italian), Nikkei CNBC (Japanese), SBS-CNBC (Korean), CNBC Indonesia (Indonesian), CNBC Malaya, CNBC Tamilan, CNBC Bangles, CNBC Bajar (Gujarati), CNBC Kurdish (Kurmanci and Sorani); discontinued: TVN CNBC (Polish), CNBC-e (discontinued)
WION (India)WION--------
CNC World (China)CNC World--------sirasa
(Sri Lanka)
Other news channels aimed specifically at international audience
News/generalist channels aimed at citizens and relevant language audiences abroad
See also: List of international broadcasters
Most of these are spin-offs of domestic channels, rearranged and refurbished for international broadcasting. All in respective national languages.
By annual budget
ChannelCountryAnnual budgetYearReferences
RTRussia$77 million2007[1]
Deutsche WelleGermany$320 million2010[1]
France 24France$123 million2010[1]
VOXAFRICAAfrica$110 million2016
DoordarshanIndia$127 million2009
BBC World NewsUnited Kingdom$80 million2016[2]
Voice of AmericaUSA$355.87 million2015
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