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La Marsa (Tunisian Arabic: المرسى‎‎ Il Marṣā) is a coastal town in far north eastern Tunisia near the capital Tunis. The population is estimated as 92,987, as of 2014. The old summer capital of pre-colonial Tunisia, it is today a popular vacation spot for many wealthy Tunisians. It is connected to Tunis by the TGM railway. Gammarth is adjacent to El Marsa further up the coast.
La Marsa
El Marsa

Top:Panorama view of La Marsa and Marsa Beach, Second row:El Ahmadi Mosque and Abdelhafidh El Mekki Street, La Marsa Corniche, Gustaue Flaubert Secondary School, Third row:Saf-Saf Cafe, TGM Marsa Plage right-rail station, Synagogue Keren Yechoua de La Marsa, Bottom:Corniche Avenue, Koubet El Hooua, El Ahmadi Minaret Mosque (all item were from left to right)
La Marsa
Coordinates: 36°52′35″N 10°19′31″E
GovernoratesTunis Governorate
Population (2014)
 • Total92,987
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
El Marsa
El Marsa beach
Abdalliya Palace is one of the most lavish creations Hafsid dynasty sultans. Built in the early sixteenth century by one of their last sovereign, Abu Abdallah Mohamed, this palace stands on the ancient port site of El Marsa. This place of remembrance and history is one of the few monuments Hafsid Tunisia. It is the oldest evidence of Muslim architecture Palatine remained in good state of conservation of the Maghreb.
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La Marsa houses the following French international schools:
They are a part of the Etablissement Régional De La Marsa (ELRM) which has 7 schools in Tunisia as members.[2]
La Marsa also houses four primary schools:
La Marsa also houses 3 middle schools:
Transports that passes through the N9 Highway:
AS Marsa
Avenir Sportif de El Marsa (Arabic: المستقبل الرياضي بالمرسى, often referred to as ASM) is a football club from El Marsa in Tunisia. Founded in 1939, the team plays in green and yellow colours. Their ground is Stade Abdelaziz Chtioui, which has a capacity of 6,000. When the club was founded its name was Club Musulman (Muslim Club).
Stade Abdelaziz Chtioui
Stade Abdelaziz Chtioui (Arabic: ملعب عبدالعزيز شتوي) is a football stadium in El Marsa, Tunisia. It is currently used by football team Avenir Sportif de El Marsa commonly called the AS Marsa. The stadium holds 6,000 people.
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