Third Cabinet of Saad Hariri
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On 31 January 2019, a new Lebanese government was formed, headed by Prime Minister Saad Hariri.[1] The government took nine months to form, following extended negotiations with various political factions. It is a national unity cabinet, and is composed of 30 ministers.
The government was forced to resign on the 29th of October 2019 following mass protests. It was replaced by the January 2020 government led by Hassan Diab.
Lebanese government of January 2019
PortfolioMinisterPolitical affiliationReligious affiliation
Presidential share (5/30)
Minister of DefenseElias Bou Saab Free Patriotic MovementGreek Orthodox
Minister of JusticeAlbert Serhan Free Patriotic MovementGreek Orthodox
State Minister for Presidential AffairsSalim Jreissati Free Patriotic MovementGreek Catholic
State Minister for Refugee AffairsSaleh Gharib Lebanese Democratic PartyDruze
State Minister for Foreign TradeHassan Mrad Union PartySunni
Strong Lebanon Bloc (6/30)
Minister of Foreign Affairs and ExpatriatesGebran Bassil Free Patriotic MovementMaronite
Minister of Economy and TradeMansour Bteich Free Patriotic MovementMaronite
Minister of Energy and WaterNada Boustani Free Patriotic MovementMaronite
Minister of the Displaced AffairsGhassan Atallah Free Patriotic MovementGreek Catholic
Minister of EnvironmentFadi Jreissati Free Patriotic MovementGreek Catholic
Minister of TourismAvedis Guidanian TashnagArmenian Orthodox
Strong Republic Bloc (4/30)
Deputy Prime MinisterGhassan Hasbani Lebanese ForcesGreek Orthodox
Minister of Social AffairsRichard Kouyoumdjian Lebanese ForcesArmenian Catholic
Minister of LaborCamille Abou Sleiman Lebanese ForcesMaronite
State Minister for Administrative DevelopmentMay Chidiac Lebanese ForcesMaronite
Democratic Gathering (2/30)
Minister of Education and Higher LearningAkram Chehayeb Progressive Socialist PartyDruze
Minister of IndustryWael Abou Faour Progressive Socialist PartyDruze
Future Movement and Prime Minister Share (6/30)
Prime MinisterSaad Hariri Future MovementSunni
Minister of TelecommunicationsMuhammad Choucair Future MovementSunni
Minister of Interior and MunicipalitiesRaya Haffar Hassan Future MovementSunni
Minister of InformationJamal Jarrah Future MovementSunni
State Minister for Technology and InvestmentAdel Afiouni IndependentSunni
State Minister for the Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth[2]Violette Khairallah Safadi Future MovementGreek Orthodox
National Coalition (1/30)
Minister of Public Works and TransportationYoussef Finianos Marada MovementMaronite
Development and Liberation Bloc (3/30)
Minister of FinanceAli Hassan Khalil Amal MovementShia
Minister of CultureMuhammad Daoud Amal MovementShia
Minister of AgricultureHassan Lakkis Amal MovementShia
Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc (3/30)
Minister of Public HealthJamil Jabak IndependentShia
Minister of Youth and SportsMuhammad Fneish HezbollahShia
State Minister for Parliamentary AffairsMahmoud Kmati HezbollahShia

Preceded by
Second Cabinet of Saad Hariri
List of Lebanese governments
Succeeded by
Cabinet of Hassan Diab
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