List of Blue Heelers episodes
The following is a list of episodes from the Australian police-drama, Blue Heelers, which premiered on 10 September 1993 and concluded on 4 June 2006, due to its cancellation by the Seven Network.[1] Blue Heelers, which was created by Hal McElroy and Tony Morphett and produced by Southern Star, ran for thirteen season and a total of 510 episodes[2] of the hit programme were produced. Blue Heelers won a total of 25 Logie Awards, five of which were the Gold Logie, 3 AFI Awards, 3 People's Choice Awards, and 1 AWGIE Awards.[3][4]
Series overview
SeasonNo. of episodesOriginally Aired
Season premiereSeason finale
Season 14510 September 199322 November 1994
Season 24121 February 199521 November 1995
Season 34212 February 199626 November 1996
Season 44210 February 199725 November 1997
Season 54124 February 199825 November 1998
Season 64210 February 199924 November 1999
Season 7419 February 200022 November 2000
Season 84221 February 200128 November 2001
Season 94013 February 200220 November 2002
Season 104212 February 200326 November 2003
Season 11394 February 20045 November 2004
Season 12422 February 200526 November 2005
Season 13111 April 20064 June 2006
Season 1 (1993/1994)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
11"A Woman's Place"Mark CallanTony Morphett10 September 1993
22"Doing It Tough"Gary ConwayPeter Kinloch25 January 1994
33"Why Give People Rights?"Paul MoloneyJohn Upton1 February 1994
44"Wives"Judith John-StoryAnne Brooksbank8 February 1994
55"Waiting for Apples"Alister SmartGraeme Koetsveld15 February 1994
66"Apprehended Violence"Gary ConwayGreg Haddrick
Tony Morphett
22 February 1994
77"Life After Death"Paul MoloneyTed Roberts1 March 1994
88"Domino Effect"Judith John-StoryTony Morphett8 March 1994
99"Diary Entry"Julian McSwineyTony Morphett15 March 1994
1010"Visions Splendid"Gary ConwayJohn Upton22 March 1994
1111"Abandoned"Paul MoloneyAnne Brooksbank26 March 1994
1212"Damaged Goods"Judith John-StoryHoward Griffiths5 April 1994
1313"Armed and Dangerous"Steve MannPeter Kinloch15 April 1994
1414"Reunion"Gary ConwayTony Morphett19 April 1994
1515"Family Ties"Alister SmartYsabelle Dean26 April 1994
1616"Theft"Chris LangmanAnne Brooksbank3 May 1994
1717"Meat is Hung, Men are Hanged"Steve MannEverett De Roche10 May 1994
1818"Conduct Unbecoming"Gary ConwayRay Harding17 May 1994
1919"Good Cop, Bad Cop"Alister SmartTony Morphett24 May 1994
2020"The Final Season"Chris AdsheadTim Gooding31 May 1994
2121"Payback"Steve MannJudith Colquhoun7 June 1994
2222"Sex, Lies and Videotapes"Gary ConwayPatrick Edgworth14 June 1994
2323"Men in Her Life"Riccardo PellizzeriTony Morphett21 June 1994
2424"A Bird in the Hand"Richard SarellYsabelle Dean28 June 1994
2525"Missing"Steve MannAnne Brooksbank5 July 1994
2626"Day in Court"Mark PiperJustin Glockerla
Stephen Measday
12 July 1994
2727"Nowhere to Run"Riccardo PellizzeriSusan Hore19 July 1994
2828"Consequences"Richard SarellJohn Upton26 July 1994
2929"A Matter of Trust"Steve MannAnne Brooksbank2 August 1994
3030"Necessary Force"Mark PiperTony Morphett9 August 1994
3131"Bitter Harvest"Riccardo PellizzeriJustin Glockerla
Alan Hopgood
16 August 1994
3232"Crazy Like a Fox"Alister SmartJohn Lord
Tony Morphett
23 August 1994
3333"Old Dogs, New Tricks"Steve MannRachel Lewis30 August 1994
3434"Labour of Love"Mark PiperYsabelle Dean6 September 1994
3535"Escape Route"Chris Martin-JonesJudith Colquhoun13 September 1994
3636"Adverse Possession"Riccardo PellizzeriJohn Coulter
Justin Glockerla
20 September 1994
3737"The Folly of Youth"Steve MannSusan Hore27 September 1994
3838"Face Value"Mark PiperHugh Stuckey4 October 1994
3939"Suspicion"Chris Martin-JonesAnne Brooksbank11 October 1994
4040"Without Intent"Riccardo PellizzeriPeter Gawler18 October 1994
4141"Family Matters"Steve MannDavid Allen25 October 1994
4242"The First Stone"Mark PiperTony Morphett1 November 1994
4343"Skin Deep"Chris Martin-JonesYsabelle Dean8 November 1994
4444"Luck of the Draw"Riccardo PellizzeriCassandra Carter15 November 1994
4545"Damage Control"Gary ConwayJudith Colquhoun
Michaeley O'Brien
22 November 1994

Season 2 (1995)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
461"Without a Trace"Mark PiperMichaeley O'Brien21 February 1995
472"A Question of Courage"Richard SarellAnne Brooksbank28 February 1995
483"A Cruel Reality"Riccardo PellizzeriSusan Hore7 March 1995
494"Mates"Gary ConwayHugh Stuckey14 March 1995
505"Out of Harm's Way"Mark PiperPeter Gawler21 March 1995
516"Breaking the Cycle"Richard SarellJudith Colquhoun28 March 1995
527"Heavy Traffic"Riccardo PellizzeriMichael Winter4 April 1995
538"Gun Law"Gary ConwayDavid Allen11 April 1995
549"Ripples on the Pond"Brendan MaherJohn Coulter18 April 1995
5510"Protected Species"Mark PiperMax Singer25 April 1995
5611"Stop for a Bite"Karl SteinbergTony Morphett2 May 1995
5712"The Long and Winding Road"Steve MannAnne Brooksbank9 May 1995
5813"The Old School Tie"Julian McSwineyPatrick Edgeworth16 May 1995
5914"Motherlove"Mark PiperSusan Hore23 May 1995
6015"Dead Ringer"Karl SteinbergShane Brennan30 May 1995
6116"The Lolita Blues"Steve MannPeter Gawler6 June 1995
6217"Shadowman"Richard SarellAnne Brooksbank13 June 1995
6318"Trust Me"Chris Martin-JonesRuth Field20 June 1995
6419"Parenting"Mark PiperJudith Colquhoun27 June 1995
6520"Gun Crazy"Gary ConwayRussell Haig4 July 1995
6621"With Prejudice"Richard SarellMichaeley O'Brien11 July 1995
6722"Paranoia (1)"Chris Martin-JonesMichael Winter18 July 1995
6823"Paranoia (2)"Mark PiperPeter Gawler25 July 1995
6924"The Collector"Julian McSwineyTony Morphett and Wal Saunders1 August 1995
7025"Homecoming Queen"Mark PiperJohn Wood8 August 1995
7126"Secrets"Chris Martin-JonesMargaret Plumb15 August 1995
7227"The Last Straw"Richard Sarrell and Riccardo PellizzeriSusan Hore22 August 1995
7328"The Best of Rivals"Brian McDuffieFred Clarke29 August 1995
7429"Swings and Roundabouts"Julian McSwineyDavid Allen5 September 1995
7530"Double Jeopardy (1)"Chris Martin-JonesYsabelle Dean12 September 1995
7631"Double Jeopardy (2)"Mark PiperMichaeley O'Brien19 September 1995
7732"The Mongrel Factor"Brian McDuffiePeter Gawler26 September 1995
7833"Just Desserts"Julian McSwineyAnne Brooksbank3 October 1995
7934"Unnatural Death"Chris Martin-JonesCassandra Carter10 October 1995
8035"Tough Love"Mark PiperLouise Crane17 October 1995
8136"A Question of Loyalties"Brian McDuffieMichael Winter24 October 1995
8237"Vow of Silence"Steve MannRobert Harris and Peter Dick17 October 1995
8338"Juggling with Smoke"Gary ConwayDave Worthington30 October 1995
8439"The Discount Suit"Karl SteinbergFred Clarke7 November 1995
8540"Brotherly Love (1)"Chris Martin-JonesDavid Allen14 November 1995
8641"Brotherly Love (2)"Brian McDuffePeter Gawler21 November 1995

Season 3 (1996)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
871"Once Only Withdrawal (1)"Riccardo PellizzeriTony Morphett12 February 1996
882"Once Only Withdrawal (2)"Gary ConwayTony Morphett12 February 1996
893"Second Innings"Richard JasekHoward Griffiths13 February 1996
904"Spider Man"Chris Martin-JonesYsabelle Dean20 February 1996
915"Day of Reckoning"Richard SarellSusan Hore27 February 1996
926"Sex and Death"Kevin CarlinMichaeley O'Brien5 March 1996
937"Not in my Backyard"Chris Martin-JonesCassandra Carter12 March 1996
948"All Part of the Service"Richard SarellDave Worthington19 March 1996
959"Dog Days"Richard JasekDavid Allen26 March 1996
9610"An Act of Random Violence"Chris LangmanPeter Gawler2 April 1996
9711"Unfinished Business"Steve MannPeter Dick9 April 1996
9812"Happy Families"Gary ConwayJohn Wood16 April 1996
9913"Priorities"Karl SteinbergFred Clarke23 April 1996
10014"A Fair Crack of the Whip (1)"Chris LangmanTony Morphett30 April 1996
10115"A Fair Crack of the Whip (2)"Steve MannAnnie Beach7 May 1996
10216"Under Pressure"Gary ConwayMargaret Plum14 May 1996
10317"Fight Dirty"Karl SteinbergDavid Boutland21 May 1996
10418"Art of Deception"Chris LangmanDavid Allen28 May 1996
10519"Old Sins, Long Shadows"Steve MannJennifer Rowe4 June 1996
10620"In Unity Is Strength"Richard SarellDave Worthington11 June 1996
10721"The Kremin Factor"Richard jasekPeter Gawler18 June 1996
10822"Shelter from the Storm"Chris LangmanCassandra Carter25 June 1996
10923"Principle of the Thing"Richard SarellJohn Banas2 July 1996
11024"Mind Games"Kevin CarlinSusan Hore9 July 1996
11125"Duty of Care"Richard JasekPeter Dick16 July 1996
11226"Other People's Lives"Chris LangmanJohn Banas6 August 1996
11327"A Gift From God"Kevin CarlinTony Morphett13 August 1996
11428"Waiting to Happen"Richard SarellDavid Phillips20 August 1996
11529"Bewitched"Richard JasekCassandra Carter27 August 1996
11630"Mud Sticks"Steve MannDavid Boutland3 September 1996
11731"The Angel's Share"Kevin CarlinJohn Banas10 September 1996
11832"Something for Nothing"Raymond QuintDavid Allen17 September 1996
11933"Winner Takes All"Gary ConwayYsabelle Dean24 September 1996
12034"I Spy"Karl SteinbergSusan Hore1 October 1996
12135"Reality Bytes"Steve MannDave Worthington8 October 1996
12236"In The Gun (1)"Kevin CarlinTony Morphett15 October 1996
12337"In The Gun (2)"Raymond QuintMichael Winter22 October 1996
12438"Buck Naked"Gary ConwayDave Marsh29 October 1996
12539"Friendly Fire"Steve MannCassandra Carter5 November 1996
12640"Half a Second"Graham ThorburnAnthony Ellis12 November 1996
12741"Miss Mount Thomas"Kevin CarlinBeverley Evans19 November 1996
12842"Dead or Alive"Steve MannDavid Allen26 November 1996

Season 4 (1997)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
1291"Mad Dogs and Englishmen"Richard SarellYsabelle Dean10 February 1997
1302"Under Siege"Chris LangmanSusan Hore10 February 1997
1313"Working Lunch"Kevin CarlinBill Garner11 February 1997
1324"Immaculate Misconception"Grant BrownJohn Wood18 February 1997
1335"Reports of Damage and Loss"Richard SarellJohn Banas25 February 1997
1346"Fowl Play (There is also an Episode in Season 8 with the same title)"Chris LangmanPeter Dick4 March 1997
1357"The Luck of the Irish"Kevin CarlinCassandra Carter11 March 1997
1368"Bloodstained Angels"Grant BrownDavid Phillips18 March 1997
1379"Charity Begins At Home"Richard SarellAnnie Beach8 April 1997
13810"Fool for Love"Richard JasekEmma Honey15 April 1997
13911"There Last Night"Raymond QuintDavid Boutland22 April 1997
14012"Gold"Chris LangmanYsabelle Dean29 April 1997
14113"Fool's Gold"Gary ConwayTony Morphett6 May 1997
14214"Grave Matters"Kevin CarlinDavid Allen13 May 1997
14315"Loose Cannons"Steve MannDavid Marsh20 May 1997
14416"Lean on Me"Gary ConwayKathie Armstrong27 May 1997
14517"Random Breath"Chris LangmanSusan Hore3 June 1997
14618"Close Encounters"Kevin CarlinStephen Measday10 June 1997
14719"Buckley's Chance"Steve MannRick Held17 June 1997
14820"No Means No"Raymond QuintMichael Winter24 June 1997
14921"Poetic Justice"Fiona BanksBill Garner1 July 1997
15022"Left In Trust"Kevin CarlinBeverley Evans8 July 1997
15123"Sick Puppy"Steve MannPeter Dick15 July 1997
15224"Sisterly Love"Fiona BanksJenny Lewis22 July 1997
15325"Can't Take a Joke"Grant BrownRoger Dunn29 July 1997
15426"Every Contact Leaves Its Trace"Graham ThorburnCassandra Carter5 August 1997
15527"Playing Games"Chris LangmanDavid Allen12 August 1997
15628"Counting Chickens"Fiona BanksJohn Banas19 August 1997
15729"Drag Line"Grant BrownTony Morphett26 August 1997
15830"Closing Ranks"Steve MannRick Held2 September 1997
15931"Off the Air"Peter SharpDavid Marsh9 September 1997
16032"The Scarecrow"Russell BurtonDavid Boutland16 September 1997
16133"Safe as Houses"Richard SarellCraig Wilkins23 September 1997
16234"Our Patch"Fiona BanksAnthony Ellis30 September 1997
16335"The All Seeing Eye"Raymond QuintCassandra Carter7 October 1997
16436"Playing Possum"Russel BurtonDavid Allen and Judith Colquoun14 October 1997
16537"Collateral Damage"Karl SteinbergBill Garner21 October 1997
16638"The Big Picture"Richard SarellRussell Winter28 October 1997
16739"Settlement Postponed"Richard JasekTony Morphett4 November 1997
16840"Containing the Rage"Karl SteinbergPaul Davies11 November 1997
16941"The Civil Dead"Raymond QuintSusan Hore18 November 1997
17042"Possession"Russell BurtonDavid Boutland25 November 1997

Season 5 (1998)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
1711"Secrets (1)"Richard JasekJenny Lewis24 February 1998
1722"Secrets (2)"Russell BurtonDavid Marsh25 February 1998
1733"Smoke and Mirrors"Karl SteinbergCassandra Carter4 March 1998
1744"Moving House"Fiona BanksDavid Allen11 March 1998
1755"Piece of Cake"Steve MannBill Garner18 March 1998
1766"Keeping Mum"Russell BurtonPeter Dick & David Allen25 March 1998
1777"Letting Go"Richard JasekPaul Davies1 April 1998
1788"The Whistle Blower"Simon PhillipsSusan Hore8 April 1998
1799"King of Hearts"Steve MannYsabelle Dean15 April 1998
18010"When Love's Not Enough"Richard JasekJudy Colquhoun22 April 1998
18111"Stars in Their Eyes"Kevin CarlinMatthew Williams29 April 1998
18212"She Killed Santa"Richard BurtonDave Marsh6 May 1998
18313"This Mortal Coil"Justin McSwineyCassandra Carter13 May 1998
18414"Waste of Space"Chris LangmanJenny Lewis20 May 1998
18515"A Bit of Biff"Ray QuintBill Garner27 May 1998
18616"Mr. Lucky"Fiona BanksJohn Banas3 June 1998
18717"Deception"Russell BurtonMichael Winter10 June 1998
18818"Catch of the Day"Pino AmentaDavid Anthony17 June 1998
18919"Deed not the Breed"Richard SarellYsabelle Dean24 June 1998
19020"Victims"Richard SarellDavid Boutland1 July 1998
19121"The Living Dead"Richard JasekMichaeley O'Brien8 July 1998
19222"Spinning the Yarn"Fiona BanksMary McCormick15 July 1998
19323"The Dark Side"Russell BurtonDavid Allen22 July 1998
19424"Intervention"Fiona BanksCass Carter29 July 1998
19525"Murder in Mind"Richard JasekJohn Banas5 August 1998
19626"Blood Ties"Steve MannDavid Marsh12 August 1998
19727"Little Monsters"Chris LangmanBill Garner19 August 1998
19828"Nine Lives"Grant BrownTony Morphett26 August 1998
19929"Missing Digits"Richard JasekGrace Morris & Caroline Stanton2 September 1998
20030"Child's Play"Steve MannMichael Winter & David Allen9 September 1998
20131"False Alarms"Karl SteinbergGeraldine Pilkington16 September 1998
20232"Nobody's Perfect"Grant BrownCaroline Stanton & Mary McCormick23 September 1998
20333"Turkish Delight"Richard JasekCassandra Carter30 September 1998
20434"Like Father Like Son"Raymond QuintBill Garner7 October 1998
20535"Birds of Prey"Chris LangmanDavid Marsh14 October 1998
20636"Mates Rates"Richard SarellBeverly Evans21 October 1998
20737"Wedding Blues"Karl SteinbergDavid Boutland28 October 1998
20838"All in the Family"Raymond QuintYsabelle Dean4 November 1998
20939"Hunted"Chris LangmanJenny Lewis11 November 1998
21040"Rotten Apple (1)"Fiona BanksMary McCormick18 November 1998
21141"Rotten Apple (2)"Richard SarellRachel Lewis25 November 1998

Season 6 (1999)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
2121"Dancing with the Devil (1)"Robert KlennerBill Garner10 February 1999
2132"Dancing with the Devil (2)"Kevin CarlinHarry Jordan17 February 1999
2143"Winning at all Costs"Esben StormBeverley Evans24 February 1999
2154"Love is a Drug"Steve MannDave Worthington3 March 1999
2165"An Eye for an Eye"Steve MannTony Morphett10 March 1999
2176"Wishful Thinking"Richard JasekJenny Lewis17 March 1999
2187"Pillow Talk"Karl SteinbergMary Graham24 March 1999
2198"The Good Weed"Fiona BanksCassandra Carter31 March 1999
2209"By the Book"Kevin CarlinDavid Allen7 April 1999
22110"Dirty Money"Richard JasekDave Marsh14 April 1999
22211"Married to the Job"Faith MartinBeverley Evans and Kelly Levefer21 April 1999
22312"Web of Lies"Raymond QuintRoger Dunn and Dave Worthington28 April 1999
22413"End of the Road"Pino AmentaBrian Bell and John Banas5 May 1999
22514"Lies and Whispers"Chris LangmanCassandra Carter12 May 1999
22615"Jack of Hearts"Fiona BanksBob Cameron19 May 1999
22716"The Grace of God"Grant BrownJenny Lewis26 May 1999
22817"The Stag"Declan EamesBill Garner2 June 1999
22918"The Good Life"Chris LangmanHarry Jordan9 June 1999
23019"Perfect Match"Fiona BanksDeborah Parsons16 June 1999
23120"Oil and Water"Grant BrownLyn Ogilvy23 June 1999
23221"Smoke gets in your Eyes"Declan EamesDavid Allen30 June 1999
23322"King of the Kids"Chris LangmanJenny Lewis7 July 1999
23423"Full Circle"Kevin CarlinDave Worthington14 July 1999
23524"Behind the Badge"Fiona BanksPiers Hobson21 July 1999
23625"The Angel Cruise"Richard JasekPeter Dick28 July 1999
23726"Downsizing"Richard SarellDave Marsh4 August 1999
23827"The Deepest Cut"Kevin CarlinEmma Honey and Peter Dick11 August 1999
23928"Hello-Goodbye"Karl SteinbergYsabelle Dean18 August 1999
24029"Whip Crack-Away"Richard jasekTony Morphett25 August 1999
24130"Price of Silence"Richard SarellCassandra Carter1 September 1999
24231"Without Judgment"Roger HodgmanGeraldine Pilkington8 September 1999
24332"Smoke Without Fire"Kevin CarlinDavid Allen15 September 1999
24433"Starry Starry Night"Declan EamesJohn Banas22 September 1999
24534"Paradise Lost"Richard SarellBill Garner29 September 1999
24635"The Game"Julian McSwineyDave March6 October 1999
24736"Miracle at Rabbit Creek"Kevin CarlinTony Morphett13 October 1999
24837"Second Chance"Steve MannDavid Boutland20 October 1999
24938"The Price of Friendship"Richard SarellKarin Altmann27 October 1999
25039"Under Fire"Raymond QuintPeter Dick3 November 1999
25140"Fifty-Fifty"Peter SharpLyn Ogilvy10 November 1999
25241"Kids"Steve MannDeborah Parsons17 November 1999
25342"Be Prepared"Steve MannBill Garner24 November 1999

Season 7 (2000)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
2541"Loose Ends"Coral DrouynJohn Banas9 February 2000
2552"One More Day"Raymond QuintCoral Drouyn16 February 2000
2563"Aftermath"Graham ThorburnTony Morphett23 February 2000
2574"Shadow of Doubt"Grant BrownChris Phillips1 March 2000
2585"Chip off the Old Block"Peter SharpJon Stephens8 March 2000
2596"Code of Honour"Fiona BanksDavid Worthington15 March 2000
2607"Life Class"Chris LangmanKarin Altman22 March 2000
2618"Vanishing Act"Raymond QuintCassandra Carter29 March 2000
2629"Unfinished Business"Roger HodgmanBill Garner5 April 2000
26310"Out of the Shadows"Steve MannJon Banas12 April 2000
26411"Dance Crazy"Chris LangmanDavid Allen19 April 2000
26512"Welcome Back"Raymond QuintPiers Hobson and David Allen26 April 2000
26613"Broken Windows"Kevin CarlinDavid Boutland and Peter Dick3 May 2000
26714"Something Fishy"Roger HodgmanJon Stevens10 May 2000
26815"Dead For Quids"Steve MannDavid Anthony17 May 2000
26916"On the Road"Richard JasekBill Garner24 May 2000
27017"Lost and Found"Chris LangmanCoral Drouyn31 May 2000
27118"Rank Outsider"Kevin CarlinDavid Worthington7 June 2000
27219"Conduct Endangering Life"Steve MannChris Phillips14 June 2000
27320"A Little Faith"Esben StormCassandra Carter21 June 2000
27421"The Gumshoe"Kevin CarlinDavid Allen28 June 2000
27522"Small Potatoes"Chris LangmanPiers Hobson5 July 2000
27623"A Good Kid"Grant BrownJohn Stevens12 July 2000
27724"Fair Go"Richard JasekBill Garner19 July 2000
27825"Cop it Sweet"Declan EamesMarieke Hardy26 July 2000
27926"Moving On"Richard jasekKelly Lefever2 August 2000
28027"Bank On It"Grant BrownChris Phillips9 August 2000
28128"Hard Feelings"Kelly LefeverPeter Dick16 August 2000
28229"Running of the Rams"Declan EamesTony Morphett23 August 2000
28330"Tangled Web"Roger HodgmanLyn Ogilvy30 August 2000
28431"On Your Bike"Raymond QuintDavid Allen6 September 2000
28532"Stir Crazy"Richard SarellPiers Hobson6 September 2000
28633"Broken Promises (1)"Steve MannMichael Winter4 October 2000
28734"Broken Promises (2)"Raymond QuintBill Garner4 October 2000
28835"Wheeling and Dealing"Mike SmithDavid Worthington11 October 2000
28936"Mind Over Matter"Richard SarellMichael Brindley18 October 2000
29037"Paper Chase"Graham ThorburnCassandra Carter25 October 2000
29138"Bully Boys"Fiona BanksChris Phillips and David Allen1 November 2000
29239"Bloodlines"Declan EamesTony Morphett8 November 2000
29340"Ten Percent"Richard SarellMichaeley O'Brien15 November 2000
29441"Leg Work"Peter SharpDavid Allen22 November 2000
Season 8 (2001)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
2951"The Blame Game (1)"Grant BrownBill Garner21 February 2001
2962"The Blame Game (2)"Declan EamesBill Garner and Harriet Smith28 February 2001
2973"Deadly Fascination"Kevin CarlinDavid Boutland7 March 2001
2984"Letter of the Law"Chris LangmanTony Morphett14 March 2001
2995"A Bit on the Side"Grant BrownDave Worthington21 March 2001
3006"Tough Nut"Declan EamesCassandra Carter28 March 2001
3017"The Fine Print"Raymond QuintPeter Dick4 April 2001
3028"Family Reserve"Kevin CarlinJo Merle and John Banas11 April 2001
3039"Chop Chop"Chris LangmanDavid Allen18 April 2001
30410"Blood"Roger HodgmanDeborah Parsons25 April 2001
30511"They Don't Make Them Like They Used To"Raymond QuintChris Corbett2 May 2001
30612"Love and Money (listed as "On the Run")"Graham ThorburnDavid Boutland9 May 2001
30713"Fowl Play"Peter SharpBill Garner16 May 2001
30814"Fooling Around"Kevin CarlinMichaeley O'Brien23 May 2001
30915"Death By Flight"Chris LangmanDavid Worthington30 May 2001
31016"A Friend Indeed"Richard jasekYuki Asano and Caroline Stanton6 June 2001
31117"The Manly Art"Kevin CarlinCaroline Stanton13 June 2001
31218"Falling Part 1"Peter SharpTony Morphett20 June 2001
31319"Falling Part 2"Grant BrownJohn Banas20 June 2001
31420"Winners And Losers"Aarne NeemeDavid Allen27 June 2001
31521"No Place Like Home"Riccardo PelizzeriDeborah Parsons and David Allen11 July 2001
31622"Dragged"Peter SharpBill Garner18 July 2001
31723"Baby Love"Steve MannCliff Green25 July 2001
31824"An Inspector Calls"Roger HodgmanDave Worthington1 August 2001
31925"Dinosaurs"Steve MannChris Corbett8 August 2001
32026"Charming"Esben StormCassandra Carter15 August 2001
32127"The Sins of the Father"Fiona BanksCarol Williams22 August 2001
32228"Poisoned Fruit Part 1"Denny LawrenceTony Morphett29 August 2001
32329"Poisoned Fruit Part 2"Roger HodgmanTony Morphett5 September 2001
32430"Fifteen Minutes"Fiona BanksAbe Pogos19 September 2001
32531"Copping The Flak"Declan EamesCaroline Stanton26 September 2001
32632"Strays"Chris LangmanPhilip Dalkin3 October 2001
32733"The Lord Giveth"Declan EamesJohn Banas10 October 2001
32834"Credit Limit"Daina ReidDave Worthington17 October 2001
32935"A Hard Call"Aarne NeemeBill Garner17 October 2001
33036"Role Model"Chris LangmanDavid Allen24 October 2001
33137"A Safe Bet"Declan EamesJohn Banas and Karen Altman31 October 2001
33238"A Matter of Faith"Riccardo PellizzeriYsabella Dean7 November 2001
33339"Who Can You Trust?"Fiona BanksCaroline Stanton and Piers Hobson11 November 2001
33440"Best Eaten Cold"Chris LangmanTony Morphett21 November 2001
33541"The Real Santa"Steve MannCaroline Stanton28 November 2001
33642"Dreaming of a White Christmas"Roger HodgmanMichaeley O'Brien28 November 2001
Season 9 (2002)
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No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
3371"Breaking Point Part 1"Denny LawrenceDave Worthington13 February 2002
3382"Breaking Point Part 2"Declan EamesJohn Banas20 February 2002
3393"If It Ain't Hurtin'"Fiona BanksBill Garner27 February 2002
3404"Down in the Forest"Roger HodgmanDavid Allen6 March 2002
3415"The Real Thing"Daina ReidTom Hegarty13 March 2002
3426"Rainy Night Blues"Fiona BanksAbe Pogos20 March 2002
3437"Jack and Jill"Peter SharpYsabelle Dean27 March 2002
3448"Sons and Mothers"Ray QuintCaroline Stanton3 April 2002
3459"Say His Name"Aarne NeemeTony Morphett10 April 2002
34610"The Perfect Life"Ray QuintMichaeley O'Brien17 April 2002
34711"Flushed"Daina ReidJohn Banas24 April 2002
34812"Dancing on the Edge"Peter SharpBill Garner1 May 2002
34913"Those That Trespass"Aarne NeemeRachel Lewis8 May 2002
35014"Reflection"Fiona BanksPetra Graf15 May 2002
35115"Buddies"Denny LawrenceDavid Allen15 May 2002
35216"Broken Dreams"Fiona BanksCarol Williams5 June 2002
35317"An Old Fashioned Man"Chris LangmanDavid Boutland12 June 2002
35418"Of Middle Eastern Appearance"Geoffrey NottageChris Corbett19 June 2002
35519"The Best Man"Denny LawrenceTony Morphett26 June 2002
35620"Wednesday's Child"Deborah NiskiAnne Melville3 July 2002
35721"Finders Keepers"Ray QuintMichaeley O'Brien10 July 2002
35822"Burning Desire"Fiona BanksFiona Banks17 July 2002
35923"Naked Lady"Aarne NeemePeter Hepworth24 July 2002
36024"Private Lives"Steve MannDavid Allen7 August 2002
36125"Inside Outside"Deborah NiskiRob George, Rachel Lewis7 August 2002
36226"The Last Jar"Richard FranklandPeter Dick14 August 2002
36327"Stewart Vs Stewart"Chris LangmanJane Allen21 August 2002
36428"Fishing For Dummies"Declan EamesJohn Banas28 August 2002
36529"Salvation Part 1"Aarne NeemeTony Morphett, Caroline Stanton4 September 2002
36630"Salvation Part 2"Roger HodgmanTony Morphett, Caroline Stanton4 September 2002
36731"In Another Place"Geoffrey NottageLeon Saunders18 September 2002
36832"Parenthood"Esben StormChris Corbett25 September 2002
36933"Boys Will Be Boys"Daina ReidNoel Maloney2 October 2002
37034"Deep Water"Chris LangmanBill Garner9 October 2002
37135"Nothing Personal"Declan EamesYsabelle Dean16 October 2002
37236"Teamwork"Richard FranklandDavid Boutland23 October 2002
37337"Stable Mates"Steve MannDavid Allen30 October 2002
37438"Some Days"George OgilvieTed Roberts6 November 2002
37539"Body of Evidence"Chris LangmanTony Morphett13 November 2002
37640"All You Need Is Love"Peter SharpLeon Saunders20 November 2002

Season 10 (2003)
Main article: Blue Heelers (season 10)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
3771"Firebrands (1)"Ray QuintJohn Banas12 February 2003
3782"Firebrands (2)"Ray QuintMichael Voigt19 February 2003
3793"In The Dog House"Steve MannRachel Lewis26 February 2003
3804"Excuses, Excuses"Peter SharpBill Garner5 March 2003
3815"Too Hard Basket"Roger HodgmanYsabelle Dean12 March 2003
3826"Fair Play"Chris LangmanRob George19 March 2003
3837"The Sum of the Parts"Richard FranklandDave Worthington and Tony Morphett26 March 2003
3848"Bumps in the Night"Peter SharpDavid Allen2 April 2003
3859"Trust Accounts"Declan EamesTony Morphett2 April 2003
38610"Out of Control"Chris LangmanMichaeley O'Brien9 April 2003
38711"Love In"Steve MannJohn Banas23 April 2003
38812"Black Out"Ray QuintChris Corbett30 April 2003
38913"Where There's A Will"Chris LangmanSue Hore7 May 2003
39014"Father's Day (1)"Declan EamesBill Garner14 May 2003
39115"Father's Day (2)"Arner NeemeTed Roberts21 May 2003
39216"Dream On"Chris LangmanDavid Boutland28 May 2003
39317"The Ties That Bind"Kath HaydenDavid Allen4 June 2003
39418"Prince Charming"Declan EamesDave Worthington11 June 2003
39519"The New Perfect"Mark PiperTony Morphett25 June 2003
39620"Playing With Fire"Aarne NeemeMichaeley O'Brien2 July 2003
39721"A Bad Smell"Chris LangmanJohn Banas9 July 2003
39822"A Knife for a Knife"Richard FranklandChris Corbett16 July 2003
39923"A Better Mind"Jenny LewisDeclan Eames23 July 2003
40024"Thicker than Water"Ray QuintJohn Banas23 July 2003
40125"Raging Hormones"Chris LangmanYsabelle Dean30 July 2003
40226"A Blind Eye"Kath HaydenPeter Dick6 August 2003
40327"Chocolate Sardines"Steve MannDavid Allen13 August 2003
40428"Too Good To Be True (1)"Grant brownCaroline Stanton and Peter Hepworth20 August 2003
40529"Too Good To Be True (2)"Peter SharpTony Morphett27 August 2003
40630"Every Man And His Ute"Chris LangmanDave Worthington3 September 2003
40731"Motherhood"Richard FranklandJohn Banas10 September 2003
40832"A New Life"Chris AdsheadChris Corbett17 September 2003
40933"The Lowest of the Low"Peter SharpBill Garner24 September 2003
41034"Safety Last"Chris LangmanMichaeley O'Brien1 October 2003
41135"Good and Evil (1)"Steve MannLeon Saunders8 October 2003
41236"Good and Evil (2)"George OgilvyDavid Boutland15 October 2003
41337"Losing the Road"Peter SharpTony Morphett22 October 2003
41438"What Goes Around"Chris LangmanTed Roberts29 October 2003
41539"Contamination"Richard FranklandTony Morphett5 November 2003
41640"Dirty Cheaters"Roger HodgmanDave Worthington12 November 2003
41741"Sexual Healing"Fiona BanksChris Corbett26 November 2003
41842"For Better or Worse"Chris LangmanJohn Banas26 November 2003

Season 11 (2004)
Main article: Blue Heelers (season 11)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
4191"Retribution (1)"Roger HodgmanMichaeley O'Brien4 February 2004
4202"Retribution (2)"Peter SharpBill Garner11 February 2004
4213"The Right Thing"Declan EamesYsabelle Dean18 February 2004
4224"Happily Ever After"Chris AdsheadJenny Lewis25 February 2004
4235"Heirs Apparent"Chris LangmanDavid Allen3 March 2004
4246"A Mere Formality"George OgilvieTed Roberts10 March 2004
4257"Cast the First Stone"Kath HaydenTony Morphett17 March 2004
4268"Great Expectations"Steve MannDave Worthington
John Banas
24 March 2004
4279"Off Your Face"Chris LangmanJohn Banas31 March 2004
42810"Running Scared"Chris HaydenMary McCormick7 April 2004
42911"Mind Wide Open"Raymond QuintMichaeley O'Brien14 April 2004
43012"Reasonable Doubts"Aarne NeemeTBA21 April 2004
43113"On the Inside"Chris AdsheadBill Garner28 April 2004
43214"Secrets and Lies"Jeffrey WalkerYsabelle Dean5 May 2004
43315"Yesterday's Hero"Chris LangmanDavid Boutland12 May 2004
43416"The Cull"Kath HaydenDavid Allen19 May 2004
43517"Life of the Party (1)"Chris AdsheadTed Roberts2 June 2004
43618"Life of the Party (2)"Steve MannTony Morphett9 June 2004
43719"The Family Way (listed as "Keeping Mum")"Chris LangmanChris Corbett16 June 2004
43820"Payback"Fiona BanksJohn Banas23 June 2004
43921"Echoes"Steve MannMaureen Sherlock30 June 2004
44022"End of Innocence"Chris LangmanBill Garner6 July 2004
44123"Headless Chooks"Chris AdsheadBill Roberts14 July 2004
44224"A Time For Mourning"Peter SharpYsabelle Dean21 July 2004
44325"Pigs Will Fly"George OgilvieDeb Parsons28 July 2004
44426"Life Goes On"Grant BrownMichael Brindley4 August 2004
44527"Checkmate"Chris AdsheadAlison Nisselle11 August 2004
44628"Don't Call Me Baby"Peter SharpJohn Banas1 September 2004
44729"Bring It On"Jeffrey WalkerChris Corbett8 September 2004
44830"Pillow Talk"Grant BrownMichaeley O'Brien15 September 2004
44931"Out of Love"Chris LangmanTony Morphett22 September 2004
45032"Turf War"Peter SharpTony Morphett
Bill Garner
29 September 2004
45133"Away Games"Steve MannJenny Lewis6 October 2004
45234"Special Treatment"Kath HaydenTed Roberts13 October 2004
45335"Too Late To Say Sorry"Chris LangmanYsabelle Dean20 October 2004
45436"One of the Boys"Peter SharpMaureen Sherlock27 October 2004
45537"A Helping Hand"Roger HodgmanMax Singer3 November 2004
45638"Tit for Tat"Steve MannJohn Banas10 November 2004
45739"Crash Site"George OgilvieMichaeley O'Brien17 November 2004

Season 12 (2005)
Main article: Blue Heelers (season 12)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
4581"Vengeance"Chris LangmanElizabeth Coleman2 February 2005
4592"Burden of Proof"Peter SharpTony Morphett9 February 2005
4603"My Way"Aarne NeemeBill Garner16 February 2005
4614"The Walking Wounded"Steve MannChris Corbett23 February 2005
4625"Chasing Smoke"Martin SacksTed Roberts2 March 2005
4636"Everything A Girl Could Want"Martin SacksJenny Lewis9 March 2005
4647"One Good Turn"Grant BrownJohn Banas16 March 2005
4658"Sex Sells"Peter SharpPeter Dick30 March 2005
4669"One Sick Puppy"Raymond QuintJohn Lewis6 April 2005
46710"Killing Time"Chris LangmanDeb Parsons
Tony Morphett
13 April 2005
46811"Mirror Image"Grant BrownDeb Parsons
Tony Morphett
20 April 2005
46912"Blood and Bone"George OgilvieTony Morphett27 April 2005
47013"Kicking Over The Traces"Chris LangmanJohn Ridley
Stuart Page
4 May 2005
47114"Offside"Aarne NeemeMichael Brindley11 May 2005
47215"The Life"Steve MannJeff Truman18 May 2005
47316"The Ticket Out"Chris LangmanRohan Trollope and Tony Morphett24 May 2005
47417"Playing by the Book"Chris AdsheadVictoria Madden and John Banas1 June 2005
47518"Monster"Steve MannChris Corbett8 June 2005
47619"Dangerous Animals"Fiona BanksJohn Banas15 June 2005
47720"Showdown"Chris AdsheadForrest Redlich22 June 2005
47821"Car Wars"Martin SacksJo Kasch29 June 2005
47922"Night and Day"Steve MannTony Morphett6 July 2005
48023"The Party's Over"Colin BuddsBill Garner20 July 2005
48124"Crossing The Line"Roger HodgmanMichaeley O'Brien20 July 2005
48225"Warm Blood"Richard FranklandTed Roberts27 July 2005
48326"Another Day at the Office (1)"Peter SharpJane Allen3 August 2005
48427"Another Day at the Office (2)"George OgilvieForrest Redlich10 August 2005
48528"Last Orders"Roger HodgmanChris Corbett17 August 2005
48629"Getting the Bullet"Chris LangmanJohn Banas24 August 2005
48730"Acid Test"Peter SharpYsabelle Dean31 August 2005
48831"One for the Road"Steve MannTed Roberts7 September 2005
48932"Two Laws"Grant BrownTony Morphett14 September 2005
49033"Good Times"Chris LangmanBill Garner21 September 2005
49134"Bad Fortune"Fiona BanksMichaeley O'Brien28 September 2005
49235"Child's Play"Steve MannForrest Redlich5 October 2005
49336"Facing the Music"Grant BrownJeff Truman12 October 2005
49437"Too Close"Raymond QuintJames Dunbar and John Banas19 October 2005
49538"Promises, Promises"Peter SharpJo Kasch26 October 2005
49639"Slaying the Demons"Aarne NeemerJohn Banas2 November 2005
49740"Keeping Up Appearances"George OgilvyYsabelle Dean12 November 2005
49841"Face Value"Peter SharpTony Morphett16 November 2005
49942"Lost and Found"Ray QuintTony Morphett16 November 2005

Season 13 (2006)
Main article: Blue Heelers (season 13)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byAustralian air date
5001"Only The Lonely"Fiona BanksBill Garner1 April 2006
5012"Boss"Chris LangmanMichaeley O'Brien8 April 2006
5023"Dirt"George OgilvieStuart Page15 April 2006
5034"What's Love Got To Do With It"Peter SharpJohn Banas22 April 2006
5045"Affluenza"Chris AsheadKylie Needham
John Banas
29 April 2006
5056"Going Down Swinging"Chris LangmanSamantha Winston6 May 2006
5067"Burning Up"George OgilvieYsabelle Dean13 May 2006
5078"Down to Earth"Grant BrownTed Roberts
John Banas
20 May 2006
5089"Moonlighting"Martin SacksTony Morphett27 May 2006
509–51010–11"One Day More - Parts 1 & 2"Fiona Banks
Peter Sharp
Stuart Page
Tony Morphett
4 June 2006
Blue Heelers Specials
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Blue Heelers: The Weakest Link"TBATBA9 August 2001
The Weakest Link, hosted by Cornelia Frances, aired a Blue Heelers special episode on 9 August 2001. Cast members John Wood, Neil Pigot, Ditch Davey, Jeremy Kewley, Jane Allsop, Suzi Dougherty, Paul Bishop, Caroline Craig and Peta Doodson took part in this special event.
22"Countdown To Blue Heelers Live"TBATBA21 April 2004
This Special hosted by Erik Thomson that aired before the Blue Heelers live episode Reasonable Doubts. It featured interviews with cast members, John Wood, Julie Nihill, Martin Sacks, Ditch Davey, Simone McAullay, Jane Allsop.
33"Reasonable Doubts - Blue Heelers Live"Aarne NeemeTony Morphett21 April 2004
The Heelers must deal with a child killer (Chris' nephew) who has been found not guilty by a jury. When he returns to Mt. Thomas and gets involved in a fight with a group of angry locals, Jonesy arrests him and clearly plans to mete out his own form of justice, in spite of opposition from his colleagues. With the mob out for blood, the acquitted man is sheltered at the station as an armed standoff erupts at the Imperial.
Blue Heelers: Wheel of Fortune
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Episode 01"TBATBA15 April 1996
It's "Real Cops" vs "Reel Cops" as members of Australia's Police Force take on the cast of Channel 7's "Blue Heelers" in a special series of Wheel of Fortune.
22"Episode 02"TBATBA16 April 1996
It's "Real Cops" vs "Reel Cops" as members of Australia's Police Force take on the cast of Channel 7's "Blue Heelers" in a special series of Wheel of Fortune.
33"Episode 03"TBATBA17 April 1996
It's "Real Cops" vs "Reel Cops" as members of Australia's Police Force take on the cast of Channel 7's "Blue Heelers" in a special series of Wheel of Fortune.
44"Episode 04"TBATBA18 April 1996
It's "Real Cops" vs "Reel Cops" as members of Australia's Police Force take on the cast of Channel 7's "Blue Heelers" in a special series of Wheel of Fortune.
55"Episode 05"TBATBA19 April 1996
It's "Real Cops" vs "Reel Cops" as members of Australia's Police Force take on the cast of Channel 7's "Blue Heelers" in a special series of Wheel of Fortune.
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