List of Crayon Shin-chan episodes (2002–2011)
This is a list of Crayon Shin-chan episodes that aired from 2002 to 2011.[1]
#TitleOriginal Airdate
423"Quiet Himawari is dangerous"
(Japanese: 静かなひまわりは危険だゾ​)​"Nanako is wearing a kimono"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんの着物姿だゾ​)
January 11, 2002
424"Find a yokan"
(Japanese: よーかんを見つけるゾ​)​"Masao-kun's Image Change"
(Japanese: マサオくんイメージチェンジだゾ​)
January 18, 2002
425"Action Mask’s new special move"
(Japanese: アクション仮面の新必殺技だゾ​)​"A slapstick fuss in the corridor"
(Japanese: 廊下でドタバタ大騒ぎだゾ​)
January 25, 2002
426"The door is broken"
(Japanese: ドアが壊れちゃったゾ)"I want to eat this potato"
(Japanese: こっちのおイモが食べたいゾ​)
February 1, 2002
427"I want to see cactus and flowers"
(Japanese: サボテンの花が見たいゾ​)​"I can’t sleep before the exam"
(Japanese: 試験の前は眠れないゾ​)
February 8, 2002
428"Shopping on a snowy day is hard"
(Japanese: 雪の日の買物はたいへんだゾ​)​"The Stakeout Detectives Are Here"
(Japanese: 張り込み刑事が来たゾ)
February 22, 2002
429"A fateful pass announcement"
(Japanese: 運命の合格発表だゾ​)​"A big gathering in the apartment"
(Japanese: アパートに大集合だゾ)
March 1, 2002
430"Yu-chan’s audition"
(Japanese: 優ちゃんのオーディションだゾ​)
March 8, 2002
431"A make-up artist"
(Japanese: メイクアップアーティストだゾ​) (Japanese: 晩ご飯は内緒だゾ)
March 15, 2002
432"I will never do it for my bride"
(Japanese: 嫁には絶対やらないゾ​)​"Tension including Shinobu tolerant"
(Japanese: 張り込みは忍耐だゾ)
March 22, 2002
SPECIAL–32"Oedo Land Fire (1994) <R>"
(Japanese: 大江戸ランド 火の巻だゾ(1994年)〈再〉​)​"Oedo Land Water (1994) <R>"
(Japanese: 大江戸ランド 水の巻だゾ(1994年)〈再〉​)​"The secret Bo-chan"
(Japanese: ヒミツのボーちゃんだゾ​)​"The drive is throbbing"
(Japanese: ドライブはドキドキだゾ​)​"Red Zukin and Purple Zukin (1997) <R>"
(Japanese: 赤ズキンと紫ズキンだゾ(1997年)〈再〉​)
March 29, 2002
SPECIAL–33"Sci-fi murder cyborg (1997) <R>"
(Japanese: SF殺人サイボーグだゾ(1997年)〈再〉​)​"Shiro is a lover"
(Japanese: 四郎君に恋人だゾ​)​"The cherry blossom viewing of the rub villa again"
(Japanese: またずれ荘のお花見だゾ​)
April 20, 2002
433"No good and bad"
(Japanese: ダメとヤダは禁止だゾ​)​"The house is finally completed"
(Japanese: いよいよお家が完成するゾ​)
April 27, 2002
434"Lisa Aspirin is back"
(Japanese: リサ・アスピリンが帰って来たゾ​)​"Rice with soup is delicious"
(Japanese: つゆかけご飯はおいしいゾ​)​"Hoshi and Deca approach quickly"
(Japanese: ホシとデカが急接近だゾ​)
May 4, 2002
435"Take a walk with the supermodel"
(Japanese: スーパーモデルとお散歩だゾ​)​"The director’s magic show"
(Japanese: 園長先生のマジックショーだゾ​)​"Goodbye Yu-chan"
(Japanese: さよなら優ちゃんだゾ)
May 11, 2002
436"Farewell to Chub rub villa, Chub rub large investigation line"
(Japanese: さらばまたずれ荘 またずれ大捜査線だゾ)
May 18, 2002
437"Come back to my home"
(Japanese: 我が家に戻って来たゾ​)​"Shiro is always with me"
(Japanese: シロもズーッと一緒だゾ​)​"Start a new home"
(Japanese: 新しい家のスタートだゾ​)
May 25, 2002
438"Bath with Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんと一緒にお風呂だゾ​)​"Teachers’ joint party"
(Japanese: 先生たちの合コンだゾ​)​"I can’t decide on a gift"
(Japanese: プレゼントが決まらないゾ​)
June 1, 2002
439"The secret door in the new house"
(Japanese: 新しい家のひみつを発見だゾ​)​"Something is wrong with Bo-chan"
(Japanese: ボーちゃんの一大事だゾ​)​"Helping mom"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんはオラが頼りだゾ​)
June 8, 2002
Note: This is the last episode to be animated in cels.
440"Introducing Nupan IV"
(Japanese: ヌパン4世登場だゾ​)​"Clean this time"
(Japanese: 今度こそキレイにするゾ​)​"Dad's Kindergarten Visiting Day"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの保育参観日だゾ​)
June 15, 2002
441"This time it’s really beautiful"
(Japanese: 今度こそ本当にキレイにするゾ​)​"Masao-kun elopes"
(Japanese: マサオくんが駆け落ちするゾ​)​"Midnight Fushigi taste"
(Japanese: 真夜中のフシギな味だゾ​)
June 22, 2002
442"A suspicious man appeared"
(Japanese: 怪しいオトコが現れたゾ​)​"Go get a frog"
(Japanese: カエル取りに行くゾ​)​"Did you come to play?"
(Japanese: 遊びに来た?ってカンジだゾ​)
July 6, 2002
443"I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s picnic"
(Japanese: 明日のピクニックは楽しみだゾ​)​"Shin-chan is a master of obento"
(Japanese: オラはおべんとうの達人だゾ​)​"Picnic is a fuss"
(Japanese: ピクニックは大騒ぎだゾ​)
July 13, 2002
444"My Tachi Kasukabe Opera Company"
(Japanese: オラ達かすかべ歌劇団だゾ​)​"Tutor comes"
(Japanese: 家庭教師が来るゾ​)​"Dad's Secret Email Friend"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんのヒミツのメル友だゾ​)
July 20, 2002
445"Care for hedges"
(Japanese: 生け垣の手入れをするゾ​)​"Uninhabited island survival"
(Japanese: 無人島のサバイバルだゾ​)​"Midnight watermelon play"
(Japanese: 真夜中のスイカ遊びだゾ​)
July 27, 2002
446"Hot and long day"
(Japanese: 暑くて長い一日だゾ)"A walk with Shiro is hard"
(Japanese: シロとの散歩はハードだゾ​)​"Staying childcare is exciting"
(Japanese: お泊まり保育はドキドキだゾ​)
August 3, 2002
447"Welcome everyone"
(Japanese: みんなをお迎えするゾ​)​"After all shaved ice in summer"
(Japanese: 夏はやっぱりかき氷だゾ​)​"Leave directions"
(Japanese: 道案内はおまかせだゾ)
August 10, 2002
448"Grandpa in Kyushu is tough"
(Japanese: 九州のじいちゃんは厳しいゾ​)​"Grandpa stays"
(Japanese: じいちゃんがお泊まりするゾ​)​"Same wherever you go"
(Japanese: どこへ行っても同じだゾ​)
August 17, 2002
449"Shiro’s wedding"
(Japanese: シロの結婚式だゾ​)​"Preparing for a typhoon"
(Japanese: 台風の準備だゾ​)​"Part-time job is also difficult"
(Japanese: アルバイトも大変だゾ)
August 31, 2002
450"Shiro’s vaccination"
(Japanese: シロの予防注射だゾ​)​"Mom also likes heroes"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんもヒーロー好きだゾ​)​"I’ve run out of things to change"
(Japanese: 着替える物が無くなっちゃったゾ​)
September 7, 2002
451"I’ll get rid of everything"
(Japanese: 何でも片づけちゃうゾ​)​"Shiro and fight"
(Japanese: シロとケンカだゾ)"Crab tastes like an adult"
(Japanese: カニはオトナの味だゾ)
September 14, 2002
SPECIAL–34"Treasure hunter Misae vinegar maiden clan"
(Japanese: トレジャーハンターみさえ 酢乙女家の一族​)​"Kumicho-sensei’s strawberry cake (1999) <R>"
(Japanese: 組長先生のイチゴケーキだゾ(1999年)〈再〉​)​"Masao-kun who is good at imitating (1999) <R>"
(Japanese: 物まね上手のマサオくんだゾ(1999年)〈再〉​)​"Petit Petit Himawari 4"
(Japanese: プッチプチひまわり4​)​"Grass baseball tokkun (1997) <R>"
(Japanese: 草野球のトックンだゾ(1997年)〈再〉​)​"Play with an electric massage machine (1999) <R>"
(Japanese: 電気マッサージ機で遊ぶゾ(1999年)〈再〉​)​"Gundam Robo broke (1999) <R>"
(Japanese: カンタムロボが壊れたゾ(1999年)〈再〉​)
September 28, 2002
452"Red scorpion corps after a long absence"
(Japanese: 久しぶりの紅さそり隊だゾ​)​"I got fat"
(Japanese: オラ太っちゃったゾ)"Do hair manicure"
(Japanese: ヘアマニキュアをするゾ​)
November 2, 2002
453"Preparing to go out is difficult"
(Japanese: お出かけの準備は大変だゾ​)​"Nene-chan’s confession"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんの告白だゾ​)​"I want to take a nap"
(Japanese: 昼寝がしたいゾ)
November 9, 2002
454"Grandpa’s house in Kyushu is fun"
(Japanese: 九州のじいちゃん家は楽しいゾ​)
November 16, 2002
455"Kureshin Unbalance Zone Petit Devil"
(Japanese: クレしんアンバランスゾーン プチ悪魔)"Kureshin Unbalance Zone Petit Devil"
(Japanese: クレしんアンバランスゾーン プチ悪魔)"Mobile phone is convenient"
(Japanese: 携帯電話は便利だゾ)
November 23, 2002
456"Entered the Boy Scout"
(Japanese: ボーイスカウトに入ったゾ​)​"Boy Scouts are Fun"
(Japanese: ボーイスカウトは楽しいゾ​)​"Kureshin Unbalance Zone Burning Majin"
(Japanese: クレしんアンバランスゾーン 灼熱魔人)
November 30, 2002
457"Kureshin Unbalance Zone Ooo No Shinnosuke"
(Japanese: クレしんアンバランスゾーン オオオのしんのすけ​)​"Mom is a cooking teacher"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんは料理の先生だゾ​)​"Matsuzaka-sensei’s worries"
(Japanese: まつざか先生の悩みだゾ​)
December 7, 2002
SPECIAL–35"Masao-kun’s lost item"
(Japanese: マサオ君の落とし物だゾ​)​"Paid leave gets tired"
(Japanese: 有給休暇は疲れるゾ​)​"Shin-chan is a golf coach"
(Japanese: オラはゴルフのコーチだゾ​)​"Mom’s yoga is dangerous (1994) <R>"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんのヨガは危険だゾ(1994年)〈再〉​)​"Courier has a hard time (1994) <R>"
(Japanese: 宅配便さんはご苦労だゾ(1994年)〈再〉​)​"Feeling happy in Hotai (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: ホータイでしあわせ気分だゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)
December 21, 2002
#TitleOriginal Airdate
458"This is like youth (Episode 1)"
(Japanese: これが!青春らしいゾ(第一話)​)​"Shopping by car with Mom"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんと車で買い物だゾ​)​"I want a sports car"
(Japanese: スポーツカーが欲しいゾ​)
January 11, 2003
459"Shiro and fight"
(Japanese: シロをレンタルするゾ​)​"Shiro and fight"
(Japanese: シロをレンタルするゾ​)​"Aunt Okei’s runaway"
(Japanese: おケイおばさんの家出だゾ​)
January 18, 2003
460"I’m full with help"
(Japanese: お手伝いでお腹がいっぱいだゾ​)​"Lost in bird watching"
(Japanese: バードウォッチングで迷子だゾ​)​"This is like youth (Episode 3)"
(Japanese: これが!青春らしいゾ(第三話)​)
January 25, 2003
461"Go buy kerosene"
(Japanese: 灯油を買いに行くゾ​)​"Sledding with Masao-kun"
(Japanese: マサオ君とそり遊びだゾ​)​"This is like youth (Episode 4)"
(Japanese: これが!青春らしいゾ(第四話)​)
February 1, 2003
462"The Hiccoughs Won't Stop"
(Japanese: シャックリが止まらないゾ​)​"Soft-soaping Goes Wrong"
(Japanese: おねだりはうまくいかないゾ​)​"Keeping Goldfish"
(Japanese: 金魚を飼うゾ)
February 8, 2003
463"Phantom yogurt"
(Japanese: 幻のヨーグルトだゾ​)​"Exchange application tickets"
(Japanese: 応募券を交換するゾ​)​"Read elegantly"
(Japanese: お上品に読書をするゾ)
February 15, 2003
SPECIAL–36"Dashi Tori Shin-chan"
(Japanese: だし取りしんちゃん)"Get pocket tissue"
(Japanese: ポケットティッシュをもらうゾ​)​"Nene-chan is scared when she gets angry (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: 怒るとこわいネネちゃんだゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Shiro was Me (2000) <R>"
(Japanese: シロがオラだっただゾ(2000年)〈再〉​)​"Futaba Angel (2000) <R>"
(Japanese: フタバエンジェル(2000年)〈再〉​)​"Petit Petit Himawari 1 (2000) <R>"
(Japanese: プッチプチひまわり1(2000年)〈再〉​)​"Petit Petit Himawari 2 (2000) <R>"
(Japanese: プッチプチひまわり2(2000年)〈再〉​)​"Petit Petit Himawari 3 (2001) <R>"
(Japanese: プッチプチひまわり3(2001年)〈再〉​)
February 22, 2003
464"Kazama-kun will advance"
(Japanese: 風間君は出世するゾ​)​"Home visit today"
(Japanese: 今日は家庭訪問だゾ​)​"Home visit today"
(Japanese: 今日は家庭訪問だゾ)
March 8, 2003
SPECIAL–37"Flow board Shinnosuke"
(Japanese: 流れ板しんのすけだゾ​)​"Make yakisoba"
(Japanese: 焼きそばを作るゾ)"Go to rival kindergarten (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: ライバル幼稚園に行くゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Rival kindergarten children came to scout (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: ライバル園児が偵察に来たゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Confront rival kindergarten children (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: ライバル園児と対決するゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)
April 12, 2003
465"Tug of war tournament"
(Japanese: 綱引き大会だゾ​)​"Relaxing shopping"
(Japanese: のんびりお買い物だゾ​)​"Shut out the bikin"
(Japanese: バイキンをシャットアウトするゾ​)
April 19, 2003
466"Leave Gaugetsu"
(Japanese: ゲージツを残すゾ)"The ideal face of the director"
(Japanese: 園長先生の理想の顔だゾ​)​"I'm a Kendo Master"
(Japanese: オラは剣の達人だゾ)
April 26, 2003
467"Boys Be Ambitious"
(Japanese: ボーイズ・ビー・アンビシャスだゾ​)​"Matsuzaka-sensei with children"
(Japanese: 子連れまつざか先生だゾ​)​"Learn kendo for free"
(Japanese: タダで剣道を習うゾ)
May 3, 2003
468"Masao-kun courage"
(Japanese: マサオ君勇気だゾ​)​"Dad’s snacks"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんのおつまみだゾ​)​"Absolutely go to bargain"
(Japanese: 絶対バーゲンにいくゾ)
May 10, 2003
469"Misae Nohara, the last-minute housewife"
(Japanese: ギリギリの主婦みさえだゾ​)​"Shiro It’s a big strategy of love"
(Japanese: 四郎 恋の大作戦だゾ​)​"Sword training is strict"
(Japanese: 剣の修行はきびしいゾ)
May 17, 2003
470"Mysterious glasses"
(Japanese: ふしぎなメガネ)"First kendo"
(Japanese: 初めての剣道だゾ​)​"Last-minute employee Hiroshi"
(Japanese: ギリギリの社員ひろしだゾ​)
May 24, 2003
471"Moretsu Attack on Mt. Kasukabe"
(Japanese: かすかべ岳にモーレツ アタックだゾ)
May 31, 2003
472"Musashino Kenta: Introduction to Mom’s Kendo"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 母ちゃんの剣道入門​)​"Protect the eggs"
(Japanese: たまごをお守りするゾ​)​"Beaten rabbit’s counterattack"
(Japanese: 殴られウサギの逆襲だゾ​)
June 7, 2003
473"Bo-chan’s treasure stone"
(Japanese: ボーちゃんの宝の石だゾ​)​"Family restaurant and stress"
(Japanese: ファミレスでストレスだゾ​)​"I’m Absolutely Byoki"
(Japanese: オラは絶対ビョーキだゾ​)
June 14, 2003
474"Masao-kun and Bo-chan broke up"
(Japanese: マサオくんとボーちゃんが絶交だゾ​)​"I also want a bed"
(Japanese: オラもベッドが欲しいゾ​)​"Mom’s intention savings"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんのつもり貯金だゾ​)
June 28, 2003
475"Planet of dog"
(Japanese: 犬の惑星)"Don’t mess up"
(Japanese: 散らかしちゃダメダメだゾ​)
July 5, 2003
476"Musashino Kenta: Introduction to Robert’s Kendo"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 ロベルトの剣道入門​)​"Kazama-kun’s premier card"
(Japanese: 風間くんのプレミアカードだゾ​)
July 12, 2003
477"Swimming In the Ocean with Nanako"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんと海水浴だゾ​)
July 19, 2003
478"Country life is great"
(Japanese: 田舎暮らしはサイコーだゾ​)​"Everyone can’t sleep tonight"
(Japanese: 今夜はみんな眠れないゾ​)​"Flowing lunch"
(Japanese: 流れるランチだゾ)
July 26, 2003
479"Misae Nohara, a housewife at the last-minute, pool with children"
(Japanese: ギリギリ主婦みさえ 子連れでプール​)​"DoCoMo Ajii"
(Japanese: ドコもあじぃ〜ゾ​)​"Doesn’t seem to have a presence"
(Japanese: 存在感があるようで無いゾ​)
August 2, 2003
480"Tropical nights are noisy"
(Japanese: 熱帯夜はうるさいゾ​)​"Yoshinaga-sensei’s summer vacation"
(Japanese: よしなが先生の夏休みだゾ​)​"Musashino Kenta: Dojo Yaburi of the Red Scorpion Corps"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 紅さそり隊の道場破り)
August 16, 2003
SPECIAL–38"Saturday special Nohara Hiroshi Expedition -Follow the legend of golden business cards!-"
(Japanese: 土曜スペシャル 野原ひろし探検隊 -黄金の名刺伝説を追え!-​)​"Last-minute housewife Misae went on a trip"
(Japanese: ギギリギリ主婦みさえ 旅行に行きたぁ〜い)
August 23, 2003
481"Misae Nohara, a housewife at the last-minute, is thrilled on a hot spring trip"
(Japanese: ギリギリ主婦みさえ 温泉旅行でドキドキよ​)​"Musashino Kenta vs. Kasukabe Defense Corps"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太VSカスカベ防衛隊​)​"Lost in car navigation"
(Japanese: カーナビで迷子だゾ)
August 30, 2003
482"Shiro-san SOS"
(Japanese: 四郎さんSOSだゾ​)​"Typhoon is coming"
(Japanese: 台風が来るゾ​)​"Musashino Kenta: Ryuko’s underwaving love"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 竜子の一途な恋)
September 6, 2003
483"Masao-kun, one in the world"
(Japanese: 世界で一人のマサオくんだゾ​)​"Misae Nohara My mistake is your mistake"
(Japanese: ギリギリ主婦みさえ 私のミスはあなたのミス​)​"Escort Nanako Sister"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんをエスコートするゾ​)
September 13, 2003
SPECIAL–39"Burglars and tycoons"
(Japanese: 空き巣とタイケツだゾ​)​"Misae Nohara, the last-minute housewife, can’t find any lessons"
(Japanese: ギリギリ主婦みさえ 習い事が見つからない​)​"Pencil Shin-chan Shinnosuke even in elementary school"
(Japanese: えんぴつしんちゃん 小学生でもしんのすけだゾ​)​"Nohara Hiroshi expedition I saw a secretary-only village in an unexplored region!"
(Japanese: 野原ひろし探検隊 秘境に秘書だけの村を見た!​)​"Bo-chan’s love"
(Japanese: ボーちゃんの恋心だゾ)
September 27, 2003
484"Elope with Ai-chan"
(Japanese: あいちゃんと駆け落ちだゾ​)​"Shiro’s CM debut"
(Japanese: シロのCMデビューだゾ​)​"Musashino Kenta: Extreme flow has arrived!"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 極端流が来た!)
November 8, 2003
485"Mom goes to the scenario classroom"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんがシナリオ教室に行くゾ​)​"Scenario written by Mom"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんが書いたシナリオだゾ​)​"Toilet man is cool"
(Japanese: おトイレマンはカッコいいゾ​)
November 15, 2003
486"Nanako’s fiancée"
(Japanese: なな子お姉さんの婚約者だゾ​)​"Mom got hooked on a handsome actor"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんがイケメン俳優にはまったゾ​)​"Musashino Kenta: Kendo Tournament Special Training"
(Japanese: 武蔵野剣太 剣道大会の特訓だゾ)
November 22, 2003
487"I’m back right now"
(Japanese: ただいま工事中だゾ​)​"Good at buttoning"
(Japanese: ボタンつけは得意だゾ​)​"Mom’s English conversation"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんの英会話だゾ)
November 29, 2003
488"There is Nanika behind the chest of drawers"
(Japanese: タンスの裏にはナニカがあるゾ​)​"Play the train"
(Japanese: 電車ごっこをするゾ​)​"Nene-chan’s rabbit talked"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんのウサギがしゃべったゾ​)
December 6, 2003
SPECIAL–40"Pencil Shin-chan Do math"
(Japanese: えんぴつしんちゃん 算数をするゾ​)​"Goodbye Ai-chan"
(Japanese: さよならあいちゃんだゾ​)​"Savings can be used"
(Japanese: 貯金はつかれるゾ)
December 20, 2003
#TitleOriginal Airdate
489"Take a photo of your memories"
(Japanese: 思い出の写真を撮るゾ​)​"Large sosaku throughout the house"
(Japanese: 家中を大ソーサクだゾ​)​"I’m the swordsman Shinnosuke"
(Japanese: オラは剣豪しんのすけだゾ​)
January 10, 2004
490"After all it is a kotatsu on a cold day"
(Japanese: 寒い日はやっぱりコタツだゾ​)​"Find lost items"
(Japanese: 落し物を探すゾ​)​"Special training! Special training! Also special training"
(Japanese: 特訓!特訓!また特訓だゾ​)
January 17, 2004
491"Fun ski school"
(Japanese: 楽しいスキー教室だゾ)
January 24, 2004
492"Showdown! Weird Kendo Techniques Grand Assembly"
(Japanese: 対決!剣道大会ヘンなわざ大集合​)
January 31, 2004
SPECIAL–41"Dad and Mom swapped"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんと母ちゃんが入れ替わったゾ​)​"Learn table manners"
(Japanese: テーブルマナーを身につけるゾ​)​"Masao-kun is hospitalized"
(Japanese: マサオ君が入院だゾ​)​"Action Mask vs. Baron Flower"
(Japanese: アクション仮面対フラワー男爵​)
February 7, 2004
493"Action Mask vs. Baron Flower"
(Japanese: アクション仮面対フラワー男爵​)​"Struggle with Shiro"
(Japanese: シロに苦労をかけるゾ​)​"Dad is my beloved wife lunch"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんは愛妻弁当だゾ​)
February 21, 2004
494"Hair dryer panic"
(Japanese: ドライヤーパニックだゾ​)​"Around the age when children want to consult"
(Japanese: 子供も相談したい年頃だゾ​)​"My Family will definitely be late"
(Japanese: オラん家は絶対遅刻するゾ​)
February 28, 2004
495"Tired of rumbling"
(Japanese: ゴロゴロするのは疲れるゾ​)​"Be careful with Nene-chan"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんには気を使うゾ​)​"Savings are delicious"
(Japanese: 節約はおいしいゾ)
March 6, 2004
496"Beauty Phantom Beauty Akujo"
(Japanese: 美女怪人ビューティーアクージョだゾ​)​"Help Kazama-kun"
(Japanese: 風間くんを手伝うゾ​)​"Temptation cake"
(Japanese: 誘惑のケーキだゾ)
March 13, 2004
SPECIAL–42"One grain is missing"
(Japanese: 一粒足りないゾ)"I want! Chocolate Rin"
(Japanese: ほしいゾ!おチョコりん​)​"Line up in a procession ramen"
(Japanese: 行列ラーメンに並ぶゾ)
April 3, 2004
497 (SPECIAL 43)"Kasukabe: Western in the Wilderness"
(Japanese: 荒野のカスカベウエスタンだゾ​)
May 1, 2004
498"Nanako Sister’s part-time job"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんのアルバイトだゾ​)​"Bear’s handkerchief"
(Japanese: クマさんハンカチをソーサクするゾ​)​"This is the neighborhood"
(Japanese: これがご近所づきあいだゾ​)
May 8, 2004
499"I’m Amanjak"
(Japanese: オラ、アマンジャクだゾ​)​"Matsuzaka-woman’s revenge"
(Japanese: まつざか女の復讐だゾ​)​"Be quiet in the library"
(Japanese: 図書館ではお静かにだゾ​)
May 15, 2004
500"Be quiet in the library"
(Japanese: 図書館ではお静かにだゾ​)​"Ninja"
(Japanese: 忍者でござるゾ)"Play with my Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんとむりして遊ぶゾ​)
May 22, 2004
501"Hola! Our Trip to Spain"
(Japanese: オーラッ! スパイン旅行だゾ)
May 29, 2004
502"My Strawberry"
(Japanese: オラのイチゴちゃんだゾ​)​"Aiming for talent"
(Japanese: タレントをめざすゾ​)​"Dance special training"
(Japanese: ダンスの特訓だゾ)
June 5, 2004
503"Save money if you buy now"
(Japanese: 今買うとおトクだゾ​)​"Anomalous real playhouse"
(Japanese: 変則リアルおままごとだゾ​)​"Hey! Taxi"
(Japanese: へーい!タクシーだゾ)
June 12, 2004
504"The walk is delicious"
(Japanese: お散歩はオイシイゾ​)​"Make a wood deck"
(Japanese: ウッドなデッキを作るゾ​)​"The latest mobile phone is convenient"
(Japanese: 最新ケータイは便利だゾ​)
June 19, 2004
505"Is Lara’s Mom a doko?"
(Japanese: ララちゃんのママはドコ?だゾ​)​"Mee on the right"
(Japanese: 座右のメエ〜だゾ)"The grudge of cup ramen is scary"
(Japanese: カップラーメンの恨みは恐いゾ​)
July 10, 2004
506"Dad Mom project"
(Japanese: パパママプロジェクトだゾ​)​"Glasses are cool"
(Japanese: メガネってカッコいいゾ​)​"Supporting Kawaguchi’s love"
(Japanese: 川口さんの恋を応援するゾ​)
July 17, 2004
507"Buy easy yosoyuki"
(Japanese: やすいよそゆきを買うゾ​)​"Paper robot showdown!"
(Japanese: ペーパーロボット対決!だゾ​)​"Tha sea is mufufu..."
(Japanese: 海はムフフ・・・だゾ)
July 24, 2004
508"Everyone goes to the pool"
(Japanese: みんなでプールに行くゾ​)​"Park debut companion"
(Japanese: 公園デビューのおともだゾ​)​"A walk after the rain"
(Japanese: 雨あがりのお散歩だゾ)
August 7, 2004
SPECIAL–44"Go to Kazama-kun"
(Japanese: 風間くんちへ行くゾ​)​"Kazama-kun Comes Over This Time!"
(Japanese: 今度は風間くんが来たゾ​)​"My Nori Rekisho"
(Japanese: オラのりれきしょだゾ​)​"Micchi’s ex-boyfriend?"
(Japanese: ミッチーの元カレ?だゾ​)​"My lunch is decided by this"
(Japanese: オラのお昼はコレに決まりだゾ​)​"Suddenly the tragedy of Shiro"
(Japanese: 突然シロの悲劇だゾ)
September 4, 2004
SPECIAL–45"Hima, no entry"
(Japanese: ひま、お出入り禁止だゾ​)​"Fishing moat storm is here!"
(Japanese: 釣り堀あらし登場!だゾ​)​"It rains, it’s sunny, it’s cloudy"
(Japanese: 降ったり、晴れたり、曇ったりだゾ​)
October 16, 2004
509"Sprinkle doll set"
(Japanese: ふりかけ人形セットだゾ​)​"Buy new shoes"
(Japanese: おニューの靴を買うゾ)
October 22, 2004
510"Great Bento"
(Japanese: グレイトなおべんとうだゾ​)​"Mom’s nice umbrella"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんのステキな傘だゾ​)
October 29, 2004
511"I can’t put out postcards"
(Japanese: ハガキが出せないゾ​)​"Take the plunge and throw it away"
(Japanese: おもいきって捨てるゾ)
November 5, 2004
512"Toilet training"
(Japanese: トイレトレーニングだゾ​)​"Become a Kamishibaya-san"
(Japanese: かみしばいやさんになるゾ​)
November 19, 2004
513"Dad's 24 Minutes"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの24だゾ​)​"Futaba Kindergarten Athletic Meet"
(Japanese: ふたば幼稚園大運動会だゾ​)
November 26, 2004
514"The fight of a terrifying woman"
(Japanese: おそるべし女の闘いだゾ​)​"Kimono is Beauty Four"
(Japanese: 和服はビューティフォーだゾ​)
December 3, 2004
515"Children’s movies are hard"
(Japanese: お子様映画はつらいゾ​)​"Is Matsuzaka-sensei finally getting married?"
(Japanese: 松坂先生もついに結婚?だゾ​)
December 10, 2004
Misae reluctantly takes Shin-chan to a children's matinee and ends up chaperoning some of his kindergarten classmates as well. / English teacher Robert mistakes Ms. Matsuzaka for a ninja and wants to study with her. Misunderstandings arise when Shin-chan "interprets" for him.
516"I like a cold"
(Japanese: オラ、カゼっぽいゾ)"I’ll fix it"
(Japanese: コッソリ直しちゃうゾ)
December 17, 2004
Shin-chan catches a cold after playing outside naked. Misae does her best to take care of him, but he is not exactly a docile patient. / Masao accidentally destroys Nene's craft project. Can the boys keep her distracted by playing "office" and fix it before she notices?
#TitleOriginal Airdate
517"I want to eat this for lunch"
(Japanese: お昼はコレが食べたいゾ​)​"Warm with Kasukabe outside"
(Japanese: 外でアソブとあったかいゾ​)
January 7, 2005
It's payday, so the Nohara family gets into the car and goes off in search of a restaurant, but every place they try is too crowded. / Dismayed that Shin-chan is just sitting around, Misae tells him to go play outside. He gets involved in playing soccer with Kazama and other friends.
518"Masao-kun has done it!"
(Japanese: マサオくんがやっちゃった!ゾ​)​"Prepare is Ready"
(Japanese: 準備はオッケーだゾ)
January 14, 2005
?? / Shin-chan gets a new backpack. Excited to use it, he starts packing for a trip, but the family has no plans to go anywhere for another six months!
519"Masao-kun's life"
(Japanese: マサオ君のカケモチ人生だゾ​)​"Kotatsu's long day"
(Japanese: コタツの長い一日だゾ)
January 21, 2005
Shin-chan and friends are playing action hero, but Nene invites them to play house. Masao tries to do both at once. / On a cold winter day, Shin-chan and Hiroshi don’t want to do anything but sit at the heated kotatsu table all day.
520"Misae detective (deca) innocent school"
(Japanese: みさえ刑事(デカ)純情派だゾ​)​"Burning audition"
(Japanese: 燃えるオーディションだゾ​)
January 28, 2005
Misae plays cops and robbers with Shin-chan and gets caught up in the game, resulting in an embarrassing situation. / Shin-chan’s kindergarten class is going to put on a play. As auditions approach, he and his friends wonder which roles they should try out for.
521"Picked up a kitten"
(Japanese: 子ネコを拾ったゾ​)​"Become an my beauty"
(Japanese: オラ美人になるゾ)
February 4, 2005
Shin-chan and his friends find a stray kitten in the park. They try to find it a new home but are unsuccessful. / Shin-chan gets into Misae’s cosmetics and makes up his face. He is so pleased with the result that he tries putting make-up on the dog.
522"Hana water does not stop"
(Japanese: ハナ水が止まらないゾ​)​"Mom makes a cake"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんがケーキを作るゾ​)
February 18, 2005
Shin-chan has a very runny nose so Misae takes him to an ear, nose and throat specialist, even though he doesn’t want to go. / When Shin-chan hears that other mothers bake cakes, he promises his friends his mother will bake a cake for them -- without asking her.
523"Joint party"
(Japanese: 合コンするゾ)"Beware of cute Hima!"
(Japanese: かわいいひまにゴ用心!だゾ​)
February 25, 2005
Kazama and friends go on a playdate with girls from another kindergarten. They all get along well, but leave it to Shin-chan to cause trouble. / Shin-chan can’t figure out why baby Himawari likes to lick one of his action figures, but he has a plan to stop her.
524"Thank you sushi"
(Japanese: ありがた〜いお寿司だゾ​)​"Teachers' health check"
(Japanese: 先生たちの健康診断だゾ​)
March 4, 2005
It's payday so the family splurges on some expensive sushi, but a meal with two small children is never easy. / The kindergarten teachers undergo their annual physical. Shin-chan manages to enter the examining room and make a nuisance of himself.
525"Bento contest"
(Japanese: お弁当コンクールだゾ​)​"Answer the interview"
(Japanese: インタビューに答えるゾ)
March 11, 2005
The children compete to see who can make the most delicious lunch, but some of the children get help from their mothers. / After Kazama’s mother is interviewed on TV, Misae wants to be interviewed, too. She has Shin-chan pretend to be an interviewer so she can practice.
SPECIAL–46"I'm a dog!"
(Japanese: オラは犬です!だゾ​)​"There is Nanika behind the chest of drawers (2003) <R>"
(Japanese: タンスの裏にはナニカがあるゾ(2003年)〈再〉​)​"Dad's diet"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんのダイエットだゾ​)
April 1, 2005
Envious of the way Shiro spends the whole day lying around, Shin-chan decides that he wants to be a dog, but there are disadvantages to a dog’s life. / ?? / ??
526"Mote Masao-kun"
(Japanese: もてもてマサオくんだゾ​)​"I'm tired and rejuvenated"
(Japanese: ムリして若返っちゃうゾ)
April 22, 2005
527"Diet from tomorrow"
(Japanese: 明日からダイエットだゾ​)​"Watch TV Asahi"
(Japanese: テレビ朝日を見学するゾ​)
April 29, 2005
?? / Misae and Shin-chan are touring the TV Asahi studios when Shin-chan raises havoc by intruding on a live broadcast.
528"Hiroshi's crushing days"
(Japanese: ひろしのときめきの日々だゾ​)​"Fluffy Fluffy Fluffy"
(Japanese: ふってふってふってだゾ​)
May 6, 2005
529"I love Micchi"
(Japanese: アイ・ラブ・ミッチーだゾ​)​"A longing goregous parfait"
(Japanese: あこがれのゴージャス・パフェだゾ​)
May 20, 2005
530"Take a walk with Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんとお散歩だゾ)"I can't use the garage"
(Japanese: ガレージが使えないゾ)
May 27, 2005
531"Dad likes balloons!?"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんは風船がお好き!?だゾ​)​"Ageo-sensei will guide you"
(Japanese: 上尾先生がご指導するゾ​)
June 3, 2005
532"I'll grate!?"
(Japanese: グレてやる!?だゾ​)​"Take turns on your mobile phone"
(Japanese: ケータイの番をするゾ)
June 10, 2005
533"Whistling is huh"
(Japanese: 口笛はヒュ〜ゥだゾ​)​"Make okonomiyaki!"
(Japanese: お好み焼きを作るゾ!)
June 17, 2005
534"Transformed into Moe-P"
(Japanese: もえPに大変身だゾ)"I don't want to see Matsuzaka-sensei"
(Japanese: まつざか先生見ちゃいや〜んだゾ​)
June 24, 2005
535"I will sign"
(Japanese: サインしちゃうゾ​)​"Himawari goes otolaryngology"
(Japanese: ひまわりが耳鼻科に行くゾ​)
July 8, 2005
536"Caring for Mom"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんを看病するゾ​)​"Go to a hideaway restaurant"
(Japanese: 隠れ家レストランに行くゾ​)
July 15, 2005
Misae has a fever, and Shin-chan tries to take care of her, but he only makes things worse. / Misae takes Shin-chan to a “hidden” restaurant. Thinking it’s a “hiding” restaurant, he plays hide-and-seek while the owner and his wife argue.
(Japanese: めんどうくさいゾ)"Make stilts and ride"
(Japanese: 竹馬作って乗っちゃうゾ​)
July 29, 2005
Nobody feels like putting in any effort today. Misae doesn’t want to make a complicated recipe, and Hiroshi lies around on the floor watching TV. / Hiroshi and Shin-chan make a pair of stilts one Sunday morning. They have fun with a hammer and saw but cause trouble when they’re finished.
538"I want to drink juice"
(Japanese: ジュースが飲みたいゾ​)​"Docking with Zuckin!"
(Japanese: ズッキンでドッキン!だゾ​)
August 5, 2005
A thirsty Shin-chan throws a tantrum while out shopping with Misae, but Misae refuses to spend money on juice. / Misae has toothache and heads to a handsome dentist’s surgery. But she ends up waiting so long in the waiting room that she misses him altogether.
539"Go to the CD shop"
(Japanese: CDショップへ行くゾ​)​"Yukata fireworks display"
(Japanese: ゆかたで花火大会だゾ)
August 12, 2005
Ms. Hasuda starts working at a CD store but all she gets are lousy customers. With Shin-chan running around the store, she is even more annoyed. / The Nohara family goes to a fireworks festival. They enjoy the stalls, but soon they’re bickering over everything.
540"Catch Dorcus hopei"
(Japanese: オオクワガタを捕るゾ)
August 19, 2005
541"Tataki ticket"
(Japanese: かたたたき券だゾ)"It's hot"
(Japanese: あつくるしいゾ)
August 26, 2005
542"Atsukuru-sensei is here!"
(Japanese: あつくる先生、登場!だゾ​)​"Walking date"
(Japanese: ウォーキング・デートだゾ​)
September 2, 2005
543"Play soccer"
(Japanese: サッカーで勝負だゾ​)​"Himawari is on top"
(Japanese: ひまわりがのっけちゃうゾ​)
September 9, 2005
544"You can make an expander!"
(Japanese: エキスパンダーできたえるゾ!​)​"Aroma ~ mood"
(Japanese: アロマ〜な気分だゾ)
September 16, 2005
545"Petit Fire Po"
(Japanese: プチファイヤー ポだゾ)"Make accessories"
(Japanese: アクセサリーをつくるゾ)
September 23, 2005
SPECIAL–47"Sprinkle doll set (2004) <R>"
(Japanese: ふりかけ人形セットだゾ(2004年)〈再〉​)​"Babysitter is left to me"
(Japanese: 子守りはオラにおまかせだゾ​)​"Buy new shoes (2004) <R>"
(Japanese: おニューの靴を買うゾ(2004年)〈再〉​)​"​Crayon Shin-chan: Fierceness That Invites Storm! The Battle of the Warring States"
(Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ アッパレ!戦国大合戦)
October 7, 2005
546"Nene-chan bent her belly button"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんがおヘソを曲げちゃったゾ​)​"I got matsutake mushrooms"
(Japanese: まつたけをもらったゾ)
October 28, 2005
547"Getting up early is a great deal for Sanbun"
(Japanese: 早起きは三文のトクだゾ​)​"Overcome weaknesses"
(Japanese: 苦手をコクフクするゾ)
November 4, 2005
548"Fire at the athletic meet"
(Japanese: 運動会でファイヤーだゾ​)​"Shiizo-sensei don't stop!"
(Japanese: しいぞう先生やめないで!だゾ​)
November 11, 2005
549"I want to eat even with my back"
(Japanese: ギックリ腰でも食べたいゾ​)​"Goodbye fire!"
(Japanese: さよならファイヤー!だゾ​)
November 18, 2005
(Japanese: ペンキを塗るゾ)"Hima's favorite!"
(Japanese: ひまのお気に入り!だゾ)
November 25, 2005
When Misae tells Hiroshi he’s getting old and worn out, Hiroshi decides to paint Shiro’s doghouse. He gets “help” from Shin-chan along the way. / Himawari gets infatuated with a handsome actor on daytime TV, but the show soon comes to an end. Sometime later, another person catches her eye.
551"Joint party debut"
(Japanese: 合コンデビューだゾ)"I'll ask you to be alone"
(Japanese: 頼むからひとりにしてだゾ​)
December 2, 2005
When Ms. Ageo agrees to attend her very first mixer as a favor for a friend, Ms. Matsuzaka and the kids help her practice for the real event. / Hiroshi makes his family leave the house so he can concentrate on work, but he finds himself trapped in the restroom with no one around to help.
552"Shiro is also fashionable"
(Japanese: シロもおしゃれをするゾ​)​"I want to eat yufodu"
(Japanese: 湯豆腐を食べたいゾ)
December 9, 2005
When Misae mistakes an expensive brand name clothing for pets as baby clothes, Shin-chan starts talking about dressing Shiro up. / Hiroshi and Shin-chan go out in the cold to buy tofu when Misae forgets to buy some for the much-anticipated hot pot dinner that night.
SPECIAL–48"Crayon Daichushingura (Sakura no Maki) (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: クレヨン大忠臣蔵(桜の巻)(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Crayon Daichushingura (Snow Roll) (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: クレヨン大忠臣蔵(雪の巻)(1998年)〈再〉​)​"I get lost"
(Japanese: 迷子になったゾ)"I won't lose to the rain, I won't lose to the wind"
(Japanese: 雨にも負けず風にも負けないゾ​)​"Yamato of men"
(Japanese: 男たちの大和だゾ)
December 16, 2005
?? / ?? / Misae tells Shin-chan to take Shiro out for a walk, but he immediately gets sidetracked by a group of female college students running past his house. / ?? / ??
#TitleOriginal Airdate
SPECIAL–49"Giving back to stone statue (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: 石像の恩返しだゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Penguins repayment (1998) <R>"
(Japanese: ペンギンの恩返しだゾ(1998年)〈再〉​)​"Match selling me (1994) <R>"
(Japanese: マッチ売りのオラだゾ(1994年)〈再〉​)​"Eat pizza"
(Japanese: ピザを食べるゾ)"Fill the time capsule"
(Japanese: タイムカプセルを埋めるゾ​)
January 6, 2006
?? / ?? / ?? / Misae goes out to run a quick errand. After leafing through various enticing pizza ads, Shin-chan picks up the phone to place an order by himself. / Shin-chan has a hard time deciding what to put in the time capsule he and his friends plan on opening when they are 20 years old.
553"I ate too much"
(Japanese: 食べ過ぎちゃったゾ​)​"My Heart is Elite!"
(Japanese: オラの心はエリートだゾ​)
January 13, 2006
Misae decides to go on a diet again when she fails to squeeze her waist into one of her skirts. After a week of self-denial, she checks her progress. / Kazama talks about an important exam while walking with his cram school friends. Suddenly, Shin-chan shows up in front of them in a poop costume.
554"Mom is raising a child"
(Japanese: かあちゃんは子育て中だゾ​)​"I went to a women's college again"
(Japanese: また女子大に行ったゾ)
January 20, 2006
Shin-chan wants a handheld digital pet toy, but they’re sold out everywhere. Later, Hiroshi brings one home after winning it in a bingo game. / Shin-chan and his friends get treated to a tea ceremony after barging into a club room at an all-women’s college.
555"Take me to ski"
(Japanese: オラをすきーに連れてってだゾ​)
January 27, 2006
556"Playing in the snow with Shiizo-sensei"
(Japanese: しいぞう先生と雪遊びだゾ​)​"Himawari is a princess"
(Japanese: ひまわりはお姫さまだゾ​)
February 3, 2006
Mr. Shiizou visits the kindergarten on a snowy day and plays with the kids. Soon, the playground gets filled with various snow sculptures. / Kazama and the others come over to Shin-chan’s place while he and his sister are home alone. Together, the boys try to entertain Himawari.
557"Go to a procession ramen shop"
(Japanese: 行列のラーメン屋に行くゾ​)​"Have Matsuzaka-sensei send it?"
(Japanese: まつざか先生に送ってもらうゾ​)
February 10, 2006
558"Listen to people"
(Japanese: 人の話を聞きなさいだゾ​)​"Family ski"
(Japanese: ファミリースキーだゾ)
February 17, 2006
The Noharas go out to eat at a fancy hotel. Hiroshi teaches his family how to strategically eat at a buffet, but they ignore his advice. / The Noharas go to a ski resort. Hiroshi and Shin-chan put on airs in front of pretty ladies, while Himawari goes gaga for handsome skiers.
559"Mom is a cleaning expert"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんはお掃除名人だゾ​)​"Go buy a new car"
(Japanese: 新車を買いに行くゾ)
March 3, 2006
Atsuko comes over for a visit with her daughter Atsumi. Impressed with how tidy the house is, Atsuko asks Misae to teach her how to clean. / The Noharas go shopping for a new car to replace the old one that is falling apart. They find one that they like and take it out for a test drive.
560"Mini Pato's older sister"
(Japanese: ミニパトのおねいさんだゾ​)​"Dad's important shirt"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの大事なシャツだゾ​)
March 10, 2006
Shin-chan crosses paths with a rookie police officer who shares his enthusiasm for detective dramas. / Hiroshi gets a “Babaary” brand shirt that Misae bought at an outlet. Misae becomes overly concerned about the expensive shirt getting soiled.
561"Go to a big park"
(Japanese: おっきな公園に行くゾ​)​"My Auntie Came to Visit"
(Japanese: おばちゃんが来たゾ)
March 17, 2006
?? / Shin-chan watches a crime drama at Masao’s house. On his way home, he crosses paths with a woman who looks like the killer from the show.
SPECIAL–50"Running an Errand (1992) <R> TranslitTitle_1 ="
(Japanese: おつかいに行くゾ(1992年)〈再〉​)​"I Found a Puppy (1992) <R>"
(Japanese: 子犬を拾ったゾ(1992年)〈再〉​)​"His Name is Shiro (1992) <R>"
(Japanese: 名前はシロだゾ(1992年)〈再〉​)​"​Crayon Shin-chan: The Legend Called Buri Buri 3 Minutes Charge"
(Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん 伝説を呼ぶブリブリ 3分ポッキリ大進撃)
April 11, 2006
SPECIAL–51"Collect candy toys and shock garn"
(Japanese: 食玩集めてショックガーンだゾ​)
April 14, 2006
562"Earn Chocobi"
(Japanese: チョコビをかせぐゾ)"Oh No! The Family Just Got Bigger Today"
(Japanese: 大変!今日から家族がふえたゾ​)
April 21, 2006
Misae comes up with an idea to make Shin-chan do his chores after catching him devouring an entire box of Chocobi. / ???
563"Sogu with the unknown"
(Japanese: 未知とのそーぐーだゾ​)​"Gutara sisters"
(Japanese: グータラ姉妹だゾ)
April 28, 2006
564"Don't lose Musae-chan!"
(Japanese: 負けるな、むさえちゃん!だゾ​)​"Kazama-kun and Shiro's walk"
(Japanese: 風間くんとシロのお散歩だゾ​)
May 5, 2006
565"Preach to Musae-chan!"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんにお説教!だゾ​)​"Go out by train"
(Japanese: 電車でおでかけだゾ)
May 12, 2006
566"Formed! New Saitama Red Scorpion Corps"
(Japanese: 結成!新さいたま紅さそり隊だゾ​)
May 19, 2006
(Japanese: お洗濯するゾ)"Future Me"
(Japanese: 未来のオラ達だゾ)
May 26, 2006
568"Used for dry cleaners"
(Japanese: クリーニング屋さんにお使いだゾ​)​"Get rice"
(Japanese: お米をゲットするゾ)
June 2, 2006
569"When 3 Women Gather"
(Japanese: 女3人寄っちゃったゾ​)​"Go to the driving range"
(Japanese: ゴルフ練習場に行くゾ)
June 9, 2006
570"Excitement at the World Cup"
(Japanese: ワールドカップで盛り上がるゾ​)​"Get excited with soccer"
(Japanese: サッカーで盛り上がるゾ​)
June 16, 2006
Musae wakes Misae up in the middle of the night to watch a World Cup match and ends up waking the whole family. / ??
571"Musae-chan's matchmaking"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんのお見合いだゾ​)​"Trial English conversation"
(Japanese: おためし英会話だゾ)
June 23, 2006
572"Lost friend"
(Japanese: 迷子の友だゾ)"Go to kindergarten with Musae-chan"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんと幼稚園に行くゾ​)
July 7, 2006
Shin-chan gets lost at the amusement park and meets a boy who likes ballet. Together, the two boys give one of the staff members a hard time. / Musae takes Shin-chan to his kindergarten instead of Misae. Shin-chan misdirects her from the back of her bike and makes her take the long way around.
573"Musae-chan way of life"
(Japanese: むさえちゃん流生き方だゾ​)
July 14, 2006
574"I can't keep up with strangers"
(Japanese: 知らない人にはついていかないゾ​)​"Copy Take"
(Japanese: コピーをとるゾ)
July 21, 2006
Policemen visit the kindergarten to give a lecture on crime prevention for kids. Shin-chan learns what to do if an unfamiliar adult approaches him. / After spending some time trying to copy Okei's recipes by hand, Misae takes her kids to the convenience store to get the job done faster.
575"Insect catching beautiful girl"
(Japanese: 虫取り美少女だゾ​)​"Leave the answering machine to Musae-chan"
(Japanese: 留守番はむさえちゃんにおまかせだゾ​)
July 28, 2006
Shin-chan and his friends go to a nearby forest to catch bugs. A self-proclaimed pretty girl that likes insects challenges the kids to a contest. / ??
576"Muchu in Koshien"
(Japanese: 甲子園にムチューだゾ​)​"When 2 Women Gather"
(Japanese: 女がふたり集まると・・・だゾ​)
August 4, 2006
Shinnosuke and the others visit their principal. They start playing tag, but the principal is preoccupied with watching a baseball tournament on TV. / ??
SPECIAL–52"I produced Yoiko"
(Japanese: オラがよゐこをプロデュースだゾ​)​"Swimming in the Bath with Nanako (2003) <R>"
(Japanese: なな子おねいさんと海水浴だゾ(2003年)〈再〉​)​"The air conditioner is broken"
(Japanese: エアコンがこわれたゾ)
August 11, 2006
577"Brief Panda"
(Japanese: ブリーフパンダだゾ)
August 18, 2006
578"Nagure Rabbit Frequently"
(Japanese: なぐられうさぎたびたびだゾ​)​"The weakest here"
(Japanese: ここ一番に弱いゾ)
August 25, 2006
Nene gets scared and leaves her stuffed punching bunny at Shin-chan's place after having a nightmare about it. At night, it starts to move on its own. / Masao practices how to do back hip circles, but no one seems to be looking at the right time. Shin-chan and the others hide to secretly observe Masao.
579"I'm 2 Years Old"
(Japanese: オラ2歳だゾ​)​"Musae-chan vs. Akita's grandpa"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんVS秋田のじいちゃんだゾ​)
September 8, 2006
Part one of the 2-year-old series. Misae and Hiroshi are newlyweds. Hungry little Shin-chan obsesses over the tamagoyaki in Hiroshi's bento box. / Ginnosuke pays an unexpected visit and plays a prank on a napping Musae, thinking she is Misae. Musae then mistakes him for an intruder.
580"First dentist"
(Japanese: 初めての歯医者さんだゾ​)​"Gin-chan's holiday"
(Japanese: 銀ちゃんの休日だゾ)
September 15, 2006
Misae takes 2-year-old Shin-chan to a toothbrushing seminar. There, they meet Kazama and the other kids who will be going to the same kindergarten. / Ginnosuke has been going out to play with Musae on a daily basis. When Misae tries to send him back to Akita, he pretends that his back hurts.
SPECIAL–53"Kureshin Paradise! Made in Saitama"
(クレしんパラダイス!メイド・イン・埼玉)​"I'm looking forward to tomorrow's picnic (2002) <R>"
September 22, 2006
SPECIAL–54"Looking back on this year (1996) <R>"
(Japanese: 今年一年のふりかえりだゾ(1996年)〈再〉​)​"Battle on your mobile phone"
(Japanese: ケータイ電話でバトルだゾ​)​"Lord of the Rings Part 1 Travel Companion"
(Japanese: ロード・オブ・ザ・イカリング 第一部 旅の仲間だゾ)"Lord of the Rings Part 2 I don't know the 2 towers"
(Japanese: ロード・オブ・ザ・イカリング 第二部 2つの塔は知らないゾ​)​"Lord of the Rings Part 3 Inpressive Complete Edition"
(Japanese: ロード・オブ・ザ・イカリング 第三部 感動の完結編だゾ)
October 6, 2006
?? / Misae gets into a fight with Musae. Instead of speaking to one another directly, they have a strange argument via text through Hiroshi. / ??
581"I'm a lucky boy"
(Japanese: オラ、ラッキーボーイだゾ​)​"Potato digging showdown"
(Japanese: イモ掘り対決だゾ)
October 20, 2006
Misae and Hiroshi see their energetic 2-year-old son and wish they had a bigger house. They take a look at a house ad, but the price makes them sigh. / Shin-chan and his friends compete against the Rose class on the sweet potato harvest day, but their rivals have a tuber-digging prodigy on their side.
582"Nohara Family 3 Generations"
(Japanese: 野原家三代だゾ)"Call me Grandpa!"
(Japanese: おじょうさまとお呼び!だゾ​)
October 27, 2006
Ginnosuke, Hiroshi and Shin-chan decide to go to a public bath together while Misae is shopping and Musae is at the library. / Nene wishes she had a butler and that she lived in a mansion. She calls Shin-chan and the others over to make them audition to become her butler.
583"The heated pool is a paradise"
(Japanese: 温水プールはパラダイスだゾ​)​"Shiro does not take medicine"
(Japanese: シロがお薬をのまないゾ​)
November 3, 2006
The Noharas head to a new heated swimming pool. When Shin-chan says he can only dog paddle, Hiroshi tells him he will teach him how to swim properly. / Shiro gets an immunization shot at the animal clinic. While examining him, the vet discovers a skin rash and sends him home with medicine.
584"Red scorpion corps friendship part-time job"
(Japanese: 紅サソリ隊友情のアルバイトだゾ​)​"Buy a new suit"
(Japanese: おニューのスーツを買うゾ​)
November 10, 2006
Ryuko figures that Mari started working in order to pay for her mother's hospital bills. In order to help her friend, Ryuko gets a job as a waitress. / Hiroshi wants to replace his old, worn-out suit. The Noharas go shopping together, but Shin-chan makes it more of a chore than it needs to be.
585"Autumn excursion panics"
(Japanese: 秋の遠足はパニックだゾ​)
November 17, 2006
The kindergarten class is on an excursion to the country, when Shin-chan and Kazama become separated from the others and get lost.
586"It's hard to put out a kotatsu"
(Japanese: コタツを出すのは大変だゾ​)​"Let Himawari lie down"
(Japanese: ひまわりを寝かせるゾ)
November 24, 2006
The Noharas decide that it is time to bring out the kotatsu, but Misae explains that it will be difficult to dig it out from the back of the closet. / Misae is dead tired because Himawari won't sleep at night. Kazama and the other kids try to put Himawari to sleep so Misae can rest.
587"Who owns the trash!?"
(Japanese: ゴミは誰のもの!?だゾ​)​"Musae-chan's lullaby"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんの子守唄だゾ​)
December 8, 2006
Kazama discovers a Moe-P toy in a pile of trash. As he considers taking it home, he is spotted by Shin-chan and his other friends. / ??
SPECIAL–55"Dad is worried"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんは心配性だゾ​)​"Collect candy toys and shock garn (2006) <R>"
(Japanese: 食玩集めてショックガーンだゾ(2006年)〈再〉​)
December 15, 2006
Misae and Musae go to an izakaya. Hiroshi starts to worry about Misae being out too late while he stays home to watch Shin-chan and Himawari. / ??
#TitleOriginal Airdate
588"Amiami together"
(Japanese: みんなでアミアミだゾ​)​"Bicycle is where?"
(Japanese: 自転車はどこ?だゾ)
January 12, 2007
Shin-chan and his friends see Bo-chan finger knitting at the park. Step by step, Bo-chan tries to teach them all how to work with yarn. / Misae tries to take Shin-chan to kindergarten, but her bike is missing. Everyone looks around to see where Musae left it the night before.
589"I'm worried"
(Japanese: 心配がイッパイだゾ​)​"Supporting working Shiro"
(Japanese: 働く四郎さんを応援するゾ​)
January 19, 2007
?? / The Noharas make an early morning trip to a big clothing store where they run into Yonro working at a part-time job with a strict boss.
590"I don't like what I like"
(Japanese: キライなものはキライだゾ​)​"Replace the futon cover"
(Japanese: ふとんカバーを取り替えるゾ​)
January 26, 2007
It's lunchtime at Shin-chan's kindergarten and everyone's lunch has something they dislike in it. They begin to trade, but things get out of hand. / Shin-chan's mom gets him to help replace the family's futon covers, but he keeps running into trouble trying to unzip the covers.
591"Dad's business trip"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの出張をおいかけるゾ​)
February 2, 2007
592"Forgotten walk"
(Japanese: わすれられたお散歩だゾ​)​"First time"
(Japanese: 初めてのおわかれだゾ)
February 9, 2007
Shin-chan takes Shiro for a walk and runs into Masao, who invites him to the supermarket. The two head inside and leave Shiro out in the cold. / Shin-chan's mom wakes him up in excitement after seeing snow outside. He and Shiro head outside to make a snowman, but there isn't a lot of snow.
593"Make the weather"
(Japanese: あ〜した天気にするゾ​)​"Musae-chan's Yakiniku Road"
(Japanese: むさえちゃんのヤキニクロードだゾ​)
February 16, 2007
Nanako promises Shin-chan that she'll take him on a picnic tomorrow if it's sunny. Meanwhile, a shoe suddenly hits Kazama's face at the park. / Musae eats a late lunch and complains that the Noharas have been eating too much hot pot. She whines when she learns they'll have yakiniku for dinner.
594"Good hot water"
(Japanese: いい湯だゾ)"I got rid of Masao-kun"
(Japanese: マサオくんにはえちゃったゾ​)
February 23, 2007
?? / Shin-chan stops by Masao's and learns that he accidentally swallowed a mikan seed and is worried that it will sprout.
595"I'm in style world swimming"
(Japanese: オラ流世界水泳だゾ​)​"The whole family has a fever"
(Japanese: 一家そろって発熱だゾ)
March 9, 2007
596"Mikabozu Mom"
(Japanese: 三日坊主かーちゃんだゾ​)​"I lost what I was looking for"
(Japanese: さがしものをなくしたゾ)
March 16, 2007
SPECIAL–57"I'm Nohara Shiro"
(Japanese: ぼく野原シロのすけです​)
April 27, 2007
When a fairy grants Shiro a wish for helping her out, he turns into a human and starts living with the Nohara family as Shin-chan’s older brother. One such day, Shin-chan goes missing at a picnic.
597"Secretly support Masao-kun"
(Japanese: マサオくんをこっそり応援するゾ​)​"Himawari's CM audition"
(Japanese: ひまわりのCMオーディションだゾ​)
May 11, 2007
598"Help kindergarten"
(Japanese: 幼稚園をお助けするゾ​)​"I'm in sushi restaurant"
(Japanese: オラお寿司屋さんだゾ)
May 18, 2007
599"New face in kindergarten"
(Japanese: 幼稚園にニューフェイスだゾ​)
May 25, 2007
New classmate Sho joins the Sunflower class, but all he does is start fights and cause trouble. He soon becomes the boss of the playground.
600"Ai-chan and Goka play house"
(Japanese: あいちゃんとゴーカなおままごとだゾ​)​"Clean up with a hero"
(Japanese: ヒーローでお片づけだゾ​)
June 1, 2007
601"The day when I became me"
(Japanese: オラがオラになった日だゾ​)​"Patrol the town"
(Japanese: ご町内をパトロールするゾ​)
June 8, 2007
602"Massage gets tired"
(Japanese: マッサージは疲れるゾ​)​"Alone me"
(Japanese: ひとりぽっちのオラだゾ)
June 15, 2007
603"Nene-chan's important thing"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんの一大事だゾ​)​"It's a decased person"
(Japanese: おとしものですよぉだゾ)
June 22, 2007
604"Enjoy Shumi"
(Japanese: シュミを楽しむゾ​)​"Present for Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんにプレゼントだゾ​)
July 6, 2007
605"Become an astronaut"
(Japanese: 宇宙飛行士になるゾ​)​"Speaking of summer, swimming competition"
(Japanese: 夏といえば水泳大会だゾ​)
July 13, 2007
606"Paper bags are very important"
(Japanese: 紙袋はすっごく大事だゾ​)​"My peppers"
(Japanese: オラんちのピーマンだゾ​)
July 20, 2007
607"Delivered deliveries"
(Japanese: なくなるお届け物だゾ​)​"Stay cool"
(Japanese: 涼しくすごすゾ)
July 27, 2007
SPECIAL–58"Shaved ice is keen"
(Japanese: かき氷がキーンだゾ​)​"Catch dorcus hopei (2005) <R>"
(Japanese: オオクワガタを捕るゾ(2005年)〈再〉​)​"​Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-O"
(Japanese: 仮面ライダー電王VSしん王だゾ​)
August 3, 2007
608"Donut shop with a line"
(Japanese: 行列のできるドーナッツ屋さんだゾ​)​"Shiro's happiness"
(Japanese: シロのしあわせだゾ)
August 10, 2007
609"Omoi watermelon"
(Japanese: おもいスイカちゃんだゾ​)​"Don't take shelter from the rain"
(Japanese: 雨宿りしませませだゾ)
August 17, 2007
610"Me, kappa and the end of summer"
(Japanese: オラとカッパと夏のおわりだゾ​)
August 31, 2007
611"Grandpa from Kyushu has arrived"
(Japanese: 九州のじいちゃんが来たゾ​)
September 14, 2007
612"I tried to get motivated"
(Japanese: やる気になってみたゾ​)​"Tonight is a barbecue"
(Japanese: 今夜はバーベキューだゾ​)
September 21, 2007
613"Play golf"
(Japanese: ゴルフで勝負だゾ​)​"Shooting Kessaku"
(Japanese: ケッサクを撮りまくるゾ)
October 26, 2007
614"Messed up with a massage"
(Japanese: マッサージでくたくただゾ​)​"Isoro to Isoro"
(Japanese: イソーローにイソーローだゾ​)
November 2, 2007
615"Today is Sunday"
(Japanese: 日曜日のオラんちだゾ​)​"Lucky girl Nene-chan"
(Japanese: ラッキーガールネネちゃんだゾ​)
November 16, 2007
616"Tissue Prince"
(Japanese: ハナカミ王子だゾ)"Try a part-time job"
(Japanese: アルバイトしてみたゾ)
November 30, 2007
SPECIAL–59"Nohara Shijuro"
(Japanese: 野原四十郎)"Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called The Jungle"
(Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶジャングル(2000年)(監督:原恵一)​)
December 14, 2007
Rebroadcasting–SPECIAL"Oh No! My Family is Just Got Bigger Today! (2006) <R>"
(Japanese: 大変!今日から家族がふえたゾ(2006年)〈再)​)​"Don't lose Musae-chan! (2006) <R>"
(Japanese: 負けるな、むさえちゃん!だゾ(2006年)〈再〉​)​"When 3 Women Gather (2006) <R>"
(Japanese: 女3人寄っちゃったゾ(2006年)〈再〉​)​"Grandpa from Kyushu has arrived (2007) <R>"
(Japanese: 九州のじいちゃんが来たゾ(2007年)〈再〉​)​"​Kamen Rider Den-O + Shin-O (2007) <R>"
(Japanese: 仮面ライダー電王VSしん王だゾ(2007年)〈再〉​)​"I'm Nohara Shiro (2007) <R>"
(Japanese: ぼく野原シロのすけです(2007年)〈再〉​)
December 30, 2007
#TitleOriginal Airdate
617"Return home to Akita"
(Japanese: 秋田に里帰りだゾ)
January 11, 2008
618"Celebration! Nantes!! Departure of youth"
(Japanese: 祝!!ナント!青春の旅立ちだゾ​)
January 18, 2008
Musae takes Shin-chan to his kindergarten class. While taking photos of the children at the playground, she meets a fellow photographer.
619"I'll play with Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんと遊んであげるゾ​)​"Welcome back Musae-chan!"
(Japanese: おかえり、むさえちゃん!だゾ​)
January 25, 2008
620"Aim for World Champion"
(Japanese: 目指せ世界チャンピオンだゾ​)​"Mom revolution"
(Japanese: 母ちゃん大革命だゾ)
February 1, 2008
621"Taking Care of the House With Kazama"
(Japanese: 風間くんとお留守番だゾ​)​"Be careful of what you have left behind"
(Japanese: 忘れ物に気を付けるゾ)
February 8, 2008
622"Take a matchmaking photo"
(Japanese: お見合い写真を撮るゾ​)​"Help Masao-kun"
(Japanese: マサオ君を手伝うゾ)
February 15, 2008
623"Children's beauty salon"
(Japanese: こども美容室だゾ​)​"Eco! Go out"
(Japanese: エコ!でいくゾ)
February 22, 2008
624"Hard under the ladder"
(Japanese: ハシゴの下で大変だゾ​)​"The Refrigerator Broke"
(Japanese: 冷蔵庫が壊れちゃったゾ​)
February 29, 2008
625"Nene's Illusion"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんのモウソウだゾ​)​"My Doodle is Fine Art"
(Japanese: 芸術はおえかきだゾ)
March 14, 2008
SPECIAL–60"A kindergarten child who does not call a storm"
(Japanese: ちょー嵐を呼ばない園児だゾ​)
April 18, 2008
626"Sushi Prince!"
(Japanese: スシ王子!だゾ)
April 25, 2008
(Japanese: ウォーキングだゾ​)​"Store pretend"
(Japanese: お店屋さんごっこだゾ)
May 2, 2008
628"I got new tea"
(Japanese: 新茶をもらったゾ)"I become a bodyguard"
(Japanese: オラ、ボディガードになるゾ​)
May 9, 2008
629"Secret character lunch"
(Japanese: ヒミツのキャラクター弁当だゾ​)​"I decide"
(Japanese: オラたちが決めるゾ)
May 16, 2008
630"And everyone became a criminal"
(Japanese: そしてみんな犯人になったゾ​)​"Find socks!"
(Japanese: 靴下を探せ!だゾ)
May 23, 2008
631"Weak to stuffed hodai"
(Japanese: 詰めホーダイに弱いゾ​)​"Dad Left"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんが出てったゾ)
May 30, 2008
632"Nene is in Love"
(Japanese: 恋するネネちゃんだゾ)"I went to a yakitori shop"
(Japanese: ヤキトリ屋さんに行ったゾ​)
June 6, 2008
633"It's hard to walk around Shiro!"
(Japanese: シロのお散歩は大変!だゾ​)​"Mom is late"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんは遅いゾ)
June 13, 2008
634"Red scorpion corps nursery school"
(Japanese: 紅さそり隊の保育園だゾ​)​"Cut Himawari's claws"
(Japanese: ひまわりのおツメを切るゾ​)
June 20, 2008
635"Birthday party without appointment"
(Japanese: アポなしでお誕生会だゾ​)​"Gasoline barely"
(Japanese: ガソリンぎりぎりだゾ)
July 11, 2008
636"The secret love of the leader"
(Japanese: 組長のヒミツの愛だゾ​)​"The slap lottery!"
(Japanese: たたたた宝くじが!だゾ​)
July 18, 2008
637"Delicious when you go on a trip"
(Japanese: 旅に出るとおいしいゾ​)​"Rainy Sunday"
(Japanese: 雨の日曜日だゾ)
July 25, 2008
638"Shikuyoro at a joint party"
(Japanese: 合コンでシクヨロだゾ​)​"Insect hunter Hiroshi"
(Japanese: 昆虫ハンターひろしだゾ​)
August 1, 2008
639"See cormorant fishing"
(Japanese: 鵜飼いを見るゾ)
August 8, 2008
640"Jori Jori feels good"
(Japanese: ジョリジョリが気持ちいいゾ​)​"What a camp"
(Japanese: なんちゃってキャンプだゾ​)
August 15, 2008
641"Kaminari Gorogoro"
(Japanese: カミナリゴロゴロだゾ​)​"Tan Dad"
(Japanese: 日焼けの父ちゃんだゾ)
August 22, 2008
642"I'm not really happy today"
(Japanese: 今日はとことんツイてないゾ​)​"I'm not really happy"
(Japanese: わたしもとことんツイてないわだゾ​)
August 29, 2008
643"Mom left home"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんが家出したゾ)
September 12, 2008
644"What if I make up?"
(Japanese: 仲直りしたら〜?だゾ)
September 19, 2008
SPECIAL–61"Dad and point get"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんとポイントゲットだゾ​)
September 26, 2008
645"Road to athletic meet"
(Japanese: ロード・トゥ・運動会だゾ​)​"I'm from the morning"
(Japanese: 朝からいるゾ)
October 17, 2008
646"I'm sick with a cold"
(Japanese: お風呂でシュワっとするゾ​)​"Separate garbage"
(Japanese: ゴミを分別するゾ)
October 31, 2008
647"Kindergarten cleanup"
(Japanese: 幼稚園のおかたづけだゾ​)​"Hima's toys"
(Japanese: ひまのおもちゃだゾ)
November 7, 2008
648"Wrinkled yellow handkerchief"
(Japanese: しわよせの黄色いハンカチだゾ​)
November 14, 2008
649"Book usage"
(Japanese: ご本のおつかいだゾ​)​"We Are Masao's Assistants"
(Japanese: マサオくんのアシスタントだゾ​)
November 21, 2008
650"Smile? Encho-sensei"
(Japanese: 笑う?園長先生だゾ​)​"Part-time job Mom"
(Japanese: アルバイト母ちゃんだゾ​)
November 28, 2008
651"I'm worried about singing"
(Japanese: お歌でお悩みだゾ​)​"Mysterious Shinko-chan"
(Japanese: 謎のしんこちゃんだゾ)
December 5, 2008
652"Kazama-kun's sympathy"
(Japanese: 風間くんのお見舞いだゾ​)​"Handmade baby clothes"
(Japanese: 手作りベビー服だゾ)
December 12, 2008
653"Make money with flea market"
(Japanese: フリマで稼いじゃうゾ​)​"Dad and Shiro's Strolling"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんとシロの散歩だゾ​)
December 19, 2008
#TitleOriginal Airdate
654"We're All in Kumamoto"
(Japanese: みんなで熊本だゾ)"The Trio That Gets Each Other"
(Japanese: 気が合う三人だゾ)
January 9, 2009
655"Matchmaking in Kumamoto"
(Japanese: 熊本でお見合いだゾ​)​"Nohara Family's Open Golf"
(Japanese: 野原家オープンゴルフだゾ​)
January 16, 2009
656"Find anywhere"
(Japanese: どこでも見つけちゃうゾ​)​"Shinko-chan Again"
(Japanese: また!しんこちゃんだゾ​)
January 23, 2009
657"The Mothers' Summit"
(Japanese: ママサミットだゾ)"A Little Snow"
(Japanese: ちょっぴりの雪だゾ)
February 13, 2009
658"What Master Is Looking For"
(Japanese: 師匠のさがし物だゾ​)​"Cleaning With A Rap Song"
(Japanese: ラップでお掃除だゾ)
February 20, 2009
659"Shinko-chan Once Again"
(Japanese: またまたしんこちゃんだゾ​)​"It Takes More Than A Day To Write An E-Mail"
(Japanese: メールは一日にしてならずだゾ​)
February 27, 2009
660"Ai-chan Is On A Diet"
(Japanese: あいちゃんがダイエットだゾ​)​"We Go On A Trip"
(Japanese: オラ、旅立つゾ)
March 13, 2009
661"A wandering husler"
(Japanese: さすらいのハスラーだゾ​)​"Shinko-chan's Last Appearance"
(Japanese: さいごの?しんこちゃんだゾ​)
April 3, 2009
SPECIAL–62"I'm a Lion and King 1"
(Japanese: オラはライオンでキングだゾ 1)"Art is Oekaki"
(Japanese: 芸術はおえかきだゾ​)​"I'm a Lion and King 2"
(Japanese: オラはライオンでキングだゾ 2)"Eco! Go out"
(Japanese: エコ!でいくゾ)
April 24, 2009
662"Planting Radishes"
(Japanese: オラのラディッシュちゃんだゾ​)​"Hide and hide"
(Japanese: かくれてかくすゾ)
May 1, 2009
663"Nanako Sister and Answering Machine"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんとお留守番だゾ​)​"Making a Shelf With Dad"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんと棚を作るゾ)
May 8, 2009
664"Ai-chan Runs Away From Home"
(Japanese: あいちゃんの家出だゾ​)​"Finding A Lost Child!"
(Japanese: 迷子を捕まえろ!だゾ)
May 15, 2009
665"Shiro's perch"
(Japanese: シロのおとまりだゾ)"It's a good place"
(Japanese: いいところなのに・・・だゾ​)
May 22, 2009
666"Connect clay"
(Japanese: 粘土をコネコネするゾ​)​"It's A Secret!"
(Japanese: それはヒミツ!だゾ)
May 29, 2009
667"Matsuzaka-sensei is addicted"
(Japanese: まつざか先生がハマッたゾ​)​"Leave Himawari in Child Care"
(Japanese: ひまわりをあずけるゾ)
June 5, 2009
668"Norinori at the wedding"
(Japanese: 結婚式でノリノリだゾ​)​"Driving In The Middle Of The Night"
(Japanese: 真夜中のドライブだゾ)
June 12, 2009
669"Love Letter Strategy"
(Japanese: ラブレター大作戦だゾ​)​"Replace the rubber"
(Japanese: ゴムをとりかえるゾ)
June 19, 2009
670"Thumbs, Hello"
(Japanese: 親指さん、こんにちはだゾ​)​"Crayfish Great Escape"
(Japanese: ザリガニ大脱走だゾ)
July 3, 2009
671"The criminal is slack!"
(Japanese: 犯人はダレだ!だゾ​)​"Gallery Nohara"
(Japanese: ぎゃるり野原だゾ)
July 10, 2009
672"Bento Boys"
(Japanese: 弁当男子だゾ)"Hima's Pool Diary"
(Japanese: ひまのプール日記だゾ)
July 17, 2009
673"Clean up with an answering machine"
(Japanese: お留守番でおそうじだゾ​)​"Weekly Saitama Prefectural Office"
(Japanese: 週刊埼玉県庁だゾ)
July 24, 2009
674"Dr. Kazama"
(Japanese: Dr.カザマだゾ)"Be quiet at the bank"
(Japanese: 銀行ではお静かにだゾ)
July 31, 2009
675"Departure of Mom and Daughter"
(Japanese: 屈底母娘の家出だソ​)​"Stone conveys feelings"
(Japanese: 石が気持ちを伝えるゾ)
August 7, 2009
676"Giving back the vine"
(Japanese: ツルの恩返しだゾ​)​"Find the legendary war fan 1"
(Japanese: 伝説の軍扇をさがせだゾ1​)
August 14, 2009
677"Shiro's summer heat"
(Japanese: シロが夏バテだゾ​)​"Find the legendary war fan 2"
(Japanese: 伝説の軍扇をさがせだゾ2​)
August 21, 2009
678"Horizontal bar at night"
(Japanese: 夜の鉄棒だゾ)"Take the world"
(Japanese: 天下を取るゾ)
August 28, 2009
679"Memory of Love during the Sengoku Period"
(Japanese: 恋の戦国メモリーだゾ​)​"Sengoku is Here"
(Japanese: 戦国しちゃうゾ)
September 4, 2009
680"Nene-chan's opponent is hard"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんの相手は大変だゾ​)​"I lost the key"
(Japanese: 鍵をなくしたゾ)
September 18, 2009
(Japanese: コンカツだゾ)"Aim for a home run"
(Japanese: ホームランを狙うゾ)
October 16, 2009
682"Four-leaf clover"
(Japanese: 四葉のクローバーだゾ​)​"I got potatoes"
(Japanese: おイモをもらったゾ)
October 23, 2009
683"Mom vs. Himawari"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんVSひまわりだゾ​)​"Shinko-chan often"
(Japanese: しんこちゃんたびたびだゾ​)​"Hima will do it"
(Japanese: ひまがやっちゃうゾ)
October 30, 2009
684"I'm not good at Su Su"
(Japanese: スースーが苦手だゾ​)​"Calligraphy is fun"
(Japanese: 書道は楽しいゾ)
November 6, 2009
685"The mobile zoo has come"
(Japanese: 移動動物園が来たゾ)"I care about how to hold chopsticks"
(Japanese: 箸の持ち方を気にするゾ​)
November 13, 2009
686"Letter to Nene-chan"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんにお手紙だゾ​)​"Get along"
(Japanese: 仲良くして!だゾ)
November 20, 2009
687"Appear on the one-on-one calander"
(Japanese: ワンワンカレンダーに出るゾ​)​"Power up with false eyelashes"
(Japanese: つけまつげでパワーアップだゾ​)
November 27, 2009
688"Ageo-sensei's secret weekend"
(Japanese: 上尾先生の秘密の週末だゾ​)​"Bazzar in kindergarten"
(Japanese: 幼稚園でバザーだゾ)
December 4, 2009
SPECIAL–63"Crayon Shin-chan: The Storm Called: The Adult Empire Strikes Back"
(Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん 嵐を呼ぶ モーレツ!オトナ帝国の逆襲(2001年)(監督:原恵一)​)​"Snow Prince"
(Japanese: スノープリンスだゾ)
December 18, 2009
#TitleOriginal Airdate
689"Encho-sensei's Misfortune"
(Japanese: 園長先生の災難だゾ)"I Got a High-class Chocolate!"
(Japanese: 高級チョコをもらったゾ​)​"What About the Future!?"
(Japanese: 将来は!?だゾ)
January 8, 2010
690"Shinko-chan Again!"
(Japanese: しんこちゃんまたまた!だゾ​)​"Clean Up the Cardboard Box"
(Japanese: 段ボール箱を片づけるゾ​)​"What About the Future!? 2"
(Japanese: 将来は!?だゾ2)
January 15, 2010
691"Chocobi's Factory Tour"
(Japanese: チョコビの工場見学だゾ​)​"Action Mask Towel"
(Japanese: アクション仮面タオルだゾ​)​"What About the Future!? 3"
(Japanese: 将来は!?だゾ3)
January 22, 2010
692"The Trip to Perth is Memorable"
(Japanese: 思い出のパース旅行だゾ​)​"What About the Future!? 4"
(Japanese: 将来は!?だゾ4)
January 29, 2010
693"Kasukabe Large Set"
(Japanese: カスカベ大集合だゾ)"I Saw the Housekeeping Agency!"
(Japanese: 家事代行屋さんは見た!だゾ​)
February 5, 2010
694"Under the Coat..."
(Japanese: コートの下は…だゾ​)​"Ask a Shooting Star"
(Japanese: 流れ星にお願いするゾ)
February 19, 2010
695"The Drive that Came Out"
(Japanese: 出たとこドライブだゾ)"I Want to Eat Yakiimo Anymore"
(Japanese: どーしてもヤキイモが食べたいゾ​)
March 12, 2010
696"Kasukabe Time Patrol Corps I Want to See My Bride"
(Japanese: 春我部タイムパトロール隊 オラの花嫁がみたいゾ)
March 26, 2010
SPECIAL–64"Kasukabe Time Patrol Corps The Secret of the Birth of Me"
(Japanese: カスカベタイムパトロール隊 オラ誕生のヒミツだゾ​)​"First Dentist"
(Japanese: 初めての歯医者さんだゾ(2006年)〈再〉​)​"Future Us"
(Japanese: 未来のオラ達だゾ(2006年)〈再〉​)
April 16, 2010
697"Apply for the Sweepstakes"
(Japanese: 懸賞に応募するゾ​)​"Matsuzaka-sensei, Finally"
(Japanese: まつざか先生、ついにだゾ​)
April 23, 2010
698"Shiro is Going"
(Japanese: シロがゆくえふめいだゾ​)​"Returned Office Worker Shinnosuke"
(Japanese: 帰ってきたサラリーマンしんのすけだゾ​)
April 30, 2010
699"Dream Autograph Signing"
(Japanese: 夢のサイン会だゾ​)​"Bo-chan and Himawari"
(Japanese: ボーちゃんとひまわりだゾ​)
May 7, 2010
700"Far Away from Sugoroku"
(Japanese: すごろくは遠いゾ)"Dad is Working Out"
(Japanese: フィットネス父ちゃんだゾ​)
May 14, 2010
701"Decorating the Stroller"
(Japanese: ベビーカーをデコるゾ​)​"Escorting Nene-chan"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんをエスコートだゾ​)​"Decorating"
(Japanese: デコるゾ)
May 21, 2010
702"My Answering Machine is Pounding, I'm a Little Scared"
(Japanese: お留守番がドキドキだゾ ちょっと怖いぞ編)"Go to Hima’s Event"
(Japanese: ひまのイベントに行くゾ)
May 28, 2010
703"Kazama-kun's Hair Is...!"
(Japanese: 風間くんの髪が...だゾ​)​"Family Restaurant is the Best"
(Japanese: ファミレスは最高だゾ​)​"Without Knowing..."
(Japanese: 知らないうちに...だゾ)
April 4, 2010
704"Rock Soul"
(Japanese: ロック魂だゾ)"Soccer Taro's Demon Extermination"
(Japanese: サッカー太郎の鬼退治だゾ​)
April 11, 2010
705"Noisy Pedometer"
(Japanese: うるさい歩数計だゾ​)​"Too Big"
(Japanese: でかすぎるゾ)
July 2, 2010
706"Shiro-san in Love"
(Japanese: 恋する四郎さんだゾ​)​"Protect the Carpet"
(Japanese: カーペットを守るゾ)
July 9, 2010
707"Get a Sticker"
(Japanese: シールをもらうゾ​)​"Hima and Answering Machine Are Throbbing"
(Japanese: ひまとお留守番はドキドキだゾ​)
July 16, 2010
708"Goodbye Micchi and Yoshirin"
(Japanese: さよならミッチーヨシリンだゾ​)
July 30, 2010
709"The Octopi Are Many"
(Japanese: タコさんはたくさんだゾ​)​"Goldfish Scooping Showdown"
(Japanese: 金魚すくいで勝負だゾ)
August 6, 2010
710"What Bo-chan Wants"
(Japanese: ボーちゃんのほしいものだゾ​)​"Water"
(Japanese: 水まきするゾ)
August 13, 2010
711"5,000 Yen Juice"
(Japanese: 五千円のジュースだゾ​)​"Chocobi World"
(Japanese: チョコビワールドだゾ)
August 20, 2010
712"Chabudai Demon"
(Japanese: ちゃぶ台鬼だゾ​)​"Shiro's Day"
(Japanese: シロの一日だゾ)
August 27, 2010
713"Walk on the Line"
(Japanese: 線の上を歩くゾ)"First Coin Laundry"
(Japanese: 初コインランドリーだゾ)
September 10, 2010
714"Lunchbox at Home"
(Japanese: おウチでお弁当だゾ​)​"Dad's Secret Night"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの秘密の夜だゾ​)
September 17, 2010
715"Team Leader Imechen Daisakusen"
(Japanese: 組長イメチェン大作戦だゾ​)​"Akita's Grandpa is Back"
(Japanese: 秋田のじいちゃんがまた来たゾ​)
October 15, 2010
716"Yuutsu of the Clothes I Got"
(Japanese: もらった服のゆううつだゾ​)​"Luxury Cake Shop"
(Japanese: 高級ケーキ屋さんだゾ)
October 22, 2010
717"Products with Reasons"
(Japanese: ワケあり商品だゾ​)​"Dad's Babysitter"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんの子守りだゾ)
October 29, 2010
718"Villains Are Cool"
(Japanese: 悪役はカッコいいゾ​)​"Go Mushroom Hunting"
(Japanese: キノコ狩りへ行くゾ)
November 12, 2010
719"Buying Children"
(Japanese: 子ども買いだゾ​)​"Chasing Nanako Sister"
(Japanese: ななこおねいさんを追いかけるゾ​)
November 19, 2010
SPECIAL–65"Running an Errand"
(Japanese: おつかいに行くゾ[再1992/4/13]​)​"Shin-men Hero is Here!"
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN ヒーロー登場!​)​"Shin-men Hero is Here! (2)"
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN ヒーロー登場!(2))"It's Hard to Put a Compress"
(Japanese: 湿布を貼るのは大変だゾ​)​"Crayon Shin-chan 20th Anniversary Ayumi Shin Walk"
(Japanese: クレヨンしんちゃん20周年のあゆみ しん散歩)
November 26, 2010
720"Lunchbox Battle"
(Japanese: お弁当箱の戦いだゾ​)​"Rabbit Came Home"
(Japanese: ウサギが家にやってきたゾ​)
December 3, 2010
721"Go to the Multiplex"
(Japanese: シネコンに行くゾ​)​"Ranking without Permission"
(Japanese: 勝手にランキングだゾ)
December 10, 2010
#TitleOriginal Airdate
722"Dead Leaves"
(Japanese: 枯れ葉よ〜、だゾ)"Trial Ai-chan"
(Japanese: 試練のあいちゃんだゾ)
January 14, 2011
723"Teacher's Help"
(Japanese: 先生のお手伝いだゾ​)​"Full of Remote Control"
(Japanese: リモコンがいっぱいだゾ​)​"What's a Spy?"
(Japanese: スパイって何?だゾ)
January 21, 2011
724"Moe-P's Birthday"
(Japanese: もえPの誕生日だゾ​)​"Shin-men 3 Can's Secret"
(Japanese: SHIN−MEN3 カンのヒミツ)
January 28, 2011
725"With Mochi"
(Japanese: おモチつきだゾ)"Give a Name"
(Japanese: 名前をつけるゾ)
February 4, 2011
726"The Secret Room is Paradise"
(Japanese: 秘密の部屋はパラダイスだゾ​)​"A Clean Room is Difficult"
(Japanese: きれいな部屋は苦しいゾ​)
February 18, 2011
727"Shiro and Messenger"
(Japanese: シロとおつかいだゾ​)​"Shin-men 4 Hugh's Love"
(Japanese: SHIN−MEN4 ヒューの恋)
February 25, 2011
728"Spy the Roses"
(Japanese: ばら組をスパイするゾ​)​"Bicycle Commuting"
(Japanese: 自転車通勤するゾ)
March 25, 2011
SPECIAL–66"Spy Clan Nohara"
(Japanese: スパイ一族ノハーラだゾ​)​"Super Spy Misae"
(Japanese: スーパースパイミサエだゾ​)​"​Crayon Shin-chan: Super-Dimension! The Storm Called My Bride"
(Japanese: 映画『超時空! 嵐を呼ぶオラの花嫁』)
April 8, 2011
SPECIAL–67"Agent Dad"
(Japanese: エージェント父ちゃんだゾ​)​"Kamen Rider Den-O vs. Shin-O"
(Japanese: 仮面ライダー電王VSしん王だゾ​)​"Help the Aunt Next Door"
(Japanese: 隣のおばさんをお助けするゾ​)
April 22, 2011
729"I Want Brothers"
(Japanese: きょうだいが欲しいゾ​)​"Mom's Diary"
(Japanese: 母ちゃんの日記だゾ)
April 29, 2011
730"Kazama's Dad is Coming Back"
(Japanese: 風間くんのパパが帰ってくるゾ​)​"Our Imagination Flies"
(Japanese: 妄想するゾ)
May 6, 2011
731"Sukeman Mom"
(Japanese: スケバンママだゾ​)​"Read Aloud"
(Japanese: 読み聞かせだゾ)
May 13, 2011
732"Flower-filled Strategy"
(Japanese: 花いっぱい大作戦だゾ​)​"Make a Business Card"
(Japanese: 名刺を作るゾ)
May 20, 2011
733"Catch Big Fish"
(Japanese: 大物を釣るゾ​)​"Shin-men"
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN)
May 27, 2011
734"Teach How to Keep a Dog"
(Japanese: 犬の飼い方教えるゾ)"I Got the Money"
(Japanese: お金をひろったゾ)
June 3, 2011
735"Pirates of Aribian"
(Japanese: パイレーツオブアリビアンだゾ​)​"Hip-Hop Dancing"
(Japanese: ヒップホップダンスだゾ​)​"Small Me"
(Japanese: 小さいオラだゾ)
June 10, 2011
736"I Envy Shiro"
(Japanese: シロがうらやましいゾ​)​"Teachers' Shopping"
(Japanese: 先生たちのお買い物だゾ​)
June 17, 2011
737"Became a Terretrial Digital"
(Japanese: 地デジになったゾ​)​"Futu's Schoolgirl Time"
(Japanese: フツーの女子高生タイムだゾ​)
June 24, 2011
738"Red Zukin and Purple Zukin"
(Japanese: 赤ズキンと紫ズキンだゾ​)​"Shin-men"
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN)
July 1, 2011
739"Mysterious Ring"
(Japanese: ふしぎな指輪だゾ)"Dad Works at Home"
(Japanese: ウチではたらく父ちゃんだゾ​)
July 8, 2011
740"Prince's Shoes"
(Japanese: 王子様のクツだゾ​)​"Lunch by Car"
(Japanese: 車でランチだゾ)
July 15, 2011
741"Kazama-kun's Summer Vacation"
(Japanese: 風間くんの夏休みだゾ​)​"Hammer to the Stroller"
(Japanese: ベビーカーにハマッたゾ​)
July 22, 2011
742"General Kid Musae"
(Japanese: ガキ大将むさえだゾ​)​"Perch in the Countryside"
(Japanese: 田舎にとまるゾ)
August 5, 2011
743"Nene-chan's Sticker"
(Japanese: ネネちゃんのシールだゾ​)​"Find Treasure"
(Japanese: お宝を探すゾ)
August 12, 2011
744"Kasukabe Ninja Corps Heavenly / Earth"
(Japanese: カスカベ忍者隊だゾ 天の巻・地の巻)
August 19, 2011
745"Scary DVD"
(Japanese: こわ~いDVDだゾ)
August 26, 2011
746"Let's Play with My Old Clothes"
(Japanese: 古着で遊んじゃうゾ​)​"Dad's Lunch is Hard"
(Japanese: 父ちゃんのランチは大変だゾ​)
September 2, 2011
747"I'm a Professional Baseball Player"
(Japanese: オラはプロ野球選手だゾ​)​"A Close-up of Himawari"
(Japanese: ひまわりを激写だゾ)
October 21, 2011
748"Forensic Shin-chan"
(Japanese: 鑑識しんちゃんだゾ)
October 28, 2011
749"Taiyaki Shop"
(Japanese: たいやき屋さんだゾ)"I Dropped My Wallet"
(Japanese: 財布を落としたゾ)
November 4, 2011
750"When My Car Barks!!"
(Japanese: オラの車が吠える時!!だゾ​)​"Shin-men "Reverse Gonyo Gonyo Daisakusen! Part 1""
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN『リバースごにょごにょ大作戦!前編』​)
November 11, 2011
751"What's Inside the Box?"
(Japanese: 箱の中身は何でしょねだゾ​)​"Shin-men "Reverse Gonyo Gonyo Daisakusen! Part 2""
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN『リバースごにょごにょ大作戦!後編』​)
November 18, 2011
752"Free Ai-chan"
(Japanese: 自由なあいちゃんだゾ​)​"Save the Galaxy's Crisis"
(Japanese: 銀河の危機をお救いするゾ​)
November 25, 2011
753"Chikuwa and Bean Sprouts"
(Japanese: ちくわともやしだゾ​)​"Discerning Coffee Shop"
(Japanese: こだわりのコーヒーショップだゾ​)
December 2, 2011
754"Let Ai-chan Experience for the First Time"
(Japanese: あいちゃんに初体験させるゾ​)​"Ageo-sensei, Something Strange"
(Japanese: 上尾先生、なんかヘンだゾ​)
December 9, 2011
Shin-chan's rich classmate Ai shows up to his house unannounced in a limousine and treats his aunt like her servant. / ??
755"Large Cleaning at the Entrance"
(Japanese: 玄関の大そうじだゾ​)​"Shin-men "Disappointed with Curry-great Strategy!""
(Japanese: SHIN-MEN 『カレーでガッカリ~大作戦!』​)
December 16, 2011
^ "2001年度". TV Asahi. Archived from the original on 2015-08-19. Retrieved 2015-11-21.
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