List of Falcon Crest episodes
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The following is the list of episodes from the American prime time television soap operaFalcon Crest, which aired for nine seasons on CBS from December 4, 1981 to May 17, 1990.
Series overview
SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
118December 4, 1981April 16, 1982
222October 1, 1982March 11, 1983
328September 30, 1983May 18, 1984
430September 28, 1984May 24, 1985
529October 4, 1985May 22, 1986
628October 3, 1986May 15, 1987
728October 2, 1987May 6, 1988
822October 28, 1988May 19, 1989
922September 29, 1989May 17, 1990
Season 1 (1981–82)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"In His Father's House"Michael PreeceRobert McCulloughDecember 4, 1981101
When Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxworth) learned that he lost his father (Harry Townes), two feuding heads of a California wine-producing family chose to put all their moments behind for Jason Gioberti's funeral. When younger daughter, Emma Channing (Margaret Ladd) was responsible for her uncle's death, Angela Channing (Jane Wyman) tyrannical matriarch and owner of Falcon Crest, protects and calms her. When Chase's family heads back to New York, after the death of his father, he begins to remember all the fun times he had with his father. It was also Chase's call for his wife, Maggie Gioberti (Susan Sullivan) and children, Cole (William R. Moses) and Vicky (Jamie Rose), to move to their own house in California, at Falcon Crest, after a year's sabbatical that has taken a toll on his family. Unhappy with Chase's family moving back to the vineyard, Angela comes up with a way to forsake them, consequently, her grandson, Lance Cumson (Lorenzo Lamas) was shocked to hear about her decision for a competitive family to go back east.
22"A Time for Saboteurs"Michael PreeceSandra Kay SiegelDecember 11, 1981102
Paul, an old friend of Chase comes to Falcon Crest, where they spent a great deal thinking of the times they had, while attending the Air Force. After taking a trip down memory lane, the two decided to turn their flying business into action, where they disagreed on where it needed to be located. Angela and her family finds out about this, and that Paul has no intention of doing a flying service, when he lies to Chase about the large sum of money from Chase to cover his gambling debt, this led Angela into kicking Paul out of Falcon Crest. When Paul tries to go with his plan, this made the businesses of Chase, Maggie and Julia, as to how he nearly ruined the vineyard, when they find a way to get this vineyard back.
33"The Tangled Vines"Jack BenderE.F. WallengrenDecember 18, 1981103
Chase, lacking of staff, needing to owe $50,000 in property taxes, who, tries to sell all his grapes before harvest time, only to get Angela to buy them below their retail price. Chase chooses to sell them, after Gus told him that another buyer is interested in paying above their price for his grapes. When Angela learns about the business deal, she chooses to purchase the man's mortgage from the bank, so he can drop a deal with Chase, around the same time The Giobertis decide to sell their house in New York, to stay on board.
44"The Harvest"Michael PreeceEarl Hamner Jr.December 25, 1981104
When Angela couldn't tolerate Lance's irresponsible behavior, she prevents her grandson from becoming the proud owner of Falcon Crest, therefore, she kicks him out, much to her contempt. Discovering from him of his grandmother's feelings towards him, he tries to please Angela by blowing up Chase's pump house and cause a fight in the springhouse, and later gets arrested, before he gets grounded by Angela, not Julia (though she told Lance, her mother was under the impression, who also gave Lance to him, away from Julia, as a little boy)! Once grape harvesting begins, Lance tries to please Angela, again, by paying off Chase's staff, afterwards, to make Lance jealous, Angela escorts Cole into becoming the new heir of Falcon Crest, who straightens out with his father about Chase's staff losing pickers. Cole learned about this, he takes the keys and the car back to Angela, returning to his parents' house. Lance told Angela about his actions, and the staff, before Chase confronts Angela about her doings with Cole and about Chase's staff being gone and demanded that the staff returns, early in the morning.
Note: This episode was used for the pilot of The Vintage Years, with several different scenes and original characters, not counting Emma.
55"Tony Comes Home"Jack BenderKatharyn Michaelian PowersJanuary 1, 1982105
After 12 years of turning Tony's back on Julia and Lance, Lance has a strong dislike about the truth that he can return to the vineyard as if nothing has happened. While Julia tries to please Tony, Angela and Lance become more concerned about their own responsibilities. The truth was revealed when Tony only came back to Falcon Crest to get Julia to make a brand new life, away from the vineyard. When Julia thought about that, she refuses to accept her ex-husband's offer, due to her unwillingness to leave with her family and friends in San Francisco. Also, Chase becomes more concerned about Maggie taking a job in San Francisco, as a newspaper writer, much in fact that she'd be working with his aunt's Angela's ex-husband, Douglas Channing (Stephen Elliott).
66"Kindred Spirits"Jack BenderJudy Merl & Paul Eric MyersJanuary 8, 1982106
Chase and Cole accompany Lance on a trip to examine a remote piece of property that Angela is contemplating buying. As the wilderness property is only accessible by horse, Cole is injured in a riding accident. Chase stays with Cole, while Lance goes for help. After running into some problems, Lance finally leads a rescue team to Cole. After Vicky makes an innocent remark regarding a mental health clinic, Emma runs away from home, believing that she is going to be sent away because people think she's crazy. When Vicky discovers Emma hiding in an old springhouse, she befriends Emma, and ultimately persuades her to return home. Worried, Douglas Channing stays by Angela's side until Emma is found.
Note: Though credited as a guest star, Harry Townes (Jason) appeared in the flashback when he taught young Emma how to sing a song.
77"The Extortionist"Michael PreeceGarner SimmonsJanuary 15, 1982107
When Emma's lover, Turner Bates, who was on the scene when Jason died, returns, Chase informs him that Jason supposedly died in a car crash. Knowing this to be untrue, Turner seeks Emma to learn what happened after he ran from the scene on the night of Jason's death, but Angela throws Turner off her property. Turner sneaks back, steals Emma away and romances her in order to learn the truth. Unable to obtain any straight answers from Emma, Turner tries to blackmail Angela, who in turn calls in the police, and Turner, after a car chase, is accidentally killed. Chase and Lance pull Emma out and save her. When Maggie says that she may be pregnant, the Giobertis try to cope with the effects that it would cause.
88"Lord of the Manor"Jeffrey HaydenE.F. WallengrenJanuary 22, 1982108
When Angela takes Cole to Rome to attend an important wine-tasting competition, she is surprised to find that Douglas is there, and hopes to rekindle the memory of their honeymoon spent there years ago. Initially, romance flares between Angela and Douglas; however, Angela devastates Douglas when she refuses his proposal to remarry. Meanwhile, Cole has been given a collection of mysterious letters, which belong to an Italian relative and which underscore the enduring bitterness between Angela and Jason. Angela leaves Lance in charge of Falcon Crest to test him with the family business, but Lance painfully discovers that he's not as shrewd as his grandmother. Chase learns in the end, however, that Lance is not just a spoiled rich kid, but is a very dangerous person as well.
99"Dark Journey"Joseph MandukeKatharyn Michaelian PowersJanuary 29, 1982109
Angry with her parents for their excessive protectiveness, Vicky runs away from home to San Francisco, where she's lured into a wayward street life that she can't escape. Chase and Maggie frantically search for Vicky, unaware that Lance has introduced their vulnerable daughter to a woman connected with pornographic films. The Giobertis become stronger than ever when Chase and Maggie endure a difficult ordeal before locating Vicky. Angela toys with Douglas's emotions, playing him against a renowned painter and making Douglas look like a fool.
1010"Victims"Harvey LaidmanGerry Day & Bethel LeslieFebruary 5, 1982110
Maggie's news assignment on vineyard worker's lifestyles becomes a personal concern to the Giobertis when Maggie's interviews reveal that an extortionist is terrifying Falcon Crest employees. Puzzled as to why undocumented workers suddenly stop working for him, Chase urges Maggie to find out the reason through her interviews. When Chase learns that a man is blackmailing the vineyard workers with threats of deportation, he, despite Angela's warnings against becoming involved, manages to rout the extortionist. When Emma discovers that she is pregnant, Lance realizes that the last thing he needs is another heir competing for the Falcon Crest fortune. Consequently, Emma tumbles down a flight of stairs and has a miscarriage.
1111"For Love or Money"Fernando LamasKathleen HiteFebruary 12, 1982111
After a bitter argument with Angela regarding plans for him to marry Melissa Agretti, the wine empire heiress, Lance leaves in a fury. After he nearly runs over a girl, he falls in love with her and decides to move to San Francisco to be close to the girl. However, when Angela attempts to stop him, Lance succumbs and leaves the love of his life. In an old room that Jason had walled up, Chase finds some writings, which lead him to believe that Angela may have been involved in crippling a girl forty years ago. Confronted with the evidence, Angela turns the tables on Chase, playing a small excerpt of a recording that leaves Chase believing that his father hated him.
Note: Dolores Cantu played Melissa Agretti, in this episode, later in the same season, Ana-Alicia took over the role, beginning with the episode, "House of Cards." Lorenzo Lamas's real-life father, Fernando Lamas, directed this episode.
1212"Family Reunion"Larry ElikannRobert McCulloughFebruary 19, 1982112
Chase's wealthy mother, Jacqueline Perrault (Special Guest Star Lana Turner), mysteriously returns to Falcon Crest. When Jacqueline warns Chase of Angela's treacherous nature and tries to persuade him to leave Falcon Crest, hatred erupts and Jacqueline argues with both Angela and Chase. However, through their conflict, the mother-and-son relationship is strengthened; Jacqueline is convinced that Chase will survive and prosper in the valley.
1313"The Candidate"Ernest PintoffStory by : E.F. Wallengren & Robert McCullough and Mary Ann Kasica & Michael Scheff
Teleplay by : E.F. Wallengren & Robert McCullough
February 26, 1982113
After Ed McKay, a member of the County Board of Supervisors, is assassinated, Chase is encouraged to run for the office. When Chase begins campaigning against Angela's virtual monopoly of the water rights in the valley, she does everything in her power to see Chase defeated. Despite this, Chase wins the election. After Emma is caught shoplifting in a jewelry store, Angela threatens the owner that she will destroy him if he decides to prosecute.
1414"House of Cards"Larry ElikannMichael HalperinMarch 12, 1982114
Angela, angry that Lance is working for his grandfather's newspaper in San Francisco and determined that he will marry Melissa Agretti (Ana-Alicia), plans to destroy Melissa's budding romance with Cole. Chase and Maggie, concerned about Emma's instability, persuade Julia to take her sister to a local psychiatric clinic. When Angela finds out, she tells Julia the truth about Emma killing Uncle Jason, which turns Julia against Chase and Maggie. At the same time, Chase uses his influence as a county supervisor to discover the real cause of his father's death.
Note: Ana-Alicia took over the role of Melissa Agretti, for the remainder of the series, as a recurring character, later, a regular in Season 2.
1515"Heir Apparent"Harry HarrisKathleen HiteMarch 19, 1982115
Chase begins to make inquiries into the circumstances surrounding his father's death. Angela, in an attempt to foil Chase, has Philip mislead Chase into believing he might inherit Falcon Crest. However, Chase doesn't fall for her trickery. Following a party at the Giobertis, Cole's friend is killed in an auto accident after Cole refuses to drive him home. Angela attempts to force Lance to marry Melissa, who instead has become deeply involved with Cole. However, when Melissa learns she is pregnant, she tells no one.
1616"The Good, the Bad and the Profane"Bill DukeE.F. Wallengren & Robert McCulloughApril 2, 1982116
Pressured by Angela, Lance proposes to Melissa Agretti with the consolation in mind that they dislike one another and that he knows Melissa will reject his proposal. When she surprisingly accepts his offer, Lance is forced to go through with the ceremony. Melissa has her own cunning reasons for marrying Lance, aside from her father and Angela's scheme to merge Falcon Crest with the Agretti Vineyards. When Cole fumes about the arrangement, Melissa assures him that her marriage to Lance won't interfere with their relationship. Another wedding almost takes place as Vicky and Mario decide to elope, but they change their minds at the last minute. Lance discovers that Melissa is pregnant.
1717"Penultimate Questions"Alan J. LeviRobert McCulloughApril 9, 1982117
While Emma draws closer to revealing the truth about Jason's death to outsiders, Chase steadily draws closer to learning the truth through his investigation. No longer speculating over his father's mysterious death, Chase finally gathers enough concrete evidence to go to the D.A., who in turn, calls for a coroner's inquest into Jason's death. While Angela attempts to impede this, she is forced to testify. Following his release from the hospital, Douglas tries to help Emma and escorts her to the inquest. However, before she can testify, Douglas has a fatal seizure and dies. After witnessing this, Emma runs off while Angela blames Chase. Angela learns of Melissa's pregnancy following a disastrous honeymoon and assumes Lance to be the father, despite his denial.
1818"Ultimate Answers"Michael PreeceRobert McCulloughApril 16, 1982118
When Douglas is buried, Angela tries to keep Emma sedated to prevent her from testifying. Angela could lose Falcon Crest to Chase if his attorney can prove that Jason died under suspicious circumstances. When the coroner's inquest resumes, the D.A. mounts a circumstantial case that is easily rebutted by Philip when Emma is unable to testify. Defying her mother, Emma manages to escape from Falcon Crest and arrives to take the stand, confessing how she accidentally pushed Jason to his death while he fought with Turner Bates. The jury rules that Jason "died at the hands of another," thereby giving Chase control of Falcon Crest, but he magnanimously offers fifty percent of the vineyard to Angela. Though Angela detests the thought of sharing Falcon Crest with anyone, she has no choice and accepts. Another threat looms as Angela learns of Douglas's illegitimate son, Richard Channing, who has inherited fifty percent of The Globe.
Note: Though credited as a guest star, Harry Townes (Jason) appeared in various flashbacks in this episode.
Season 2 (1982–83)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
191"The Challenge"Harry HarrisRobert McCulloughOctober 1, 1982201
At Falcon Crest, Angela withstand Chase's offer to half ownership. Feeling bitter over the prospect of sharing Melissa; Lance's inheritance, he is more than happy to present Chase from coming into the vineyard property. For Angela to take over The New Globe, Richard Channing, Angela's illegitimate son of her late husband, plans to take control; as the new Chairman of the Board. The small portion of the newspaper of the big portfolio names "The Company," held by Henri Denault (E.G. Marshall). Having been adopted, nearly all his life, Richard recognizes his mother's identity which transferred him from New York to California. Cole comes to Melissa's father, Carlo Agretti (Carlos Romero), and that Cole wanted to state that Melissa admits that she's carrying his child... not Lance's, Carlo slaps him in the face. When Gus dies in a gas explosion, Chase gives Angela an affidavit; jeopardizing and accusing her of Gus's death. Angela must agree in sharing Falcon Crest with Chase.
Note: David Selby joins the cast as Richard Channing, and Ana-Alicia becomes a regular star as Melissa Agretti. It was also the first season with serialized storylines, abandoning the self-contained episode format of the first season. When the show premiered, creator Earl Hamner stated that he did not want the show to become another soap opera like Dallas; however, by the start of this season, that is what the show became.
202"The Arrival"Bill DukeRobert McCulloughOctober 8, 1982202
Chase is now the Board of Supervisors in Tuscany Valley County; who seeks potential to knock out Angela's grip on county water supplies. Before Melissa faces Richard, for the first time, she informs her father about her ambitions to control Falcon Crest. Compared to his mother and Melissa, Richard shows underlying schemes by firing Herb Tallmadge; who was a year short of retirement and pension. At the Giobertis, Carlo congratulates Melissa, who's about to have a baby, who didn't admit it to Lance. After observing all this unfaithful situation from Melissa, Carlo explains to Lance about not treating his wife with respect, Lance jokes, Carlo socks him to the sand as he gets up, Chase and Cole break up the fight, Carlo says he'll kill Lance, who says to try him. Chase tells Carlo to cool it, and also tells Lance to be quiet. For Angela to ruin Richard, he has a violent temper, after her leaving, who then relays to him that he looks nothing like his father.
213"Troubled Waters"Harry HarrisStephen Black & Henry SternOctober 15, 1982203
Carlo spits fire in Richard's face, after being pressured by him for selling his winery possessions. He also confronts Angela about Lance's past aggressive behavior towards Melissa and has promises that Angela will never get Carlo's land; all because of her grandson. Chase tries to distribute a wine from Canada, through another distributor; which receives an incredible sales price on their wine. Angela takes advantage of Kleeger, who charges Lance with preventing Chase; from hearing every detail, every scene. Angela's water is nasty, thanks to Chase's efforts on the County Board of Supervisors in knocking out her monopoly on the water and distribute it to other growers. Afterwards, Chase orders a second attempt of Falcon Crest's water supply indicating it's not nasty. Cole constantly argues with Carlo, who eventually telephones him to apologizes; who invites him to see Melissa, only to find... Carlo is murdered (with a pistol-to his head) and Cole is the prime suspect.
224"Murder One"Bill DukeIrv PearlburgOctober 22, 1982204
At the county supervisor meeting, Angela jeopardizes Nick Hogan not to vote with Chase; against her. If Nick decides to vote for redistribute waters to other vineyards, Angela threatens that she can't buy $17,000 worth of pipes, she was promising to. Nick and Chase agree to vote and Angela threatens Chase that he will be very unhappy, living in the moment of his glory. One of Angela's daughters is gone, secretly offering Chase the voting proxy to her 20% share of The Globe; before departing, the same proxy Angela encouraged that she'd give her control of the Newspapers Board of Directors. A wonderful article Richard points out indicates Cole murdered Carlo. Melissa thinks that Richard could have a hand in her father's death, prior to him asking her to sell Carlo's house. Cole is arrested for Carlo's murder.
235"The Exposé"Harry HarrisGarner SimmonsNovember 5, 1982205
Cole's bail is being posted by his parents. Cole gets a part-time job at the vineyard of a lovely mother, Katherine Demery (Joanna Cassidy). Richard's story revealing working conditions; leads Chase to promising higher wages and benefits for them, in public; in addition to changes in local labor laws. Lance is happy to take Melissa to child-birthing classes; when he declines to attend, choosing to spend time with his ex-girlfriend, Lori Stevens. He also lets Angela know he's going to San Francisco, where he has inventory on the Chardonnay to label them, who also needs to check the stock. Melissa envies Katherine's attractiveness; and then, Cole's and Katherine's romance blossoms. Richard tells his reporters that he wants Cole charged.
246"Home Away from Home"Bill DukeKathleen HiteNovember 12, 1982206
Cole moves in with Katherine, against Maggie's wishes. Richard discovers and messes with The Globe with secret photographs of Cole and Katherine kissing. An enemy of Angela's and a mother of Chase's, Jacqueline Perrault (Lana Turner), return from Zurich, as a visitor and offers Chase money for his son's legal defense, however, Richard uses his contacts in Zurich to specifically ask Jacqueline to leave San Francisco. Angela purchases most expensive stock (at The Globe) and continue locating Emma to get her proxy. Lori wants Lance to come full circle about his relationship with her. His disrespectful behavior came about when Melissa confronts him about his late night attempts. Melissa's complication in her pregnancy restricts herself in bed, therefore Angela begs Lance to stay with his wife.
257"The Namesake"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenNovember 19, 1982207
Planning to build a memorial for Richard Channing's father; on one small portion, and plant the vineyard for the rest, he secretly buys a price of county property earmarked for the park. As Chase strongly opposes plans, a bomb is planted in Nick's truck by Richard; who successfully humiliates Nick to vote at the Board of Supervisors Meeting. Melissa gets taken to the hospital; after leaving her prescribed bed rest to win Cole back from Katherine. At the hospital, she gives birth to an unhealthy, premature baby named: Joseph Angelo Cumson; after Lance's great-great grandfather. Angela confronts Lance about his unfaithfulness to Melissa combined with his romance with Lori, and she strongly insists he does everything as his grandmother says, to not only work for Angela, but to also please Melissa. Disappointed, Lance is to see Melissa, in the hospital, but is not to leave Falcon Crest, unless if Joseph is out of danger, who complains to Angela that he isn't Joseph's father.
268"Choices"Bill DukeLeah MarkusNovember 26, 1982208
After Melissa gave birth to Joseph, he suffers from a series of health problems; a lesser chance of survival, this leads Angela and Father Bob to the baptizing of Melissa's baby. For Julia to sell off her interests in Falcon Crest and The New Globe, Richard chances his job offer to seduce Tony. However, it was backfired and Julia was very disappointed in hearing this. As Cole skips trial for Carlo's murder, Melissa tries to help clear his name by needing a second autopsy of her father's. Cole is left-handed, whilst the murderer is right-handed, hence, the charges against him is dropped.
279"The Vigil"Harry HarrisScott HamnerDecember 3, 1982209
A blessed Melissa has had Richard takes a neo-natal specialist in from Europe for her baby to live. Maggie goes to Los Angeles to meet with Darryl Clayton (Bradford Dillman) about her script, and Angela approaches Darryl... secretly and is more than happy to invest in the movie is he has Maggie worked in Los Angeles; after thinking about turning the script down. Sparks fly between Chase's daughter, Vickie, and Chase's associate, Nick Hogan. Vickie learns from Cole that Nick is a married man. Chase finds out that Angela is taking advantage of all the Falcon Crest's investment funds to purchase stock for Richard's newspaper company. Cole makes a commitment to be a devoted father to Joseph, as his son's health is doing better. In Tuscany Valley, Richard is laying a down payment on a house.
2810"Confrontations"Bill DukeDick NelsonDecember 10, 1982210
Through Vickie, Chase and Maggie overhears Cole that he's the father of Joseph (Melissa's baby); when the chance didn't come on the horizon. Phillip goes out to dinner with Amanda Croft (Anne Jeffreys), a middle-aged lady. Despite a romantic relationship with each other, Amanda is curious with Phillip's relationship with Angela. Maggie returns to San Francisco to Chase; after Darryl uses her for a passionate kiss in Malibu. Angela did everything to purchase the stock for The New Globe to control the company. Richard informs his plan on issuing $2 million more of stock, a plan that Angela and Phillip secretly planned for a Wall Street Banker to encounter the displeased Richard. Jacqueline has found Angela's business dealings in Europe and gives Chase with Angela's illegal financial stunts.
2911"United We Stand..."Gwen ArnerE.F. WallengrenDecember 17, 1982211
Angela competes with Lance and Cole against each other. Richard is planning to use a fake company front to purchase grapes; for twice the raised price; Chase hears about this. Thanks to Richard's threat, Jacqueline encourages Chase to work with Richard against Angela. Melissa is against the fact despite Cole telling Lance that he is the father of her child. Angela bestows Darryl more money in hopes of Maggie's own hope for her script getting produced. When Angela needs Chase's votes on The New Globe to take over control, Kenderson has been bribed, into canceling the new stock issue. Jacqueline surprises both Chase and Richard with the news that she gave Richard up for adoption; as a baby, therefore, they're half-brothers, after Chase enters into Richard's office to deliver construction injunction on his new winery.
3012"...Divided We Fall"Stan LathanStephen Black & Henry SternDecember 31, 1982212
Richard refuses an explanation from Jacqueline as to why she gave him up for adoption. Cole has been harassed constantly by the police and the community, despite being innocent for Carlo Agretti's murder. Richard asks Chase to vote against Angela's take-over bid of the board of The New Globe. At round the same time, Chase forces Richard in trading all of his construction for his votes. Lance and his new girlfriend, Brenda, attends Angela's annual Founder's Day Party where Angela later becomes disgusted when she find Lance and Brenda; both in bed together. Richard and Melissa, not only agree to their relationship together, but Richard also announces to the entire family that he found his mother at the last minute. Angela then condescends Jacqueline for wrecking her marriage to Douglas, publicly.
3113"Pas de Deux"Gwen ArnerGarner SimmonsJanuary 7, 1983213
Angela's Founders' Day Party is in a mess before Richard's announcement because Jacqueline is his mother. Richard straightens Chase about not keeping his promise to Jacqueline, except for Chase, who then, confronts him. As Angela comes to Jacqueline, Chase encourages himself to take his mother home. Jacqueline was referred as: "The Adulteress," by Richard, therefore, Chase socks his own half-brother and eventually Chase and Maggie hurries Jacqueline away. The following morning, Chase made the mistake in hitting his own half-brother; while Jacqueline thinks about the previous nights; were behind him. She knows very much of Richard's bitterness, especially when Chase doubts he could trust him, ever again. Melissa finds out that Lance is arranging the date to meet with Lori. Melissa's attorneys are still seeking potential offers. Nick and Sheila both dress; as they share a moment, together.
3214"Above Suspicion"Larry ElikannRobert McCullough & Suzanne HerreraJanuary 14, 1983214
When Sheriff Robbins comes to Chase's office, he warns him to stop bothering this investigation about the Agretti case, or he'll be charged with obstruction of justice. Chase is determined to continue searching for leads. When Maggie hears all about her husband's run-in situation with the sheriff, she begs him to drop the issue. When a situation has brought up about Joseph's test results, Angela forbids Lance to talk to her about them, ever again. She already knows he's the boy's father. In escalation of Angela's disgust, Phillip finds out that Lance is where Angela wants him; whose wife will then have no choice other than to sell her father's vineyards. With the private to political problems that Chase is having... vindicating Cole, altogether, Jacqueline leaves Falcon Crest, permanently. Changing her mind about her achievements, Angela invites herself to go sailing with Phillip, the day after. At the lab, Lance complains to Julia about Angela not paying attention to Joseph's results, especially when he has no idea who the boy's father is. Cole is serious about getting custody of his son.
3315"Broken Promises"Nell CoxRobert McCullough & Suzanne HerreraJanuary 21, 1983215
In the garage, Cole is found unconscious, Chase in bed with Maggie, is distracted by that sound, outside. After tearing the door down, Chase rushes to Cole, pulls him out, calls help for Maggie, and desperately administers CPR to Cole, prior to taking him to the hospital. For Angela to get Melissa's independence, Melissa seduces Joseph. Nick is uncomfortable, after he and Vickie made love, after their first meeting in town. At Falcon Crest, sirens are disrupting the silence of the household.
3416"Deliberate Disclosure"Larry ElikannScott HamnerJanuary 28, 1983216
Lance shows the paper for Melissa to look at, who also thinks he is off the hook, at breakfast. Unfortunately, Melissa finds out that Richard wrote this, because she would not sell her father's property. This is where Angela is aware of Richard's evidence is from the paternity test that Lance gave him; Angela rejects Lance's inheritance, consequently, she kicks him out of her house. Cole indicates the same article, thinking Melissa had been very honest about Cole's fatherhood to Joseph. Even when the charges against Cole were dropped, Chase learns they will never hear the end of this until Carlo Agretti's actual killer is found. At the hospital, Angela visits Elliot McKay, who's very ill, unwillingly rejects her offer to buy his vineyard. In San Francisco, Vickie meets Nick, who shows his love for her. At the Globe, Melissa confronts Richard about the article that he wrote in the newspaper end, when Richard declines to print a retraction, she threatens to sue him for libel. Richard welcomes the safe publicity.
3517"Love, Honor and Obey"Michael PreeceKathleen A. ShelleyFebruary 4, 1983217
When Lance is at Lori's, he attempts to delay her from getting out of bed. Irritated, Lori knows that Lance procrastinates looking for work, constantly, since Angela kicked Lance out of Falcon Crest, for one week. Lori takes Lance in and they make love. At the office, Chase builds up drama from Sheriff Robbins about going to the D.A. with Carlo Agretti's letter from Angela. The sheriff doesn't believe the letter that incriminates Angela in Carlo's murder. At Richard's office, Diane relays to Richard that nearly everybody, except for Angela, who has accepted the invitation to his housewarming party at the McKay place.
3618"Separate Hearts"Harvey LaidmanStephen Black & Henry SternFebruary 11, 1983218
Vickie appears in the garage at the Giobertis', first thing in the morning. She has a cup of coffee for her father; who cleans up the garage. Vicki talks Chase into seeing Maggie; he refuses, because Maggie was the reason who turned her back on him. Cole enters the same house and tells his father to quit this investigation, he'd understand; on the other hand, Chase has no desire of quitting. Meanwhile, Julia meets Maggie at the Tuscany Inn for tea, while Julia encourages Maggie to come back to Chase; for her not to make the same mistake that she made. Nick is in an argument with Vickie about his dealings with Richard. Chase confronts Angela about hiring Bitterman. When Julia prevents Chase from the investigation, he lashes out.
3719"The Odyssey"Harry HarrisGarner Simmons & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 18, 1983219
The firefighters remove the flames of Julia's overturned car, Chase, Cole and Sheriff Robbins all help. Julia was tossed from the car into the brush, Chase finds her. Chase realizes the brakes of her car went out. The paramedics put Julia on a stretcher, who then took her to the hospital. Sheriff Robbins hears that it wasn't an accident, recognizing the threatening letter to Julia. Chase and Cole must meet Melissa at her father's vineyard; he then tells Cole to find Melissa, prior to going to the hospital, where Angela and Lance wait nervously, and a few minutes later, Maggie and Vickie arrive. The reason why Richard plans to destroy Angela and Chase is because he tells Philip to suggest the private vineyards to see him, in lieu of Falcon Crest.
3820"Ultimatums"Joseph MandukeBarry SteinbergFebruary 25, 1983220
In Falcon Crest, Lance and Melissa stay in bed. Chao-Li arrives with breakfast, who blames Lance for wasting time in bed, when he has been told to help Chase with the inventory. When Chao-Li leaves, Melissa asks Lance if he tracked his father down. Richard helps them, after Lance says no. They also hold the key to Melissa's father's vineyard, for being spoken into Angela's will. Angela and Phillip spends time in Paris ... Phillip was asked to go to New York with Angela, but will not give out any details. Cole wants Chase to back down on this investigation. Maggie fights with Darryl about the change in her script.
3921"Maelstrom"Robert FoxworthRobert McCulloughMarch 4, 1983221
Sheriff Robbins is being approached by Chase. Then Robbins received the forensic report on Henri Denault, who questions Richard. Chase has evidence on Carlo Agretti, who was blackmailing Richard, who was dictating Mr. Denault's obituary to Diana; for the newspaper prior to the sheriff and Chase arriving at Richard's house. Then, Angela asks Chase about Maggie and Darryl Clayton. The sheriff obtains a warrant and asks that Chase escort him to Richard's house. Chase cautions Sheriff Robbins not to be irrational, he also warns that they need to search for more harder evidence. Chase finds that they might find more clues at the Agretti place. Lance and Cole do a karate in the winery, after they fought about initial fermentation of the wine. Chao-Li break them up.
4022"Climax"Harry HarrisRobert McCulloughMarch 11, 1983222
After a week since Maggie has been in an accident, Chase was allowed to push her in a wheelchair towards her car. Her doctor asked her to be very careful, because she has a serious concussion. Maggie must go straight home, not to a hotel. Lance and Melissa rides horses in the meadows in hoping that the land is theirs. Before Julia look at Lance's divorce papers, he showed them to Melissa. Angela encourages to have Vickie's wedding at Falcon Crest. In the end, Carlo Agretti's real murderer is finally revealed. The killer produces a gun and shots are fired. The next scene shows a flower draped coffin being lowered into the ground.
Season 3 (1983–84)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
411"Cimmerian Dawn"Harry HarrisRobert McCulloughSeptember 30, 1983301
The Channings and The Giobertis attend the funeral at the Tuscany Valley Cemetery, where their lives will affect everybody while in San Francisco. Julia admits to the murder of Carlo Agretti, and then pull a gun to shoot her cousin, Chase, but to murder her aunt Jacqueline. Dr. Michael Ranson (Cliff Robertson), another of Chase's cousins, appears at Jacqueline's funeral, who gets completely taken in to the Gioberti house. Julia determines Angela's attempts to help her prove her innocence, thinking prison is better than living under Angela's manipulative behavior. Lance excitingly gives Melissa back to him, who is very devastated that his mother had shot Melissa's father. Julia has made a strong commitment that she will never forgive any of the Channings. In the hospital, Chase is in a coma, but at the very last minute comes out of it, only to find out his bullet lodged in his spine, leaving him paralyzed.
Note: Mel Ferrer and Margaret Ladd became regular stars as Phillip Erikson and Emma Channing, respectively.
422"Penumbra"Gwen ArnerRobert McCulloughOctober 7, 1983302
While Chase recovers from his operation, Angela wrecks it, for explaining to him about Jacqueline's death. She also goes for the jugular, after Maggie confronts Angela, who learns Dr. Lantry (Ron Rifkin) expand his income by selling illegal pills, she uses this information to blackmail him into signing an affidavit about Chase's incompetence to own Falcon Crest. While Lance helps his grandmother, in her scheme, his wife, Melissa turns to Richard for love. Another one of Angela's schemes took in effect, when Joseph is rushed to the hospital, after swallowing the pills that Lance had procured for her. With a lot of hatred, Melissa accuses Lance of killing her baby.
433"Conspiracy"Harry HarrisGarner SimmonsOctober 14, 1983303
Lance and Melissa calls it truce, after the accident of the baby. Angela and Lance listens to the announcement of Melissa that she is pregnant, again. Bringing on Angela's plot, Dr. Lantry lets Maggie know that Chase has a bullet in his spine, which also caused an infection, and that they may have to perform surgery. Discreetly, Dr. Lantry injects drugs in Chase's I.V. Prior to this, Richard has a guilty conscious when he learns from Phillip that Jacqueline was dying of cancer and stepped in front of him to save his life. Richard and Melissa began to take advantage of Julia, by gaining her trust, to avenge the death of their own parents. Michael temporarily replaces Chase, with the beseeching of Maggie. In the hospital, Dr. Lantry triumphantly announces to Angela that Chase has a high fever and could die when and if she wishes. Angela was shocked, when it is too late and she is an accessory to murder.
444"Partners"Gwen ArnerGarner SimmonsOctober 21, 1983304
In a rush, Michael prevents Dr. Lantry from operating Chase, which might also leave him permanently paralyzed. Angela also sets up a court date to have Chase declared illegally incompetent to own Falcon Crest. At Physical Therapy, Chase begin to restore the use of his legs, who recovers. At the trial, when the judge would rule in Angela's favor, Chase limps on crutches, and the judges denies her petition. As jail inmates torture her constantly, Julia is declared not to be criminally insane. Maggie encourages Michael to take a job as the staff position at the hospital, she's shocked to hear he's the executor of Jacqueline's estate.
455"Judge and Jury"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenOctober 28, 1983305
Under Mrs. Channing's orders, Lance has to make Chase's return even harder, as he comes back to work. Lance also sabotages The Giobertis, sends Chase's staff home and destroy one of the vats. They do all the work themselves, but a drainage lid breaks loose, spilling gallons of wine. Chase collapses from the leak, after the leak is controlled. At the trial hearing, Phillip's feelings is to place Julia in the psychiatric ward for observation, before she pleads guilty on every count. The Channings and The Giobertis were shocked, in order for Melissa to have been accomplished by encouraging Julia to lash out against Angela, prior to her prison sentence, she sits in a self-satisfied manner. Warned, Phillip cautions Angela, Julia might receive the death penalty.
466"The Wages of Sin"Gwen ArnerE.F. WallengrenNovember 4, 1983306
Julia is on the brink of going to prison for two murders. While the judge is preparing to pronounce the sentencing, Julia publicly announces she'd rather die than to face life in prison, when the judge, actually, sentence her behind bars. Dr. Lantry is accused of malpractice, however, Dr. Lantry tells Angela he will incriminate her, if she refuses to stop Michael. Richard spins a disgusting web taking advantage of Emma, tempt Maggie to work at The New Globe, as a feature writer, while he fights Chase by holding up the reading of Jacqueline's will. Phillips retrieves the original contracts to Melissa that Angela had talked her into signing that would've given the Agretti land to Falcon Crest.
477"The Last Laugh"Harry HarrisStephen Black & Henry SternNovember 11, 1983307
Julia has a hard time with the guard in prison, who has a strong vendetta against The Channings. Angela works to get her sentence moved. Melissa offers the Agretti land to Richard, after making love, which he excitingly accepts, in order for him to prevent Angela from taking it. Jacqueline's will is split between Chase and Richard, when she left $50 million, only after one year, if Chase finds Richard to be trustworthy of him, which reveals the motive of brotherly active. She also left Angela a hotel key suite, which Phillip must escort her there. It was Jacqueline who has "the last laugh," when Angela finds an unmade bed with a note.
488"Solitary Confinements"Gwen ArnerStephen Black & Henry SternNovember 18, 1983308
Julia has no choice other than to seek Angela for help to prevent her from these conniving prison inmates, or Julia might die. Angela pays the prison guard off to make things real simple for Julia. Maggie reveals evidence that Dr. Lantry's paychecks were given by a mysterious and handsome additional income. Chase and Michael's investigation is in a crisis, when Dr. Lantry's competency results may ban him from being a doctor. Afraid he might be incriminated, Angela jeopardizes Dr. Hooks (Raymond St. Jacques) on any questions. Maggie's younger sister, Terry Harford (Laura Johnson), has arrived in Falcon Crest, who finds out Maggie is rich.
499"Chameleon Charades"Harry HarrisRobert McCulloughNovember 25, 1983309
In desperation, Angela does everything she could to protect herself when she learns that Chase's and Michael's investigation into Dr. Lantry's underlying scheme past point towards her. When Angela informs Lance that Melissa and Richard are having an affair, boiling in anger, Lance, tries to find them. Melissa covers in telling Lance that she's trying to keep Richard as an ally, while he feasts his eyes on Pamela. Linda's father refuses to admit Cole as part of his family, while the newlyweds begins the custody battle with baby Joseph, alongside Melissa and Lance. Terry looks for her fortune in San Francisco, when she double-crosses her ways into The Giobertis.
5010"Double Dealing"Gwen ArnerRobert McCulloughDecember 2, 1983310
Dr. Lantry is sentenced to jail, all because of Angela, who is now concerned he will incriminate her in the murder of Chase. Phillip sets up the bail of Dr. Lantry, who must be sent out of the county, though Chase and Michael are bound to prove that Lantry is allied with Angela, who investigates Terry's dark past with plans of taking advantage of her to demolish The Giobertis. She learns Terry was a prostitute in New York, when Angela uses this truth into blocking Cole's custody suit. While Terry is scheming, she flirts with the many men in Falcon Crest, while Richard is disgusted to find out that the cartel begs for 100% of his racetrack and will stop at nothing to get it.
5111"The Betrayal"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenDecember 9, 1983311
Angela's "betrayal" from Lance, who gave information to Chase where Dr. Lantry is nowhere to be found. When he learned from this, Chase accuses Angela of having the bail being arranged by Dr. Lantry, and that Chase tells Angela that he learned all that from Lance. Angela refuses to admit everything else, except, she can hardly control her anger beyond Lance's "betrayal." After Chase finds Dr. Lantry, he confesses that Angela blackmailed him, as far as signing the affidavit was concerned about Chase's incompetency. Dr. Lantry injects himself with a lethal dose of morphine, as Chase was stopping him. When a dead body is found on Richard's property, Richard's life, as well as his inheritance, are in jeopardy.
5212"Coup d'État"Gwen ArnerE.F. WallengrenDecember 16, 1983312
Dr. Lantry is near death, Chase learns that he might lose his chance to see Angela in jail. Lance jeopardizes Angela and Melissa with blackmail, and all the while, Angela works with Phillip to commit Julia to a mental institution. Terry crawls her way into Michael's heart, while Angela blackmails her for love. Vince Caproni, whose unhappy about Linda's marriage to Cole, tells Linda that Angela's brutality towards migrant workers caused Linda's mother's death. Angela talks Terry into spying on The Giobertis, or else, Angela will open up to Terry's sleazy past. Chase decides to use the clause in his grandfather's will that'll enable him to get 100 per cent ownership of Falcon Crest.
5313"No Trespassing"Joseph MandukeStephen Black & Henry SternDecember 23, 1983313
Chase is in a public feud with Richard, who wants to build a racetrack that could demolish the entire wine industry, however, the final say is when the residents who are planning to vote after scandalous campaigns of men. Angela strongly promises that she wouldn't allow Chase to run Falcon Crest without her and thwarts his goals to obtain the accounting records. Lance threatens Vince over Joseph's paternity suit, Vince suffers a heart attack soon after being threatened. In spite of The Gioberti's warning that Terry is dangerous, she moves in with Michael.
Note: Abby Dalton does not appear in this episode.
5414"Sport of Kings"Larry ElikannRobert McCullough & E.F. WallengrenJanuary 6, 1984314
Richard wins his election in building a racetrack, a plot that Chase will stop him, that results in an explosive manner. Julia is in the mental institution, where she becomes hysterical, when Richard, in the worst way, tells her Melissa's baby is his, that pushed her in a catatonic state. Angela has made an agreement to Lance that they will both be kicking out of Falcon Crest, if they lose Joseph's custody battle to Cole. When Melissa's being questioned on Angela's grandson's affair with Maggie's baby sister, prior to giving deposition to Cole's lawyer, she lashes out and admits that their marriage is a farce. Angela plans to stop Chase's call to plan a champagne market by purchasing the grape harvest he needs.
5515"Queen's Gambit"Robert FoxworthRobert McCullough & E.F. WallengrenJanuary 13, 1984315
Michael must face his fears from the past, as he operates Sheriff Robbins to save his life. In the operating room, Michael cannot perform the surgery, who later admits to Terry about the guilt he's felt, the day he lost his wife. Terry arranges to become the new wife of Michael, after she spies on Maggie for Angela. While a gangster attacks Richard, Angela plans to crush Chase, with the encouragement of Calvin Kleeger, who's the wine distributor of Falcon Crest. Kleeger lets Chase know that Angela is no longer in the running of Falcon Crest, he won't serve as distributor, until Chase offers the winery as collateral.
Note: Abby Dalton does not appear in this episode.
5616"Bitter Harvest"Larry ElikannStephen Black & Henry SternJanuary 20, 1984316
Thanks to Phillip, Melissa has no choice other than to sell her Agretti land to him. Richard is nearly run down by a hit man, as the cartel was bound to take over his racetrack. Maggie also finds Jacqueline had an affair with Johann Riebmann, who was the head of the Nazi Gestapo. Cole came back home, only to find out Melissa was waiting for him seductively posed in bed. He kicks her out of the house, prior to Linda coming back.
Note: Abby Dalton does not appear in this episode.
5717"Power Play"Mel FerrerGreg StrangisFebruary 3, 1984317
When Joseph's custody battle goes to court, Lance and Melissa resort to blackmail. Cole punches Lance in front of a witness, who comes to court, all bodily bruised claiming that Cole had assaulted him. After hearing the story of the blackmailed witness, the case of Cole and Linda had been dismissed. Maggie and Chase notices that Jacqueline's relationship with Johann Riebmann and Henri Denault, led her into being a war criminal. Prior to Maggie, who chooses not to submit her article at The New Globe, Emma, who plays second-fiddle to her mother and brother, Angela and Richard, into being evil, that she has the story written on the front page behind Richard's and Maggie's back. Thanks to Emma's underlying schemes, the cartels were not pleased about that story and Richard would be knocked out.
Note: Abby Dalton does not appear in this episode.
5818"Changing Times"Michael PreeceRichard FreimanFebruary 10, 1984318
Angela makes a deal with Chase and Maggie, about herself, getting full control of Falcon Crest, as long as Melissa gives Cole custody of Joseph. She (Melissa) was shocked at first, but later reconsiders it. Angela bosses Terry around, in hoping Chase and Michael don't get along with each other, while Richard is at the mercy of the cartel's gangsters in opening a racetrack. Maggie's article about Jacqueline's past, made it the valley's business.
5919"The Aftermath"Barbara PeetersAnn Marcus & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 17, 1984319
Melissa's in hot water, when, after the argument, she gets into a serious car crash with Linda. Lance spends the night with Terry, while Melissa suffers a miscarriage, at the hospital. Overwhelmed with shame, Lance tries to apologize to Angela, when she's absolutely unforgiving. Melissa has been relayed by Angela that she refuses to give up Joseph and needs the assigned agreement return. Phillip asked Angela to marry her, but she is obsessed with driving Terry out of San Francisco, with the encouragement that Lance will behave more like a husband to Melissa, than just being a ladies' man. Richard and Pamela's relationship has gone up, when she's so concerned about him being killed. Lance and Emma visit Julia in the psychiatric hospital, who also goes on a rampage with them. Lance calms his mother down, while telling Emma that Richard had paid for the damage he has done to Julia. Maggie is very disgusted at Terry, when her sister questions Terry, at the night of her party, if she'd ever told Michael about Chase making a pass at him, when she denies to tell Maggie the truth, when Maggie urges Terry to call Michael on the phone, for the truth. Knowing her sister's being taking advantage of everybody else, Maggie falls down at the top of the stairs.
6020"Tests of Faith"Reza BadiyiRobert McCullough & Garner SimmonsFebruary 24, 1984320
Terry's sleazy, secretive past has been revealed when Angela goes to greater lengths to wear her out of San Francisco. Kate Mars, a former call girl friend of Terry's, is being paid by Angela, who asked her to tell Michael everything about Terry's past. Angela confronts Phillip about his indiscretions, especially when Jacqueline claimed to have slept with him, while in the hotel room. Phillip refuses to tell her everything else about this, and quits, having been tolerated with Angela's manipulations. Chase looks for another wine distributor, who also learns that Calvin Kleeger serves as front for Angela. Disguised as a janitor, at the mental institution, Julia, escapes and hitchhikes her way back to Falcon Crest. Maggie finds out she has a brain tumor, because of the horrifying dizzy spells and headaches, she's been suffering. The hit men kidnap Pamela who forces her to choose between faithfulness to Richard's and her own life, hence, Richard refuses to give the cartel back to the racetrack. Lance barges in on Richard, searching for revenge for his mother's mental setback, only to get Richard to call security to give him a hard time.
6121"Little Boy Blue"Harry HarrisClaire WhitakerMarch 9, 1984321
The news about Julia's escape from the mental institution is being printed on The New Globe. Julia also steals a wallet and purchase a wig from a waitress at a roadside coffee shop. When Melissa trades her son for power, which leads her into paying a heavy price. Phillip and Chase try to determine how serious Angela as far as trading Joseph for half of Falcon Crest. Chase is shocked, prior to Phillip produces Angela contract, when he is happy to know when he can pry out of Angela's clutches. Angela tells Melissa it's too late to call off the deal with Chase, after Melissa begs her, as Melissa is overwhelmed with guilt, prior to Chase and Cole taking her child away. Chase hears that Richard bribes a county geologist to approve construction of the racetrack. Julia takes over as Kay Aberdeen, who is invited to stay with an unexpected admirer, Lucas Crosby. Maggie has to come to the terms with the fact that she has a brain tumor.
6222"The Gathering Storm"Reza BadiyiRocci Chatfield & Ray GoldstoneMarch 16, 1984322
Lance loses his temper, when he finds out that Melissa sold Joseph to Angela for her half of Falcon Crest. Angela cautions Lance, who must, then atone with Melissa, who is now Angela's heir, and if he refuses to, he'll be penniless. Pamela planted the hidden bugs, whom Richard found, leading him to think the cartel is closer to him. To make Phillip jealous, Angela goes out on a date with Carter St. John. Maggie's dying, because her tumor is growing fast, who must decide between operation and radiation treatment. She's also beginning to lose her eyesight, and Michael warns if she doesn't have surgery, her sight could be irreversible. However, questions about Michael's surgical abilities, may have to wait. Being afraid of her own safety, Lucas teaches Julia how to shoot a gun.
6323"Final Countdown"Harry HarrisJames FritzhandMarch 23, 1984323
Michael talks Chase into allowing him on operating Maggie's brain tumor, which has already taken both her life and sight. Michael also enlist his former lover, Lillian Heller, an anesthesiologist, for helping with Maggie's surgery. Lillian's a houseguest, that makes Terry really jealous. Chase has high concerns if he'll ever see his wife again. Angela strongly encourages Lance to reconcile with Melissa, for producing a true heir at Falcon Crest. Lance begs Melissa to give marriage a second chance, when she looks at his deception and has no intention of sharing it with him. Phillip expands to his winery staff by hiring Angela's best people. Pamela is carrying out Spheeris's order, in order to demolish Richard, who gets so obsessed with attempting to win over Chase to obtain his inheritance for the completion of the racetrack.
6424"Love's Triumph"Harry HarrisRobert McCullough & Suzanne HerreraApril 6, 1984324
Maggie's heart stop, when Michael and Dr. Heller remove the last of her brain tumor, as fast as they could, only to find Maggie in a coma. Angela prays for Maggie, Julia and the entire Falcon Crest, as Maggie's fate is up to The Lord, while Angela gets back with Phillip again. Richard is very disgusted when Chase has turned over Jacqueline's $50 million trust fund to St. Martha's convent in Paris, at the time Richard desperately needs the money. Above this, the cartel plot against Richard's jeopardizes Pamela's life. When Pamela's disappears, Richard notices he has lost the only person whom he truly loved.
6525"Win, Place, and Show"Robert McCulloughRobert McCullough & Suzanne HerreraApril 13, 1984325
A public spectacle about Richard's assassination of the grand opening of the racetrack, where the cartel begins to carry out traditional plans. Richard, who's in the limousine, makes a switch to the bomb, causing the cartel to explode. To please Angela, Lance has made a commitment he and Melissa will produce Angela's first great-grandchild. Melissa learns that she can no longer have children due to injuries sustain in her car accident. While Chase and Maggie have thought Michael and Terry are both traveling to Mexico, they are shocked when the young couple are announcing their marriage. Angela agrees to marry Phillip. Police find out about Julia's identity.
6626"For Better or Worse"Harry HarrisEllis MarcusMay 4, 1984326
As Angela's wedding is coming closer, one of her daughters, Julia is about to shoot her. It all begins with Julia (dressing up in a nun's habit), heading towards the church. Chase recognizes her, when she locks him in a closet. As he crazingly works his way around it, Julia fails to shoot Angela, as she leaves for Falcon Crest, as well as the wedding reception. As the reception begins, Julia hiding upstairs, who's about to point the gun to Angela, who didn't get shot, again. Chase has the police cautioning Angela that Julia might kill her mother. Cole tries hard to locate Joseph, upstairs, only to find Julia has taken him hostage.
6727"The Avenger"Michael PreeceGarner SimmonsMay 11, 1984327
Lance and Emma finds out Julia is in the springhouse with Joseph, who's being held hostage by her. Terry lies, constantly to Michael, when she receives a letter about the dark past. After Angela reads a letter in which Julia had left her, while she was in college, she regrets in not being a very good mother to her, due to her busy career. The house is surrounded by police officers, when Angela enters in trading for Joseph. Angela admits that she has failed in becoming a mother to Julia, and finally gets Julia to listen to what her mother has to say, about Angela loving her. Julia hands Angela the gun, the deputy sheriff ends up shooting, which sets the kerosene lamp and house on fire. Chase and Lance scramble to locate Angela and Julia, towards their safety, when Lance is knocked out, and has to be rescued by the fire, as did Angela, he is being saved by Chase, and the springhouse explodes.
Note: Abby Dalton temporarily leaves the show, but will be back the following season.
6828"Ashes to Ashes"Barbara PeetersE.F. Wallengren & Ann MarcusMay 18, 1984328
The springhouse is on fire, the coroners inspecting a ring and bone fragments, they're all identifies the cremation of Julia's. In the letter to Lance, the final request from Julia was to have her ashes scattered in Italy. Angela asks both The Channings and The Giobertis to travel to Italy, in hoping that Julia's death can reunite the family together again. Richard believes that Pamela may be alive in Europe, a hostage of Norton Crane, and sends Padgett there to find her. Lance is told by Melissa, that she will be moved out of Falcon Crest, and back to her father's house when he returns from Italy. Angela already knows Melissa has filed for divorce, and can't have children of her own. Melissa pays one of the Falcon Crest employees to stage an accident at the winery so that Cole will have to stay behind with her. As Chase, Richard, and his pilot, Jack, leave to check possible travel routes to Italy, Spheeris enters the hangar posing as a mechanic, and heads toward Richard's plane carrying a toolbox and smiling. Angela, Philip, Lance, Emma, Richard, Maggie, Michael, Terry, Linda and Joseph, all take off in a plane, one of its engines catches fire and Chase suspects sabotage, the plane dives perilously and goes down in the Colorado Rocky Mountain Range, leaving everyone's lives hanging in the balance.
Note: Even though she departed the cast in the last episode, Abby Dalton is featured in the opening credits of this episode. This episode marks the last appearances of Mel Ferrer and Cliff Robertson.
Season 4 (1984–85)
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
691"Requiem"Harry HarrisRod Peterson & Claire WhitakerSeptember 28, 1984401
As Melissa and Cole wait at the rescue site where the helicopters arrive with the remaining survivors of the plane crash. As Angela leaves the plane, she says to her family that Phillip is dead, as well as Chase's co-pilot and Terry's husband, Michael. Richard has brought up the fact that the cartel was responsible for the crash, while Chase maintains it's a wreck. Angela blames Chase and has vowed to force him into paying. At the hospital, Linda is in critical condition where Cole visits her and makes plans for her future. Before she passes away, she tells Cole how much she loves him. Terry learns that she's a rich woman. In Buenos Aires, The Cartel meets where reveals that the ultimate goal is to reclaim a valuable Third Reich treasure buried under Falcon Crest.
Note: Paul Freeman joins the cast as Gustav Riebmann and Laura Johnson becomes a regular star as Terry Ranson.
702"Father's Day"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenOctober 5, 1984402
Chase continues to have nightmares about the crash and is concerned that whatever it was than he could've done just to land safely. Greg Reardon is offered a job as a lawyer, much due to Angela's surprise, to fill the void for Phillip, who died. She also promises to help launch his political career, the following year, if he accepts it. Maggie and Cole pack up Linda's things. As Richard heads into the limousine, Spheeris levels a pistol at him, who also refuses to buy the property, made especially for the members of the cartels. In planning a fuel leak story that will eventually blame chase for the crash, Angela, Lance and Alan Caldwell of the F.A.A., detailed about it. In Buenos Aires, Johann steps into his limousine, it immediately explodes while Gustav stands by, pleasing watching his father die.
Note: Simon MacCorkindale joins the cast as Greg Reardon.
713"Strangers"Harry HarrisClaire WhitakerOctober 12, 1984403
Angela and Lance partners against Chase in the F.A.A.'s investigation of the crash. Being bribed by Angela, the airplane's mechanic, Buzz Whitehead, who lies and claims that Chase had been drinking prior to the flight, and had ignored the leak warning. Chase is determined who wrecked the plane and swears that the cartel was responsible, Richard will pay. Gustav comes to Tuscany Valley to obtain the Falcon Crest secret. Angela, Lance, and Greg try to scheme to take The Globe away from Richard. Maggie's father visits her. The Giobertis throw a party to introduce their new champagne, however, the celebration turns into a nightmare for Maggie, when Angela publicly announces that Maggie is adopted and her father is unable to deny the hurtful truth.
724"The Outcasts"Reza BadiyiRod PetersonOctober 19, 1984404
The cartel bestows Angela a falcon statue that contains a listening device, which the cartel uses to eavesdrops her discussions about The New Globe. Terry gets an unwelcome visit from Joel McCarthy, her ex-husband, who claims they were never divorced. He beseeches $25,000 just to keep quiet, when Terry refuses to lend support for his drug habit. Angela reports evidence to the plane crash, investigating Chase, who later calls Senator Silverlake to put a spin on the F.A.A. report, who then releases their report on the car accident and Chase learns that he's responsible, hence, his license was suspended. Emma gives her stock in The New Globe to Angela, helping her to take over the newspaper.
735"Shadows"Harry HarrisWilliam SchmidtOctober 26, 1984405
Pamela learns that Richard's attacker is Padgett, who pulls back the covers only to find the pillows where Richard's body was supposed to have been. While Padgett attempts to flee from town, Richard hasn't been knocking out property, Gustav is very furious. At The New Globe, Lance was hired as publisher much to the dismay of many of his new staff. Chase has been removed as the Head of the airport authority by the Board of Supervisors. Joel (Parker Stevenson), broke and desperate to support his drug abuse attacks Maggie at Tuscany Downs. She rarely see him, and later, Cole unhappily hires Joel as the new transportation foreman for the vineyards. Julia has been called out by Emma in the vineyards, where Angela shows up, Julia disappears again.
Note: After a 5 episode hiatus, Abby Dalton rejoins the cast in this episode.
746"Lord of the Valley"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenNovember 2, 1984406
For Gustav's quest for land adjacent to Falcon Crest, he approaches Sam Gianinni, and when he refuses to cell, Gustav gets Spheeris to pay a special visit that evening. Richard purchases the entire radio station, immediately fires the entire staff and makes Frank Taggert the new general manager. Chase and Maggie travel to New York, to unveil her past. Joel gives Terry written evidence that they are married, and it requires an additional $10,000 check for him to keep quiet. Lorraine Prescott, Richard's daughter from a previous marriage, returning to his life, the news that left Pamela stunned. Angela sees Richard's fierce protectiveness of Lorraine might be the weakness she's been searching for him. Julia reappears on the porch, who asks Emma for money, who also asks that Angela mustn't know about this.
757"The Intruder"Harry HarrisScott HamnerNovember 9, 1984407
The Giobertis have been notified by Sheriff Robbins that Sam Gianinni has been murdered, apparently during the robbery. Lance takes advantage of his new power to use Sam's death in The Globe. Maggie, who's now working at Richard's new radio station to do work writing copy. Richard's ex-wife, Stephanie, comes to town and gives greater knowledge about her daughter about Richard's past behavior, cautioning her that he may attempt to take advantage of her too. Gustav bestows Mary Gianinni his condolences and jeopardizes to kill her if she does not sell her property to him. Chase has a copy of the F.A.A. report and is angry that somebody is lying to make him be guilty. Francesca Gioberti (Gina Lollobrigida) is in Italy, who faces disaster at her vineyards, she travels to Falcon Crest, where Angela is surprised to see her, with the help of Francesca's cousins.
768"Pain and Pleasure"Reza BadiyiGreg StrangisNovember 16, 1984408
Angela is shocked when she finds out that Francesca has evidence that she's Angela's half-sister and legal heir to one third of Falcon Crest. Angela also exploits it, at her advantage by making a deal with her to buy her half-sister's third in control to gain more of Falcon Crest than Chase. When Julia's at Lucas Crosby's home, she tells him she's tired of running and being afraid somebody will recognize her. When she goes to the police to turn herself in, they don't believe she's Julia Cumson. Emma helps Chase finds evidence that Buzz Whitehead had been bought off into lying to the F.A.A. investigator, and Senator Silverlake was forced into suspending Chase's license. Cole resuscitates his love with Melissa, as the two were in an opening relationship with each other, however, Greg will try to wreck their relationship.
779"The Trump Card"Harry HarrisWilliam SchmidtNovember 23, 1984409
While Chase is in Washington, D.C., who uses Emma's findings, he confronts Senator Silverlake, with the evidence that he was bought off into faking the F.A.A. reports. He confesses, releasing Chase of all the blame in the plane crash. Lorraine beseeches Lance to print a retraction to an article that connects Richard to the criminal underworld. Lance relishes seductions than retractions, however Lorraine ignores his advances. Richard and Gustav seek romance in Francesca, to get closer to her share of Falcon Crest. On the other hand, Angela and Greg talk her to sign a contract for her share of the vineyards. Private Investigator, Mike Harris, lets Maggie know that her real father was killed in World War II. Though Greg is determined to have a serious relationship with Melissa, she tells him she can't see him anymore as it jeopardizes her relationship of Cole.
7810"Tarantella"Reza BadiyiClaire WhitakerNovember 30, 1984410
Chase hears that Jasper's case is being reopened, he's very doubtful of Angela's motives, and confronts her, who also learns that Francesca is selling her third of Falcon Crest to Angela to save her vineyards in Italy. Confused, Francesca had listened to Angela, telling her that Chase would be very pleased. Cole wants to love Melissa enough to move in with her, especially against his parents' wishes. Richard, unsuccessfully attempts to prevent Lance from seeing Lorraine, and cautions his nephew not to hurt his stepdaughter. Francesca wants to throw a farewell party, before returning to Italy. She and Lance perform the tarantella dance, and scolds her family for greed and hatred. Jean-Louis helps Francesca by stealing her agreement from Angela's safe. Prior to the evening, Gustav's henchmen follow Julia, seize her and drive off.
7911"Going Once, Going Twice"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenDecember 7, 1984411
Riebmann and Spheeris look after Julia at cartel headquarters, who's drugged and confined on a bed in a mock hospital room. Riebmann formulates plans to convince Julia that Angela is responsible for her daughter's kidnapping. In order to give Chase some bargaining power with Angela, Melissa agrees to sell her father's harvest to him. When Angela finds out about this, she begs Greg to find a way to remove Melissa from the will. At court, Judge Stevens announces that Jasper's handwritten will is binding, and that an appeal is unjustified. Francesca doesn't pay attention to her previous contract with Angela, and accepts seal bids for her share of the land. The family gathers for the sale at Falcon Crest, even though Gustav bids the highest at $31 million, Francesca will not sell the price to a stranger nor will she compete against Angela and Chase, against each other, therefore, it's Richard's land. Angela and Chase have careful eye contact, as they both find themselves to be unwilling allies against Richard.
8012"The Triumvirate"Reza BadiyiRod PetersonDecember 14, 1984412
Thrilled with his one-third ownership of Falcon Crest, Richard makes plans to buy new harvests. He acknowledges to Terry that he realizes Joel is blackmailing her and has made a commitment in helping her if she sells him her land. Spheeris and Riebmann continue to plague Julia, in the mock hospital, saying that Angela has given them permission to perform a frontal lobotomy on her. Claiming to work for the U.S. Government, Ben Landale, arrives at Falcon Crest with some commandments to look for Johann Riebmann. Now that Melissa's and Lance's divorce have been finalized, Melissa agrees to marry Cole. Secretly working with Angela, Mike Harris tracks down Maggie's mother, Charlotte Pershing, and takes her to the radio station. Angela relays to Greg she found Maggie's mother, because her compulsive gambling habits will create big problems with The Giobertis.
8113"Winner Take All"Barbara PeetersWilliam SchmidtDecember 21, 1984413
As Melissa is being cut out of the will, Angela reinstates Lance as her single heir. For Gustav to scheme Julia by trusting him, he models as Julia's psychiatrist. Ben and Chase check Falcon Crest for surveillance devices and when Gustav listens to them talk about Henri Denault with Angela, he commands Spheeris to investigate Ben immediately. Greg's immediate romance with Melissa are taking a toll on Cole's trust in Melissa. Joel gave back the necklace he stole from Terry and bestows her an engagement ring. She reluctantly agrees to marry him within two weeks. At the Turf Club, Angela wants to allow Charlotte die down to her weakness for gambling. Chase puts Maggie in the dark about his plans with Ben, in searching for Johann in Europe.
8214"Suitable for Framing"Stan LathanE.F. WallengrenDecember 28, 1984414
Being angry about written out of Angela's will, Melissa begs Joel's help by bestowing him $50,000 to disgrace Lance in Angela's eyes. Joel uses Lance into having a private meeting, and locks him up in a deserted warehouse. Pretending to be Lance, he uses Lance's Porsche to drive Angela off the road. While the real Lance is released from the warehouse, he is arrested immediately for his grandmother's murder. Angela acknowledges her plot to Greg to ally with Richard in order to get Chase to stop his champagne business. Gustav commands to follow Chase and Ben to Paris, where the two search for clues leading to Johann's whereabouts. While Ben and Chase are caught in a set-up, Ben is dead. Charlotte loses her temper over her gambling impulses at Richard's racetrack.
Note: Abby Dalton does not appear in this episode
8315"Vicious Circle"Larry ElikannRod PetersonJanuary 4, 1985415
Angela receives a phone call from Lance, who's trying to bail out, who also knows that he cannot rot in jail. Ralph Delaney arrives and informs him that The New Globe will pay his bail. Richard asks Maggie to do a story about Lance and uses the situation. As Lorraine finds out about this, she's enraged, who accuses Richard of slanting the news. Chase tightens security at his house, who purchases a gun. He finds out from Herb Boutilier from Washington, D.C., that Ben never worked for the government and gets another phone call warning him to stop looking for Ben. Charlotte and her old gambling friend meet and begin to lose money for the track. To keep Joel from Terry, Richard sends him to a drug rehabilitation center. Even though Lance is determined he was framed, Angela denies trusting her grandson, she disinherits him. Lance moves in with Lorraine at the Tuscany Inn.
8416"Insult and Injury"Barbara PeetersJuliet Law PackerJanuary 11, 1985416
When Maggie investigates Lance's case, she's his only hope, to find him not guilty. She approaches Angela with proof in support of her grandson, and to his surprise, Angela admits that she can trust her grandson's side of the story and has made a commitment by letting Greg defend him, provided that he stopped dating Lorraine. Lance and Lorraine said goodbye, sadly, planning to reunite after he's being released. Charlotte fails in retrieving the pearls from the pawn shop, therefore Maggie cries when she learns the pearls were missing. Riebmann listens in as Angela makes plans for Lorraine to be her heir, in the surveillance room, and begins to love her. Chase and Cole discover a surprise plan to undermine their champagne production.
8517"Acid Tests"Larry ElikannClaire WhitakerJanuary 25, 1985417
With Richard and Angela looking on, Chase and Cole dump hundreds of gallons of nasty champagne. Chase believes one of them is responsible for the poisoning. With the obsession Richard has about him destroying Lance, encourages Maggie to quit her job at the radio station. When Maggie's mother suddenly disappeared, she searches for her, while traveling to Los Angeles. Prior to meeting his stepfather, Alexander Nicolau, Chase unveils his mother's risky connections with the cartel, who is also determined to unveil why Riebmann fiercely wants Tuscany Valley. There, reporters and spectators crowd the courthouse for Lance's preliminary hearing. Richard is highly satisfied with Judge Holder's ruling that Lance still must stand trial for the attempted murder of Angela Channing.
8618"The Showdown"Michael PreeceRod Peterson & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 1, 1985418
The truck is seized and the tanker is drained, there went Richard's first shipment of Francesca's wine delivered for bottling. Richard highly doubts Chase and Cole, and after they fight, Chase finishes that Riebmann and the cartel had demolished it. He also details his suspicions that DeBercy may actually be Riebmann. Richard is surprised at the extent of Chase's knowledge about the cartel and so is Riebmann, who is listening from his surveillance room and realizes he must act quickly before his identity is revealed. He continues to use Emma to gather more useful information to further his plot. Meanwhile, Lorraine discovers that she is pregnant with Lance's baby. While Chase, Richard and Greg go to the authorities, Angela receives an invitation at gunpoint to visit Mr. Riebmann and his houseguest, Julia.
8719"Retribution"Barbara PeetersRod Peterson & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 8, 1985419
At the Riebmann's house with Julia, Angela's kidnapping brings her face to face, while Chase, Richard and Greg are on a mission to save her. All of them play at Riebmann's hand, getting control of the guards and escape. Riebmann is being followed by Richard, as he enters into the mineshaft where the treasure is buried. Chase, Pamela and Chao-Li stand by in horror, while the mine begins to collapse. Richard tries to escape, when Gustav and Renee are buried with the treasure. To avoid further complicating Lance's life, Lorraine is planning an abortion procedure, a situation Lance is strongly opposed to. Melissa and Cole were disappointed with Father Bob, when he brings up the annulment of her marriage to Lance could take up to two years. They chose to do a nice ceremony, the following week.
8820"Forsaking All Others"Lorraine Senna FerraraClaire Whitaker & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 15, 1985420
At Falcon Crest, Lance is dumbfounded when he sees Julia appear on the stairs. Greg and Angela manage to persuade Judge Leeds to transfer Julia's sentence to a convent in Oregon. Meanwhile, Angela plans to buy Sam Giannini's estate. Richard meets Cassandra Wilder, who attracts both Richard and his advertising account for Francesca wine. Greg continues to pursue Melissa until the day of the wedding. Dr. Mitchell informs Melissa that her auto accident has rendered her unable to bear any more children and Melissa fails to build the courage to tell Cole, who wants more children. However, Cole learns this in the worst possible way, through Angela. Feeling that Melissa has deceived him, Cole decides at the last minute that he cannot go through with the wedding and abandons Melissa at the altar in tears.
Note: Abby Dalton leaves the show (on a full-time basis), a second time as a regular cast member, but will have a recurring role, next season.
8921"Recriminations"Lorraine Senna FerraraGreg StrangisFebruary 22, 1985421
Melissa confronts Angela when she realizes that Angela had provoked Cole into walking out on their wedding. Although Melissa tries to seek comfort with Greg, she cannot put Cole out of her mind. After arguing with Melissa, Cole swallows his pride, reunites with her and marries her in a meadow in a small private ceremony. Lance proposes to Lorraine and surprisingly receives Angela's support. Unfortunately, Judge Holder has denied a change of venue for Lance's trial. Before Lorraine has a chance to discuss her pregnancy and engagement with Richard, Angela deviously provides him with the information. In turn, Richard confronts Lorraine, who begs him to be happy for her. Instead, Richard throws her out of the house, telling her that, as far as he's concerned, she is dead.
9022"House Divided"Joseph MandukeWilliam Schmidt & Claire WhitakerMarch 8, 1985422
Greg coaches Lance on his trial testimony as they nervously wait to hear whether the trial will be postponed. Cole and Melissa happily honeymoon in Tahiti. Chase convinces Connie Giannini to keep the land she inherited upon her mother's death rather than sell it to Angela. At KRDC, Pamela advises Richard not to reject Lorraine just when she really needs him. When Richard resists Lorraine's attempt to reconcile, she has no choice but to remain at Falcon Crest, where she is quickly learning that Angela cares only about heirs. The next day at breakfast, Greg soberly announces to the family that the trial extension was denied. Horrified, Lance and Lorraine realize that he will go on trial that Monday.
9123"The Trial"Robert FoxworthPaul L. EhrmannMarch 15, 1985423
Lance stands trial for the attempted murder of Angela, but his real court battle is against Richard Channing, who has secretly bribed the judge. Richard discovers that Greg and the prosecutor, Caroline Earle, have agreed to a deal that would considerably lighten his Lance's sentence. He passes this information to Judge Holder, who, on instruction, rejects such an arrangement. Cole and Melissa consider hiring a surrogate mother to bear them a child. Chase decides to hire Connie to help Cole with their champagne production. Cassandra and Damon come closer to an opportunity for revenge on Angela. Cassandra must keep their identity and plan hidden from Richard, who finds Cassandra intriguing. Melissa's cousin, Robin, arrives at the Gioberti household for an extended visit and hungrily sets her sights on Cole and the mansion.
9224"Justice for All"Philip LeacockDick NelsonMarch 29, 1985424
Cole battles with Connie, resenting her interference in his champagne operation. However, Chase convinces her to stay on, not realizing she is thrilled to be working near him. In court, after the foreman announces that the jury cannot reach a verdict in Lance's case, Judge Holder orders the jury to deliberate again. After Maggie observes Richard and Holder meeting in the parking lot, she becomes determined to discover if they are conspiring against Lance. While Melissa fears the outcome if anyone discovers that she was responsible for Lance's arrest, her cousin Robin sees Melissa's search for a surrogate mother as the perfect opportunity to move closer to Cole. Cassandra and Damon use Richard and Cole to further establish themselves at Falcon Crest. After the foreman reads the verdict, Lance and his family hear Judge Holder sentence him to seven years in state prison.
9325"Devil's Harvest"Robert FoxworthJohn F. PerryApril 12, 1985425
Angela takes advantage of Lance's conviction to assume his job as publisher of The New Globe. Richard provokes Lance into a fight at a restaurant, forcing Lance into hiding to avoid being returned to custody. Angela realizes that if Falcon Crest expands to accommodate a contract with Helios Foods, Richard and Chase will fall heavily into debt, and she will once again be the sole owner of the wine empire. She pushes them to agree to bid on the contract. Maggie prefers that Chase sell out and get away from Angela, but he refuses. Cassandra and Damon push the Helios deal to advance their own plans for a takeover. Late that night, Robin tries to seduce Cole with the idea that they could give Melissa the child she wants.
9426"The Decline..."Reza BadiyiRod Peterson & Greg StrangisApril 19, 1985426
Richard and Chase goes with Angela to bid on the Holios deal. Chase looks after Maggie for moral support in his decision not to sell out, when she chooses not to offer anything. Melissa reluctantly pay Pamela $100,000 for keeping quiet about the hiring of Joel McCarthy, to set Lance up. Not only Terry admits her past connections with Joel to Greg, but she also lets Greg know where to look for him. Meanwhile, Terry suspects that it was Joel; who threw Angela under the bus. Emma and Lorraine partner up against Angela to look for Lance; they found out that Angela and Chao-Li got him hidden in Chinatown. Thanks to Mrs. Channing's devious plans; Maggie was offered a job as acting publisher at the Globe; this leads to the dissolution of their marriage. Chase strongly exposed to the plan, however, Maggie is opened to the challenge.
9527"...and the Fall"Barbara PeetersGreg Strangis & Rod PetersonMay 3, 1985427
Chase joins Connie at the winery and hugs her, before he convinces that he has received a loan that was needed to bid with Angela. However, Connie's former senator, might jeopardize the bank deal. Cole notices that Connie might be the jeopardy of something else. Greg searches for Joel and notices that he died at Camp Mary Jane of a drug overdose. He also confronts Richard of his distrusts with Lance's framing, hoping he can expose his responsibilities. Lance might be part of Angela's plan to send him to Italy; who makes arrangements for them to meet at the boat. Pamela cautions Angela that Richard and the police are heading towards Lance's hideout and Lance plans to disappear. One Lorraine enters in; she finds out he has already escaped; who hurries to the fire escape before Richard would delay her; and in a rush; slips and plummets two stories to the street.
9628"Cold Comfort"Philip LeacockWilliam SchmidtMay 10, 1985428
Lance severely opposes Angela's orders to board the ship; until she gets an answer from her grandson, as to why Lorraine is not there. A phone call at Falcon Crest has been received where Lance learns that Lorraine is in the hospital; where she slips in a coma. Lance also drives fast in Angela's car to see her, risking everything he has to this point. Being recognized at the hospital, Lance gets an opportunity to see Lorraine and encourages her to keep fighting, before 2 police officers take him away. Coming out of her coma, the following day, Lorraine begs Richard to release Lance from jail. On a tip from a turf club bartender, Greg searches for proof he needed to find Melissa guilty. Determining she turn herself in, within 48 hours, he confronts her. Cole has been shut out, again, as far as his wife's dealings, who also receives devastating news about his own past actions, when Melissa's cousin, Robin, enter at their doorstep.
9729"Confessions"Barbara PeetersClaire WhitakerMay 17, 1985429
A forlorn Lorraine misses her Lance, all the while having lost her baby. In jail, Lance acknowledges Angela about his worries of Lorraine's survival. Angela encourages him and promises that Greg is working on his release. Pamela delivers Maggie a cassette tape, at The New Globe, describing all the conversations that Richard had taped. Both Maggie and Greg play the tape, hearing Richard and Judge Holder scheme against Lance. Cole receives word from Melissa that Joel is framing Lance. Then, striking back, Cole informs her that her surrogate mother's plan worked because Robin is pregnant. Judge Holder has no choice other than to release Lance, due to the overwhelming evidence against him. Happy, Lance hurries himself to the hospital, where the judge marries him and Lorraine.
Note: This episode marks the last appearance of Sarah Douglas.
9830"The Avenging Angel"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenMay 24, 1985430
For Angela to assume Chase and Richard to go bankrupt, after a competitor to win his bid, her scheme is to regain control of Falcon Crest will fall through. She has no idea about Cassandra Wilder, who holds the liens on their shares. Her mother, Anna Rossini, arrives for her much anticipated vengeance against Angela, because her daughter owns two-thirds of Falcon Crest. Chase is accepted by Connie to become a partner in Giannini Winery, while working at the winery. Maggie enters in and catches them in a celebratory embrace. Furious, she'll also be moving out that evening, and Chase vehemently tells her to go, eventually. Testifying on Melissa's half is Angela, which gives Melissa a permissive 60-day sentence in jail, in return for the Agretti land. Before Lorraine dies, Lance must sign the release paper for her to remove Lorraine off life-support, prior to her condition, growing increasingly worse, due to brain damage. Maggie and Richard comforts each other, one evening, until an explosion rips through his house, trapping them.
Note: Kate Vernon makes her final appearance in this episode.
Season 5 (1985–86)
When this new season began, Falcon Crest had started with the regular practice a recap to remind the viewers of the previous episode's recollections, before a short sneak preview of the new episode, prior to the main title. Midway throughout the season, Jane Wyman had been absent for only 2 episodes, due to her abdominal surgery.
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
991"The Phoenix"Reza BadiyiRod Peterson & Claire WhitakerOctober 4, 1985501
Maggie has amnesia, despite her and Chase surviving the explosion. To rebuild their marriage, Chase takes Maggie home. Angela has to reveal a long-kept secret in her fight to save her wine empire from the encroachments of a vengeful mother and daughter to plan to take over the estate.
Note: Ken Olin joins the regular cast as Father Christopher and Abby Dalton returns for a few episodes. This episode marks first appearance of Morgan Fairchild as Jordan Roberts.
1002"Unfinished Business"Robert FoxworthE.F. WallengrenOctober 11, 1985502
Father Christopher has been welcomed by Angela in Tuscany Valley, there, he presents an additional obstacle in her efforts to keep her wine empire intact. To try to help Angela, Greg investigates Anna's past, including her hospitalization history. Richard is the answer of many threats. While Melissa is released from jail and returns home to find a distracting situation between Cole and Robin. Lance seeks solace in Terry's wiles. Maggie asks Chase about Connie.
1013"Blood Brothers"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenOctober 18, 1985503
In order for Angela to save her empire, frantically, she calls on the expertise, wealth and influence of Peter Stavros (Cesar Romero), an old friend of hers. Prior to Maggie living in a reclusive cabin to reassemble her life, she asks Richard about their relationship, before the explosion. Father Christopher takes interest in the vineyards' field workers, which horrifies Melissa and annoys Angela.
1024"Echoes"Robert FoxworthWilliam SchmidtOctober 25, 1985504
Chase does everything he could to help Maggie regain her memory, when she's rebuffing his advances; encouraging him that she barely remember their marriage. Until Angela marries Peter, she can only pay attention upon seeing Falcon Crest. For Father Christopher to get to know his family better, Angela and Greg use him as proof that Anna had a motive to kill Dominic. Discouraged, Anna sneaks into Angela's bedroom and set the entire house on fire. Despite Richard wearing a bulletproof vest, he is shot. Lance's behavior is continuing to be incredibly irresponsible and so discouraged.
1035"Ingress and Egress"Reza BadiyiGreg StrangisNovember 1, 1985505
The manor was set on fire, where Lance rescues Angela and Emma. Cassandra notices her mother was behind in both fires. Despite Maggie suffering from amnesia, Chase talks Maggie into renewing their marriage vows with another wedding. On that day, Angela pours her own brand of vitriol on the ceremony by bringing up Chase's relationship with Connie Gianinni. The unknown assassin of Richard's tries again, he's trapped. Father Christopher gives some hard facts of life, learning that she's an aspiring singer, once a cocktail singer, named Apollonia (Apollonia Kotero), whom Lance rescues.
Note: Abby Dalton leaves the show, for the third time, but will return, to guest-star, in later episodes of the same season.
1046"Sharps and Flats"Robert FoxworthGreg StrangisNovember 8, 1985506
When Lance takes Apollonia and her friends to Falcon Crest, he finances her demo records; a responsibility in which Angela severely disapproves; Lance outfoxes Angela by reclaiming the publisher's job at The New Globe, which served as his first move in achieving his goals for Apollonia's career, much to Angela's annoyance. Chase and Maggie argue over Connie; that it triggers old memories for Maggie. Richard risks his opportunities at his racetrack.
1057"Changing Partners"Reza BadiyiDeanne BarkleyNovember 15, 1985507
Lance trades his interest in The New Globe; in exchange for Richard's radio station to have a showcase for Apollonia's singing career, behind Angela's back; who did everything she could to unsuccessfully purchase Terry's land and in attacking that provokes Terry into investing Tuscany Downs. Angela suggests the Board of Supervisors to approve a new irrigation system that would place the land where Chase is working underwater. Maggie reprimands Angela; prior to her recovery. Emma meets Dwayne (Daniel Greene), a handsome truck driver.
1068"Storm Warning"Philip LeacockDick NelsonNovember 22, 1985508
Angela learns that Lance has exchanged jobs from a publisher to a rock radio impresario, this led her to expel her grandson from Falcon Crest. Emma returns to Angela's house; after an all-night tryout in Dwayne's truck. Peter continues to focus on his marriage proposal to Angela, very seriously. Richard and Cassandra begin a new relationship, despite a mistrust.
1079"The Naked Truth"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenNovember 29, 1985509
As Angela announces her engagement to Peter Stavros, at the party, she shocks the social gathering of guests by informing that Cole is the father of Robin's baby. Angela prepares a strange method of revenge; who's also smarting from having been outmaneuvered by Chase on the valley's water conservation project. Angela sues Lance and Richard over the exchange of their newspaper and radio swap; where Lance transforms his stations, from all-talk to all-rock in showcasing Apollonia's songs.
10810"Inconceivable Affairs"Philip LeacockWilliam SchmidtDecember 6, 1985510
When Angela is reluctant to change her name and to quit running her wine empire, to marry Peter, they finally set the date. In the same situation as Peter, Emma asks Dwayne to marry her; determining not to lose him. When Richard proposes to Cassandra, only if they trusted each other. Cole and Melissa agree to a church wedding, when the bride becomes disturbed because Father Christopher must perform the ceremony. Jordan is happy to date Greg; much to his persistence. When Maggie received an advanced check, she can hardly remember the novel. Lance's actions get distracted, when a man enters from Apollonia's past re-enters her life. Angela loses her court battle in overriding Lance's exchanging with Richard's at the radio station.
10911"Strange Bedfellows"Reza BadiyiGreg StrangisDecember 13, 1985511
Angela's life continues to be endemic with challenges, especially with Emma's love life blossoming, Lance disobeying his own grandmother and Chase stealing her distributors. Angela tries to buy off Dwayne to leave her daughter being disappointed. Angela bestows her blessing for their marriage if he sells his trucking business. Yet, Emma show a redeeming quality to encourage her mother and her demands. Angela blackmails the valley's agriculture inspector to get Chase's vineyards quarantine, just to shut Chase down. Greg talks Angela into honoring her promise to help him get into politics. Lance is willing to show Apollonia, the real Walker McDowell. Cassandra, who is pregnant gets broken up by Richard; while Robin gives birth.
11012"False Hope"Philip LeacockE.F. Wallengren & Greg StrangisDecember 20, 1985512
Lance takes Father Christopher in the vineyards to show him how conniving his grandmother, Angela operates; this is where Angela directs Lance to buy off the pickers not to pick Chase's grapes. Father Christopher is disgusted with her underlying schemes, at the same time; he confronts her. Chase turns the tables on Angela; after he learns Angela's ruse in time to save his own harvest. Terry marries Richard Channing. Emma talks Lance into following Apollonia; when she embarks on a tour. The fundraiser of J.J. Roberts is very successful at Falcon Crest; after that, Jordan's mother unveils the reason Jordan detests her father when Greg learns Jordan was working at the Halfway House for abused young ladies. Peter Stavros's daughter tries to retrieve her father's briefcase from Angela. Robin disappears with the baby, when Melissa and Cole pay Robin the money.
11113"Fair Game"Stan LathanE.F. Wallengren & Greg StrangisJanuary 3, 1986513
When Father Christopher moves into the mansion, Angela indicates to Lance that it might affect his inheritance if his half-brother leaves the priesthood. Lance changes his mind about giving Apollonia, a chance to go on tour without him; but reconsiders; a second time when Father Christopher crushes Melissa's expectations when he realizes that she is a married woman, because he told her he is on leave from his duties. Cole and Melissa are worried about Robin's paternity test, when they bring the baby home from the hospital. Maggie has been given a clue (from Emma) about the mysterious stranger in Maggie's book. Greg and Richard separately try to find the secret in Jordan Roberts's life. Being curious about Peter Stavros's disappearance, Angela leans he left his briefcase at her house. Blaming Angela the most, Richard decides on marrying Terry.
11214"Conundrum"Gwen ArnerE.F. Wallengren & Greg StrangisJanuary 10, 1986514
Lance takes Father Christopher in the vineyards to show him how conniving his grandmother, Angela operates; this is where Angela directs Lance to buy off the pickers not to pick Chase's grapes. Father Christopher is disgusted with her underlying schemes, at the same time; he confronts her. Chase turns the tables on Angela; after he learns Angela's ruse in time to save his own harvest. Terry marries Richard Channing. Emma talks Lance into following Apollonia; when she embarks on a tour. The fundraiser of J.J. Roberts is very successful at Falcon Crest; after that, Jordan's mother unveils the reason Jordan detests her father when Greg learns Jordan was working at the Halfway House for abused young ladies. Peter Stavros's daughter tries to retrieve her father's briefcase from Angela. Robin disappears with the baby, when Melissa and Cole pay Robin the money.
11315"Checkmate"Simon MacCorkindaleWilliam SchmidtJanuary 17, 1986515
Angela takes Julia home for a visit, in an attempt to bring calm to Mrs. Channing's family. her attempt to get her daughter influence Father Christopher backfire when Julia becomes disobedient towards her mother. A nationwide search is beginning for Robin and the baby, Hope is completely vain, until Robin and the Maggie for money and admits that Cole is not the father of that baby. Richard wants to bleed his new wife of, all because of her assets, he also learns Terry isn't gullible. Dwayne tries to elope with Emma, who invites him for dinner with her family, much to Angela's displeasure.
Note: Abby Dalton returns to guest-star, again, in this episode.
11416"Collision Course"Harry HarrisClaire WhitakerJanuary 24, 1986516
Robin and Hope returns with Maggie, however, Robin refuses to give up on the baby. Angela asks Cole to prevent Melissa away from her grandson; after Angela tells him that she saw Melissa and Christopher hugging. When they refuse to admit about Cole's accusation, Cole cautions Melissa that she should have to stop behaving like a tramp if she wants to keep Robin's baby. A paternity test proves to see if Robin assures Cole that he isn't the father of Hope's. Greg wants answers from Jordan; to not destroy herself, who cries that she was raped by her father; as a little girl. Jordan confronts her father, J.J. crumbles under the weight of the truth; who also, commits suicide.
11517"Shattered Dreams"Robert FoxworthKate BoutilierJanuary 31, 1986517
Jordan finds Greg for solace, while developing a split personality to hide from reality; hence, the guilt from her father's death built up nightmares, herself. Dwayne teases Angela; and brings Emma home from the hospital. Lance leaves San Francisco for Europe; in pursuit of searching for Peter. Angela is very happy to have an opportunity to strike back at Melissa; prior to Robin consulting her (Angela), for help in keeping her daughter. Chase and Richard agree to work together, challenging Angela by opening Terry's winery.
Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Ken Olin.
11618"Gambit Exposed"Harry HarrisGreg StrangisFebruary 7, 1986518
Lance poses himself as a playboy gambler, while in Monte Carlo, who is also invited to a high-stakes game at a chateau where he learns Peter is a prisoner. Lance's attempt to release Peter; who is being held by his daughter and Phillippe Hubbert, only to succeed in threatening him. In Hawaii, at a wine-tasting conference, after Chase's wine beats Angela's, he announces his professional relationship/business partnership with Richard, during his speech. The paternity test indicates that Cole is the father of Robin's baby. Jordan is confused; when Terry might have a clue about her.
11719"Finders and Losers"Philip LeacockDick NelsonFebruary 14, 1986519
A combination of both Sofia's trying to reason with Phillippe (about his father) and Lance's imprisonment, puts both of them in the same situation. Fortunately, a shootout at the chalet releases all of them. Angela and Greg flies to Europe to find Lance, when he doesn't report to her at Falcon Crest, unfortunately, they show up too late. Emma and Dwayne find Ursula in Mexico, with the encouragement of a flirtatious police officer. Jordan's concerned, as her memory lapses; who finds unnerving clues to her behavior. Chase plans a ruse for one of the valley's owners, who also approves of Maggie's tour to promote her book.
11820"Flesh and Blood"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenFebruary 21, 1986520
Peter's children pay him a surprise visit at Angela's house. Angela's success at recovering from the feud, between Sofia and her father results in new wedding plans for Angela and Peter. Maggie goes to New York, where she meets Jeff Wainwright (Edward Albert), an admiring press agent, while on tour. Terry spies on Jordan, and learns of her evening plans. Terry pries with Richard's detectives, who are finding Cassandra, this leads Richard into being angry; yet, his anger turns into seduction. Cole admits to Maggie he has a volatile marriage with Melissa, where their custody battle with Robin, do not fit to be good parents.
11921"Law and Ardor"Harry HarrisClaire Whitaker & E.F. WallengrenFebruary 28, 1986521
Angela disappears and the residents of Falcon Crest were all concerned about her, esp. Dwayne, who's more concerned for Emma. They all know Angela is about to be arrested for attempting to hijack Chase's wine shipment. After Sheriff Gilmore, he has trouble finding Angela and Peter. Cole moves back home, after Robin takes Hope from Melissa and Cole. Jeff travels with Maggie, all across the country. Richard and Chase refuse to agree (together) to deal with methods of purchasing more vineyards. Terry hires a private detective to spy on Jordan, prior to her needing Greg's help. Lance make sure whereabouts of his grandmother's disappearance; whereas Peter returns with her power of attorney.
Note: In keeping with the storyline, Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode. In fact, this is the first episode, ever, in which she did not appear, and the second one, afterwards, due to her recovery from abdominal surgery.
12022"Hidden Meanings"Philip LeacockGreg Strangis & William SchmidtMarch 7, 1986522
Lance is very aware that Peter has been so secretive from the rest of the family. Angela had a good mind and a good reason not to give control of Falcon Crest to an outsider. While Emma reconciles with Dwayne, Maggie turns down Jeff's romances, when he's already obsessed with her. Richard hires a detective to look after Jordan, after she gave clues about Richard's and Chase's hidden business plans. Eric takes Melissa dancing, whilst enjoying his campaign. Greg is fired when he failed to follow Peter's instructions to withdraw $30 million of Falcon Crest funds for him.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode.
12123"In Absentia"Robert FoxworthJuliet Law PackerMarch 14, 1986523
Angela comes back and learns the havoc Peter has wrecked during her absence, who promised very strongly to take vengeance on him. Before Angela would come back, Greg gets a temporary order to stay at Peter's hand at Falcon Crest, when it's too late. Not only Peter is gone, her $30 million is gone, as well. In addition to Richard, who learns that Jordan's revealing his financial problems to Terry, but he also learns about Peter purchasing the mortgage at Tuscany Downs. When Maggie's tour has concluded, Jeff's determined to win her over, by taking her to Tuscany Valley. Melissa attempts to talk Eric to form a partnership with her.
Note: Jane Wyman returns in this episode, but appears in the very end.
12224"Unholy Alliance"Larry ElikannDick NelsonApril 4, 1986524
Despite Angela marrying Peter, she learns he took her $30 million to prevent her for being prosecuted for arranging the hijacked Chase's wine. Angela puts herself away, who still must serve time in jail, until the $50,000 bail can be paid. While Jordan offers Maggie some professional help for her problems, Jeff's appearances in Tuscany Valley annoys her. Angela learns that Peter has made her Richard's partner in Tuscany Downs. Not only Angela is shocked to hear that Dwayne had moved into her house; but also to find that Lance and Jordan are sleeping together.
Note: Abby Dalton returns to have a recurring role, for the second time, until the beginning of the Season 6.
12325"Dangerous Ground"Harry HarrisKate BoutilierApril 11, 1986525
After Angela found Lance and Jordan in bed; Greg learns Jordan's escapade with Lance, who become more disturbed when he meets Monica, Jordan's second personality. Jordan goes to Richard, looking for work, where he gives her the opportunity to defend Julia, at her retrial. Angela intrigues Chase and Jeff into a confrontation, prior to Maggie finding out some disturbing facts about her boyfriend. Chao-Li is surprised when his long-lost daughter arrives at Falcon Crest. Emma and Dwayne search for a house that's for sale, to maintain some privacy. As Angela tries to be an equal partner to Richard at The New Globe, Melissa and her new partner have a difficult time in paying attention on business.
12426"Cease and Desist"Reza BadiyiGreg StrangisMay 2, 1986526
Despite Sheriff Gilmore who couldn't find any ground to arrest Jeff, Chase plans to get an order restraining Jeff from any contact of Maggie, who finds notes from Jeff. She still knows he's spying on her. Melissa and Eric hold a groundbreaking ceremony for their new winery. Angela disgusts Peter, when she accused Eric of treachery and ordering him out of the house. Jordan seriously asks for Greg's understanding. Due to Emma's shock, Dwayne finds a honeymoon cottage. Cole confronts Li-Ying for trespassing and surveying the earthquakes on the Giobertis land. Chase asks B. Riley Wicker to investigate the financing of Tuscany Downs, which makes Richard nervous.
12527"Consumed"Harry HarrisJohn F. PerryMay 9, 1986527
Jeff holds Maggie hostage in his cabin in the hills prior to him penetrating the security surrounding her, where he reads aloud the grim last chapter of his novel to Maggie in which she knows. Angela is opposed to Emma and Dwayne's marriage, when her daughter finds a solution for herself and Dwayne's housing dilemma. Jordan withstand help from her mother until Julia makes her recognize her family problems. Chase blocks Terry into admitting Richard's association with Ms. Jones. Li-Ying decides to stay in America, though earthquake studies lead to an threatening prediction.
12628"Captive Hearts"Reza BadiyiWilliam SchmidtMay 16, 1986528
Chase and Cole try to locate where Jeff is holding Maggie hostage; only to see they're interrupting Maggie's escape attempt, that backfires on Chase. At Falcon Crest, Angela interrupts Emma's and Dwayne's elopement, in hopes of a better wedding, there. Emma encourages Li-Ying to change her mind about staying in San Francisco, after an earthquake prediction. Angela sends Lance to break up the Melissa Agretti/Eric Stavros friendship. Jordan is arrested, and Chase gets shot.
12729"Cataclysm"Harry HarrisE.F. WallengrenMay 22, 1986529
Chase gets shot by Jeff and is rushed to the hospital, where he learns he has hermorrhage, who must undergo surgery. Angela and Lance close the winery down, who both break Melissa's and Eric's friendship by forging Melissa's signature. Greg and Harriet learns Jordan's split personality, Monica, is in control, after Greg and Harriet bail Jordan out of jail. Dr. Kramer and Harriet help Jordan face the personality behind for which she has kept it a secret, for all that she had been suffering. While searching for Cassandra, Richard arrives in England, at her grave. Cassandra had died, prior to giving birth and Damon Rosini disappeared with her baby boy, afterwards, Sabrina Cross shows up with his son, Michael. The season finale concluded with an earthquake, rippling through Tuscany Valley, leaving the many people being injured in the wake.
Note: This episode marks the final appearances of Simon MacCorkindale, Morgan Fairchild, Laura Johnson and Daniel Greene. Robert Foxworth was going to leave the series after this episode, and his character Chase was supposed to die after being shot. However, producers lured him back for one more season by allowing him to direct more episodes of the series. This episode aired on a Thursday in the regular time slot of Knots Landing. It was the last day of sweeps month that year.
Season 6 (1986–87)
This is Robert Foxworth's final year. Originally, the producers intended to have his character attend anger management classes, to fail them miserably, and to become the show's most bitter and obnoxious villain; it didn't happen. He (in turn) also directed some episodes. Midway throughout the season, Michael Reagan, Jane Wyman's real-life son, had a recurring role as the concierge in a hotel.
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1281"Aftershocks"Reza BadiyiRichard GollanceOctober 3, 1986601
San Francisco dealt with the aftermath of the earthquake, which struggle to deal with the loss of property and loved ones, when aftershocks rock the region and the people, even Dwayne & Terry, who died. After the earthquake, Peter was struggling to find Angela, until he heard her, and got her up. Angela even got Lance to call the paramedics on Julia, only to find that all telephone connections were down, hence, she was transferred to a church that Father Bob transformed it into a field hospital for earthquake victims, along with the information center for concerned family and friends, before she was transferred to a different Tuscany Valley hospital, where she lays in a coma, not too far from where Chase's has been treated for his gunshot wound, where Maggie and Cole awaits. Maggie has nightmares about Wainwright, whom Angela brings up to Maggie, when Angela doesn't know anything about what's going on in these nightmares.
Note: Producers wanted actress Jamie Rose to reprise the role of Vickie, Chase and Maggie's daughter, but when they couldn't come to terms, they replaced her with actress Dana Sparks, who joined the regular cast, along with John Callahan and Cesar Romero, who both become regular cast members.
1292"Living Nightmare"Roy Campanella IIDick NelsonOctober 10, 1986602
Maggie overcomes her real fear of firearms and buys a gun for protection, after the ghost of Jeff Wainwright. Vickie moves back to Chase's & Maggie's house, who admits that in addition to going through two divorces, but has lied about being a popular ballet dancer. Maggie refuses to believe that a group would be responsible for the shooting of Chase, despite the ballistics test results. Angela thinks about a foreclosure. In spite of a few close calls, Kit (Kim Novak) succeeds in keeping quiet to Peter about her past.
1303"The Stranger Within"Reza BadiyiWilliam SchmidtOctober 17, 1986603
When Wainwright returns to Tuscany Valley, he's already interested in The Giobertis, but more importantly, to their daughter, Vickie. Angela's doubts and the appearance of a detective threatens Kit Marlowe's masquerade. Angela learns that an unexpected source jeopardizes her expected hold on the Agretti grape harvest, when she expands the valley's plush spa to her holdings. Lance's father, Tony Cumson (John Saxon), returns to Tuscany Valley, who's shocked at the condition of his ex-wife, as Angela moves fast to prevent him away from the family.
1314"Fatal Attraction"Roy Campanella IIHoward LakinOctober 24, 1986604
Wainwright changes his plots to curry favor with himself with Chase's and Maggie's daughter, Vickie, after Maggie confesses the reasons for her agony to Chase. As Richard learns of Kit's secret, he's willing to use it to his advantage. Lance and Melissa are back in having a relationship with each other. Tony tries to reconcile his father/son relationship with Lance, when the scars are deep-rooted. Angela hosts a party for the opening of her spa.
1325"Perilous Charm"Reza BadiyiScott HamnerOctober 31, 1986605
Thanks to Vickie, who needs protection, from her father, who's uncertain about this, Maggie also needs protection, from her husband, as Chase hires a private detective. Lance fires kit, who's being denunciated by Dan Fixx (Brett Cullen). Angela makes plans to have Lance compete against Dan. Julia reminds the family about an unexpected decision. Ms. Jones has fallen for Richard's scheme and 2 fishermen suspect they have caught the big one. Richard also traps Angela to bail him out of their racetrack. Lance and Melissa comes back after their wedding and Dan becomes doubtful of Kit's mysterious stunts. Wainwright trying to receive feelings from Vickie.
Note: Abby Dalton finally leaves the show in this episode.
1336"Flashpoint"Roy Campanella IIE.F. WallengrenNovember 7, 1986606
An article about Vickie who's in jeopardy with Wainwright, that he knows she knows the truth about him, he harasses her and pushes her to bear a slight resemblance to Maggie. Angela reluctantly hosts Lance's and Melissa's wedding reception, bringing forth mixed emotions from the guests. Chase and Melissa disagree about Joseph. Lance attempts to talk his father to finance his partnership in Melissa's winery, fortunately for his father, Tony accepts Chase's offer. Emma's date, Richard, relays Angela that Tuscany Downs is going out of business. Angela and Peter argue over her stolen checks. When Maggie confronts Richard about his article on Wainwright, Chase punches and decks him out.
1347"Double Jeopardy"Nicholas SgarroGreg StrangisNovember 14, 1986607
Wainwright returns to Tuscany Valley, who breaks down the doors of the Agretti house, prior to Vickie slips from his seizure, even punch Chase in his quest to win Maggie over. Much to Angela's obsession with Dan Fixx, Lance is disqualified from competing with him, and surprises his grandmother with a new undertaker. Angela lets Peter know about why she is taking care of Dan, esp. when The New Globe recognizes him as an ex-convict. In order to save Chase's life, Richard springs his trap on Ms. Jones, just before time ran out. Cole's very unhappy about his father's new partnership with Lance's father. Kit negotiate in the way of Angela's stolen checks, because of the crisis that's causing Peter.
1358"Nepotism"Philip LeacockRichard GollanceNovember 21, 1986608
Emma searches for guidance from a storefront psychic, after Lance annoys Angela, about his defection to Richard's New Globe and continues her patronage of Dan Fixx. For Kit to ask Richard for help from Fixx, she gives him a weapon to use against Angela. Cole becomes very disappointed with his father's partnership with Lance's father, whilst Maggie can't help her unstable son or herself to improve their relationships with Chase. Angela bestows Ms. Jones's sister with the babysitting job in Richard's house. Near Chase's and Tony's vineyard, Richard dumps waste.
1369"Slow Seduction"Nicholas SgarroHoward LakinNovember 28, 1986609
The Giobertis are in a crisis; Maggie's strong concern about her problems of her children, primarily her baby, after Chase buries himself in his business deal and his political campaign. Meanwhile, Cole releases his disappointments out on his family, Vickie becomes totally fond of Dan Fixx. Chase and Tony learn that their vines are damaging. Angela and Lance argue over their own associations. Richard's been seduced by Meredith, for the first time. Lance makes secret plans with Karlotti (Marjoe Gortner) to buy out Emma's stock certificates in The New Globe. Through Kit's disguise, a hit man approaches.
Note: Cesar Romero does not appear in this episode.
13710"Maggie"Philip LeacockE.F. WallengrenDecember 5, 1986610
Despite Maggie, which estranged her from her family, no matter the consequences, has determined to keep her baby. Cole is uncompromised about leading his life away from his family, and Maggie must give him her blessing. He leaves Falcon Crest for Australia. Vickie sees Dan Fixx, whose parents aren't very happy. Chase accepts his wife's situation on her future motherhood. Angela attends Karlotti's séance, which is a big asset in bestowing Lance control of Emma's holdings. Chase and Tony learn vineyards tainted from the dumping of Tuscany Downs, containing evidence pointing to Angela's secret plan to destroy her rivals. Dan confides in Vickie. Lance works at The New Globe.
Note: This is William R. Moses's final appearance in this episode. He left the show because he was very unhappy with storyline suggestions, yet, both Moses and the producers agreed on a compromise. He returned for 2 more episodes, the following season.
13811"Hot Spots"Nicholas SgarroGreg StrangisDecember 12, 1986611
While Maggie battles her isolation, Chase has trouble saving his vineyards and Angela attempts to have her own independence. Vickie lets her parent's problems to influence her relationship with Dan Fixx. Chase's marital problems contemplate on his campaign for county supervisor, he and Maggie confront themselves about their rocky marriage. Peter faithfully stands by Angela, especially when he is troubled over Angela's innocence or guilt. Richard is bound to defeat Lance's attempt at a takeover of The New Globe as the ghost of Ms. Jones, starts to haunt him. Kit dies to Tony's charm, who is horrified by Stafford.
Note: Brett Cullen becomes a regular star as Dan Fixx.
13912"False Front"Philip LeacockWilliam SchmidtDecember 19, 1986612
Lance's tryout of winning control of The New Globe backfires, which contributed to his past schemes of Melissa's life. His ploy to control The New Globe is being overcome by Richard, for producing the man who framed Melissa, who begs that Lance move out. Emma bring Karlotti home to locate Wayne's ghost and starts to convey her affection on television. Angela begins to understand that Lance framed her. Kit is reluctant to leave Tony for Guy and his plans of a bogus suicide. Dan is willing to breakthrough Vickie's defenses. Maggie detects Chase's celebration kiss from Gwen and has complications with her pregnancy.
14013"Missed Connections"Robert FoxworthRichard GollanceJanuary 2, 1987613
Preparing to go away, Kit, with Stafford encouraging her, lays down the ground rules to make her bogus suicide reasonable and notices that she will sever very important ties. Angela attends a dinner party for Peter's birthday. Looking for help for her rocky marriage, Melissa looks in the wrong places. Maggie learns that her baby may be born with a variety of disabilities and leaves Chase alone when he refuses to respect her feelings. Meredith hires her ex-boss to protect Erin Jones, while Vickie is hired by Angela to work at her grandaunt's spa.
14114"Dark Passion"Nick HavingaHoward LakinJanuary 9, 1987614
Peter faults himself for not recognizing Skylar's trouble, at the same time, her absence and possible suicide casts a funeral cloth over the mansion. His troubles drives him away, when Skylar's tragedy gets Emma to finally notice that she Dwayne has passed away, and that Angela is the last one to comfort her daughter. Tony observes the truth about Skylar. Richard is desperate when his son is kidnapped. Chase learns that one of the two people in the valley, he really hates, Angela and Richard, one of them is taking flowers to his wife and the other is trying to be closer to his daughter. Tony receives a phone call from Lance, when he needs his father's help that Melissa is suffering a nervous breakdown.
14215"When the Bough Breaks"Michael A. HoeyGreg Strangis & E.F. WallengrenJanuary 23, 1987615
Not only there's a huge ransom, but the kidnappers urge that Meredith, who's the only one to identify them, to bestowed over to them, in exchange for Richard's son. Richard observes that Angela was responsible for putting Meredith in his household, who must promise seriously that she has to pay for the damage she has done to him. Chase travels to Oklahoma to determine for himself, the kind of man his daughter is having a relationship with, while being more concerned about Vickie's involvement with Dan, he (Chase) later gets beaten up by the small town's amoral Chief of Police and his henchmen.
14316"The Cradle Will Fall"Roy Campanella IIE.F. Wallengren & Greg StrangisJanuary 30, 1987616
In a hurry to rescue Chase, Dan Fixx is in jail, and Chase has to save him and himself, from amoral officers. Angela declines Peter's proposal to join him in Monte Carlo and is surprised at his response. Ecstatically, Richard tells Maggie the news of his son and Vickie misinterprets the kiss her mother bestows him. Emma observes the truth about Karlotti, when she none of her feelings changed about him. Peter calls Tony in Monte Carlo to bring up Skylar. Angela and Richard confront each other. Lance is worried over Melissa's reactions.
14417"Topspin"Michael A. HoeyWilliam SchmidtFebruary 6, 1987617
Lance loses his opportunity to join an exclusive club, that estranges him from Joseph, much to Melissa's strange behavior. Angela hires a new lawyer, after Richard was named as the new distributor for Angela's wines. Angela and Vickie become worried about Dan's obsession with Suzanne. Richard tries to join Peter in his vendetta against Angela. Lance joins Chase and Maggie to help him with their grandson, Joseph.
14518"A Piece of Work"Joseph ScanlanRichard GollanceFebruary 13, 1987618
Angela pries into the lives of Chase, Richard, Maggie, Vickie and Dan, while Vickie's and Dan's affair is confused by Angela's strange moral code. Richard is being accused, by Angela, of father Maggie's expected child, her schemes forces Chase's altruistic defense of distressed vineyard managers seem like a play for private gain, that puts a wedge in his involvement with Gabrielle Short (Cindy Morgan). Melissa's disturbed behavior strengthens a closer understanding between Lance and Tony. Peter tries to win Angela back and sever his ties with Richard, at the same time, while Richard believes Kit can be played to bring Peter to his side.
14619"Dance of Deception"Robert FoxworthHoward LakinFebruary 20, 1987619
Angela schemes with rich newcomer, Roland Saunders (Robert Stack) in her plans to bring Richard down, when Maggie gives birth to her baby at Falcon Crest, too early. Angela finds a kindred spirit in Saunders, "the rudest billionaire in the Fortune 500". When Richard makes the deal in signing the birth certificate of Maggie's baby, Chase shocks them by signing it himself. The call of the baby disturbs Emma. Lance asks Tony about Kolinski, when his father has to lie to his son, when he's protecting Kit. The matron of Falcon Crest comes with Saunders, and Peter is opposed to this, prior to Angela's international wine show at the spa.
14720"Hat Trick"Charles CorrellE.F. WallengrenFebruary 27, 1987620
Richard uses the connects to blackmail Kit, who has found the link between her and Roland Saunders. Angela gives Vickie a look at her ancestors and encourages her to be proud of her heritage. Temporarily, Meredith saves Tony from Kolinski. Angela gives financing to Lance and Melissa, but very expensively. Emma schemingly married Karlotti, for Emma to have her first child. Chase takes steps to prevent the Tuscany Land Corp., from purchasing the valley.
14821"Battle Lines"Harry HarrisGreg StrangisMarch 6, 1987621
Peter jeopardizes Angela and Roland as he tries to learn the linkage to Kit. Due to Angela's interest in Maggie's baby, Maggie has to come to Francine Hope (Melba Moore) who tells Maggie that she must give the baby up for adoption if the child is to lead a wonderful life. Emma and Karlotti apply to adopt a child, instead, after Emma refuses to allow them to have a child. Angela promises to offer Dan and Vickie, a vineyard, while she plans their engagement party. Peter urges Tony to tell him about Kit. Chase gives Lance a partnership with him and Tony, after he makes Gabrielle a proposition. Angela is in the process of solving the mystery of Kit Marlowe.
14922"Nowhere to Run"Robert FoxworthJeff FreilichMarch 13, 1987622
Vickie and Dan set the bar of Angela's engagement party by attempting to escape from it. Richard and Peter confront Saunders, after Kit orchestrates a need to tell Tony goodbye. Maggie comes to find her baby, who now knows is Chase's. Later, when Emma surprises Angela (by introducing her adopting son), one of the guests in the winery was found dead.
15023"Cold Hands"Michael A. HoeyRichard GollanceMarch 27, 1987623
Tony and Lance help each other as circumstantial evidence involves them in the murder, when it is never to be taken advantaged of, when Angela returns to her word. When Angela notices that it's more important to look after her grandson, than his father, Angela breaks her promise to Lance. At the party, Vickie's and Eric's influences forces Dan to face a situation. Francine Hope is willing to help Chase and Maggie, who are then willing to contact the lawyer who planned the adoption of their baby. Richard is finally willing to notice his vendetta on Angela. Melissa is all about the rage, when she entertains as "Veronique, the Slumming Socialite" on amateur night at a San Francisco nightclub.
15124"Body and Soul"Stan LathanMax von NathanmarApril 3, 1987624
As Angela suggests District Attorney Wilkinson to go on a campaign for attorney general, he is absolutely pleased, and fortunately for her, if he agrees to convict her ex-son-in-law, Tony, of murder. Wilkinson searches until he knows that he can capture Tony. Angela is furious at Peter, when he works with Richard, this leads Angela, in pursuit of getting a divorce. As Chase and Maggie can't find the adoptive parents of their child, Maggie begs a mother's appeal in the media, while Chase bestows a reward. Gabrielle takes in Chase's offer to be responsible for his wine operations. Vickie has nobody else on her block to help, except Eric. While performing as a diva, Melissa continues her double life.
15225"Loose Cannons"Michael A. HoeyGreg StrangisApril 10, 1987625
While Tony begins to doubt Kit, Angela traps Melissa, and later Richard tries to comfort Maggie, he plans a vacation for Maggie to overcome her blues, when a ghost from the past comes back to haunt her. Angela finds out that Melissa's secret world caves in. Chase wants a divorce. Tony doubts that Kit Marlowe may have taken advantage of him in order to remove doubts from her. Angela gives a new job for Dan. Lance bestows encouragement to Chao-Li. Even when Emma ensnares Karlotti with plans for a church wedding, her offer of community property turns him from a man in jeopardy to the one who has already struck the mother lode.
15326"The Great Karlotti"Reza BadiyiE.F. WallengrenMay 1, 1987626
Emma learns how great her husband really is, hers and Karlotti's church wedding ends. While the couple stands up before Father Bob for their nuptials, Karlotti's reputation as a lover has improved. For somebody to try to bring Lance back home, Angela intimidates Melissa in front of Lance, Richard and Dan. Maggie and Chase looks for clues to find their baby in Boston. When Lance finds out about the whereabouts of Kit's, he plans to block her in his quest to help Tony. D.A. Wilkerson comes to Angela, with the fact that he's got Tony "nailed to the wall". Vickie and Eric comes back from their escapade.
Note: Cesar Romero does not appear in this episode.
15427"Chain Reaction"Jeff FreilichHoward LakinMay 8, 1987627
The gesture proves nothing when Kit comes to Tony's defense. Until Kit enters in the courtroom, Tony's trial proceeds as if D.A. Wilkerson had written it. Chase is too late to block Melissa, due to Angela's threats, after he unveils evidence that Melissa had engineered the botched paternity test. Chao-Li loses his faith because Angela and Lance had burned the midnight oil to take care of him. Richard has a better chance for happiness, when Chase and Maggie chooses to divorce fast.
15528"Desperation[1]"Reza BadiyiStory by : Jeff Freilich & Howard Lakin
Teleplay by : Howard Lakin
May 15, 1987628
Melissa's hopeless try to retain the baby effects in a car chase that is over when the car carrying her, as Chase, Maggie, Richard and Dan plunges into San Francisco Bay. Angela's child ,thought to have died in childbirth, is alive and ready to come back to plague her; she finds out about this. Peter faces charges of murder, fleeing with Kit, after Angela and Peter reconcile, and she tries to buy his freedom. Chao-Li falls off at the top of the stairs, as if Angela wasn't aware of that.
Note: A clip of the 1951 movie, The Blue Veil, featuring Jane Wyman is used as a flashback scene when Angela reminisces about being told in the hospital that her newborn son had died. There is a scene where Emma is standing before a crowd of people at the spa claiming that Angela is a child stealer. The photo of Angela that Emma has on her poster is the photo of Jane Wyman that appears on the cover of her 1985 autobiography. When originally aired, this episode showed previews from the next season. In anticipation of a strike, the show continued filming episodes after the season finale and clips from those episodes were shown as previews. This episode marks the final appearances of Cesar Romero and Robert Foxworth, who was fired, whilst having a feud with Jane Wyman, off-camera.
Season 7 (1987–88)
Due to the largest number of rotating guests on Falcon Crest, and of budget constraints, 5 of the 10 main stars didn't appear in several episodes of this season (Brett Cullen, Margaret Ladd, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi).
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1561"Opening Moves"Reza BadiyiJames FritzhandOctober 2, 1987701
Angela still finds the truth about her supposedly deceased child. The lives of Melissa's, Chase's, Richard's, Dan's and Maggie's were all endangered after the car chase. They all know that Chase is presumed dead. Chao-Li, who fell off at the top of the stairs, Angela calls the ambulance. Disappointed with her mother's interference, Emma stands on top of the front veranda of the Falcon Crest roof, who threatens to jump, when Lance jumps instead, and Emma must rescue him. In San Francisco, after Richard and Maggie placed their baby in a bag, he calms her down, for a while, until Angela shows up celebrating a triumph over Chase's presumed death, who will talk to the mayor's officer, who in turn would try to give her nephew the decent burial, after finding his body. Richard kicks Angela out of their hotel suite, for wearing her welcome out.
Note: After six seasons as a recurring player, Chao-Li Chi finally becomes a regular cast member.
1572"Obsession, Possession"Michael A. HoeyLisa SeidmanOctober 9, 1987702
Angela must tell Richard the truth, who hears that she's his mother, not Jacqueline's. A French woman and a mercenary soldier from Chase's past interrupts on the lives of Angela and Maggie and has no choice other than to face horrible results. Angela's devious tricks work on Chao-Li. Emma thinks she is embarking on a new life as a businesswoman. Melissa tries to make peace with Lance, after he moves in with Dina in the middle of Melissa's accusations that he cares more for his car than he does for her. At Chase's funeral, while Angela and Father Bob unveil the memorial plaque of Chase's, she interprets how much he meant for his entire family. After the funeral, Richard tries to reconcile with his new mother, but she wouldn't allow it.
1583"Redemption"Reza BadiyiCynthia DarnellOctober 16, 1987703
Angela comes to Dan to be in charge of her winery and find somebody else to run the spa, as unsuccessful in tempting Lance back to her side. However, Melissa, much to Angela's dismay, creates a successful nightclub for the Del Oro, when Dan has Melissa to be in charge of the spa. In Las Vegas, Richard wins Eric's Nevada land and plans to create a town called Channing, on a turn of a single card. Nicole harasses Maggie constantly, until Angela enters the fray, after Maggie is more than happy not to press charges against Melissa.
Note: Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
1594"The Big Bang"Michael A. HoeyJoel J. FeigenbaumOctober 23, 1987704
Richard Channing and John Remick (Ed Marinaro) try to help Maggie pay off Angela, both of them play dirty in hoping that he will be the only one to whom she is forever grateful. Angela is too late, when she sends Lance and Dan to investigate Emma's new job. Not only Vickie tells Maggie that she is pregnant, but admits about Eric's gambling mania. Dina (Robin Greer) and Lance are both involved in a car accident, with Dina being seriously injured. Maggie and Richard are unaware that they are under surveillance, prior to them visit his new Nevada property. As a result, they return home to face Angela's demand for payment.
Note: Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
1605"Dead End"Reza BadiyiWilliam SchmidtOctober 30, 1987705
Angela and Richard are both placed in precarious positions, after they individually plot to meet the men who's responsible for the mysterious activity in Tuscany Valley. Maggie doesn't seem to understand Richard's reluctance to trust the police. Angela makes Wilkinson (Dick O'Neill) to reveal Richard's ownership of lake property in Nevada. Emma, who's happy to write her autobiography, hires a ghostwriter and personal manager, who heads for Los Angeles. While Lance learns that somebody did damage to his car, Vickie finds herself, among the homeless. An explosion destroys the Gioberti home.
Note: John Callahan and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
1616"New Faces"Michael A. HoeyDiana Kopald MarcusNovember 6, 1987706
Prior to Angela and Richard introducing the mysterious Carlton Travis (Eddie Albert), Angela plots with Travis to bring Richard down. Richard knows that even Travis is a man who refuses to listen to anything, except just to listen to Angela. In spite of all the cut backs on Hollywood offers, Emma works on her screenplay. Melissa goes with Dan to Australia to visit Cole and Joseph. With Frank Stan's help, Dina's nurse works on her patient to disgrace Lance. Angela and Carlton learn that they have a history.
Note: John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. William R. Moses guest star in one of two episodes. Jane Wyman previously worked with Eddie Albert in the films, Brother Rat, its sequel Brother Rat and a Baby and An Angel from Texas.
1627"Sweet Revenge"Reza BadiyiLisa SeidmanNovember 13, 1987707
Travis kidnaps Richard and Angela, after Richard declines his offer of a truce. Angela brings a puppy as a gift to the party, after Maggie hires an old friend to plan a birthday party for Richard's son. Dina's nurse has her to sign Lance's half-million-dollar check over to her. Lance doubts that Frank Starr damaged his car.
Note: Margaret Ladd, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. This is the last appearance of William R. Moses.
1638"Man Hunt"Michael A. HoeyJames FritzhandNovember 20, 1987708
Angela must open old wounds, prior to herself searching into the past to save Richard from Travis. Angela sees the wife of a Supreme Court justice and one of Washington's most celebrated hostesses (Eve Arden) to persuade help in protecting her son. Melissa becomes Lance's assistant, prior to his arrest for murder. A man who Dan finds is a criminal turns out to be his father. As Lance falls asleep, he is injected with a toxin that is going to kill him within 24 hours.
Note: Margaret Ladd, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. Jane Wyman previously worked with Eve Arden in the films, Night and Day and The Lady Takes a Sailor.
1649"Hunter's Moon"Reza BadiyiCynthia DarnellNovember 27, 1987709
Lance is determined to clear his name and nail the actual murderer to just, jeopardizes his own life. Tony dictates that Lance, who's under the weather, check into a hospital. When however, Lance, in spite of the poison coming through his veins, sends Nurse Chadway (Salome Jens) to justice. Richard helps out the daughter of an old friend (Lauren Hutton) and becomes responsible for helping her protect her ball team. Angela attempts to demolish Melissa's new vineyards. Richard proposes Maggie to marry him.
Note: Margaret Ladd, John Callahan and Dana Sparks do not appear in this episode.
16510"Lovers and Friends"Michael A. HoeyDiana Kopald MarcusDecember 4, 1987710
Maggie leaves San Francisco to be with Vickie in Monte Carlo, who's upset with Richard's affair with Liz and cannot decide for a proposal. Maggie refuses her trust on Richard's protection, when a mysterious and an eerie assassin figure barges Liz. Angela attacks with a plot that boomerangs, after Melissa gives Angela a hard time. In a contest, Maggie enters her new wine, who wins second place. Angela finds out that Dan's father (Robert Donner) has another family. Emma begins writing an advice column for The New Globe, after Lance rescues from her would-be-producers.
Note: John Callahan and Dana Sparks do not appear in this episode.
16611"Across the Bridge"Reza BadiyiChristopher Trumbo & Merl EdelmanDecember 11, 1987711
Prior to Maggie returning to San Francisco with Vickie and Eric, she discovers that Richard and Liz have been traveling together. Eric notices that his gambling debts are approaching him and that he must pay more money to escape others. Melissa's world begins falling apart, all the while, she embarks to experience unusual phenomena due to Angela's hired illusionist Foster Glenn (Buck Henry). Emma's successful writers annoys Angela, who goes to Father Bob for advice about her family.
Note: Brett Cullen does not appear in this episode.
16712"Twist and Shout"Michael A. HoeyHoward LakinDecember 18, 1987712
After learning that Maggie has finally taken Richard back in, Angela and Emma throw a surprise engagement party. Wearing only a bathrobe, Melissa makes her entrance, during the party. Lance finds out that the charming stranger that he has befriended knows secrets that could directly influence him. Liz announces that exasperates Angela, and pleases Maggie. Melissa eavesdrops Angela talking about her plot to drive her crazy and have her committed. Richard prevents Eric from making a mistake.
Note: Brett Cullen does not appear in this episode. This was the only episode in which some of the objects were used as surrealism.
16813"Rescue Me"Tim HunterHoward LakinJanuary 8, 1988713
Richard and Eric desperately search for Vickie, only to find Vickie escapes from Angela's party. Dan put his half-sister (Mariska Hargitay) to work in the grape fields, after he is shocked by the arrival of her whom he didn't know he had. Shannon (Tahnee Welch) tries to disappear from the valley after Lance asks her. Melissa is willing to divert Angela's scheme to get her committed so that Angela herself loses her hold on Dan. Angela succeeds in spying into Maggie's affairs.
16914"Hornet's Nest"Michael A. HoeyJames FritzhandJanuary 15, 1988714
Angela uses Richard's absence to be near to her grandson and Maggie, while Richard and Eric look for Vickie overseas. Richard searches for the help of a beautiful party leader to help him save Vickie, who must use powerful scheme and blackmail to get her assistance. When Dan does everything he can to help Carly, Melissa leaves out the patience to tolerate the wild young lady who could jeopardize her happiness. Emma's friendlieness makes her take advantage of a devious couple. Shannon believes she might look for happiness with Lance, when her past meddles. Angela expects that each and every one of her wishes will later come true.
17015"The Uncertainty Principle"Jeff FreilichCynthia DarnellJanuary 29, 1988715
Fate makes a false representation of Maggie's and Richard's wedding day, despite of Emma's good plans for a beautiful affair. Richard agrees to have the wedding in the garden, after Maggie searches for the perfect house. Tempers flare when Eric builds up a uncomfortable dilemma at Richard's bachelor party. When Eric is willing to do a favor for Richard that might affect Maggie's future, Carly does a favor for Angela, that does affect Melissa's future. Lance and Tony fight over Shannon.
17116"A Madness Most Discreet"Joseph ScanlanLisa SiedmanFebruary 5, 1988716
As Angela proves immaterial supportive, Maggie and Richard choose to try again. Angela happily greets Lance with the news that Carly will be staying at Falcon Crest, for a few days, prior to him moving back to his grandmother house. In a misleading tryout to help Emma, Curtis (Gary Imhoff) dishes the dirt on Richard. Melissa comes into a complicated masquerade to save Emma, at Lance's provocation. Richard takes on some risky help, in his attempt to break the codicil to Chase's will. When Gabrielle (Cindy Morgan) returns to Tuscany Valley on the anniversary of Chase's death, she gives Maggie some encouraging news.
Note: John Callahan and Dana Sparks do not appear in this episode.
17217"Stormy Weather"Jeff FreilichHoward LakinFebruary 12, 1988717
Maggie and Richard spend their wedding night at Falcon Crest, where they're trapped inside with no food, no phone, a murderer, and no way out, hence, Angela listens at every keyhole. A storm pushes Angela to be the unfaithful hostess for Maggie, Richard, Dan, Melissa, Vicky, Eric, Garth, Curtis and Sheriff Buckman. To prevent the uninvited guests, Angela, Lance, Carly and Chao-Li occupied during their forced retreat, Emma orchestrates a game of murder, when the game turns into reality at midnight, Richard is the main suspect.
17318"Legacies"Joseph ScanlanDiana Kopald MarcusFebruary 19, 1988718
When Frank Agretti (Rod Taylor) comes to Angela to help him recover the family feud with his only surviving relative, Melissa rejects her long-lost uncle. After Maggie passes the torch of her Gioberti winery over to Angela, she and Richard began their postponed honeymoon in the Caribbean, which proves not to be the perfect getaway for which she had longed for. Emma seeks revenge, who also blames Richard for her friend's death. Melissa meddles, prior to Dan's ex-wife who is trying to reunite with him. Before Richard can search revenge for Eric's faithfulness, Eric arranges to take Vickie and run away from the valley.
17419"Wheels Within Wheels"George KaczenderCynthia DarnellMarch 4, 1988719
Maggie's disappointments combined with Richard's hardheaded behavior began taking her on the trail of self-destruction. Richard refuses to settle with Maggie on situations that are vitally important in her new role of wife and mother, combined with Angela's visits with her grandson and Garth's well-being in their house. Upon the reasoning of Emma's, Lance continue to investigate the current deaths at the manor house. Vickie and Eric learn that they have understated Richard. Angela awakens Melissa's curiosity about Frank's peculiar activities.
Note: Brett Cullen, Margaret Ladd and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
17520"Channing vs. Channing"Nicholas SgarroLisa SiedmanMarch 11, 1988720
Angela gains visitation rights to her grandson, Michael, following a court hearing with Judge Ambrose, that angers Richard. Vickie and Eric delivers gives Maggie reassuring cards, that let her know that both of them are alright. Lance gets a warning that he might be in danger, as he finds an ally within the Justice Department to help pursue his investigation of Richard. Carly and Angela has a surprise party, orchestrated by Carly, herself, until Richard barges in, interrupts the party and vehemently confronts to Angela about losing her younger grandson, while in the store. Angela knows from Maggie that she has a drinking problem. Especially when Frank saves Melissa from disaster, he still pays.
Note: Brett Cullen, Margaret Ladd, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
17621"False Faces"Jeff FreilichRebecca Pogrow & Susan EstabrookMarch 18, 1988721
Richard searches for professional help, when he begins to notice about the problems he and Maggie face. Angela directs Carly to come to Melissa, when Angela places a spy in Maggie's and Richard's house, and thinks of a suit for custody of Michael. Dan refuses an offering loan from Angela, who looks for financing with his trucking company. Lance discovers that he isn't getting the kind of help that he wanted from Kathryn (Daphne Ashbrook), while Lance and Kathryn travel to Africa in pursuit of Remick. Richard expands a movie studio to his newspaper and television holdings.
Note: Margaret Ladd, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
17722"Dirty Tricks"Dennis DonnellyJames FritzhandMarch 25, 1988722
Maggie will look for professional help, herself, only when she will submit to her family's demands. To please Richard, she starts packing to go to a sanitarium, who's being mystified by her children's response, who also takes the first step by solving her problems for consulting Dr. Everdene (Mary Ann Mobley). Richard faces up to Lance and Kathryn, when Lance protects Kathryn from the anger of The Thirteen. To prevent Frank's legacy from approaching Angela, Melissa looks for help in Richard.
Note: Brett Cullen, John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
17823"Flying Blind"Joseph ScanlanCynthia Darnell & Howard LakinApril 1, 1988723
Maggie's fight in overcoming her alcohol addiction becomes a lot impossible, after she learns Richard's role in Vickie's absence. Maggie urges that she must face withdrawal, her way, a self-satisfied letter from Vickie forces her view Richard's loving care as false. Melissa and Carly try to believe Dan against this, hence, Dan offers a chance at making enough money to start his trucking company by facing a dangerous dilemma. Angela attempts to talk Melissa into allowing for a dangerous surgery for Frank. Richard tries to find a way out of his treacherous association with The Thirteen, while Angela faces Rosemont (Roscoe Lee Browne) and makes a worst enemy.
Note: Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
17924"Key to Angela"Dennis DonnellyHoward Lakin & Lisa SeidmanApril 8, 1988724
The final explanation to Chase's will bequeaths to Melissa, "the key" to Angela, at Falcon Crest. Concerned, Angela guides Lance to find out the secret to "the key", which she's afraid might lead to the demolition of her and her family. Maggie's more than happy to receive an invitation from Angela to stay at Falcon Crest, until she can come clean with her problems with Richard. Carly learns that Dan's priority to make money is more treacherous than she had noticed. Richard is disappointed in his attempts to retain Vickie's and Eric's release from Switzerland. Richard might be in trouble than he notices, as Melissa makes a decision about Frank's surgery.
Note: John Callahan, Dana Sparks and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
18025"King's Gambit"George KaczenderStory by : Jeff Freilich & James Fritzhand
Teleplay by : Howard Lakin & Cynthia Darnell
April 15, 1988725
Maggie is the only one who really believes in Richard and of his admittance of his involvement with The Thirteen, as he attempts to correct himself and has a hard time getting anybody to trust him. Maggie comes back home, after Richard and Maggie repaired their relationship. Vickie comes back with Eric, as he has additional business to discuss with Madame Malec. Carly rescues her brother. Angela schemes to brings Lance and Melissa back in a relationship, again. Richard's incompetency to prove his innocence puts him in trouble with the government.
18126"Telling Tales"Reza BadiyiStory by : Jeff Freilich
Teleplay by : Diana Kopald Marcus & Cynthia Darnell
April 22, 1988726
Richard's understatement of The Thirteen and their influence puts him highly in jeopardy, all the while, he urges on testifying before the investigating committee. Madame Malec toughen up her web around Eric, that creates more harm between him and his wife. Dan refuses to make up with Melissa, when he gets his trucking business. While Angela recommences her campaign to bring Lance and Melissa together again, to get the belonging of the key that could demolish the Gioberti fortune, Lance helps Melissa in her quest of Uncle Frank's treasure.
Note: Angela (Jane Wyman) flashes back to when Richard (David Selby) opened his race track, and when she and he battled for her distribution contract.
18227"As Tears Go By"Jeff FreilichStory by : Jeff Freilich
Teleplay by : Lisa Siedman
April 29, 1988727
Maggie asks John to testify, after she thinks that Richard will chance himself for her and her children. Angela chooses to partner with Richard, to face The Thirteen. Lance escorts Melissa into a cave, where she hopes to find a deed stating that Falcon Crest belongs to Melissa and Frank. Being brainwashed, Eric begins to carry out Rosemont's orders to have Richard dead, all the while, Lance, Vickie and Emma testify at Richard's hearing. Carly receives a phone call relaying her that her father is not really her father and that Dan isn't really her brother. Even if Lance and Melissa learn that the deed for Falcon Crest is in the Agretti's name, they are snared in a cave.
18328"Last Dance"Jeff FreilichHoward LakinMay 6, 1988728
Angela is informed by Richard of Melissa's plans, while Lance and Melissa have been rescued from the cave. Eric shoots Angela, wounding her, when The Thirteen gets Eric to murder Angela and Richard, who, on the brink that Maggie and his children are to be all alone, is happy when Eric is allowed to murder Richard. After his funeral, Maggie says to Vickie, "He knew, somehow he knew." Melissa seizes Falcon Crest from Angela, and loses Lances and Frank, afterwards, thanks to a newly discovered deed. A few months later, Angela approaches a bearded man in the shadows of the church and asks him, "Isn't it about time Maggie knew you were alive?"
Note: After this episode aired, Robert Foxworth was rumored to return to the show and there was a hint that his character might still be alive; unfortunately, that didn't happen. This marks the last appearances of Brett Cullen and John Callahan.
Season 8 (1988–89)
The show focused heavily on the new cast members (Kristian Alfonso, David Beecroft, Brandon Douglas, Cástulo Guerra and Danny Nucci). Two of the former cast members (Robert Foxworth and Abby Dalton) did not return. Ana-Alicia played two different characters and Jane Wyman's poor health resulted in the show's episodes being reduced from 28 to 22.
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
1841"Changing Times"Michael A. HoeyDiana Kopald MarcusOctober 28, 198880120.7[2]
As Angela shocks her family and friends with her calm retirement over losing control of the winery domain, Maggie's nightmares over Richard's death has been haunted, whereas Melissa worthlessly exercises her established power over everybody within her empire, down to the field hands and household help. While Maggie tries to deal with the anguish of his murder by the underground group, The Thirteen, she must take control over Richard's vast financial domain. After leaving for many years, after an argument with her family, Pilar Ortega, who is not only the daughter of the vineyard foreman at Falcon Crest, but is now a bank vice-president, comes back to egg on severe interest throughout the valley. Richard comes back (from the dead) and Maggie slaps him.
Note: David Selby appears in the beginning and in the ending of this episode. Kristian Alfonso joins the regular cast. Cesar Romero guest stars for the next 2 episodes.
1852"Farewell, My Lovelies"George KaczenderCynthia DarnellNovember 4, 198880217.9[3]
Angela chooses to stay in Tuscany Valley and battle over her family's land, after Maggie is shocked by the return of her supposedly deceased husband, Richard, who gives out startling news about The Thirteen, the underground group, that was supposed to murder him, especially the son of Peter Stavros, Maggie can't figure out why she wasn't supposed to find out if Richard was alive or not. Also, Angela starts a new legal attack on Melissa for control of the Falcon Crest vineyards. Melissa's volatile behavior concerns her family, especially Lance, who gets slapped by her, before setting the Falcon Crest mansion on fire. Carly plans on leaving Tuscany Valley, while Emma begins to write an article about an enigmatic mystery writer.
Note: Cesar Romero guest stars in this episode, which is his last appearance.
1863"Dust to Dust"Jerome CourtlandStuart RosenbergNovember 11, 198880317.0[4]
The Falcon Crest mansion is on fire, where outside, Angela must rely on Lance to plunge desperately into the flames to try to save Melissa, who is caught up inside. The aftermath of the fire has shocking results for the residents of Tuscany Valley. She was taken to the hospital and dies, and Lance flips out. Later, Angela privately arranges a meeting between Frank and his long-lost son, Nick, and grandson, Ben, (Brandon Douglas). Richard nervously embarks on a search to discover who was responsible for the assassination of The Thirteen. In search of an exclusive story, Emma secures a job typing for a private writer, R.D. Young, and later, meets his partner, Cabot (Allan Young).
Note: This episode marks the final appearances of Dana Sparks and Ana-Alicia, who was abruptly fired, for the character of Melissa, but will come back later with another portrayer. David Beecroft joins the regular cast.
1874"Jeopardy"Dennis DonnellyKathy McCormickNovember 18, 198880417.6[5]
Senator Ryder is planning on shooting Richard, whilst kidnapping his wife, Maggie. Aware that Senate Ryder's brother, John is behind the assassination of The Thirteen, Richard learns the secret method of which Ryder and John could keep in touch with each other. When Richard waits in a park for John, he has no idea that the senator has already murdered his brother, while at Richard's house.
Note: Jane Wyman and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. When she was scheduled to come to rehearsals, she tripped over a cable, on the set, due to her health problems, therefore, the producers changed scripts.
1885"Tuscany Venus"Jerome CourtlandMichael HalperinDecember 2, 198880517.6[6]
District Attorney Field angrily refuses to receives Angela's help for the governorship, in exchange for dropping all murder charges against Lance, when Richard tries to hire Field's leukemic son to join the staff of The New Globe, Fields agrees to his deal. Lance, however, is ungrateful, he wanted to plead his innocence in court. Despite not charged with any crime, Maggie's conscious is guilty when she indeed murdered Senator Ryder, especially when she did that in order to save her husband's life. After Nick is pleased when he suspects Pilar swimming nude, Angela relays to him that she has gained knowledgeable information he's not supposed to be released, recognizing that the price for keeping the secret is Falcon Crest itself.
Note: Jane Wyman appears in this episode, but is seated for the remainder of the show, due to suffering a fall. In this episode, Nick (David Beecroft) brings a chair in the winery for Angela (Jane Wyman) to sit in. Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
1896"Liars Anonymous"Kate Swofford TilleyGary Stephens & Julie MoskowitzDecember 9, 198880617.7[7]
Nick yields Falcon Crest to Angela, when she blackmails Nick with incriminating clues about his past life. As Angela arranges to rebuild the entire house, Nick makes a mistake about his respect towards her and cautions that he will not bend from then on. Nick has to tell Ben the truth about his mother, that angers him. Richard's newspaper prints the truth that Melissa had placed a phone call after Lance's exit, meaning that Lance is innocent of her death. Richard cautions Pilar not to allow her affair with Lance interfere with Richard's taking over the valley. When Frank's old friend, Libby comes back, Nick and Ben are stunned. Libby asks Frank to join her in Columbia to dig up for emeralds, that is the offer that bothers Angela. As Emma and Cabot begin a serious relationship, Cabot asks her true identity.
Note: Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
1907"Life with Father"Nicholas SgarroAmy TeboDecember 16, 198880716.0[8]
Frank overthinks over whether or not to leave his family to dig up emeralds with Libby, when Christmas arrives in Tuscany Valley. Ben goes against Nick for lying to him about his mother. Not aware of Richard's assistance, Maggie is aware with the overwhelming response to her special advertising offer. Richard tries to back Pilar's failing consortium through a blind company for a managing interest. When Daniel learns Emma's true identity, he turns his back on her. Even if Angela celebrates the holiday surrounding herself with family, Pilar's holiday is ruined when she approaches her brothers Tommy and Paco being chased by security officers. Eventually, Christmas dinner at Pilar's home draws the relationship of Nick and Ben closer together and Nick to admit, the love of his father.
1918"Solomon's Choice"Joseph ScanlanCynthia DarnellJanuary 6, 198980817.9[9]
Pilar is pressured when she is to sign paper allowing Mercedes and her husband to adopt Lisa. However, Pilar notices that Mercedes is the only mother the child has ever known, the thought of the last, legal adoption is more than Pilar can bear. Pilar finds Lance with an attractive young lady, after she goes to Lance for comfort. Angela is bound to learn who is responsible for the consortium, after she is outfoxed for the purchase of a bottling company. Emma learns that Cabot has been lying to her relating to his true identity, after Maggie's newspaper office is mysteriously discarded, a few days before the first edition.
Note: Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
1929"Suspicion"Jerome CourtlandLinda ElstadJanuary 13, 198980916.7[10]
Angela is pleased when Emma brings up her plan to marry R.D. Young, however, her plans for the wedding intimidate Young's passion for privacy. Being shut out by Lance's relationship with Cookie Nash, Pilar turns to Nick for comfort. More to the point, Angela learns that Tommy was there when her newspaper office was discarded, she must choose whether or not Tommy gets another chance.
19310"There Goes the Bride"Joseph ScanlanStephen Black & Henry SternJanuary 20, 198981019.5[11]
Angela's anticipated approach to Emma's imminent wedding may prove fruitless when the bride and groom call the festivities off. When Angela receives word from her daughter, Emma, that the wedding is off, her forthcoming bridgegroom, R.D. Young, apologizes for his behavior and announces that the wedding is on schedule again. During the wedding rehearsals, Young's anxieties elevates and he encourages Emma to elope. Lance's & Pilar's romances resumes, after Pilar accepted Lance's apology about Cookie Nash. Nick unsuccessfully suggests to Ben, that he curtail his relations with the Cellini Family, despite cautioning him that the family is dangerous. An unexpected visitor causes a crisis at Tuscany Valley.
Note: Margaret Ladd temporarily leaves the cast, after this episode.
19411"True Confessions"Nicholas SgarroRena DownFebruary 3, 198981117.8[12]
For the ongoing battle to prevent Angela, off-balance, Pilar calms her about the consortium, while continuing to scheme with Richard. Despite the stir created by her return from Italy, Anna Cellini is pleased to have a reunion with Ben, however is intimidated that her father will interfere his son's life by urging that his only surviving grandchild and heir be a product of Italy. Richard is actually ready in Chicago with Pilar for meetings with financier, Malcolm Sinclair, when he tells Maggie he was in New York. Lance receives word from Cookie that she's pregnant with his child.
19512"And Baby Makes Three"Shelley LevinsonStephen Black & Henry SternFebruary 10, 198981217.4[13]
While Angela recommences to release information about the consortium, Lance awaits on the surprising news from Pilar. Angela confronts Richard, when she follows the paper trail leading from the consortium to his company. Nick and Anna has been in harmony about Ben. This episodes ends with Pilar dropping the bombshell piece of news on Lance:: he is Lisa's father.
19613"Dinner at Eight"Robert BeckerJoel Okmin & Michael FilermanFebruary 17, 198981318.2[14]
Lance refuses to marry Cookie, much to the pressure of Angela, as he gives her full financial support. Angela accidentally unveils Richard's duplicity in the Troilus affair. Happiness seems noticed for the reunited family, this is where Anna and Nick revive their love. But, Anna continues to keep the facts of her fatal illness, herself, while Ben receives a card from Frank, his grandfather, telling his grandson that the emerald mine is coming through. Pilar has made herself perfectly clear to both Sinclair and Richard that she will trust with whomever makes it most worth her while. Sinclair's marriage proposal comes three years overdue for Pilar, who refuses. However, she's more than happy to accept Lance's proposal to become his wife.
19714"Uneasy Allies"Nicholas SgarroGreg Stephens & Julie MoskowitzMarch 3, 198981417.0[15]
Much to Mrs. Channing's undoubtedly antagonism, Lance and Pilar decide to marry. Maggie disgusted at Richard's plans for the valley, separates him. Angela makes a deal with Sinclair, telling Lance that Pilar knows very much of Richard's business dealings, in hopes to prevent Lance and Pilar's marriage. On the other hand, Pilar encourages him otherwise, and the wedding is absolutely on. Nick encourages Anna to want him and Ben to care for her, provided that Ben can't be told of her illness, after Nick finds out about the seriousness of Anna's disease. The gang leaves them unconscious on the roadside, when Raoul and his gang run Ben and Gabriel off the road.
19815"The Vigil"Joe CoppolettaLinda ElstadMarch 10, 198981516.2[16]
Richard tries reconciling with Maggie, when she rejects him, causing unexpected results. Lance and Pilar return home immediately, after hearing about the car accident. Anna feels guilty over having bestowing Ben the car, when he and Gabriel are both in serious condition. While the hospital staff blames about Gabriel, being accepted, he has a seizure, where he must have surgery. In reluctance to accept the marriage, Angela invites Lance and Pilar, the newlyweds, to live at Falcon Crest. At the response of Maggie's rejection, Richard demands a court order that transfers custody of the boys to him. Escorted by the Sheriff, Richard releases the children from Falcon Crest.
19916"Missing Links"Michael PreeceStephen Black & Henry SternMarch 17, 198981616.3[17]
Depressed at his mother's disappearance, Michael runs away. Richard moves to stop Angela's latest power play, while Frank Agretti returns to San Francisco. Richard prepares to fasten Angela's wings determined in the matter of Glenraddoch, while Angela is prepared to help Maggie seizes custody of Richard's children. Michael's running away brings worriness, falls down in the tunnel. In spite of all that harassing, Richard calls Maggie, who also calls Angela, in pursuit of looking for their son. Frank returns to Tuscany Valley, after observing from Ben's accident, while Lance and Pilar agree to try to make their welcome at Falcon Crest. Before Angela travels to Chicago, to help an ill person, she asks Lance to take care of Falcon Crest, for taking care of Maggie if Richard gives her a hard time, he agree.
20017"Resurrection"Jerome CourtlandRena DownMarch 31, 198981716.7[18]
The Ortegas are in a crisis, when they learn Gabriel has epilepsy, right after the accident that he suffered a head injury. Anna (in desperation) tries to encourages Frank and Nick to help her pain be over, prior to growing increasingly weaker. Stating his true feelings for Maggie, Tommy consoles her, after Maggie breaks down into tears, after a phone conversation with Michael. When Lance has been meaning to call Angela, about the Glenbraddoch meeting (when all the phone lines were down), Angela calls Lance, instead, and asks him to plant the Chardonnay, before the week is over and it could be too late, because of the changing weather. Also, on the same business trip that Angela is away, Richard approaches a beautiful young lady who is the dead ringer for Melissa Agretti. Pretending that it'll help an ailing Angela, Richard encourages his new invasion, Samantha Ross, to comeback to San Francisco, while impersonating Melissa. After Richard approves to pay her a heavy price, the deal is mutual.
Note: This is the show's 200th episode. Ana-Alicia returns to the cast for a limited run, beginning with this episode. During a TV interview, she stated that during her second run on the show, she was actually getting two paychecks from the show. One for playing Melissa (even though the character died, Ana-Alicia was still under contract with Lorimar, and receiving a paycheck) and the second for playing Melissa's look-a-like, Samantha.
20118"Enquiring Minds"Peter EllisStephen Black & Henry SternApril 7, 198981816.2[19]
While Pilar and Sinclair scheme against Richard, who continue to plot against Angela, while Nick investigates the background of an phony document. Lance is very unaware that he has been observed by Pilar, when he learns there's one deed too many in Angela's safe, who also burns the document. Pilar has been partnering with Sinclair to understate Richard in his latest investigation by the S.E.C. Richard misinterprets Tommy's well-being in Maggie's hotel suite. Samantha helps Angela to get out of one of Richard's plots.
20219"Grand Delusions"Reza BadiyiMark EdensApril 14, 198981916.4[20]
Angela finds her family doubting her kidnapping story, after being escaped with Samantha's help, when Pilar gains Angela's confidence with her plan to help her restoring control of the Glenbraddoch stock. At the hearing, Richard gains custody of his children. Angela approves to prevent Samantha from Richard's wrath and calls Lance to give her a ride in his car in San Francisco. The bottom line is Samantha vanishes before he shows up. Richard plays a tape that has been edited to indict both her and Sinclair and which will release Richard, who obtains a warrant ordering Angela into custody for a psychiatric evaluation to determine her mental competency.
20320"Ties That Bind"Joe CoppolettaLee SchneiderMay 5, 198982016.4[21]
Angela has been harassed by other patients, prior to undergoing observation in the psychiatric ward. Richard gains victorious in gaining custody of the kids, and begins to have doubts about his relationship with Samantha, when Ben becomes really discouraged over Anna's death, who also watches a late movie with Andrea. There he gets drunk, comes home late and lies to his father. Maggie shows the hospital's neglectful treatment of Gabriel, while Nick continues his plans to retain Falcon Crest, who still orders Ben to tell him the truth, who still doesn't get it. When he runs away from his father's ground rules, Nick grounds him. Richard deceives Samantha into leaving for Paris. At Angela's judicial review, her behavior gets so melodramatic that could indicate harm to her case.
20421"The Last Laugh"Lorraine Senna FerraraRena DownMay 12, 198982116.4[22]
Even while Angela's competency hearing continues, it's undoubtedly aware that her case is weak, who constantly gets too melodramatic, because Richard stated that he put his mother in the psychiatric ward and makes plans for her to return home to get the best of care, through him. Maggie's standing begins to downplay because of rumors about her involvement with Tommy. Recognizing of Ben, who ran off on his father, Nick already grounded him, but Frank invites his grandson and Nick, for a fishing trip, when Ben chooses not to go. Frank learns that the feud between the Agrettis and the Giobertis had begun when the name of Falcon Crest switched hands during a crooked card game, he tries to encourage Nick to allow sleeping dogs lie. Thanks to Frank's somewhat low-key encouragement to Ben, he makes up with Nick. Pilar proposes to embark on a trauma center in the Ortega name, with her words, especially banishment for everybody, who's in Gabriel's case, after selling a few of her recently bought Glenbraddoch stock to Lance. Angela shakes the court with a surprise revelation.
20522"Decline and Fall"Jerome CourtlandStephen Black & Henry SternMay 19, 198982217.1[23]
For Angela to marry Frank Agretti, she had triumphantly disappointed Richard's plans, she also returns to Falcon Crest, where her family gathers to her side and plans have come up for Richard's complete downfall. Richard tells Samantha to lose their partnership or she'll have to pay the consequences, all the while Samantha returns from Paris to Chicago. However, when Samantha finally goes to Falcon Crest, she gives proof that Richard was responsible for Angela's kidnapping, right at the same time, Angela and Pilar work with the S.E.C. to make smooth of Richard's financial ruin. Kelly, hearing the many lies from Tommy about his relationship with Maggie, she breaks him up, tries to rescue her, who then drowns in the lake. The season ended, when Angela confronts Richard about putting his mother in the psychiatric ward, hence, she calls the police, who has him arrested.
Note: This episode marks the final appearances of series regulars, David Beecroft and Susan Sullivan, but Sullivan guest stars in the first 2 episodes of the following season. This is Ana-Alicia's final guest-starring appearance. Margaret Ladd rejoins the cast as a regular, after a 13 episode absence.
Season 9 (1989–90)
This is the final season of Falcon Crest. It is also the only season in which Jane Wyman does not appear in nearly every episode, due to her ongoing health problems, while at the same time, the show went into a different direction by adding 2 new cast members (Gregory Harrison and Wendy Phillips), who replaced Susan Sullivan, who left the season, before. By show's cancelation, against her doctors, Jane Wyman appeared for the show's final 3 episodes.
No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
2061"The Price of Freedom"Jerry ThorpeJoel Surnow & Cyrus NowrastehSeptember 29, 1989901
As Angela prepares to travel to Greece, she leaves her grandson Lance in charge, though under the strict supervision of her reliable foreman, Frank Agretti. Since Daniel, an unsuccessful author, has turned to gambling, drinking and brutality, Emma has become a battered wife. To escape her troubles, Emma turns to another man, Charley, for much-needed affection. In an effort to get out of prison, Richard decides to testify against his co-conspirator, Michael Sharpe. Richard evades an attempt on his life meant to stop his testimony. Accidentally getting her finger stuck in a pool drain, Maggie drowns. Angela hires a private investigator to tail Pilar.
Note: Gregory Harrison joins the cast as Michael Sharpe and Rod Taylor becomes a regular star as Frank Agretti. Susan Sullivan guest stars for the next 2 episodes. Starting with this episode there is no longer any mention of San Francisco's, The New Globe. What happened to it is never revealed as is the fate of Maggie's newspaper. Later on in the season Richard mentions that he owns Channing Enterprises but what that is exactly is never discussed.
2072"Charley"Reza BadiyiAlan MoskowitzOctober 6, 1989902
Emma's old friend Charley (Mark Lindsay Chapman) arrives just in time for Maggie's funeral, where, Charley removed Maggie's wedding ring. Even when Angela disapproves of Charley and changes her vacation plans, Emma stands by Charley despite Angela's interference. Michael Sharpe takes his revenge on Richard for his testimony against him by having Richard's children removed from his custody. Aware that Angela is trying to break up his relationship with Emma, Charley places a pillow over Angela's face and suffocates her.
Note: After Jane Wyman collapsed on the set, she was rushed to the hospital, on February 20, 1989 (which already began the new season), where the doctors told her to avoid work. She will return for the show's final 3 episodes, later this season. According to TV Guide, the decision to reduce Jane Wyman's appearances on Falcon Crest this season was a mutual one between Wyman and the show's producers. To accomplish that, the writers put Angela in a coma for most of the season. Executive producer Jerry Thorpe stated, "We wanted to take the show in a new direction while at the same time lightening her load a little." Susan Sullivan guest stars in this episode, which marks her final appearance.
2083"Flesh and Blood"Robert ScheererSheri AndersonOctober 13, 1989903
After Chao-Li returns from vacation, he went up to Angela's room, where she was found unconscious. The Channings are in a crisis where Angela was rushed into a hospital, only to be slipped in a coma. Lance has a hard time managing Falcon Crest without Angela, especially when business associates urge on negotiating with his grandmother; but fortunately, Pilar is happy to help Lance with Ned Vogel (David Spielberg). Richard learns that Michael was an asset in Richard's custody loss over his own children, who delivered them to Walker (Robert Ginty) and Lauren Daniels, the emotional couple who lost their own children. When Charley exploded the back-up generator in the hospital basement, The Channings have no choice other than to pull the plug on Angela's life-support. Richard still mourns for Maggie, and must keep all of his promises that have been made by her.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode, and won't be back, until near the series' finale. In this episode, while at work, Lance (Lorenzo Lamas) received a disturbing phone call about his grandmother Angela Channing's (Jane Wyman) health concerns. Both he and Pilar (Kristian Alfonso) wanted to visit her, when the nurse had told him that they must wait with her family while Angela is in the emergency room. In real-life, Lorenzo Lamas visited Jane Wyman in the hospital. Wendy Phillips joins the regular cast.
2094"Payback"Reza BadiyiRobert CochranOctober 20, 1989904
With his continued influence over Emma, Charley upsets the family. After the bank calls in its loan, Richard saves Falcon Crest from Michael Sharpe. Encouraged by his sister-in-law, Genele Ericson (Andrea Thompson), Frank Agretti goes to the bank with the power of attorney which Angela had given him prior to her aborted trip to Europe and takes over operation of Falcon Crest.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode.
2105"Soul Sacrifice"Jerome CourtlandSheri Anderson & Alan MoskowitzNovember 3, 1989905
Due to Richard's testimony, the S.E.C. slaps Michael Sharpe with the largest fine in history. Lauren and Walker confront Michael about his schemes and their custody of Richard's children. Frank's obsession with the treacherous Genele escalates. Charley is relieved to hear that Emma's husband has apparently committed suicide, since his death removes the last obstacle for Charley to marry Emma. When the court gives control of Falcon Crest to Emma, she is overwhelmed by the notion of running the business. Emma's new husband Charley, however, has many ideas about running Falcon Crest.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode. In this episode, Genele (Andrea Thompson) tried to talk Angela's husband, Frank (Rod Taylor) into killing his wife (Jane Wyman), while at the hospital, but Frank said that he doesn't kill people.
2116"God of the Grape"Reza BadiyiColleen CarrollNovember 10, 1989906
Charley hires his brother Ian and his young, childlike wife, Sidney (Carla Gugino), to help run the winery. Since the new arrivals put Charley at odds with Lance, the two fight. After Lance soundly beats Charley, Charley immediately fires him. Richard is still grieving for Maggie, and says he lost everything, especially Falcon Crest. When Michael was questioning Lauren about Richard getting his kids back, Walker wanted Michael out of their house and put his back against the wall. Michael doesn't care about anybody, except for himself, even when he brought Lauren, even more pain. After rescuing his sons, Richard learns that they liked Walker's wife and returns them to Lauren's care, despite the fact that she is Sharpe's sister. Pilar and Lance confront Emma about Charley, he throws a bacchanal party, which is crashed by bikers. Ned Vogel, who has taped evidence of Pilar securing his distribution contract through sexual favors, blackmails her. At Angela's bedside, Emma thinks she hears her comatose mother command her to get rid of Charley, but Emma isn't sure whether or not she imagined it.
Note: Jane Wyman appears in the beginning and in the ending of this episode, where her character is in a coma. Chao-Li Chi does not appear in this episode.
2127"Doctor Dollars"Jerome CourtlandCyrus NowrastehNovember 24, 1989907
As Michael Sharpe arranges for Richard to be killed, the contract eventually goes to Sal, Richard's acquaintance from prison. Instead of killing Richard, Sal offers to help him get back at Sharpe, but later pays with his life when Sharpe learns that Sal double-crossed him. After Sydney defies her husband and befriends Emma, Ian beats her. In order to get rid of Lance, Charley shows him a videotape of Pilar's liaison with Ned Vogel. Despite Pilar's pleas, Lance leaves enraged, just as Charley had hoped.
Note: Jane Wyman, Rod Taylor and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
2138"Luck Wave"Lorraine Senna FerraraPaul & Sharon BoorstinDecember 1, 1989908
Michael Sharpe convinces Ian and Charley to sell Falcon Crest to him, but Emma backs out. When Sharpe informs Ian and Charley that he has information on them that could put them in jail, Charley agrees to kill Emma and forge her signature. Charley is stopped in his tracks, however, when an unsuspecting Emma informs him that she is pregnant. Lance becomes embroiled in a deadly game of Russian roulette involving scorpions.
Note: Jane Wyman, Rod Taylor and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
2149"Merry Christmas, Charley"Jerome CourtlandJoel Surnow & Cyrus NowrastehDecember 8, 1989909
Charley keeps the pressure on Emma to sell to Sharpe, despite the fact that she is pregnant. After Charley tells Ian about Sydney's affair with Chris Agretti at the winery, the two brothers agree to kill their wives for deceiving them. Lauren gives Walker permission to sleep with her, then, later, she nearly slaps him, after taking out all that anger on her. Richard lets Lauren know how much she means to him. After Frank sees Sydney and Ian in a struggle, he tries to help, but when Ian gets the upper hand, Sydney saves Frank by killing Ian with a letter opener. Charley chases after Emma, but Emma shoots him in the chest.
Note: Jane Wyman and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode.
21510"Danny"Peter EllisThomas J. SpathDecember 15, 1989910
With a bullet wound in the chest, Charley disappears from Falcon Crest. Because Chris Agretti is missing, Sydney worries that Ian and Charley might have killed him. Sharpe gains control of Falcon Crest by threatening to press criminal charges against Emma for authorizing the release of tainted wine, she leaves Falcon Crest to live in peace. Sharpe's son Danny (David Sheinkopf) provides his father with crucial evidence, which he found while on a date with Sydney. Richard suspects that Lauren's marital situation is worsening, while Lance resists renewing a sexual relationship with Pilar.
Note: Jane Wyman, Rod Taylor and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. This episode marks the final appearance of Margaret Ladd.
21611"Time Bomb"Jerome CourtlandRobert CochranJanuary 5, 1990911
As payback for Jace Sampson's cooperation in Sharpe's takeover of Falcon Crest, Richard talks Jace into making an investment after which Jace loses all his money. Pilar and Lance's estrangement worsens. After Walker catches Richard and Lauren kissing, he confronts them with dynamite strapped to his chest, which is set to go off when the timer runs out. Rather than kill Lauren and the boys along with Richard, Walker runs outside just as the dynamite explodes, as is Walker.
Note: Jane Wyman, Rod Taylor and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. Andrea Thompson joins the regular cast.
21712"Madness Descending"Peter EllisAlan MoskowitzJanuary 12, 1990912
When Genele forces Frank out of his own home in order to entertain her lover Sharpe, Frank delivers the remains of Genele's sister and Frank's ex-wife Renee to the police, informing them that Genele killed her ten years before. Sydney tries to push Pilar and Lance back together. Sharpe is displeased when Lauren moves in with Richard after her ordeal with Walker. Sharpe tries to act as a business mentor for Danny.
Note: Jane Wyman and Chao-Li Chi do not appear in this episode. This episode marks the final appearance of Rod Taylor. In this episode, Frank (Rod Taylor) sees his ex-wife (Jane Wyman) in the hospital, and talks to her being the incompetent husband that he was.
21813"Four Women"Jerome CourtlandJoel Surnow & Cyrus NowrastehJanuary 26, 1990913
Haunted by the memory of her husband's death, Lauren moves out of Richard's place and in with Genele. When Danny invites Sydney for a romantic night on his father's yacht, Sydney maneuvers to put Lance and Pilar on the boat together instead. When Sharpe uses sensitive information about Richard's business dealings, he makes $300 million and Richard loses $52 million. Richard wrongfully accuses Lauren of leaking the information. After showing up at Richard's door, Genele removes her clothes.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode. Chao-Li Chi temporarily leaves the show, but won't be back, for the final 3 episodes.
21914"Brotherly Love"Peter EllisFrank V. FurinoFebruary 2, 1990914
Danny fights Sharpe's attempts to control his life and to make him break up with Sydney. After Sydney brings them back together, Lance and Pilar make plans to retake control of Falcon Crest. When Richard learns through Pilar that Genele was responsible for delivering his business secrets to Sharpe, he throws Genele out and attempts to reconcile with Lauren. Realizing that her brother's affection for her is more than just brotherly, Lauren decides she has to leave Sharpe's house.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode. According to TV Guide, the original script of this episode was written to include an affair between Richard and Genele. However, after actor David Selby objected (he thought it was out of character for Richard), the script was changed.
22015"Finding Lauren"Jerome CourtlandJoel Surnow & Cyrus NowrastehFebruary 16, 1990915
Richard and Sharpe search for Lauren, who had grown tired of their fighting and ran off to work as a waitress in a diner. Sharpe attempts to convince Danny to drop Sydney, who wants Falcon Crest to return to the Channing's. When Lance and Pilar ask Sharpe what it would take for him to sell them Falcon Crest, Sharpe tells them to break up Sydney and Danny. When Lauren returns to Richard and the boys, she has to deal with Richard's continuing obsession with his dead wife Maggie.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode.
22116"Walking Money"Tim HunterThomas J. SpathFebruary 23, 1990916
After Genele intercepts stolen bonds that Sharpe is trafficking, she arranges for Richard to cash them. Lance, Pilar and Danny believe that things are finally turning around for the winery. Genele has to pay hush money to a witness, but Richard has decided to keep all the money as revenge for Genele's past deceit. When Richard has the bonds cashed under the name Sharpe, Sharpe assumes his son Danny did it under Sydney's influence. After Sharpe tampers with Sydney's car, Danny happens to borrow her car and ends up in an accident.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode.
22217"Vigil"Jerome CourtlandDavid EhrmanMarch 9, 1990917
Danny has a severe head injury as a result of crashing Sydney's car, which Sharpe had tampered with to get at Sydney. Danny's mother, Anne Bowen, and Sharpe decide to approve a dangerous operation to remove a bone shard from Danny's spinal cord. Discouraged by the bad luck she seems to bring to all her boyfriends, Sydney leaves Falcon Crest. Suspecting that Sharpe was behind the car accident, Richard and Lance track down the auto mechanic, Sacco, who did the tampering. Alerted to Richard and Lance's involvement, Sharpe sends his chauffeur Nick to ensure that Sacco doesn't talk.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode.
22318"Dark Streets"Peter EllisRobert CochranMarch 16, 1990918
Lauren tries to persuade Anne to reconcile with Sharpe. Anne and Lauren work to create an understanding between Sharpe and Richard, but once the women leave, Sharpe and Richard each vow to find the mechanic Sharpe hired to tamper with Sydney's car. Pilar disguises herself as a homeless woman to win the trust of Sacco's girlfriend, who leads Pilar to Sacco. Sharpe's henchman, Nick, follows both of them. However, when Nick is about to shoot Sacco, Lance disarms him from behind. With the informant they need to wrest Falcon Crest from Sharpe, Pilar and Lance call Richard.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode. After this episode, the show was put on hiatus.
22419"Crimes of the Past"Robert ScheererAlan MoskowitzApril 26, 1990919
Richard knows that Sharpe was behind the sabotage that almost killed his son, Danny, and he has Johnny Sacco, the mechanic paid to tamper with Sydney's car, to prove it. In order to keep Danny and his estranged wife Anne from knowing his involvement in the accident, Sharpe transfers ownership of Falcon Crest to Richard. After Anne agrees to give her marriage with Sharpe a second chance, she changes her mind when Johnny Sacco arrives intoxicated at the Sharpe residence and tells Anne everything. Anne lets Sharpe in on a secret she's kept for 21 years: Richard is Danny's real father. After several months in a coma, Angela revives.
Note: Jane Wyman does not appear in this episode, which marks the last time being absent. At the end of this episode, the nurse cleans out Angela's bed she slept in and was talking to another nurse stating as to why she woke up from a coma, and leaving the hospital, without notifying her own family. They don't show her until the next episode. After a month long hiatus, the show was put back on the air, but in a new timeslot, Thursdays at 9:00 p.m.
22520"The Return"Peter EllisJoel SurnowMay 3, 1990920
Richard is determined to become the owner of Falcon Crest, who used Lance and Pilar to get everything back, and tosses them aside. Richard has a conversation with his nephew about Lance managing the place, while his uncle owns it, who says if Lance doesn't like the arrangement, Richard has to find somebody else, who does. Tired of Richard's slamming down orders in front of them, Lance and Pilar were on their way to pay a visit to see his grandmother, when, in Mrs. Channing's hospital room, the bed was empty, after the nurse and the orderly cleaned up, a week ago, as they both received word from the nurse that Angela woke up from her coma. Sharpe reels from the news that his hated rival Richard is Danny's father. Richard's plans to run the winery with Lauren run into a snag when Angela returns to Falcon Crest, after a year long hospitalization. When Richard informs Angela that she has no legal claim to the winery, Angela pretends to give in, but she is secretly planning to block Richard's marriage to Lauren with the help of Michael Sharpe.
Note: Against her doctor's advice, Jane Wyman finally returns to this episode, after a 16 episode hiatus, except for "God of the Grape". Chao-Li Chi rejoins the regular cast, after a 7 episode hiatus.
22621"Danny's Song"Cyrus NowrastehJoel Surnow & Cyrus NowrastehMay 10, 1990921
After Danny learns that Richard is his father, he goes to Sharpe to tell him it doesn't matter, but Sharpe throws him out of his office and tells him that they should go their separate ways. Because Danny has no job and nowhere to live, Lauren invites him to live with her and Richard, but Richard wants nothing to do with Danny. After witnessing this callous side of Richard, Lauren considers calling off their wedding. When Danny threatens suicide, however, Richard and Sharpe agree to help him, which reassures Lauren. With the wedding back on schedule, Angela must find another way to stop it.
22722"Home Again"Reza BadiyiRobert CochranMay 17, 1990922
As Richard and Lauren enjoy their wedding at the winery, Richard agrees to sell Falcon Crest back to Angela on the condition that half will go to his sons in the event of her death. Lance, however, will receive ten percent now and the remainder after Angela's death. As the wedding reception draws to a close, Angela recalls all the people who passed through Tuscany Valley during the last decade and toasts the future of Falcon Crest.
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