List of Ninja Hattori-kun episodes
This is a list of Ninja Hattori-kun episodes, both the 1981 anime and the 2012 anime,[1][2][3] including the Indian dub (English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) episode titles in English. All dub episodes of the 1981 anime are 18 minutes long and consist of two or three Japanese episodes.
1981 anime
Season 1
Japanese EP#Indian EP#TitleSynopsis
11I am! Ninja (I am a Ninja)
When Kenichi watches TV, Ninja Hattori enters and surprises Kenichi. Hattori does all the household work and surprises Kenichi and his family.
2Hateful Teacher (Hattori saves Kenichi from his teacher)
Koike-Sensei gets afraid of Hattori's shadow and runs to school. He scolds Kenichi at school, but Hattori saves Kenichi.
3The road of part-time job is strict (Let's earn some money)
Kenichi finds out ways to earn money to buy a toy engine for him. Hattori takes up a job and surprises Kenichi with a toy engine.
42I came to Shishimaru (Shishimaru Wins)
Shishimaru (Ninja dog) helps Kenichi and Yumeko from a dog and disappears. So, Hattori catches Shishimaru and brings him home.
5The goal is 100 points (A Perfect Score)
Hattori makes Kenichi study hard and does not allow him to rest. As Kenichi scores good marks, Ama gifts them both.
6Let’s leave the cooking to us (Leave The Cooking To Us)
Kenichi takes Hattori's help and does all the household work. Kenichi surprises his parents on their wedding anniversary with a celebration.
73Did you see or know? (Baseball Ninja Style)
Hattori trains Kenichi to play baseball. But as Kenichi fears to play the match, Hattori plays on his behalf. Later, Kennichi plays and wins the match.
8Transfer student from Koga (The New Student)
Amara meets Hattori and fights with him. So, Hattori decides to teach Amara a lesson, but Koike-Sensei scolds Kenichi.
9Shinzo-kun is coming to Japan now (Shinzo Arrives)
Shinzou finds Hattori and helps him get rid of Amara. Hattori introduces Shinzou to Kenichi's family.
104Honorary (Hattori Recovers His Honor)
Koike-Sensei visits Kenichi's house. Shishimaru loses his grip and falls on Koike-Sensei and gets him unconscious.
11Shinzo-kun, go to use (Shinzo Runs An Errand)
Shinzo loses his way and the list. So, Shishimaru and Hattori guide him. Shinzo tells everyone about his deed.
12A strange customer (The Strange Visitor)
Yamamoto visits Kentaru as a schoolmate. In the night, Yamamoto robs and tries to leave but gets caught. A cop declares a reward to the family.
135I’m not good at athletic meet (The Athletic Meet)
Kenichi takes Hattori and Shinzo's help and wins the race on sports day.
14Kenichi sir is a stray cameraman (To Catch A Thief)
Hattori and Kenichi click pictures of Kemumaki's cat while he robs the fruits and proves Kenichi innocent to the neighbour.
15Fake laziness (Curing A Case Of Laziness)
Kenichi gets a bad dream of Kemumaki threatening him and gets afraid to go to school. On seeing the doctor, Kenichi reveals the truth and makes Kemumaki his friend.
166What is a UFO? (The UFO)
Kenichi impresses with his picture of a UFO. After returning home, Hattori tells Kenichi the truth about the UFO
17Ninja Sleep Paralysis (The Ninja Restrainer)
Kenichi insists Hattori on teaching him the Ninja technique and misuses it. Kenichi promises Hattori to use the technique at the right time.
18You have to study by yourself (Do Your Homework!)
Kenichi enjoys his day and forgets to complete his homework. Next morning, he gets surprised to see his homework completed by Hattori.
197The Kidnapping (Kenichi searches Shinzo)
Kenichi assumes Shinzo has been kidnapped. After a lot of struggle, Hattori and Kenichi get shocked to find Shinzo with Koike-Sensei.
21Chestnut wide uproar (Chestnut Fever)
Kenichi and his friends visit the cocoa garden. While plucking the fruits, they get caught by the manager, but he allows them to take fruits.
22Here or at the Ninja Mansion (The Ninja Hideaway)
On hearing Shinzo's cry, Hattori shows the family a room that he uses to meditate at night.
251I am! to accompany the hike (School picnic!)
The school takes the students for a picnic. Kemumaki provokes Hattori to fight but Hattori stays calm on Kenichi's insistence.
31Kemumaki Sir is also quite easy to do (Kemumaki can be nice too!)
Kemumaki troubles Kenichi and calls Hattori Kenichi's bodyguard. On seeing Kemumaki treat a dog with care, Kenichi, Hattori, and Shinzo get shocked.
33Delivering forgotten items (Shinzo's disastrous cry!)
Kenichi forgets his book at home. So, Hattori and Shinzo go to Kenichi's school. But Shinzo's cry makes everyone faint.
359A Trip To Kyoto (Hide-and-seek in the bullet train)
Kenichi and his friends reach Tokyo without informing their parents. After returning, Kenichi's parents have a discussion about the trip.
36The Gold Coins (The golden coins)
Shishimaru and Kenichi find a gold coin, but Shinzo loses it. Later, Hattori returns the gold coin to Kenichi's parents.
37If it gets sluggish, it will be pickpocketed (Pickpocketing A Pick Pocket)
Hattori hypnotises Kentaru to find the person who has robbed Kentaru's salary. He catches the thief and returns Kentaru's money.
3810Ninja Hypnotism (Ninja technique of Ayetsuri)
Kenichi uses magic tricks on his teacher. Later, Kemumaki uses magical tricks on Kenichi and makes him his pet. Shishimaru wins the race.
41Challenge the Ninja Moguri Shadow (The Ninja Steal In)
Kenichi pleads to Ama to let him watch a movie, but she refuses. Kenichi helps Hattori in the household chores and get rewarded by his mother.
42Which is better, dog or cat? (Which Is Superior, Dogs Or Cats?)
In the race between the Kio and Shishimaru, Hattori saves Shishimaru from all the obstacles and helps him win it.
4311The Ninja Has to Bear (Kenichi and Yumeko's Outing)
Kemumaki tries to stop Kenichi from going to Yumeko's place by harming Kenichi, but Hattori manages to keep him safe.
47Shishimaru Ate A Diamond (The lost diamond)
As Shishimaru swallows a diamond, the kids use a vacuum cleaner and remove the diamond. But later find out that the diamond was artificial.
50I Can Take Charge Of The House (The unexpected guest)
After Kenichi's parents leave, a thief enters as a guest. But Hattori and the kids teach him a lesson and get him arrested by the police.
5112Hide-And-Seek (Ninja technique of Hide-And-Seek)
Kenichi plays hide and seek with Yumeko and Kemumaki, but Kemumaki troubles Kenichi. The next day, Kenichi tricks Kemumaki.
52Be Careful With Fire (Shinzo goes to get a gift)
Shinzo goes out with Shishimaru to get a gift for Kentaru on his promotion. Later, they return home with a gift and get a gift from Kentaru.
53Shinzo's Present (Kenichi gives a gift to Yumeko)
Shinzo changes the look of Shishimaru and gives him to Kenichi to gift Yumeko. Later, Shinzo admits that he transformed Shishimaru.
5413Be Careful Of The Cold (Precautions for Cold)
Kenichi sends Hattori to school on his behalf to know if Kemumaki gossips to Yumeko about him, but Kemumaki gets to know that Kenichi is Hattori.
55I’m not good at frogs (Hattori hates frogs)
Kentaru gets a frog made of gold. Kemumaki threatens Hattori and makes him his slave as he fears frogs.
56Shinzo-sensei (Hattori causes trouble to the teacher)
Shinzo feels bad for always losing the finger game. Hattori, Kenichi and Shishimaru go in search of Shinzo and feel happy on finding him at the end.
5814Up, Up And Away (Kenichi Flies in the Sky)
Kenichi makes a plane with Hattori's help and impresses Yumeko by flying the plane himself.
63The Wrong Present (A Mistaken Gift)
Kenichi opens a parcel and shares the cake with Shinzo and Shishimaru, but later realises, it was the neighbour's parcel.
67No More Drinking! (When Dad Drinks Too Much)
Kentaru finds it difficult to go to work due to a hangover. Kenichi gets angry as his father never spends time with him and seeks help from Hattori to stop Kentaru from drinking.
6815The Lottery (A trip to Hawaii)
Kemumaki plays a prank on Kenichi by making him win a lottery. Later, they find out that they have won a lottery in reality.
73The Haircut (Mighty wall at Barbershop)
Kenichi and Hattori go to a salon to get a haircut. On seeing Kemumaki coming, Kenichi becomes a hair stylist and shaves Kemumaki bald.
74Long Legs For Kenichi Sir (Kenichi's long legs)
Shinzo and Shishimaru help Kenichi to become tall by attaching artificial legs. But later realizes the outcome and refuses to grow tall.
7516The Hypnotizing Ball (The magical ball)
Kenichi assumes a cracker to be the magical ball and uses it on his father to hypnotise him, but it reverses back at him.
76Santa claus comes to town (Shinzo meets Santa Claus)
On Christmas Eve, Hattori puts gifts in Shinzo and Shishimaru's socks. They both feel very happy and also get to know that Hattori is Santa Claus.
80The lost wedding ring (Mommy loses her ring)
While preparing rice cakes, Ama loses her ring. Later, Hattori finds the ring stuck in Shishimaru's tooth.
8117The Love Letter (Kenichi's love letter)
Kenichi writes a letter to Yumeko, but Kemumaki adds a few lines and posts the letter to Yumeko. Hattori helps Kenichi find the letter with his ninja technique.
82Go Fly A Kite (The art of kite flying)
Kenichi finds a remote control plane. Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru find out whose plane it is and pray for his good health.
83A Dream Of Ninja Days (Kenichi sees a dream)
Kenichi sees Yumeko spending her life with Hattori, but later realizes, it was a dream and feels relieved.
9118It's Hard Being A Ninja (Ninja techniques are really hard)
Kio comes across Shinzo and troubles by showing him some ninja techniques. As Hattori gets to know this, he decides to teach Kio a lesson.
94Shishimaru Saves The Day (No one can beat Shishimaru's hunger)
When Yumeko and Kenichi play badminton, they break Yumeko's grandfather's favourite statue, but Hattori fixes the statue.
96Surprise Visitor (Taking charge of home could be painful)
A guest arrives at Kenichi's place and eats all the food. A lady claims the old man to be her father and takes him away.
30619Kenichi Sir Builds Boat (Try to do things on your own)
Kenichi takes Hattori's handmade boat to school. Kemumaki doesn't believe Kenichi and tells him to prepare another boat, but Kenichi fails at it.
309No Smoking! (Where there's a will, there's a way)
Koike-Sensei and the kids cook the 'yami' and blindfold themselves before eating it. Kemumaki cheats in the rituals and gets punished for it.
331I Will Look For A Kind Girl (All of them should live in peace)
Kio tries to trap a mouse, but Hattori saves it and tells the mouse to take his family and leave the house.
10620I Leave The Speech To Someone Else (Always help the needy)
Hattori gives Kentaru a recorder to help him in his speech but it fails. So, Hattori helps him complete his speech.
109A swallow gift for Yumeko-chan (Swallows For Yumeko)
Kenichi and his friends build their nest on their rooftop for the birds, but Kemumaki gifts it to Yumeko. Later, Hattori teaches him a lesson.
111The movie is a messy (A Hard Day At The Movies)
Shishimaru and Shinzo misbehave and disturb everyone at the theatre, so Hattori uses his technique to stop them from going with Yumeko.
11221Kemumaki Sir, Let's Dig Up A Mammoth (The Prehistoric Bone)
Kemumaki claims a bone to be of an elephant from the ancient era. As Hattori gets to know about Kemumaki's false claims, he teaches him a lesson.
114Shinzo's Balloons (Where Is The Balloon)
Shinzo gets upset for losing his balloon. So, Hattori gifts Shinzo another balloon and makes him happy.
116Shishimaru's Snores (Curing A Case Of The Snores)
Shishimaru finds the alarm disturbing and puts it off. He gets everyone late, but at the end, Hattori's makes Shishimaru realise his mistake.
11922Yumeko's Love Song (It's bad to cheat your enemies)
Kemumaki sends a courier with all question papers in it to Kenichi's place. Later, Hattori makes Kemumaki confess for cheating with Kenichi during his exams.
120The Missing Book (The book on friendship)
Yumeko gives Kenichi a book to read. But, Kemumaki robs the book. So, Hattori manages to get a new one.
122The Laughing Mushroom (The Story of the Strange Mushroom)
As Koike-Sensei acts strict with the students, Hattori helps Kenichi to change Koike-Sensei in a natural way.
12323Shinzo And The Sad Movie (Shinzo goes to the Movie)
Shinzo and Shishimaru follow Hattori and Kenichi to the theatre. In an emotional scene, Shinzo falls asleep, so, Kenichi and Hattori feel relieved.
125Flowers For Spring (Shinzo grows flowers)
As Shinzo gets excited about flowers, Hattori shifts the entire flower bed at the roof of their house and makes Shinzo happy.
128No More Eating Race (The Eating Competition)
In a competition, Kemumaki cheats, but Hattori gets him caught. At the end, Hattori wins the competition.
13124Hunt Away Mama's Anger (Drive Out the Anger Bug)
Ama gets upset with Kentaru and vents out her anger on the kids. Hattori brings them together by making them remember their marriage days.
134Tomatoes And Carrots (Tomatoes and Carrots are my favorites)
As Kenichi refuses to eat vegetables, Hattori seeks help from Yumeko and succeeds in making Kenichi eat vegetables.
135Lonely Little Kitty (Kiyo is Feeling All Alone)
Kiyo feels lonely as Kemumaki goes out, so he stays with Ama. Later, Hattori calls Kemumaki back to take away Kio with him.
13625A Visit From The Teacher (A Dreadful Home Visit)
When Koike-Sensei visits Kenichi place to complain about Kenichi's cheating, the kids trouble him and send him away.
140Police Chief For A Day (Kenichi becomes a Policeman for a Day)
Kenichi gets an opportunity to work with the police for a day. Hattori and his friends search a robber and get him caught.
142No More Noodles! (Free Noodles are Dangerous)
Kenichi and Shinzo visit a restaurant that serves free food, if one finishes the meal in 3 minutes. Kemumaki cheats and gets forced to pay the entire money.
14426Trouble At The Water Fountain (The Broken Tap)
While Kenichi drinks water, the knob breaks and the water overflow. Hattori comes to help Kenichi and finds ways to stop the water.
145Kenichi Sir's Bromide (Kenichi Wants to Impress Yumeko)
Kenichi dresses like Rocky and impresses Yumeko. Kemumaki troubles him, so Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki and spoils his picture.
146Spaghetti Has A Happy Taste (A Special juice for Kemumaki)
Shishimaru eats all the food that Ama cooks, so Yumeko helps in cooking. Hattori's prepares a juice for Kemumaki, but Kenichi drinks it.
14727A Wishing Star (The Story of the Falling Star)
Kenichi looks for a shooting star to wish. Hattori uses his ninja technique to shows Kenichi a shooting star and fulfil his wish.
154Teacher Likes Butterfly (The Right to Live)
Koike-Sensei asks the students to search a butterfly. The students chase the butterfly, but do not succeed in catching it.
155Ninja Sushi (The Magical Food)
As the kids feel hungry, they go to a place but find the shop closed. Hattori uses his ninja technique and brings food.
15828The Big Catch (Kenichi Spotted a Whale)
Kenichi and his friends decide to find a whale through Hattori's help. They somehow manage to catch the fish, but later realise it's not a whale.
160Shishimaru The Weather Dog (The Knowledgeable Shishimaru)
Hattori decides to help Shishimaru recognise the foresight within him. Kemumaki tries to prove Shishimaru wrong but does not succeed.
161A Wrestling Tournament (The Wrestling Match)
Kemumaki challenges Kenichi to play a wrestling match, so Hattori decides to help Kenichi. In the end, no one wins.
16529TV Is Forbidden (Kenichi Watches the Television)
Kenichi and Shinzo fool Hattori to watch TV but Hattori plays smart and teaches them a lesson.
166Game Crazy (The Electronic Game)
Hattori and Kentaru play the bamboo stick game and ask Kenichi to join them, but he gets engrossed in the video game. Later, Kenichi learns the game and Ama gets addicted to the video game.
169Late Again! (Kenichi is Late to School)
Kenichi decides to stay awake and not sleep, so as to reach school on time but fails at it.
17030A Family Quarrel (Fight between mom and dad)
As Kentaru and Ama argue on silly topics, Kenichi, Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru try all possible ways and bring them together.
172Tsubame The Ninja Girl (Hattori has a Guest)
A ninja girl named Sonam comes to Kenichi's house. Sonam pampers Hattori and does all the housework.
173Get Lost, Tsubame (Tsubame goes back home)
Kenichi plans to trouble Sonam so that she leaves his house. After knowing about Kenichi's plans, she goes away.
17731A Drive In The Country (Kenichi and Hattori go on a Picnic)
Kenichi and his family decide to go out for a picnic without carrying lunch. On the way, they eat the rice cakes that Hattori prepares.
178Lost And Found (Yumeko Lost Her Money)
Kenichi finds money fallen on the road. He later confesses the truth to his mother and she gives him money to return to the person.
179My Dream For The Future (Kenichi Writes a Story)
Koike-Sensei gives the students an assignment of writing stories. Kenichi tells a story of a brave soldier.
1812Kenichi Sir demands more pocket money (Mommy's lost purse)
Ama refuses to give Kenichi money. Later, Kenichi and his friends help Ama, and they get money in return for it.
184Powercut (There's no electricity in the house)
Due to lightning, the lights go off. When Kentaru returns home, the family sit together and eat biscuits for dinner.
187Hattori, the grasshopper (Kenichi participates in the quiz competition)
Hattori hypnotises an insect and sends it with Kenichi for a quiz. During the quiz, the insect falls sick. So, Kenichi gives the insect a solution and makes it well.
1883The great novelist (We almost got trapped)
A novelist traps Shishimaru, Shinzo and Kenichi, but Hattori saves them. Then, the man apologizes to everyone for his behaviour.
191Kemumaki Sir's secret (Kemumaki goes to the spa)
Kemumaki refuses to go to a water park, as he can't wear a swimming trunk. Hattori feels happy to see Kemumaki wear Ninja underwear.
194The ancient era (They work as a team)
Kenichi refuses to agree that every century has a good side and a bad side to it, so Hattori takes everyone to the previous century.
19634Catch That Home Run! (Kenichi Makes a Home Run)
Kemumaki and Kenichi watch baseball match in a stadium and bring a ball for Yumeko, but she refuses to believe that it's a home run ball.
197The Festival (Hattori Goes To the Fair)
Hattori, Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru take a bath and go to the fair. They earn a lot of gifts from the fair and enjoy themselves.
202I Don't Like The Marriage Meeting (A New Bride for the Teacher)
A girl comes to visit Koike-Sensei in Kenichi's house and talk about marriage, but Kenichi scares the girl away.
20335Swimming Training (Kenichi Goes Swimming)
Kenichi, Hattori and Shinzo decide to learn to swim. Shinzo hypnotises Kenichi and makes him a frog so that he swims by himself.
204What Day Is Today? (Mother's Day Special)
On the occasion of mother's day, the kids and Kentaru send Ama out and take up the responsibility of the house.
205Jumping Contest (The Exciting Frog Race)
Kemumaki and Kenichi decide to have a race between their frogs. Kemumaki and Kenichi train their frogs but Kenichi's frog wins the race.
20836Shishimaru Is A Stupid (Teacher Meets a Girl)
Koike-Sensei goes to a restaurant to talk to a girl about marriage, but Shishimaru messes up things and as a result, she leaves.
212We Will Marry Kagechiyo (Hattori Helps Kiyo)
Kenichi supports Kiyo in the cat competition as Kemumaki disowns him. Kemumaki tries to ruin Kiyo’s image. Later, they patch up.
213Let's Challenge To A Skyscraper (Hattori Climbs In Skyscraper)
Kemumaki creates obstacles for Hattori in a challenge to climb a tall building. Hattori completes his challenge and also helps Kemumaki.
21637Ninja From Manipulation (Tsubame Helps Hattori)
Kemumaki troubles Sonam and Hattori, but Hattori doesn't react. Sonam feels bad because Hattori didn't consider her strong, and she leaves.
220Secret Of The Ninja Power (No Food for Hattori)
Kemumaki plays a trick on Hattori and finds out the reason for his strength. Kemumaki sees Hattori getting power by carrot. So He also eats.
222Shinzo's Navel-Power (Shinzo Had a Dream)
Shinzo assumes that he has received lightning power and tries to use them to help people. But, Hattori makes Shinzo realize that he has no powers.
22638Mama Knows Everything (Somebody is Following Mom)
Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru suspect a ninja behind Ama's behaviour, so they take Hattori's help but realize that they were wrong.
229Shishimaru, An Enthusiastic Detective (The Golden Cigars)
After watching a detective serial on TV, Shishimaru gets a dream, in which he acts as a detective. He disturbs everyone sleeping.
233Ninja Watermelon Snapping (Everyone Goes for a Picnic)
Koike-Sensei plays 'break the watermelon game' with the students. Hattori breaks the watermelon in to pieces with his tricks.
23739Nerd Kenichi Sir (Hard Work Always Pays)
Kenichi acts as a book worm due to hypnotism. But after the hypnotism fades, Kenichi gets back to normal.
238Don't Cry Tsubame (Tsubame comes to meet Hattori)
Hattori finds Sonam and helps her from being blamed as a robber. Hattori leaves and keeps the secret that he likes Sonam.
239My Friend Is A Dinosaur Maniac (Kenichi Makes A Dinosaur)
While learning about the handmade dinosaur, Kemumaki breaks it. Mitachi blames Kenichi for breaking it, but later asks for forgiveness.
24140Kenichi Sir Is A Good Class Officer (Truth and Honesty Always Wins)
Kemumaki changes his voice and speaks to Ama and Yumeko. So, Hattori makes Kemumaki confess the truth to Yumeko.
243The Ninja Pilotage (Bad Talks Always Leads to Bad Deeds)
Kenichi's flies a remote control helicopter. Kemumaki tries to create a rift between Yumeko and Kenichi. But Hattori makes Kemumaki confess the truth.
245Mama Loves Telephone (Children are Smarter Sometimes)
As Mama spends more time talking to Sunidhi, Hattori makes her and Sunidhi realize that mothers should pay attention to their children.
24741Shinzo and Tortoise (The ninja and tortoise race)
Shinzo and Shishimaru see a tortoise and decide to sit on him to reach Ninja paradise. Later, they get to know that the tortoise was a lost pet.
249When Is My Birthday? (Shishimaru Celebrates his Birthday)
Shishimaru feels sad as no one knows his birth date. So, Hattori takes the form of Shishimaru's grandfather to tell him his birth date.
257Mom Is Lost Driver (Mom Takes Us for a Ride)
Ama sits in the car confidently but finds it difficult to drive. Later, Kentaru teaches Ama how to drive.
25842Tsubame Wants To Go To The Beach (Tsubame Goes To Beach)
Sonam takes a form to participate in the beach cleanup, but Kemumaki snatches it from her. Hattori reaches at the right time and saves her.
259Dog Is Great (Shishimaru and his Dream)
Shishimaru sees a dream in which he gets all the facilities he needs. After waking up, he realizes it was a dream.
262Mama's Good Idea (Our New Clothes)
Ama stitches clothes for the kids. As water falls on the cloth, Hattori cuts it and later realizes that shirt does not fit Kenichi.
26343Don't Get Fooled By Pretty Girls (A Fancy Dress Competition)
Kemumaki changes his look to a girl so that Yumeko gets angry on Kenichi, but Hattori uses his tricks and resolves the confusion.
265Eels Are God's Messengers (Preserving Nature)
Kenichi and his friends bring a fish home. Kentaru invite his friends to eat the fish, but Hattori makes the guests forget about it.
267Capturing A Gang (Look Before You Leave)
Kenichi, Shishimaru and Shinzo find a diary of a man and assume that he is a robber, but later find out that the man is a porter.
12744Mama Practices For Volleyball (Health is Wealth)
Mama practices for Kenichi's sports day, but Hattori gets to know that the event has been cancelled, so he makes Mama forget about the game.
321Becareful When You Deliever (Shishimaru A Boxer)
Kenichi gets a gift for Yumeko, but Kemumaki exchanges it. Hattori finds out about Kemumaki's plan and gives Yumeko the correct gift.
322Shinzo Forgets His Money (Anniversary Day)
Shinzo forgets the money at home, so a passerby pays for the pastries. Later, they all go to her place and thank her.
27745Bullfighting Trouble (The Bullfight)
When Kenichi and his friends play the bull chasing game, Kemumaki and Kio challenge Shinzo and bring a real bull for the game, but Hattori saves Shinzo.
282A Strange Foreigner (Kiyo’s Birthday Celebrations)
Nandu and Kiyo meet Kenichi and his friends. Kio suspects something fishy about their plans, but gets a surprise from Kenichi and his friends.
284Get Back The Dress (New Clothes For Shinzo)
Hattori forces Shinzo to wear a dress, so Hattori calls Sonam and gives her the dress.
28746Tsubame Guard The Snack (Tsubame in Hattori's House)
Ama goes out and hands over the responsibility of the house to Sonam. Sonam feels bad for attacking Hattori and leaves.
289Hattori Has Disappeared (Hattori Leaves Home)
Kemumaki exchanges Hattori's letters in order to stay in the house. So, Hattori takes Kentaru's look and makes Kemumaki and Kio do all his work.
290The Ninjaman Changing (All of Them are Waiting to see the Move)
Sonam takes Yumeko's form to spend time with Hattori. So, Hattori too takes Yumeko's form and confuses her.
29247The Ninja Future Watching (Always Try to Overcome Border)
Hattori hypnotises Kenichi and finds out the actual reason of him being irritated. Hattori teaches Kenichi the value of friends and gets him back to normal.
296I Am In A Slump (Kemumaki helps Hattori)
Hattori loses his confidence and finds it difficult to use his powers. Kemumaki kidnaps Shishimaru to regain Hattori's confidence.
298I Am Still Immature (Hattori and the Thief)
A salesman seeks help from Hattori. But, Hattori gets to know the man was a robber and feels deceived.
29948The Ninja Mosquito (Friendliness is Godliness)
Kemumaki calls for artificial mosquitoes and troubles everyone at Kenichi's place. So, Hattori attacks Kemumaki with mosquitoes.
303The Ninja Gardening (Shinzo messed up with Yumeko's garden)
Kenichi insists Hattori to help Yumeko in gardening. Later, they get a cake from Yumeko.
304Who Is Yumeko's Friend? (Kenichi misunderstood Hattori)
During the speech competition, Yumeko talks about her friendship with Hattori. On hearing the speech, Kenichi apologises to Hattori for doubting him.
8449I Have Been Disliked (It's fun to have guests on New Year's Eve)
Kenichi's cousin misbehaves with Kenichi and his friends, so Hattori teaches him a lesson and later, they become friends.
88Fight For Seat (A Fight for Getting a Seat)
Kemumaki and Kenichi play a game to decide who sits next to Yumeko. At the end, both get a seat next to Yumeko.
328Mitsuba Reduces Weight (Mom's Weight Reduction)
Mitsuba starts reducing weight by exercising in Morning 5:00am and makes healthy everyone.
31350Finding For Ninja Star (Hattori looks for his weapon)
Hattori recollects the right location of his missing weapon and gets it back.
318The Secret Of Hattori-Hood (Kemumaki and Kenichi fail in their attempts)
Yumeko tries to click Hattori's picture with the help of Kenichi, but Hattori does not allow them.
321Sonam Loves Animals (Do Not Harm Animals)
Sonam hypnotises Kenichi and his friends to stop harming animals, but they get traumatised. So she takes Hattori's help and gets things sorted.
32351Kenichi Sir too can read! (Kenichi finds it hard to read)
Kemumaki underestimates Kenichi as he can't read well in the class. Kenichi impresses his classmates and teacher with Hattori's help.
326Hattori vs. frogs! (Hattori's biggest fear)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori and attacks him with frogs. But Hattori uses a ninja technique over the frogs and win over Kemumaki.
327Sonam and Ama's secret! (Tsubame's big secret)
Hattori finds Sonam outside the house in a bad state and brings her in the house. Sonam hides in the room as her face is swollen.
Season 2
Japanese EP#Indian EP#TitleSynopsis
33527Cheating is bad! (The tennis match)
Kio acts as a frog and cheats to make Kemumaki win a match. Hence, Hattori makes Kio hide his face in the ground.They meet ninja hattori's father DhruvKumar
336Shinzo feels homesick! (Shinzo misses home)
Kemumaki hypnotizes Shinzo and reminds him of his hometown. So, Hattori uses the same ninja technique over Kemumaki and makes him remember his mother.
337Koike-sensei's spying habit! (Teacher's new ninja technique)
Kenichi gets upset as Koike-Sensei gets to know about his thoughts. But Hattori and Kenichi get to know that the teacher records everything.
33928An alien fortune teller! (The alien spaceship)
Kemumaki takes the look of an alien and troubles Kenichi. So, Hattori plays the same prank on Kemumaki and Kio and scare them.
342Surviving the cold! (The winter competition)
The teacher challenges the students to wear a singlet and short pant to school in the cold weather. Hattori uses a ninja technique and sends Kenichi to school.
345Yumie and Shinzo's friendship! (Shinzo's new friend)
Yumie challenges Shinzo to perform stunts. Shinzo practices day and night to win the challenge and befriends her.
3478Attending the Dolphin show (The Dolphin Show)
When Kenichi and his friends watch the dolphin show, the dolphins go out into the sea. So Hattori performs as a dolphin.
348Ninja technique vs. modern technology (Hattori's dream becomes true)
Hattori feels that the world is habituated to machines and no one considers ninja techniques. Later, Hattori wakes up and realizes it was a nightmare.
349Kemumaki Sir A little in love with his mother (Kemumaki and his love for his mother)
Kemumaki fears to express himself, so Hattori uses the ninja technique and makes Kemumaki speak about his mother.
35116Celebrating New Year (The New Year's bell)
Kenichi wins a lucky draw of ringing the bell on New Year's Eve. Hattori and his friends help Kenichi ring the bell 108 times.
352Shishimaru's obsession of chocolate rolls (No chocolate rolls for Shishimaru)
Shishimaru pretends and makes everyone believe that he hates chocolate rolls. But later, eats all of them.
353Kenichi Sir fears losing Shishimaru (Kenichi's secret story)
Kenichi tells Shishimaru a story that he read, and they both get emotional. Hattori uses his Ninja technique to know the reason behind their tears.
35532Shinzo refuses to change his clothes (Ninja's Undergarment)
Shinzo refuses to change his clothes as Sonam had stitched flowers over it. So, Ama changes the looks of his clothes.
359Voting for the famous teacher (Keep your city clean)
Koike-Sensei seeks help from Hattori to change the minds of people and become the most famous teacher of the school and the city.
361Kenichi Sir becomes Mr. India (Hattori's new clothes)
Kenichi, Kio and Kemumaki go to find Mr. India and get his pictures. But Kenichi does not disclose the fact that it was Hattori's plan.
36233Measuring the speed of the ball (Don't Cheat While Playing)
When the children play baseball, Kemumaki uses his Ninja technique to win, so Hattori teaches him a lesson
364Kio lives Shishimaru's life (Kio becomes Shishimaru)
Kio takes Shishimaru's form and enters Kenichi's house to live a lavish life. Later, when Hattori and Shinzo ask Kio to train them, he escapes.
365Search for hot water well (The Hot Water Spring)
Hattori arranges for a trolley and puts Shishimaru in it, to sense a hot water well. Kemumaki takes the trolley and digs a hole leading to the spa.
37151Always give it a try (Try and You Will Always Succeed)
Kenichi is upset because he doesn't know how to play football. Next day, Kenichi goes out to play on Hattori's insistence.
372Respect your name (Your Name is Your Identity)
Kenichi gets upset with the meaning of his name. Hattori changes everyone's names in to numbers, so that Kenichi respects his name.
374Sonam's talent (Tsubame Becomes a Homemaker)
Sonam packs Kenichi's tiffin and surprises him. Kemumaki and Kio make a plan against Kenichi but Hattori gets to know and teaches him a lesson.
3825Kio takes Shishimaru's form (Because Kio would be punished by Amara who is just running for the sake of fish)
Kio takes Shishimaru's form to eat fish. Hattori lies to Kemumaki about Kio. Later, Hattori sends a piece of fish for Kio.
383Ninja Mizugumo learns from Kemumaki Sir (Shinzo walks on water)
Shinzo wears Hattori's old slippers. Later, he applies wax on the slippers given by Kemumaki and walks on water.
385Shinzo who forgot tears (Shinzo feels emotionally strong)
Shinzo decides to be emotionally strong and not cry at silly things. So, Kemumaki uses a Ninja technique and controls Shinzo's emotions.
3876Separating Yumeko and Hattori (I love Yumeko a lot)
Kemumaki and his friends assume that Hattori and Yumeko like each other. They use Ninja technique on Hattori. But, Hattori reverses the technique.
389Sonam learns a new technique (A diary of tears)
Shinzo and Sonam apply a Ninja technique on Hattori to make him cry. But, Hattori uses the technique on them itself.
390Helping Koike-sensei (Rather than convenient, it is inconvenient)
Kemumaki and Kenichi help Koike-Sensei as he is not well. But, Koike-Sensei gets into trouble when a substitute teacher visits him.
3927A bright day with a smile (Kenichi upsets Yumeko)
Hattori uses a technique on Kenichi, so that he laughs at every situation. Kenichi laughs at Yumeko and upsets her.
393Scavenger hunt (Sports activity)
During the sports day, Kemumaki creates obstacles for Kenichi. But later, Kemumaki gets into trouble when Hattori changes the chit.
395Shinzo’s left hand strengthening strategy (Shinzo multitasks)
Shinzo learns to perform activities using both his hands. After failing at several attempts, Hattori uses a Ninja technique and helps him.
3978Did you see it? Ninja fever (Kemumaki pretends to be sick)
Kemumaki pretends to be sick. On knowing the truth, Hattori and his friends put him in a tub filled with ice cold water.
399Special training! Special training! Also special training (Shaman and Kenichi's training)
Kemumaki uses Ninja techniques over Shaman, while Hattori uses over Kenichi. Shaman and Kenichi finish the race together to avoid cheating.
400The taste of Teacher love and bath (Teacher loves his mother's cooking)
Koike-Sensei feels unhappy as his mother feeds him chocolate cake every day. Hattori changes his look and talks to Kokei-Sensei's mother.
4059Kenichi Sir will lead the parade (Kenichi is the parade commander)
Kemumaki fools Kenichi in regards to the parade. So, Hattori uses his Ninja technique and puts Kenichi's name in the teacher's mind.
406Delivering Kentaru's documents (Feeling responsible)
Kemumaki takes Kentaru's papers from Hattori and puts them in the shredder. Later, Hattori reveals that the real documents were in his clothes.
407Laundry machine trouble (The story of the washing machine)
Kenichi and his friends go to the spa laundry to wash the clothes. There, Hattori uses his technique and washes the clothes.
40210The lost cat (Shinzo and the little cat)
A kitty refuses to leave Shinzo and follows him everywhere. Somehow, Shinzo gets rid of the kitty and returns home with Hattori and Shishimaru.
403Kenichi Sir panics (Hattori works for money)
So as to pay the restaurant bill, Hattori goes out to sells his things. Then, he takes money from Ama and rushes to Kenichi.
404Bubble ball (The bubble war)
Hattori and Kemumaki compete with each other with bubbles. Hattori blows many bubbles with his face in it and attacks Kemumaki.
40911A hamster (The story of the rats)
Hattori uses a technique with the help of Shishimaru by turning him into a rat hamster to generate electricity.
410Turned small (How Kemumaki was fooled)
Hattori and Kenichi use posters and draw large pictures on them of the things in the room, to make Kemumaki, Kio, Shinzo and Shishimaru look small.
412Sonam extracts a tooth (Don't tell lies)
Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru play a prank on Sonam and Hattori, by making Sonam extract Hattori's tooth. But, Hattori stops Sonam.
41712Over caring also hurts (The whip of love too is painful)
Hattori promises to not help Kenichi in any way. But when Kenichi and Kemumaki get into a cycle race, Hattori breaks his promise and helps Kenichi by tying an anchor to Kemumaki's cycle.
418Yumeko loves dandelions (Yumeko likes dandelions)
Kenichi assumes that Yumeko wants white dandelion flowers. On not finding a white dandelion flower, Kenichi gifts a yellow dandelion flower to Yumeko, and takes the credit for it alone.
41913Part-time job strategy (Hattori's part-time jobs)
As Kenichi requires money to purchase a game, he and Shinzo make Hattori work at different places and collect a lot of money. But when Hattori gets to know the truth, he scolds them.
420I’m Mitsuba Kenichi (Kenichi and Hattori exchange roles)
Kenichi sends Hattori to school in place of him. When Kemumaki gets to know, he tells Kokei-Sensei to make Hattori clean the lab as there are frogs there. But, Kenichi reaches on time and exchanges his role.
42114Be careful of your butt (Be careful It may hurt)
While sliding on a jumbo slide, Kenichi rips the skin of his bum. Kemumaki takes advantage of his situation and troubles him. Later, during a fire drill, Hattori helps Kenichi and rips his skin as well.
422Kenichi Sir’s Cooking Madness (Kenichi, the chef)
Kenichi prepares a meal for everyone, but doesn't let anyone eat it. He keeps it for his classmates and teachers. The next day, his classmates and teacher criticise the food due to its taste.
42348Samurai doll that started to move (Kiyo stuck in the costume!)
Kiyo wears the Mitsuba family's traditional costume and gets stuck in it. Hattori notices Kiyo in the costume and plays a trick to get him out of the costume without letting anyone know the truth.
424Teacher’s magic (Teacher's magic show!)
The teacher creates a new machine to showcase his magic tricks. Kenichi wears a wood around his neck to be saved from being hurt. However, the teacher plays a different game with Kenichi.
42515Shishimaru moves out (Shishimaru's Ninja training)
Shishimaru leaves the house and promises to return once he gets responsible. Shishimaru sees a puppy in trouble and saves it, which was a part of Hattori's plan to make him responsible.
427Ninja field test (The Ninja field exercises)
Hattori asks Shinzo to find a ninja secret, as part of their ninja training. Shinzo finds it, but Kio snatches it from him and drops it from the mountain.
42816Kenichi Sir misses his stop (Kenichi is lost)
Kenichi loses his way home and reaches an unknown place. Hattori thinks about the sounds that he heard on the phone, and follows it. Later, he manages to find Kenichi.
429Famous cameraman Kenichi Sir (Kenichi is a good cameraman)
Kenichi participates in the photography competition and invites Yumeko to his place to pose for photographs using a mini studio. But, Kemumaki destroys Kenichi's pictures. So, Hattori teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
43017Be in the weather tomorrow! (May tomorrow be a nice day!)
Yumeko is upset because of the rains, as she can't participate in her tennis match. So, Hattori helps Yumeko with a successful plan, and helps her in practicing tennis.
431Proverbial Special Training (Proverb exercises)
Hattori teaches Kenichi proverbs by giving him live examples, but Kio and Kemumaki trouble Kenichi and create a wrong impression of Hattori on him. Later, Kenichi decides to study by himself and get ready for the test.
43218Get back the answer sheet (Let's get the exam papers back)
Kenichi tries to hide his test papers from his family, as he scores low marks. But unfortunately, the book reaches Kentaru. At the end, Hattori helps Kenichi get his test papers back.
4334th grade 2nd group is pupa uproar (Chrysalis trouble)
When Hattori returns Kenichi's belongings, which were stuck on the tree, a chrysalis falls off the branch. Hattori and his friends save the chrysalis, and manage to save the butterfly from getting trapped.
43452It's summer! Camping in the valley! (Activities in the summer camp)
Kenichi and Yumeko lose their way back to the camp. But Hattori uses the ninja technique of saving with wood and manages to save Kenichi and Yumeko from drowning in the water.
435Living the primitive lifestyle! (The past has set a new task)
The teacher tells the students to save resources for future. So, the Mitsuba family begin living a saving lifestyle on Hattori's insistence. Kemumaki and Kio make the Mitsuba family famous unintentionally.
4362Yumeko's bracelet! (Yumeko lost her bracelet)
Kenichi drops Yumeko's bracelet in the water by mistake. Hattori follows the direction of the fishes and finds the bracelet. Even after Kio's interference, Hattori manages to hand over the bracelet to Yumeko.
438An adventurous holiday! (We are going to go to the lazy resort)
The Mitsuba family go to a hotel. Kentaru and Ama get scared on seeing animals in the pond. So, Hattori talks to the monkeys, who provide a good service to the Mitsuba family.
43919I’m a horror maker (A successful bravery contest)
Hattori helps a man from the locality to organize a bravery contest. Hattori scares everyone at the contest, and executes the bravery contest successfully with the help of Shinzo and Shishimaru.
440Panic if there is no Mom (A lost child)
On hearing a child cry, Kenichi, Shishimaru and Shinzo get the child home. Later, the neighbor finds her grandchild with Kenichi, while Hattori searches the baby.
44120Steal your footprints! (Kenichi's project)
Kenichi collects footprints of animals and human. As Kemumaki trouble Kenichi, Hattori decides to teach him a lesson. Hattori takes a print of Kemumaki, and Kenichi displays it in the class for his project.
442Ninja gum balloons (The bubble gum)
As Kemumaki troubles Kenichi, Kenichi decides to teach Kemumaki a lesson. Next day, Kemumaki challenges Hattori. Hattori gets into trouble, but he manages to beat Kemumaki and teach him a lesson.
44321Abek Two-Legged Race (Three-Legged race)
Sonam helps Kenichi in a race. Kemumaki tries to use his Ninja technique and win, but fails in doing so. At the end, Kenichi wins the race. And they all get surprised on seeing Sonam in the get up of Yumeko.
444Let’s go to the movie with the intention savings! (Kenichi saves money)
Hattori teaches Kenichi how to save money. When Kenichi starts saving money, Kemumaki forces Kenichi to spend it. At the end, Hattori makes Kemumaki return the money to Kenichi.
4453Cleanliness freak! (Cleanliness)
Kemumaki and Kio spray a liquid on Kenichi's washed handkerchief to make it look dirty. So, Hattori and Sonam build anger in Yumeko for Kemumaki by making him a cleanliness freak.
446Shishimaru learns a lesson! (Shishimaru a fat pig)
Hattori gets angry on Shishimaru as he puts on weight. But Shishimaru realizes his mistake and trains himself to become slim. Kio tempts Shishimaru with chocolate rolls, but Shishimaru overpowers the temptations.
44729Surprise stunts! (The talent show)
Kenichi insists Hattori perform some surprise stunts on TV. But Hattori refuses to appear on TV. However, Hattori goes on the TV sets and performs stunts to make Kenichi happy without appearing on TV.
448Chinese ninja technique! (There's a new ninja master in town)
Kemumaki takes the look of a wrestler and fools Kenichi, Shinzo, and Shishimaru. But Hattori reaches there and fights the Chinese wrestler and gets the truth out of Kemumaki.
44922I'm weightless (The Space Ride)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori to take them to space. So, Hattori along with Shinzo and Shishimaru organize a setup based on space. Hattori manages to make Kenichi and his friends feel the space.
450Kenichi's psychokinesis (Magical tricks)
Kenichi gets jealous as Yumeko praises Hattori. So, Kemumaki takes advantage and plays a prank with Kenichi by teaching him magic. Hattori and Sonam help Kenichi do the magic, and teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
4514Insect voice on autumn night (Kenichi turns into a grasshopper)
Kenichi relates himself to the grasshoppers and feels sad when Yumeko calls the grasshoppers lazy. So, Hattori uses his ninja technique to turn Kenichi into a grasshopper.
452Bodybuilding training! (The bodybuilder Kenichi)
Kenichi trains himself to be a bodybuilder in order to impress Yumeko. Yumeko tells Kenichi that she was just studying the statue of the body builder and that she like Kenichi the way he is.
45323Preventing flu (Kenichi's technique of fighting cold)
Hattori wakes Kenchi and trains him to perform regular exercises. He also teaches him how to deal with winters. Kemumaki interferes and tries to stop them in all possible ways, but fails in doing so.
454Installing the security system (Ninja Hattori accepted a challenge)
Kenichi and his friends, except Hattori, enter Kokei-Sensei's home to test the home security system. But fail at it. Hattori enters Kokei-Sensei's house and completes the challenge.
45524Christmas cake and house cleaning (Reward for good work)
Kenichi brings a cake at home. Hattori takes Yumeko's form and makes Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru clean the house. Ama and Kentaru feel very happy. They all eat the cake together.
456Hattori fears frogs (Hattori is not afraid of frogs)
To overcome Hattori's fear of frogs, Kenichi shows Hattori some pictures of the frogs. Kemumaki takes the get up of Hattori's uncle and then of the frogs to scare Hattori. But, Hattori tries to control his fear.
45725Change in Hattori's personality (Hattori becomes Kemumaki)
Hattori hypnotizes himself and becomes Kemumaki, and troubles everyone. After a while, Hattori faints. And after he wakes up, he gets back to normal and confesses the truth to everyone.
458Kenichi Sir's perfect score (Kenichi scores good marks)
Kenichi scores well in his exam. When Kemumaki gets to know about Kenichi's results, he tries to stop the teacher from distributing them, but gets caught by Hattori. Kenichi finally gets his exam papers.
45926Penalty game (Never scare your friend)
Kemumaki troubles Hattori him with a toy frog. Shinzo helps him get rid of the frog but hurts himself and starts crying. Hattori learns about Kemumaki's plan and teaches him a lesson.
460Pyramid power (Friendliness is godliness)
Kenichi starts making a pyramid. Yumeko gives a pyramid to him, sent by Kemumaki. Next morning, Kemumaki plays a prank over Kenichi by diverting him from his exam. Hattori gets to know about Kemumaki and puts him in trouble.
4615Elections of the student council president! (Kenichi stands for the elections)
Kenichi stands for elections of student council president. Kemumaki forces Kenichi to make promises which he can't fulfill. So Hattori plays the same tricks on Kemumaki.
462Underground hideout! (Scary cats will go home)
Shinzo, Shishimaru, and Kenichi stay in a secret hideout to be saved from the cold. Kio and Kemumaki get to know about the place and chase them out. But Hattori seals the gateway to the hideout.
46327Ointment allergy (Hattori falls sick)
Kemumaki gives Hattori an ointment to heal his wound. But he gets very sick. Hattori drinks a herbal drink given by his master and teaches Kemumaki and Kio a lesson.
464Creating a Guinness World Record (Hattori tries to set a Guinness Record)
Hattori take up the challenge on standing on one feet in order to create a Guinness World Record. Kemumaki plays his pranks on Hattori and drops him down.
46528Cookie gift (Yumeko celebrates friendship day)
On the occasion of friendship day, Hattori gifts Yumeko a box of cookies. Kemumaki exchanges Hattori's gift. But Hattori gets back the actual gift box and presents it to Yumeko in a unique way.
466What a mistake (Hattori has a tough day)
Hattori wets the bed in the morning. Later, he tells Kenichi about the activities he performed during the previous day. He tells him about the instances that upset him, which resulted in bedwetting.
46730Shishimaru's ninja mark! (Shishimaru takes revenge)
Kemumaki creates a new mixture and clears off the ninja mark on Shishimaru's forehead. But the mark reappears again. Later, Hattori and Shishimaru paste Iga ninja marks on Kemumaki and Kio's body.
468Hattori's craving for burgers! (Hattori loves to eat)
Hattori tastes a burger from a burger shop and loves the taste of it, that he changes his looks to eat a lot of burgers from the shop. And later, he also eats all the cheese wraps brought by Kentaru.
4696Teacher's punishment! (The school cleaning job)
The teacher gives Kenichi a punishment of cleaning the floor of the school because of Kemumaki. So, Hattori takes the teacher's look and makes Kemumaki and Kio clean the toilets as a punishment.
470Kenichi Sir and Hattori's feminine look! (Hattori and Kenichi as Zulu and Monu)
Kenichi gets upset on seeing people being biased between boys and girls. So, Hattori uses a look-changing ninja table and turns Kenichi and himself into girls. However, they are embarrassed at a spa.
4717Growing oranges! (The sweet oranges)
Kio fools Shishimaru by giving him an orange peel to grow oranges. So, Hattori makes an artificial plant out of a cloth along with artificial fruits and fools Kio and Kemumaki.
472Hattori wets the bed! (Hattori repens for his mistake)
Hattori urinates in his pants and wets the bed. But as he feels guilty for what he has done, he decides to be silent for some time as part of his repentance. However, Kemumaki's technique makes him confess the truth.
4738Kenichi Sir restricts Hattori's ninja techniques! (Physical examination at Kenichi's school)
Kenichi challenges Hattori to perform his daily activities without using the ninja techniques. The next morning, Kenichi forgets to wear his underwear to school but Hattori helps Kenichi using a ninja technique.
474Shinzo at the kindergarten! (Shinzo goes to kindergarten)
Kenichi, Shinzo, Kemumaki and Yumeko go to the nursery school to play with the kids. Shinzo notices fire flaring up and uses water balloons to extinguish the fire with Hattori's help.
4759A flying technique! (I challenge a bird to a ninja technique)
Kio lies to Hattori that Kemumaki can fly better. So, Hattori does a research on the flying techniques of birds. He uses Shishimaru and the projector's help and proves to others that he can fly.
476Hattori's new shoes! (Hattori got shoes)
Kemumaki gets a new pair of shoes for Hattori, but the shoes shrink and Hattori gets blisters on his feet. During a skipping race challenge with Kemumaki, Hattori wears the same shoes but without the sole.
47749Like fast and wind (Hattori's speed)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori's speed by calling him and asking him to come to different places. So, Hattori makes the bird speak in his tone and follows Kemumaki as a shadow to win the challenge.
478Impressing the teacher! (Please bring the teacher)
Kenichi, Hattori, and Kemumaki, try to impress the teacher for good marks by giving him things that he may require. And when the teacher gets injured, the same things come in use.
47910Kenichi spies on his mom! (Kenichi becomes a spy)
Hattori finds Kenichi's personal diary and gets to know that Kenichi is spying on Ama to find a fault in her. Hattori doesn't let Kenichi succeed in his plan. He proves Ama right and Kenichi wrong.
480Kio's learns about his static energy! (Kiyo gets a new power)
Kenichi rubs a glass against Kiyo's body and creates a static energy. Kiyo uses that energy to fight Shishimaru and Hattori. Shinzo's cry, Shishimaru's fireball, and Kiyo's static energy create a blast.
48131Puzzle games! (Hattori solves a puzzle)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori to solve a puzzle. However, Hattori solves the puzzle easily. And later, he realizes it was a frog pictured puzzle and gets petrified. And he tears Kemumaki's clothes.
482Battling in the air! (Kenichi learns magic)
Kemumaki discloses Kenichi's marks in front of Yumeko and embarrasses him. Later, Kemumaki and Hattori get into a fight on a string of a kite. But they compromise and land on a tree using the kite technique.
48332The ninja flying cotton! (Don't believe your enemies)
Hattori receives a box of cotton from his Iga town. He stuffs the cotton in a cloth and tries to fly with it. But he fails at it. Then, Kemumaki uses a ninja technique to send Hattori away with the cotton.
484Anger suppressing bag! (The magical envelope)
Hattori asks Kenichi to speak in an envelope to vent his anger. Kemumaki vents out his anger for Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru and the people of Iga town in the envelope.
48533A motorcycle! (The motorcycle race)
Hattori creates a bike for Kenichi with Shishimaru as the engine, while Kemumaki creates a bike for himself making Kio run the wheel. But they fight and damage Koike-Sensei's bike.
486Endurance contest! (The heated competition)
Kenichi and Kemumaki take part in a competition of sitting for a longer time in the heat. Kemumaki plays his tricks and tries to be cool even in the heat. But Kenichi almost gives up. So, Hattori plays the same trick on Kemumaki.
48750The man-made hell! (Hattori and Guys go to hell)
Kemumaki and Kio trap Kenichi and the others into a cave and make them believe that they are dead and have reached hell. On knowing the truth, Hattori makes Kemumaki and Kio work in the man-made hell as demons as a punishment.
488Ninja sign language! (Kenichi learns expressions)
Hattori teaches Kenichi the sign languages. Then, Hattori, Shinzo, and Shishimaru use the sign language to help Kenichi recite his dialogues when he performs a play with Yumeko.
48911The baseball challenge! (Kenichi becomes a baseball player)
Kemumaki challenges Kenichi in a baseball match and plays his tricks to make Kenichi lose the match. However, Hattori disrupts Kemumaki's technique and makes it easy for Kenichi to score a homerun.
490The love and hatred technique! (Sometimes friendship can be a bit troublesome)
Sonam uses a technique to make Hattori fall in love with her. So, Kemumaki uses a hatred mixture to create hatred in everyone's heart for Hattori.
49151Bonu is hypnotized! (Hattori's New Friend)
Hattori's uncle hands over a magical cactus to Hattori named Bonu. Kemumaki and Kiyo take advantage of Bonu and hypnotize it to do as they say. They send Bonu with Hattori and his friends to trouble them.
492Mischievous Bonu! (Cactochan meets the family)
Bonu troubles everyone in the house after coming home. Hattori gets to know that Bonu is under Kemumaki and Kiyo's influence. And so, he uses water to scare Bonu and get him against Kemumaki and Kiyo.
Season 3
Japanese EP#Indian EP#TitleSynopsis
49429Shishimaru lives a lavish life (Shishimaru lives a king's life for a day)
Shishimaru takes the place of a pet dog and lives a lavish life. He regrets when the master shaves Shishimaru's hair.
495Superpowered dog (A ninja dog too has supernatural power)
As Shishimaru's feels unattended, Hattori works up a plan and makes Shishimaru show his supernatural powers through ninja techniques.
496Kio as Kiochan (Does Kio-chan have a rival?)
Kemumaki introduces Kio as Kio-chan, the cactus. When Kemumaki forces Kio to generate electricity, Kio passes current over Yumeko and Kemumaki.
49730Flower gift (Strategy of Ninja flower gift)
Kemumaki changes the flower pot that was given by Yumeko to Kenichi. As the grass spreads in the house, Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki.
498Shishimaru attacks Hattori (Beaten up by the fireball power)
Kemumaki takes advantage of Shishimaru, and sends Shishimaru and Kio to attack Hattori. Hattori uses ninja techniques to fight them.
499Cactus meal (A cactus food creates a commotion)
On knowing that cactus is an edible plant, Kio gets anxious to eat Cactochan. So, Hattori uses a ninja technique to distract him.
50031Hattori saves Kemumaki (Run Kio Run)
In spite of Kemumaki's refusal, Hattori uses his ninja technique and saves Kemumaki from being hurt on a trek.
501Kemumaki trains a dog (Koga Ninja's New Disciple)
Kemumaki trains a dog to impress Yumeko, and forgets Kio. So Hattori sets a plan to make Kemumaki realize Kio's value.
502Folk dance competition (Folk Dance Competition)
Kemumaki and Kio set a plan against Kenichi so that he doesn't get a chance to dance with Yumeko. When Hattori gets to know, he teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
50332The Ninja golf tournament (Ninja Technique of Golf Match)
Kemumaki and Hattori play a golf match. While playing tricks against Hattori, Kio puts Hattori and Kemumaki in trouble.
504Secret neckerchief (The secret scarf)
As Kio loses his scarf, he gets scared of height. Hattori does a mono acting to get rid of Kio's fear and returns the scarf to Kio.
505Fun playing domino (Ninja technique of domino is really fun)
Hattori cuts the wood of a tree and sets up a domino game. The kids wake up in the morning and feel happy on seeing an innovative domino game.
50633The Ninja chameleon (Ninja technique of chameleon was a big flop)
Hattori takes a chameleon's look. He tries hard to hide himself, but Yumeko gets to know the truth about him.
507Traditional Ninja Cuisine (Ninja traditional tastes really a teral)
Hattori prepares the traditional ninja cuisine, but dislikes its taste. He pretends to eat the ninja food. But later, eats Ama's cooked food.
508Hattori gets a cavity (Ninja too can have a cavity)
Hattori suffers from toothache due to a cavity. So, Kemumaki takes the doctor's look and troubles him. Later, Hattori's tooth gets extracted.
50934Chinese acupuncture (Ninja technique of Chinese acupuncture)
Hattori's instructor visits Hattori and takes acupuncture treatment from him. Later, the instructor teaches Hattori a technique to stay alert.
510The ninja heating technique (Ninja technique of Kio's electric kotatsu)
As Kio and Kenichi get stranded in the snow, they generate heat by using ninja technique to feel the warmth.
511The predicting cactus (There's something coming to the town)
Cactochan predicts a disaster, so Hattori and his friends dig a place to be safe. But later, they realize that there is nothing to worry.
51235The ninja battle (The new ninja technique)
Hattori and Kemumaki get into a battle with each other. As Kemumaki attacks Kenichi, Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki and wins the battle.
513Shishimaru's howling (A change in the ninja howling)
Hattori digs a hole, so that Shishimaru can how underground. Kio creates howling sounds. But Hattori gets him caught.
514Kentaru and Koike-Sensei's tiff (How did it all begin)
Kentaru and Koike-Sensei argue with each other on a chess match. They continue arguing even at school. But later, all the issues get resolved.
51536The ninja photograph (Ninja technique of photography)
Kemumaki creates a setup to scare Hattori and his friends. Hattori takes revenge from Kemumaki. And Kenichi gets a good click.
516A Ninja sleeps anywhere, anytime (Ninja technique of sleeping anywhere at any time)
Hattori practices the technique of sleeping at different places. He executes the idea of sleeping underwater by putting the birds to sleep.
517Hibernating (Ninja technique of hibernating needs cold climate)
Kemumaki brings rice dumplings for Kenichi and his family so that they hibernate. But, Hattori hypnotises Kemumaki, and wakes his family.
51837No one can beat Hattori (No one can beat me, says Hattori)
Kemumaki, Kenichi and his friends plan against Hattori to defeat him. Hattori ends up losing the challenge due a cactus.
520Kenichi stays alone (Kenichi's declaration of independence)
As Kenichi gets upset, Hattori sets up a tree house for Kenichi to stay alone. As Kemumaki troubles Kenichi, Hattori teaches him a lesson.
519Ninja on a holiday (The auspicious day has finally come)
Hattori takes an off to celebrate the ninja Iga gang anniversary. He goes out with Sonam to an amusement park to spend his holiday.
52138Understanding gestures (Ninja technique of reading gestures)
Kenichi learns to read gestures like Hattori and Sonam. Kemumaki tricks Kenichi by taking Yumeko's look, but gets caught by Hattori.
523Saving the doll (Mission of saving the doll)
Kenichi breaks Yumeko's doll. Hattori sticks the doll back. While showing the doll to Yumeko, Kemumaki trips and breaks the doll.
522The ninja teleportation (Ninja technique of teleportation)
Kenichi tries teleportation to reach school on time. As it fails to help, Hattori uses a spring board technique to help Kenichi.
52439Old tomb trouble (Commotion at the game)
Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru find an ancient tomb, faked by Kemumaki. Then, Hattori applies the same tricks over Kemumaki.
525Ninja video technique (Ninja technique of using video and the problems it creates)
Hattori uses a ninja technique and records a video in Kenichi's mind, so that he increases his speed. Kemumaki misuses the ninja technique.
526An alien's visit (Space alien loves fish sausages)
Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru assume Kio to be an alien. Hattori gets to know about Kemumaki's plan and scares him by acting as an alien.
52740Kio's supplies electricity (Kio Electric Supply Company Ltd.)
Kemumaki uses Kio to supply electricity to people in exchange for gifts. Kio seeks help from Hattori and makes Kemumaki realise his mistake.
528Judo match (Ninja technique of Judo)
Kemumaki and Kenichi fight a judo match. At the end, Hattori tries to save Yumeko from Kemumaki, but ends up putting himself in trouble.
529Shishimaru's multiple ninja technique (Shishimaru's branch new technique was a big cals)
Shishimaru bribes Kio to help him and performs multiple ninja technique with him. But Kemumaki and Hattori get to know the truth.
53041Cactochan's farewell (Hey Cacto-chan, return to the woods)
Kemumaki send Cactochan back to the woods after he gets a bad dream. But Hattori gets it back and sets a trap for Kemumaki to teach him a lesson.
531The ninja canon (A new ninja technique, the spirited canon bounce)
Hattori learns the spirited canon technique. The regular use of the technique makes Hattori lose his ability to speak.
532Fear of round objects (Ninja beware of round objects technique)
Hattori learns the ninja beware of round objects technique. To teach Kemumaki a lesson, Hattori makes him fear round objects.
53342Super Kunoichi on Mom (Mom is super cool)
Ama learns ninja techniques. She performs the wall breaking ninja technique and shocks everyone.
534Kenichi's foot tapping habit (Jiggling needs can be cured)
Kemumaki takes advantage of Kenichi's foot tapping habit and blames him for everything. So, Hattori teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
535Cacto-chan's thoughts (Cacto-chan's supernatural powers)
Hattori receives a device to know about Cactochan's thoughts. As Hattori loses his scroll, Cactochan helps Hattori find it.
53643Scared of Kenichi's 100 score (Kenichi first score is quite steady)
Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru fulfil their promise of changing their habits as Kenichi scores 100 marks. Later, they get to know that Kemumaki had changed the test paper.
537Alter ego (Mirror were terror)
Kemumaki reads about the alter ego technique. He gets scared and runs away when he sees Hattori as his duplicate.
538Drying the mattress (Dry the blankets on a clear morning)
Ama puts Kenichi's mattress to dry. But due to rain, Kenichi's mattress gets wet. And Ama scolds Hattori for it.
53944Room painting (Hard pounds, because of ninja renovations)
Kemumaki changes Kenichi's room colour to scare Yumeko. So, Hattori makes Kio paint black colour in Kemumaki's room to teach him a lesson.
540Use of pressure points (A unique ninja pressure point technique)
Kemumaki uses a pressure point technique and makes Kenichi do Yumeko's work. Hattori uses the same technique over him.
541Kemumaki shaves Kio (Kagechiyo turns numb)
As Kio falls sick, Hattori makes Kemumaki shave Kio's hair. After few days, Kio and Kemumaki feel grateful to Hattori for solving the problem.
54245Ninja bright eye strategy (Make big eyes with a ninja technique)
As Yumeko loves big and bright eyes, Hattori helps Kenichi by using a ninja technique. Kemumaki and Yumeko get shocked.
544Sumo wrestling match (A memorable sumo wrestling match)
Hattori helps Kenichi win the sumo wrestling match against Kemumaki by focusing Kenichi's attention on red colour.
545Hattori blushes (Why did I blush?)
Hattori meets a lady and her daughter and blushes. Sonam gets worried with Hattori's expressions. Later, Hattori reveals that the lady reminded him of his mother.
54346Throwing ninja technique (Shinzo's throwing episode)
As Shinzo finds himself to be greater than others, Hattori teaches him a lesson. He makes him realize that one shouldn't keep ego.
546The ants and grasshopper story (Fight between ants and grasshoppers)
Hattori and his friends imagine enacting ants, while Kemumaki imagines to be a grasshopper in a story. Hattori gives a message on the life of ants.
547Kemumaki feels humiliated (Where is the manly Kemumaki going?)
Yumeko scolds Kemumaki for trying her dress. After Koike-Sensei consoles Kemumaki, Yumeko and Kemumaki apologize to each other.
54847Kemumaki learns to be patient (Patience patience, the new ninja technique)
So as to open a ninja box, Kemumaki tries the ninja technique of being calm and patient. Yet he fails to open the box. Later, Hattori opens the box for him.
549Waking Koike-Sensei (Teacher can't get up early)
Kemumaki takes the look of Koike-Sensei in order to ruin Hattori's plan of waking Koike-Sensei early. But Hattori makes Kemumaki confess the truth.
550Hattori's speed (Wow! What an amazing speed!)
Hattori learns the new ninja technique of increasing speed and surprises everyone with his speed.
55148Kemumaki's truth (The adorable Koga ninja)
While Kemumaki tries hard to reveal the truth of him being a koga ninja to Yumeko, Hattori and his friends do the opposite.
552The memorising ninja technique (Ninja technique of memorizing skills)
Hattori teaches Kenichi a technique of memorising. Though Kenichi prepares himself for the exam, he forgets the answers.
553Speak the truth (Kenichi the pickpocket)
Kenichi finds a purse with Rs 1000 in it and buys a scarf. On knowing that it belongs to Yumeko, Kenichi gifts Yumeko the scarf and tells her the truth.
55449Long-awaited udon (The long-awaited shinobi udon)
Sonam makes the family wait for 3 hours to eat shinobi udon. After 3 hours, Sonam presents the dish to them, and they relish it.
555All-time favourite bicycle (Kenichi's all cycle)
After Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru get rid of the old cycle, Hattori scares them with a puppet show of the cycle to make them realize their mistake.
556Kemumaki as Ama (Kemumaki mamas duplicate)
Kemumaki takes the look of Ama to scare Kenichi and his friends. But instead, Kenichi and his friends scare Kemumaki.
55750Classic photography (The photographic contest)
Kemumaki ruins Kenichi and Hattori's efforts of clicking pictures. So, Hattori uses ninja techniques and spoils Kemumaki's pictures.
558Hattori, a mother (Hattori, the mother of the newborn)
Hattori takes care of a pigeon as a mother would. Later, Hattori and his friends feel very happy to see the squab come out of a shell.
559Shishimaru takes over (Frenzy of shadow casting ninja technique)
Hattori gets rashes on his face, so he goes to Iga mountain to get treated. He hands over his responsibilities to Shishimaru.
56051Mask effect (Kemumaki disguises as Hattori)
Kemumaki takes the look of Hattori and troubles everyone. So, Hattori pastes a mask on Kemumaki's face to teach him a lesson.
561Change in personality (The split personality)
On Kenichi's insistence, Hattori uses a magical mirror to change his personality. Kemumaki also uses the mirror and changes his personality.
562Telegram quiz ninja technique (Successful strategy of an escape)
As Kemumaki puts the blame on Kenichi for his wrongdoing, Hattori helps Kenichi by spreading a rumour so that Kemumaki confesses his mistake.
56352Ninja technique to escape (Ninja technique of escaping)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori to free himself from a box. Hattori smartly uses ninja techniques and wins the challenge.
564Kenichi's inventions (Kenichi's inventions goes for a toss)
Kenichi comes up with inventions and tries them on Kemumaki. While experimenting, a blast takes place because of Hattori's bombs.
565Shaping up (Mom becomes figure conscious)
Ama begins dieting in order to look smart. After Hattori uses ninja technique to make Ama realize that she is thin, Ama starts eating a lot of food.
5661Kenichi's big brother (Elder brother Kentaro)
Kenichi's family members compare Kenichi to Kemumaki, dressed as Kentaro, to change his mind of having an elder brother.
567Kio's spying habit (Kio takes a spy challenge)
As Kio has a habit of spying, Hattori and his friends spread a rumor about Yumeko. As a result, Kemumaki gets a slap from Yumeko.
568Signal fire ninja technique (Signal fire ninja technique in clear blue sky)
While Hattori send messages to Yumeko about Pipi using the signal fire ninja technique, Kemumaki and Kio intervene but fail to succeed.
5692Being a pet (Is it pleasant to be pet?)
Yumeko wishes to have a pet dog. So, Kemumaki changes his look into a pet dog and goes to Yumeko's house and refuses to leave her.
570Kenichi's forgetful nature (Carry your forgotten thing for yourself)
Hattori promises Ama that he will not help Kenichi. However, Hattori fails to control himself and uses a technique to help Kenichi.
571Snake and ladder game (Going on date is no easy game)
Hattori creates notes of activities to be performed in a game. As Kemumaki and Kio mess with the game, Hattori puts Kemumaki in trouble.
5723Being a Ninja cat is difficult (It's quite difficult to be a ninja cat)
Kemumaki scolds Kio as he wishes to live a life like other cats. Later, Kemumaki and Kio realize their love for each other.
573A cloud ride (On the clouds because of Iga-ninja technique)
Kemumaki hypnotizes Yumeko and takes her look to go on a cloud ride. On knowing the truth, Hattori pushes Kemumaki off the cloud.
574Hattori dislikes the train (Trains make me slightly uncomfortable)
Hattori helps other passengers find their ticket. Hattori fails to stop thinking about other passenger's tickets and misses his stop.
5754Hattori's secret hideout (Let's search the hiding place)
Kenichi and his friends use a ninja map to find out about Hattori's hideouts. However, Hattori uses cardboard boxes as a hideout.
576Yumeko's ring (Strategy for replacing the ice core ring)
Yumeko's ring gets stuck in a sculpture created by Koike-Sensei. So, Hattori uses his ninja Iga technique and exchanges the idols.
577Hattori hates wasting food (Hattori doesn't like to waste food)
Kemumaki changes his look to feed Hattori snacks so that he gets overweight. However, Hattori learns about Kemumaki's plan and fools him.
5785Stinking punishment (A stinking punishment)
Kemumaki takes advantage of the parachute made by Hattori. So, Hattori uses a ninja technique and drops garlic paste on Kemumaki.
579Shishimaru, the elite ninja dog (Shishimaru and elite ninja dog)
Kemumaki takes advantage of Shishimaru on knowing that he belongs to a rich ninja family. But, Hattori makes Shishimaru realize his ninja dog power.
580Kemumaki makes Ama his mother (Kenichi's mom becomes Kemumaki's mother)
Kemumaki uses a ninja technique to make Ama his mother. But, after the hypnotizing power fails, Ama disowns Kemumaki and leaves.
5816A courageous proposal (Teacher proposes to Aiko teacher)
Koike-Sensei takes help from Hattori to propose Aiko-Sensei. In spite of being afraid, Koike-Sensei expresses his feelings to her.
582Twisted Ninja technique (Can Kemumaki ever defeat Hattori?)
Kemumaki practices the twisted ninja technique and plays pranks. In spite of a good speed, Kemumaki fails to win over Hattori.
583Kenichi's girlfriend (Kenichi is in a soap)
Kemumaki takes the look of a girl to create a bad impression of Kenichi over Yumeko. However, Hattori puts a mask of an old lady on Kemumaki.
5847Kenichi's puppet (Can you rely on a puppet doll?)
Hattori creates a puppet of Kenichi and uses it to fool Ama and Kentaru. However, he gets caught.
585A sleepover (An enjoyable and balancing overnight stay)
When Kenichi goes to Yumeko's house for a sleepover, Kemumaki plays his tricks over Kenichi. So Hattori uses a technique so that Kemumaki gets a beating from all the girls.
586Ninja technique of hearts eye (Ninja has completely heart eye technique)
While Hattori practices a ninja technique of hearts eye, Kemumaki attacks him. Then, Hattori uses honey to attack Kemumaki.
5878Will Hattori return to Iga? (Kenichi’s ninja technique of persuation)
As Kemumaki uses Kenichi to convince Hattori to return to Iga, Hattori blackmails Kemumaki emotionally. Then, Kemumaki and Kio convince Hattori to stay back.
588Kenichi's birthday gift (Birthday present by lottery picking)
Kemumaki plays a trick to avoid gifting Kenichi a remote controlled car for his birthday. But helps Kenichi get his birthday gift.
589Kemumaki takes Kenichi's advantage (Ruining a true friendship)
Kemumaki takes advantage of Kenichi. So, Hattori invites Kemumaki home and troubles him while taking hot water bath.
5909Attacked by the bees (Ninja bee manipulation technique)
Kemumaki uses a bee technique to hypnotize Hattori and send him back home. But unfortunately, Hattori gets back into his senses.
591Sensational girl power (Ninja getting stumped with girl power)
While playing a tennis match, Kio invites few girls who drive Hattori crazy with the aroma of their bath soap.
592Ninja thunder drum (Knocked off because of ninja lighting drum technique)
Kemumaki sticks a skin on Hattori's navel to worry him. So, Hattori uses the ninja lightning drum technique and sticks artificial navels over Kemumaki's body.
59310Kenichi's hidden strength (Ninja horrifying technique)
Hattori uses a ninja technique to bring out Kenichi's hidden strength while running a race. Yet, Kenichi loses the race.
594Dad is great (Anyway, dad isn't he great)
Kentaru feels unwanted and sad. So, Hattori uses ninja techniques to bring Kentaru in the limelight and make his family realize his importance.
595A guest who hate dogs (The guest who hates dogs)
A young boy, who hates dogs, visits Hattori. So, Hattori uses his ninja technique to keep Shishimaru away from the boy.
59611Ama misses a daughter (Staying along at Tsubame for some time)
Kemumaki hypnotizes Ama to stop Sonam from going home and dresses Kenichi, Shinzo and Shishimaru's like girls. So, Hattori dresses Kemumaki like a girl.
597Yumeko wishes to fly (Be in trouble because of a flying broom)
Hattori, Kemumaki, and Kio try various tricks to fulfill Yumeko's wish of flying with a stick broom. But Yumeko changes her wish.
598Ninja sleeping technique (Kemumaki is a sleeping beauty)
Kemumaki fools Kenichi and his friends so as to go with Yumeko on a picnic alone. But, Hattori teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
59912A dodge ball (Ninja technique of playing dodge ball)
Hattori creates a metal dodgeball to help Kenichi. Kemumaki gets to know and uses the ball against Kenichi.
600Wind forest flower mountain technique (Ninja technique of wind forest flower mountain)
Kemumaki takes advantage of Kenichi when he uses the wind forest flower mountain technique. Then, Hattori uses the same technique over Kemumaki and Kio.
601The beauty of fireflies (Ninja technique of fireflies)
As Yumeko wishes to see fireflies, Hattori calls Sonam to invite fireflies by playing the flute. The beauty of the fireflies amazes everyone.
60213Mitsuba family's secret (The secret of the Mitsuba family)
Kemumaki gets a doubt that the Mitsuba family is a ninja, and confirms the same when Kentaru goes missing in a fraction of a second.
603A ninja swap (Ninja technique of exchanging personalities)
Kemumaki blackmails Hattori and switches roles. Hattori creates a bad impression of Kemumaki over other students in the school.
604Flowers delivered on time (The flowers were delivered on time)
Kenichi promises Yumeko to bring flowers for her piano teacher at 4 pm. In spite of all the obstacles set by Kemumaki, Hattori reaches on time.
60514Shishimaru turns into a cute cat (Shishimaru becomes a cute cat)
As Kio wins a bumper prize of chocolate rolls, Shishimaru changes into a cute cat and eats Kio's chocolate rolls.
606Super electrical cat (Super electric special)
Few dogs attack Kio, so Shishimaru uses an empty can to generate static electricity in Kio. Together they manage to chase the dogs away.
607Shinzo and Shishimaru's friendship (Shishimaru eats the eraser)
As Shinzo and Shishimaru refuse to stay together, Hattori leaves Shishimaru in a forest. But Shinzo brings him back home.
60815Delivering the cheer flag (Five minutes before the cheering event)
Kenichi forgets the cheering flag at home. So, Hattori uses the ninja technique of wind carrier and delivers the flag to Kenichi.
609Ninja technique of rabbit ears (Eyes to eyes, ears to ears)
Kemumaki uses the ninja technique of rabbit ears against Hattori. Hence, Hattori uses the same technique and fools Kemumaki.
610The animal language (Ninja technique of animal language)
Hattori tries to talk to Yumeko's canary bird and dog poodle to stop them from arguing but fails as he doesn't know foreign languages.
61116Wisdom water (The Iga ninja technique of water of wisdom)
Hattori gives Kenichi a sleep control liquid to keep him awake. However, Kemumaki and Kio drink all of it and face trouble.
612Meditating under water (Don't meddle in underwater meditation)
Kemumaki boasts about meditating under water. So, Hattori uses a ninja technique and embarrasses Kemumaki while Kemumaki meditates.
613The horror photo (Leave the photography on me)
Kemumaki adds horror effects with the intention of ruining Yumeko's pictures. Later, Hattori uses horror effects in Kemumaki's pictures and amaze everyone.
61417Kemumaki's secret technique (Kemumaki's ultimate secret technique of binding hands and legs)
Kemumaki tries the secret technique of binding hands and legs over Hattori. But the technique fails. However, Hattori pretends to be affected by it.
615Sword fighting competition (When sword fighting become a trouble)
Kemumaki challenges Kenichi a sword fighting competition. Hattori uses the ninja star to help Kenichi win the game.
616Mirrors reflect Kemumaki (Ninja technique of knowing everything without moving)
As Kio spies on Hattori and his friends and tells Kemumaki all the news, Hattori places mirrors to reflect their actions.
61718The scroll (The event of not giving away the scroll)
Hattori tries to get rid of a scroll. However, Shinzo and Shishimaru get hold of it and feel happy to see their progress report in it.
618Kio's electric strategy (Sardines make the new ninja technique)
Kio gets together with the other cats and uses the ninja technique of electric dragon to pass electricity over Hattori and Kemumaki.
619Fake photography technique (Fake ninja photography, say cheese)
Kemumaki uses the ninja technique of fake photography on Yumeko and Hattori. Hence, Hattori uses the same technique to tease Kemumaki.
62019Kio breaks Kemumaki's statue (When Kio became our guest)
Hattori carves statues of Kenichi, Kemumaki, and Yumeko. Kio unknowingly breaks Kemumaki's statue instead of Yumeko.
621Preventive injection (Waiting time for immunization)
Shinzo uses ninja techniques and tries to be saved from the injection. But Hattori forces him to take it.
622Stacking up the books (The ninja technique of arranging books in the library)
Hattori stacks the books with the help of the bookmarks on the shelf. But as the sun goes down, he realizes that the marks were a reflection of the opposite building.
62320Kenichi skates well (The coldest day is the perfect day for skating)
Kenichi, Kemumaki, and Yumeko go for skating. As Kenichi doesn't know how to skate, Hattori uses magnets to control his movements.
624Do not lie to your parents (When the ninja technique of lies began)
Kenichi takes help from Hattori to hide about his parents meet and holiday from his parents. But Kenichi's parents get to know the truth.
625Hattori's faked illness (The time when Hattori fell sick)
Hattori pretends to be sick on Kenichi's insistence as Kenichi needed a book from Yumeko. But, Hattori seriously gets injured.
62621A handsome boy (The time when I became a handsome boy)
Yumeko falls in love with an unknown boy. Hattori tells Yumeko that he was the unknown boy, but Yumeko refuses to believe him.
627Manipulating the crowd (Ninja technique of manipulating the crowd)
Hattori uses the ninja technique of manipulating the crowd in the zoo so that Kenichi is able to click a baby panda's picture.
629Nose fight against the cat walk (Hattori Wins on cat walking with nose)
Hattori learns the ninja technique of smelling from Shishimaru, while Kemumaki learns the ninja cat walking technique from Kio.
62822Saving yourself (Let's grab the ninja technique)
Hattori practices the ninja technique of saving yourself. He sees a frog coming towards him and uses the technique to save himself.
630Caught in the act (Should we tell lies?)
Kemumaki and Kio replace Cactochan's buzzer so as to not get caught while telling lies. But, Hattori makes a buzzer sound and gets Kemumaki caught.
631Will Aiko-Sensei leave? (When Aiko teacher was leaving school)
Hattori stops Aiko-Sensei from discontinuing her job. But, Aiko-Sensei confesses that she is not leaving the school.
63223Cause of quarrel (When sleeplessness became the reason for a fight)
As Yumeko wishes to write an article on ninja and boys, Kemumaki creates fights between Kenichi and Hattori. But Yumeko fails to watch them fight.
633Sonam's changed look (When Hattori forecasted with his ninja technique)
Hattori gets a doubt on Kenichi's actions. So, Hattori takes a doctor's look to know the truth, and gets to know that it is Sonam.
634Father and son (Friendship cemented by chorus)
On father's visiting day, Kemumaki creates a fight between Kenichi and Kentaru. But Hattori makes them friends again.
63524Ninja treasure box (The ninja technique for the dreadful treasure chest)
Hattori gets a box from his mother with a message requesting him, Shinzo and Shishimaru to come home.
636The beauty salon (Lots of secrets in the beauty parlor)
Kemumaki takes the look of Yumeko's beautician to fool Kenichi and Hattori. However, the hair spa machine ruins Kemumaki's hair style.
637Hiding in the leaves (When the leaves float in the air)
Kenichi uses the technique of hiding in the leaves to be saved from Ama. Kemumaki complains to Ama about Kenichi, but Hattori changes the situation.
63825Ama lives with Kemumaki (Recapture mom)
Ama lives in Kemumaki's house for a day. As Hattori gets fed up doing the housework, he uses ninja technique and gets Ama back home.
639Fasten Kio belt (Fasten and unfasten the Kio belt)
Hattori and Kemumaki use Kio as Yumeko's belt. But as Kio runs away during the event, Hattori handles the situation using flowers.
640PTA elections (Mom's wish to be a chairperson brings everyone in trouble)
When Ama goes to file a nomination for the PTA elections, Hattori uses his shadow and directs her to the cleaning committee cabin.
64126Kio repays Hattori's favor (Hattori makes a hectic deviaul)
Kemumaki tries to spoil Hattori and Yumeko act by setting frogs on the stage. But Kio helps Hattori and repays his favor.
642Kenichi, an elder brother (Kenichi becomes an elder brother)
Kenichi exchanges his role with Hattori to behave like an elder brother. But later realizes that it's difficult being an elder brother.
643The macho man, Kenichi (Be macho man)
As Kenichi acts like a macho man, Kemumaki uses a ninja technique against him. But, Hattori uses the technique against Kemumaki.
Season 4
Japanese EP#Indian EP#TitleSynopsis
64434Sketching the cherry blossoms (Sketching event at the event of spring)
Hattori and Kemumaki drop the paints on Kenichi's drawing of the cherry blossom tree and make it beautiful.
645Yumeko's dream (Stealing someone's dream is quite a hard technique)
On Kenichi's insistence, Hattori finds out about Yumeko's dream using a ninja technique. Then, Kenichi wins Yumeko's heart by telling her about her dream.
646A call from the teacher (The teacher has called you)
As Kemumaki flirts with Yumeko, Kenichi asks Hattori to call Kemumaki. Hattori calls Kemumaki in Koike-Sensei's tone and invites him to school.
64735A party on a ship (An invitation to a prosperous ship)
Kemumaki conspires against Kenichi to go to a ship party with Yumeko. So, Hattori changes the ticket and takes Kemumaki on a small boat for a ride.
648Kenichi's ink impressions (Kenichi's collection of ink impression with the help of ninja technique)
Kemumaki lies to the teacher that Kenichi collects ink impressions. So, Hattori, Shishimaru, and Shinzo print ink impressions on a bundle of papers.
649Koga cat Petting Day (A lucky day in a cat's life)
On Kenichi's insistence, Shishimaru changes his look and meets Yumeko's aunty to impress her.
65036Fish ink impression! (Fish, fish, impression of a fish
Kemumaki uses the printer to make the size of the fish look big. So, Hattori uses the projector to adjust the size of the fish.
651Kenichi strikes a goal! (What a nice shot with Shishimaru as a ball)
Kio gives an electric shock to a ball assuming it is Shishimaru. But they get to know that Hattori had used a ninja technique and exchanged the ball.
652Yumeko's curry party! (The ninja face masker covers the mind)
Hattori gives Kenichi a smiling mask to wear. But Kenichi fails to keep smiling after eating Yumeko's spicy curry.
65337Kemumaki gets the work done (I will take care of dad's bag)
Kentaru gives Shinzo his old office bag and realizes later that his important file is in the bag. Kemumaki takes the bag from Shinzo and helps Kentaru.
654Kemumaki pretends to be a normal boy (Is Kemumaki like any other boy?)
Hattori teaches ninja techniques to the students and asks Kemumaki to act as a normal boy.
655Shishimaru's panda look (The secret behind Shishimaru's birth)
Shishimaru takes the look of a panda to get attention. So, Hattori changes his look and traps Shishimaru in a cage so that he doesn't cross his limit.
65638Photographer Ninja Hattori! (Great human cry over aerial photography)
Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru click pictures using the ninja technique. Kemumaki and Kio try hard to distract them but fails at it.
657Shishimaru and Kio's fight! (Even Shishimaru knows the new ninja technique)
Kio challenges Shishimaru for a fight. Hattori supports Kio instead of Shishimaru and illuminates the anger within him.
658Improving the body posture (Special training for Kenichi)
Hattori trains Kenichi's to use the ninja star throwing technique and makes him wear a spring plaster to improve his posture. But Kemumaki steals it.
65939Kenichi walks like a cat (Kenichi transforms into a cat )
Kenichi walks like a cat to get rid of his fear and to have a clear vision of what is ahead in the dark.
660Kenichi is too lazy (Kenichi has become a lazy bum)
Hattori gives Kenichi a ninja short pant to get rid of his laziness. But as he doesn't improve, Hattori ties him to an artificial cloud and leaves him in the air.
661The Koga goldfish! (Nankeen the Koga goldfish)
Kemumaki gets a Koga ninja fish at home to spy on Hattori. But Hattori saves the fish and Kemumaki using a technique.
66240How about underwater photography? (Underwater photography!)
Kemumaki challenges Kenichi to click pictures of Yumeko in the water. So, Hattori and Kenichi use an Iga submarine to enter the water.
663Jippo meets Hattori! (Jippo finally finds Hattori)
A ninja monster named Jippo comes to meet Hattori but scares everyone. Then, Hattori brings Jippo home for few days.
664Ninja technique of making burgers (Ninja technique of making hamburger)
Hattori works at an eatery and impresses everyone with his skills. Kemumaki plays his tricks over Hattori. But Hattori performs his job well.
66512Travelling to the Caribbean Island (Caribbean tour in Jippo's balloon)
Kenichi wishes to go to the Caribbean Island. So, Jippo ties himself to a parachute and flies across the sea with his friends.
666Jippo's social service (Jippo, a good housekeeper)
As the teacher has fever, Jippo turns the teacher and his room into ice. Hattori gives Jippo chili biscuits and stabilizes the teacher health.
667Jippo guards Yumeko's house (Jippo, the butchman)
Jippo guards Yumeko's house for a night. Kio and Kemumaki try hard to disturb Yumeko and put the blame on Jippo but it fails.
66813Balancing in the air! (Story of ninja technique on holding with flying)
Hattori learns the technique of balancing in the air and helps Kenichi click pictures of a bird feeding her children.
669The fight for the scroll! (The story of three ninja who came down)
Sarosuke, Shaizo and Gosuke try to steal a scroll in order to pass the ninja school. But Hattori grabs the scroll before them.
670Jippo turns into a rolling ball! (Story of Jippo's reckless rock wheel)
Jippo turns into a rolling ball to help Kemumaki win a rolling ball match. Hattori, Shinzo and Shishimaru stop Jippo, but break Kenichi's ball.
67114Turning the mats! (Sorry of the village at mat flip program)
Kemumaki and Kio make Hattori turn the mats of a judo school and take the credit for it. So, Hattori uses the same mats to fight Kemumaki and Kio.
672Kenichi, the leader! (Group letter is also same like parents)
As Kenichi is appointed as the leader, he acts strict with the students. Kemumaki and the other students get angry on Kenichi.
673Jippo's express delivery! (Human express with ninja technique)
Jippo delivers Kenichi to school using the ninja technique of express delivery. Kemumaki plays his tricks but falls in his own trap.
67416Jippo's part-time jobs! (Leave the part-time job to Jippo)
Kemumaki and Kenichi lie to Jippo and make him work at different places to earn money.
675Finger hitting technique! (New ninja finger tapping technique)
Hattori, Shinzo, Shishimaru, and Jippo use the finger hitting technique and create sound waves, and demolish the cave that Kemumaki and Kio were sitting on.
676Kemumaki's farewell! (Kemumaki's farewell anniversary)
Kemumaki spreads a rumor that he is leaving the city. So, Hattori disguises himself and makes Kemumaki believe that everyone are aware of him being a Ninja.
68642Kenichi sleeps in school (Don't stay in the school)
Kenichi, Shinzo, and Shishimaru sleep in the school in the night so that Kenichi doesn't get late for his class in the morning.
687Sometime friends, sometime enemies (Shishimaru and Jippo battle it out)
Shishimaru and Jippo have a quarrel, which leads to a fight because of Kemumaki and Kio. But later, they become good friends.
688Shinzo's survival training (Big human cry over ninja survival training)
Hattori sends Shinzo alone to the forest for his survival training. Kemumaki and Kio try to distract Shinzo. But Shinzo never gives up.
68941Kenichi's scores 100 marks! (Ninja copy of sheet technique)
Kenichi scores 100 marks in his maths test but Kemumaki makes a goat eat the test paper. So, Hattori writes a test for Kenichi and scores 100 marks for him.
684Shishimaru finds Yumeko's book (Debut of Shishimaru's secret ninja technique)
Yumeko loses her book. So, Shishimaru sniff's Yumeko and finds her book with the help of the leonose ninja technique.
685Kappa is surprised at Kappa (Searching for a sea urchin)
Kenichi sees Jippo in the lake and assumes it to be a sea urchin. Kenichi and his friends go in search of the sea urchin.
68343Is Hattori cheating? (Is Hattori a cheat?)
Kemumaki and Kio think that Hattori has been cheating, so they challenge him to fight. But Hattori reveals that he fooled everyone.
690Traditional vs. modern techniques! (Hattori's ninja mopping technique is really versatile)
Kemumaki challenges Hattori with his modern systems against the traditional cloth mop. But Hattori wins.
691Shishimaru spins like a top! (Smiling and annoying and lot of fast)
Shishimaru rotates like a top because of excessive training. But Jippo stops him by using his ninja technique.
67744Shinzo fears water! (Descending the waterfall brings in water phobia)
Shinzo develops a fear in his mind for water. So, Hattori pretends getting drowned and makes Shinzo save him.
678Playing the flute to sleep (A hoop and a whole about the ninja sleeping tune)
Kenichi learns the ninja technique of putting someone to sleep and tries it on Koike-Sensei. But as he fails at it, Sonam plays the flute.
679Do not fear! (Find out sir's weak point)
Kenichi clicks Koike-Sensei's frightened pictures. So, Hattori uses the ninja technique of a mechanical doll on Koike-Sensei to make him look brave.
68045Kio is blamed! (Prove of Kio's innocence)
Koike-Sensei blames Kio for eating his grilled fish. But Kio proves his innocence with Hattori's help.
681Hattori's useful ideas (Make an awesome prop bed)
Kenichi promises Yumeko that he will clean the school backyard. But Kemumaki and Kio grow wild Koga plants. So, Hattori makes Kemumaki clean the place.
682Will it rain or not? (Ninja technique of predicting climate)
Koike-Sensei considers himself to be a rain man and gets worried about his date with Aiko-Sensei. Hattori predicts no rain, but it starts raining.
69246The use of a special silk thread (Aerial swimming with an unseen rope)
Hattori grows Iga silkworms to make a thread out of it. But Kemumaki includes a Koga silkworm in it. So, Hattori and the rest pretend using a thread.
693Kio's scrubber ninja technique! (Kio change the tears ninja technique)
Hattori receives a parcel from Iga town. So, Kio takes the look of a scrubber like his ancestors and takes the parcel from Hattori.
694A trouble for Kenichi! (Gimmick mountain cottage on a snow top mountain)
Yumeko, Kenichi, and his friends go skiing. Kemumaki takes a girl's look and creates a tiff between Yumeko and Kenichi.
Season 5
Japanese EP#Indian EP#TitleSynopsis
201The Talent Show (It's not easy to play a central character)
Kenichi takes training from Shishimaru and acts just as Shishimaru teaches him. The audience has a hearty laugh watching the talent show.
23Shishimaru Becomes Lion! (Shishimaru vanished)
The Mitsuba family visit the zoo. Shishimaru shows his ninja techniques to the lions as he wishes to be like them.
24Sketching Sceneries (Found some autumn)
Kaiko Sir announces students to sketch in autumn. Hattori takes a goat's look and eats Kemumaki and Kenichi's drawing paper and saves them from feeling ashamed before the teacher.
262The Movie Plan! (It's Really Difficult to Read a Woman's Mind)
Kenichi and Kemumaki shows Yumeko movie ticket. They fight for going with them. Then Yumeko goes with Shinzou.
27Winning A Doll In Prize (Winning a Prize)
Kenichi sees Yumeko posting card in Letter Box with praying for doll. So Kenichi helps Yumeko for Doll. Kenichi wins a doll prize. He gives to Yumeko.
28Catching Sea Fish at an Old Pond! (Catching Sea Fish at an Old Pond)
Kenichi finds fishing rod in cupboard but it broke. So, Hattori makes New fishing Rod. Kio gives garbages to Hattori's fishing rod with avoiding fishes. Shinzo brings big fish from market.
293Finding Lost Items! (Who is the owner of the lost property?)
Kemumaki finds eraser in ground so he shows to Kaiko Sir so he gives Kenichi incharge to find lost properties. So Shishimaru smells and find every lost property.
289Hattori Has Disappeared (Hattori Leaves Home)
Kemumaki exchanges Hattori’s letters in order to stay in the house. So, Hattori takes Kentaru’s look and makes Kemumaki and Kio do all his work.
32Flowered by Sweet Potatoes! (Flowered by sweet potatoes)
Misuba checks flower not grown. Then Kenichi’s father brings box of sweet potatoes. Then Kenichi and Shinzou gets trouble of potato. Then they dig ground and hides potatoes then Hattori grows flower full of potato.
344Papa's Weight Loss Strategy!
(Dad’s Weight Loss Strategy)
When Papa sits in train so Misuba tells that He has become fat. So He starts dieting by not eating food. He sees everything as Food.
39Shishimaru A Dodgeball! (Shishimaru Becomes A Dodgeball)
Kenichi plays dodgeball with their friends. Hattori teaches Him to play dodgeball. So Hattori makes him dodge ball. To teach him lesson. Then He turns into lion.
40Yuki Creates a Trouble! (Babysitting Got Them in Trouble)
Kenichi's Neighbour gives a Yuki baby which trouble. This Baby troubles Kenichi and Hattori. Then Kenichi's Neighbour then takes Yuki back.
445Oh, God! It's an Earthquake! (Oh god, it's earthquake)
When Misuba Family sleeps at night. But then they heard noise of earthquake. So they practices to save things in earthquake.
45Getting an Exclusive Story! (Getting an Exclusive Story)
Kenichi makes a story on catching thieves. Kemumaki tries to spoil. Yumeko tells Kenichi to makes story on walking on water. Then He takes help of Hattori.
46The Skateboard Race! (Mighty Will with Skateboard)
Kemumaki tries to show Yumeko and Kenichi about balancing in bamboo stick. But Kemumaki challenges Kenichi to skate till the town.
485Beat Out the Decayed Tooth! (Beat Out the Decayed Tooth)
Kenichi eats biscuits in night then Misuba tells Kenichi to brush in night. But Kenichi gets tooth ache in School. So he takes help of Hattori.
49Bringing the Voice Together! (Bringing the Voice Together!)
Kenichi's Father sings song loudly so everyone family gets distubed so Hattori makes rice ball of voice without disturb. Then Hattori collects in Scroll.
56Where Have the Twenty Points Gone? (Where 20 points have gone?)
Kenichi gets 20 marks in exam in his paper. Then Kenichi tries to burn paper but paper flies. Then Kenichi paper goes into cycle. Then Kenichi tries to take paper from cycle. Then Kemumaki takes paper and mix paper. Then Hattori takes real paper.
599Ninja Technique of Rabbit Ears! (Ninja Technique of Rabbit Ears)
Hattori hears everything with his rabbit ears. Then Kenichi takes help of Hattori to hear like rabbit ears.
60Shishimaru, a Talented Artist! (The talented artist, Shishimaru)
Shishimaru makes a paingting with his legs. Then takes it by mistakenly his painting. Hattori disguises as a Master and makes his painting selected.
61Kenichi The Photographer (This is a Kodak Moment)
Kenichi shows him his clicked photos then he shows his dirty photo of his dads photo. Then he tries to click duck photos.
626Where Did the Tiger Run Away? (Where the runaway tiger has gone?)
When Kenichi and Shinzo was playing tennis then Shinzo saw a baby of tiger and Kenichi tries to take care.
64Mystery of the Haunted House! (Who is screaming in the scary voice?)
Kenichi and Yumeko goes to Haunted House. Then Kenichi and Shinzo goes inside house. Kemumaki disguise as ghost. When Hattori gets to know the truth he teaches him lesson.
65Has Kiyo Hatched the Egg? (Has Kiyo hatched the eggs?)
Kaiko sir teaches how to hatch eggs. Then Kenichi brings eggs from poultry farm. So Hattori makes Kio hypnotise makes him lay eggs.
6610House Cleaning is Not Easy! (Spring cleaning is not easy)
Misuba Family cleans house. So Shinzo asks Misuba clean house but they tells Shinzo to play. But Shinzo reads comics then he sleeps. Then all find Shinzo in Garbage area.
70What Do Mice Like the Most? (What mice like the most?)
Misuba makes cheese cake but mice eats all cheese cake. When Misuba scolds at children's. When All heard Dad's screams then all comes. Then Hattori tries to trap mice by making them eating cheese balls.
71Kenichi Practices For Skiing! (I love skiing!)
Kaiko announces to go at skiing. Then Kenichi takes help of Hattori. Then Kenichi practices for skiing. Kenichi teaches Yumeko how to skiing. Then Kenichi and Kemumaki falls down.
727Saturday Afternoon is Quiet Boring! (Saturday afternoon is quite boring)
Kenichi goes to library for reading book. But Uncle stops Kenichi to stop reading in free. Shinzo comes to read comics and cry. Hattori hypnotizes.
77Kiyo Remembers His Master! (Kiyo remembers his master)
Misuba family goes out. Shishimaru captures thief. In newspaper Shishimaru comes. So Kio also does same like Shishimaru.
78Shinzou Takes Up Ninja Technique Challenge! (Shinzo takes up ninja technique challenge)
Shinzou requests Hattori for ninja technique. But Kenichi and Yumeko goes for cycle riding. Kemumaki and Kio convince to use ninja technique upon Kenichi. Yumeko and Kenichi is in trouble. Hattori saves and teaches lesson to Shinzo.
798Invitation to Mama's Tea Party! (Invitation to mama's tea party)
Misuba invites Everyone to tea party. But Kemumaki breaks the cup of tea. Kemumaki sticks bowl with Glue. Kemumaki and Kenichi fights then he breaks. Misuba scolds for breaking. Hattori teaches lesson by making truth of breaking of bowl.
85Kiyo, Father of an Abandoned Cat! (Kio, father of an abandoned cat)
When Shishimaru sleeps in bed. He finds cat in Shishimaru's house. Hattori suspects of Kio his father. Hattori finds owner of cat by calling all cats. Then Hattori gets to know about Kenichi's father friends cat.
86Skate Like a Pro! (Skate like a pro)
Kenichi and Yumeko plays hide and seek. So Kemumaki challenges Kenichi for skate. So Kenichi takes help of Hattori. So Hattori uses ninja shadow technique.
8711Ninja Art of Messaging Technique! (Ninja art of messaging technique)
Kenichi's Father calls Kenichi to give message. So Shinzo tells Shishimaru to bring message from Kenichi. Yumeko tells Kemumaki to give message. Kemumaki gives to Hattori message. Hattori gives message to Kenichi's Father.
89Looking Out For a Sponsor! (Looking out for a sponsor)
Kenichi goes to cake shop. He sees Kemumaki getting free cake. So Kemumaki tells he is sponsor of shop. Kenichi and his Friends also look for sponsor. Kenichi runs away on seeing Kaiko Sir.
92The Swimming Competition! (Swimming in the cold water)
Kaiko Sir announces students to swimming in cold water. So Kenichi takes help of Hattori. Hattori shows Kenichi bathing suit while swimming. Kenichi and Kemumaki participates in competition. Then Kenichi that his suit was abonded in water.
9513Papa is Being Called to the School! (Dad is Being Called to the School)
Kaiko Sir announces Students Father parents to come school. So Kenichi takes help of Hattori to save from Papa scolding. So Hattori disguises as Papa. So Kenichi thinks Papa as Hattori. Kenichi realises His Father.
97Hell Broke Loose at the Bath House! (Hell Broke Loose at the Bath House)
Yumeko sees Kemumaki going to spa. Kenichi also goes to spa. Kemumaki and Hattori takes bath. Then Kemumaki cheats in Bathing. So teaches lesson. Kenichi and his friends and Kemumaki and Kio takes bath. Then Kemumaki slips.
98Radio Transceiver Commotion! (Radio Transceiver Commotion)
Kenichi gets a radio so Kenichi and Shinzo talks far away from radio. Kemumaki snatches Radio from Shinzo. So Hattori teaches Kemumaki a lesson.
12414Kenichi Becomes a Musician! (Kenichi Becomes a Big Musician)
Music teacher tells Kenichi to sing song so Kenichi sings badly. So Hattori uses Ninja Shadow technique upon music teacher with Kenichi's lonely song.
99Kenichi's Fake Iilness! (Oh, I hate winter)
Kenichi doesn't want to exercise in winter season. So Kenichi fools Yumeko he is not well. Yumeko takes Kenichi in School doctor. So Kemumaki disguises as Doctor. Hattori teaches lesson.
100Ninja Reversing Role Technique! (Ninja Reversing Role Technique)
Kenichi brakes things of Mitsuba's House. So Hattori and Kenichi changes personality. When Kenichi's mother father gets to know the truth they teaches lesson.
10315Freeze in the Cold and Eat Steaks! (Freeze in the cold and eat steaks)
Kenichi and His Family saves pocket money in winter season. So Kenichi and his Father sits near sun. Kenichi and his Father feels ill.
108Fight Off the Demon on Setsubun Festival! (Fight Off the Demon on Setsubun Festival)
Kenichi and His Family plays a demon game with beans. So Kenichi and Shinzo plays demon as Shishimaru eats all beans. So Hattori disguises as Papa and plays demon game with beans.
110Papa's Documents Flew Away! (Papa's documents flew away)
Shinzo keeps his documents somewhere else. So Kenichi and his Friends finds for the document. So Kemumaki takes document. Hattori snatches and gives to his father
11716A Part-Time Job! (A part-time job)
Kemumaki fools Kenichi for part time job his neighbour. So Kenichi takes cares pig child but pig child messes house. Then Kemumaki makes eat Koga special carrot. Pig child mother tells Kemumaki to take care.
118Shishimaru Turns Into a Rabbit! (Shishimaru turns into a rabbit)
Kenichi take cares of rabbit then opens the cage rabbit runs away. Then Kenichi takes Help of Shishimaru to become rabbit. Then Hattori takes Shishimaru and keeps real rabbit.
121It's Valentine's Day! (It's Valentine's Day)
Kemumaki tries to make disguises. Kemumaki disguises as Kenichi's and Yumeko gives Kemumaki gift. When Kenichi comes Yumeko does not give gift. Kenichi cries. When Hattori gets to know truth Hattori becomes Yumeko and takes extra gift from Kemumaki and gives to Kenichi.
12617Crook Technique Leads to an Injury! (Crook technique leads to an injury)
Kenichi sees Misuba's photo. So Kemumaki makes practices for Ninja technique. Kemumaki makes fool Kenichi. Then Hattori saves Kenichi.Then Kenichi practise for Ninja Techniques.
132Morning Star Comes Up Too Early! (Morning star comes up too early)
In School Kemumaki shows Morning Star photos to Kenichi and Yumeko. Kenichi takes help of Hattori to wake up early. Then Kenichi shows photo to Yumeko. Then Kemumaki brings fantastic morning star photo.
133Ninja Technique of Grandfather Hanasaka! (Ninja technique of grandfather hanasaka)
Kenichi and family goes to spring cherry tree for a trip. Then Hattori tries to put cherry tree leaves on the tree. Then all goes to picnic.
13718Let's Make a Raft with Empty Cans! (Let's make a raft with empty cans)
Ninja hattori helps to make raft with empty cans.Although Amaara tries to ruin their plan hattori takes advantage of amara.
138Ninja Fast Writing Technique! (Ninja fast writing technique)
139Shishimaru Sings a Lullaby! (Shishimaru sings a lullaby)
14119I Am a Novelist! (Hattori, the novelist)
Hattori writes a novel after seeing a heroic movie.At last it comes out that he has ony written the title.
143What a Space Exhibition! (What, a space exhibition)
149Jogging? Leave It to Me! (Jogging? Leave it to me)
15020Mama, a Novelist! (Mom becomes the novelist)
151Kenichi Hates Yumeko! (I hate Yumeko)
152Shishimaru, a Star of the Circus! (Shishimaru becomes a star in the circus)
15321Ninja Baseball! (Ninja baseball)
156Frog Training is Terrible! (Frog training is terrible)
157April Fool, a Battle of Telling Lies! (April fool, a battle of telling lies)
15922When a Puppy Comes! (When a puppy comes)
167Spring Comes in Shishimaru's Life, Too! (Spring comes in Shishimaru’s life too)
168The Challenge of Dangerous Parkour House! (There is Something in the Surprise House)
17123Baking Cake In Bakery Shop (Had Lot of Cake! )
174Shishimaru Has an Upset Stomach! (Shishimaru has an upset stomach)
175Kenichi, the Famous Manager! (Kenichi, the famous manager)
17624Kenichi Delievers Newspaper! (The Scary Newspaper Delievery)
180Kenichi Wants to Become a Big Man! (I want to become a big man)
186Kemumaki Becomes Hattori Creates Trouble! (Fake Hattori Creates Havoc)
18925Rice Planting Competition! (Rice planting competition)
190A Strange Confession! (A strange confession)
192Shishimaru is Kidnapped! (Shishimaru is being kidnapped)
19326Kemumaki Clicks Kenichi's Photos! (I Just Hate Cameras)
195Kenichi Builds Robot! (Improving The Robot)
198Kenichi Becomes Strong Man! (Kenichi is a Man)
19927Tsubame's Ninja Love Spark Technique! (Tsubame Ninja love sparks technique)
200A Challenge to Stop Mama! (A challenge to stop Mom)
206A Western Stock Farm! (A western stock farm)
20728Papa's Confidence! (Papa’s confidence)
209An Incident on Father's Day! (An incident on Father’s Day)
210Leave Shishimaru! (Leave Shishimaru)
21129The Dumb Policeman! (The dumb old policeman)
214Afraid of Cakes? (Afraid of cakes)
215The Prank Doll in Bazzar! (Beware of Goods Displayed at Bazzar)
21730New Naughty Classmate! (A Bad New Classmate)
218Doing One Best Thing a Day! (Doing one best thing a day)
219Catching Crayfish! (Catching crayfish)
22331The Ninja Grandma! (The ninja grandma)
227The Gorilla's Visit to the City! (The gorilla’s visit to the city)
228Sumo Training is Tough! (Sumo training is tough)
23032Kenichi's Fine Play! (Kenichi’s fine play)
231A Scrabble Over a Bride! (A scrabble over a bride)
232Let's Catch the Myna! (Let’s catch the myna)
23433Ninja, the Great Train Challenge! (Ninja, the great train challenge)
235Pancakes Stuffed with Bean Jam! (Kenichi prepares ham made fish-shape pancakes stuffed with bean jam)
236The Real Culprit Who Licked the Sugar! (The real culprit who licked the sugar)
24034Kiyo Runs Away! (Kiyo runs away)
244We've Had it with the Ninja Mansion! (We have had it with the ninja mansion)
246Laugh and Grow Fat! (Laugh and grow fat)
24835Let's Climb Mount Fuji! (Let’s climb mount fuji)
251Capturing Unicorn Beetles! (Capturing unicorn beetles)
256Ninja Sleep Manipulation Technique! (Ninja sleep manipulation technique)
27036Papa is a Gifted Ninja! (Dad is a gifted Iga Ninja)
271Ninja Human Kite Technique! (Ninja human kite technique)
278When Typhoon Comes! (When typhoon comes)
27937Scared, Scared! Everyone Are Scared! (Scared, Scared, Everyone are scared)
280Shinzou's Young Thunder Technique! (Shinzo’s young thunder technique)
281Drama in the School Play! (Cindrella in the School Play)
28838Do Not Trouble Girls! (Catching a Spoiled Brat)
291Kenichi Burned Yumeko's Picture Post Card! (Yumeko's Picture Postcard Which Got Burnt)
293Kenichi Practice For Running Race! (Kenichi Works Hard)
28339The Culprit is a Secret! (The culprit is a secret)
285Very Busy With Ninja Change Yourself Technique! (Very busy with ninja change yourself technique)
286Kenichi Learns Meditation! (Kenichi Starts Zen Meditation)
29440Ninja So Many Troubles Technique! (Ninja so many troubles technique)
295Kenichi Goes on a Field Trip! (Kenichi goes on a field trip)
297Hattori's Style Special Method of Learning Kanji! (Hattori’s style special method of learning kanji)
30141Yumeko's Personal Invitation! (Yumeko’s personal invitation)
307Teacher is the Best Fisherman! (Teacher is the best fisherman)
311Shinzou Suffers a Stomach Ache! (Shishimaru suffers from stomach trouble)
31242Improving Kaiko's Photography! (Teacher’s Instant Camera)
314The Forgotten Lottery! (The forgotten lottery)
315Kenichi Sheep Counting in Sleeping! (Teach Me How To Sleep)
31643Yumeko Poses For a Painting! (Yumeko poses for the painting)
317Shishimaru Has No Confidence! (Shishimaru has no confidence)
319The Jealousy! (Mama's Pampering)
32044Let's Stop Sir's Hiccups! (Let’s stop Sir’s hiccups)
322How an Ad Balloon Comes to Rescue! (How an ad balloon comes to rescue)
325Yumeko's Sweater Which Got Shrunk! (Yumeko’s sweater which got shrunk)
33245The Head Of the Statue Gives Way! (The Head of the Statue Gives Away)
333Kenichi's Talent is Exploding! (Kenichi’s talent is exploding)
340Sir is Having Trouble With His Mama! (Sir is having trouble with his Mom)
34146The Scary Snowlady! (The scary snowlady)
344Beware of Boss' Dog! (Beware of Boss’ dog)
354Kemumaki Hits Rock Bottom! (Kemumaki hits rock bottom)
35647Ninja Technique of Crow Puppets! (Ninja technique of crow puppets)
360Sir Is In Love! (Sir is in love)
366Flying Race of Pigeons! (Flying range of pigeons)
36848Restoring Sir's Reputation! (Restoring Sir’s reputation)
370Shishimaru is a Ninja Dog! (Shishimaru is a ninja dog)
373The Bear Uproar at the Sky to Rein! (The bear uproar the sky to rein)
37849Recover the Policeman's Pistol! (Recover the policemen’s pistol)
380Kenichi Has a Very Bad Stomach Ache! (Kenichi is having a very bad stomach ache)
384Beware of Compliments! (Beware of compliments)
38650Ninja Test is a Big Mess! (Ninja test is a mess)
388Ninja Technique of Intertwining the Heart! (Ninja technique of intertwining the heart)
415Hell Breaks Loose Because of a Strange Visitor! (Hell breaks loose because of a strange visitor)
39651Birthday Gift to Sir! (Birthday gift to Sir)
416The Kindness Test is a Great Success! (The kindness test is a great success)
41152Ninja Bowling War! (Ninja bowling war)
413A Big Discovery, African! (A big discovery, African)
414Shishimaru Wants to Become a Bronze Statue! (Shishimaru wants to become a bronze statue)
42653The Laughter and Cries of the Amusement Park! (The Laughter and Cries of the Amusement Park)
437Papa Loses His Money! (Dad Loses His Money)
2012 anime
Season 1
EP###English titleJapanese title
11The Great Bargain Sale! (Netflix episode list title)バーゲンは戦場でござる!の巻
2Transformation Isn't a Child's Play! (Netflix episode list title)小池先生に変身でござるの巻
23Everyone Needs Encouragement! (Netflix episode list title)影千代も褒められたいでござるの巻
4Are You Scared of Mummies? (Netflix episode list title)博物館は大パニックでござるの巻
35Mama's Mission Fitness! (Netflix episode list title)若返り作戦には参ったでござるの巻
6A Scribbling on Hattori's Face! (Netflix episode list title)ラクガキが消えないでござる!?の巻
47Hattori Goes to Office!サラリーマンは大変でござるの巻
I'm Going to Papa's Office! (Netflix episode list title)
8Kenichi Plays Tennis!忍法テニスで勝負でござるの巻
A Tennis Match Between Kemumaki and Kenichi! (Netflix episode list title)
59Shinzou Goes to Help!シンゾウのお手伝いでござる!の巻
Shinzou Wants to Help! (Netflix episode list title)
10It Is Not Easy to Make Yumeko Happy!シャッターチャンスを狙うでござる!の巻
It Isn't Easy to Make Yumeko Happy! (Netflix episode list title)
611Where is the Examiner? (Netflix episode list title)試験官は誰でござる?の巻
12Who is the Superhero, Kenichi or Kemumaki? (Netflix episode list title)ヒーローになりたいでござるの巻
713Being Without Electricity!停電に備えてサバイバル生活の巻
A Day Without Electricity! (Netflix episode list title)
14Play and Play!ワンニャン、忍法サッカーでござるの巻
Dog Versus Cats! (Netflix episode list title)
815Result of Sir's Homework!宿題1000倍はつらいでござる!の巻
The Result of Sir's Homework! (Netflix episode list title)
16A Customised Cycle! (Netflix episode list title)からくり自転車はスゴイでござるの巻
917Hattori's Prolonged Hiccups! (Netflix episode list title)しゃっくりが止まらないでござる!の巻
18Kenichi and His Wish!夢子ちゃんの願いごとは何でござる?の巻
1019A Tiff Between Shinzou and Hattori! (Netflix episode list title)兄弟ゲンカはイカンでござる!の巻
20Enemies or Friends? (Netflix episode list title)くっついちゃったでござる!の巻
1121To Run a Restaurant, Learn Ninja Technique!忍者レストランは大繁盛でござるの巻
Hattori Revives a Failing Business! (Netflix episode list title)
22Kenichi's Magic is Amazing!ケン一氏は天才手品師でござるの巻
Kenichi Performs Magic Tricks! (Netflix episode list title)
1223Shishimaru's Kindness! (Netflix episode list title)優しい獅子丸が怖いでござるの巻
24Ninja House Contest!忍者屋敷猛レースでござるの巻
1325We Thought Something, but Something Elses Happened! [sic]恋する獅子丸でござる!の巻
It Wasn't as Expected! (Netflix episode list title)
26Fishing Isn't an Easy Job! (Netflix episode list title)釣りで勝負でござる!の巻
1427Shinzou's Paper Bird Flying Technique! (Netflix episode list title)シンゾウ、新忍法に挑むでござるの巻
28Let's Go For a Fashion Show!夢子ちゃんのファッションショーでござるの巻
Yumeko's Fashion Show! (Netflix episode list title)
1529What You Saw is What You Read!伊賀秘伝の巻物でござるの巻
What You Sow Is What You Reap! (Netflix episode list title)
30Hero to Zero!ケムマキ氏、ビックスターになるでござるの巻
1631Are the Security Devices Powerful? (Netflix episode list title)防犯対策はバッチリでござる!の巻
32Yumeko's Man of Destiny! (Netflix episode list title)夢子ちゃんは占いがお好きでござるの巻
1733Hattori Delivery Service! (Netflix episode list title)荷物を取り返すでござるの巻
34A Burglar Crow! (Netflix episode list title)宝物泥棒をつかまえるでござるの巻
1835Finding Kenichi's Lost Watch! (Netflix episode list title)パパ上の腕時計でござるの巻
36Robert's Ninja Stumbling Technique! (Netflix episode list title)外国忍者が弟子に?でござるの巻
1937Will Hattori Cry? (Netflix episode list title)忍者は泣かないでござるの巻
38The Monkey Kingdom! (Netflix episode list title)お猿には負けないでござるの巻
2039Is Papa a Good Carpenter? (Netflix episode list title)獅子丸の犬小屋を作るでござる!の巻
40Will Kenichi Make it to School on Time? (Netflix episode list title)学校へ一番乗りでござる!の巻
2141The Mitsuba Family is a Ninja Family! (Netflix episode list title)ケン一氏は忍者でござるの巻
42Bowling is Fun! (Netflix episode list title)忍者ボーリングで対決でござる!の巻
2243An Adventurous Drive to the Amusement Park! (Netflix episode list title)決死のドライブでござるの巻
44Preventive Injection is a Must! (Netflix episode list title)お注射大作戦でござるの巻
2345A Challenging Golf Tournament! (Netflix episode list title)子供ゴルフ大会でござる!の巻
46Playing Hide-and-Seek in an Amusement Park! (Netflix episode list title)忍者訓練・隠れん坊でござる!の巻
2447A Growing Bird, Mimicky! (Netflix episode list title)なんの卵?でござるの巻
48The Quiz Contest! (Netflix episode list title)クイズ王は誰だ?!でござるの巻
2549Honesty is the Best Policy!お寺の大掃除でござる!の巻
50The Hot Air Balloon!からくり気球でござるの巻
2651Kenichi's Treehouse!ケン一氏のツリーハウスでござるの巻
52The Cricket Match!クリケットに挑戦でござるの巻
Season 2
EP###English titleJapanese title
2753Red is a Dangerous Color! (Red Color is Very Dangerous)赤は危険でござるの巻
54Let's Catch the Hens Hereニワトリをつかまえろでござる!の巻
2855Overnight Camp is Really Fun!お泊りキャンプは楽しいでござる!の巻
56The Great Escape Strategy脱出大作戦でござるの巻
2957Keep Smiling!いつもニコニコでござる!の巻
58The Cake Disappeared Suddenly, Who Ate It? (The Cake Disappeared Suddenly, Who Did it?)犯人は誰?でござるの巻
3059Mama is on Strike! (Mommy is on Strike)ママ上のストライキでござるの巻
60Shishimaru is an Excellent Watchdog獅子丸は優秀な番犬でござるの巻
3161Retrieve the Washing!洗濯物を回収せよでござる!の巻
62We Are Going to the Botanical Garden!植物園は楽しいでござる!の巻
3263Is Scouting Easy? (Netflix Title)偵察も大変でござるの巻
64Releasing Dad's Stress! (Netflix Title)忍法童心帰りの術でござる!の巻
3365Shinzou and the Turtle Eggシンゾウと亀の卵でござるの巻
66Defeating Hattori-kun打倒ハットリくんでござるの巻
3467Respect the Food! (Netflix Title)好き嫌いはこりごりでござるの巻
68Keeping an Eye on Yumeko! (Netflix Title)放課後の夢子ちゃんでござるの巻
3569Kenichi's Jogging Trainingケンイチ氏のジョギング修行でござる!の巻
70Kiyo’s Static Electricity! (An Electric Cat is Tingly)エレキャットはビリビリでござるの巻
3671The Ninja Love Flower is Scary忍法おもい花は恐ろしいでござるの巻
72Don’t Worry About Trifles細かいことは気にしないでござる!の巻
3773Mr. Koike Loves Butterflies蝶が大好き小池先生でござるの巻
74A Foreign Ninja, Again! (A Foreign Ninja, Again?)外国忍者再び?でござるの巻
3875The Gift is a Strategy! (The Gift Strategy)プレゼント大作戦でござる!の巻
76Mama is an Inventor! (Mother is an Inventor)ママ上は発明家でござるの巻
3977Shinzou's Kid Ninja Groupシンゾウのちびっこ忍者団でござるの巻
78Victory or Defeat?負けるが勝ちでござるでござるの巻
4079Search for the Report Card通信簿を捜索せよ!でござるの巻
Where is Kenichi's Report Card? (Netflix Title)
80Trace the Mystery of the Seven Wonders! (Trace the Mysteries of the Seven Wonders!)七不思議の謎を追えでござる!の巻
4181Good Deeds Make You Feel Well!良い行いは気持ちいいでござるの巻
82Let's Look For the Phantom Swordsmith!伝説の刀鍛冶でござる!の巻
4283Who Will Be the Next Beautification Delegate?美化委員の座は誰のもの!?でござるの巻
84Shishimaru is a Bird!鳥になった獅子丸でござるの巻
4385We Also Train on Rainy Days!雨の日も修行でござるの巻
86The Decisive Battle Against the Giant Squid!決戦!巨大イカでござるの巻
4487Kiyo's Conscience!影千代の良心でござるの巻
88Kenichi is Treasure Hunting! (Kenichi's Treasure Hunting!)お宝を探せでござる!の巻
4589What is a Ninja-Monja?ニンジャモンジャって何じゃ?でござるの巻
90Shishimaru's Diet!獅子丸のダイエットでござるの巻
4691Let's Beat the Kangaroo Boxer!カンガルーボクサーを倒せでござる!の巻
92Shishimaru's Pet Contest!獅子丸のオシャレコンテストでござるの巻
4793Yumeko's Self-defence!夢子殿の護身術でござるの巻
94Message Bamboo Pipe!伝言竹筒で大げんかでござるの巻
4895Kenichi’s Scary Night!ケンイチ氏恐怖の一夜でござる!の巻
96Kenichi Shines Brightly!キラリと光るでござるの巻
4997Let's Sneak into the Museum!博物館に忍び込むでござる!の巻
98A Mysterious Hot Spring Inn!不思議な温泉旅館でござるの巻
5099Yumeko's House is Far Away!夢子殿の家が遠いでござるの巻
100Down with the Rats in the Mitsuba's House!三葉家のネズミ退治でござる!の巻
51101Today is a Good Day for a Giant Flying Squirrel!本日はムササビ日和でござるの巻
102Kenichi's Ninja Film!ケンイチ氏の忍者映画でござるの巻
52103Mr. Koike's Date!小池先生ついにデートでござる?!の巻
104A Disguised Strategy For a Date!変装大作戦でデートでござる!の巻
Season 3
EP###English titleJapanese title
53105Hospitality for Dad!パパ上をおもてなしでござるの巻
106The Lunchbox is Only for Feelings!お弁当は命がけでござるの巻
54107Super Excited Kenichi!とにかく明るいケン一氏でござるの巻
108Cleaning it Neat and Tidy!片付けてスッキリでござるの巻
55109The Hula Hoop Contest!輪っかでフラフラでござるの巻
110Daddy Goes to India!出張の準備は完璧でござるの巻
56111Performing in Costumes is Hard!着ぐるみはツライでござるの巻
112Alone is House, Not My Cup of Tea! [sic]お留守番を満喫するでござるの巻
57113Shishimaru and Kiyo Becomes Friends!走れ獅子丸でござるの巻
114Mushroom Picking Day!マツタケのおかげでござるの巻
58115We Should Respect Grandmother's Work!孫は来て良し、また来て良しでござるの巻
116I Dislike Mommy!ママ上なんて大嫌いでござるの巻
59117High Tech Helmet!ハイテク頭巾は手強いでござるの巻
118Shishimaru Became Shadow!影丸になった獅子丸でござるの巻
60119Dancing Raindrops!忍法雨だれの舞いでござるの巻
120Let Us Catch the Warrior Thief!忍者泥棒を捕まえろ!の巻
61121Keep Quiet, Keep Quiet, Dad is Working!静かな静かな三葉家でござるの巻
122Walking is Exhausting!お散歩はヘトヘトでござるの巻
62123Going Through Hardship for a Buddhist Prayer!願掛けは苦労するでござるの巻
124True Identity of Fish-Based, Egg-Shaped Dog!チクワ犬の正体をあばけでござるの巻
63125Parents’ Day Without Papa!パパ上のいない授業参観でござるの巻
126We Caught a Lottery!宝くじが当たったでござるの巻
64127Rely on the Smartphone!スマートホンにお任せでござるの巻
128I Want a Ninja Princess!憧れの忍者プリンセスでござるの巻
65129Oh, I Miss My Sword, I Misplaced it!刀がないと落ち着かないでござるの巻
130The Importance of Art!絵心は大切でござるの巻
66131Aiko Teacher is Moving to a New House!愛子先生のお引っ越しでござるの巻
132Mama Must Be a Ninja, Let's Find Out!ママ上は忍者に違いないでござるの巻
67133Has Shinzou Disappeared? Let's Find Out!シンゾウの姿は見えないでござるの巻
134A Costly Animation Film!おもしろ動画は大掛かりでござるの巻
68135Let's Fastforward Kenichi With a Ninja Art!忍法早送りの術でござるの巻
136Kemumaki's Injury!ケムマキの怪我でござるの巻
69137Something Important is Missing!大事にしまい過ぎたでござるの巻
138Ninja Technique of Animal Power!忍法なりきり動物の術でござるの巻
70139Kiyo and Kitten Kitty!影千代と豆千代でござるの巻
140They Want to Find Out Yumeko's Secret!夢子殿と拙者の秘密でござるの巻
71141Shishimaru is Going to Become a Ninja Doggy!はぐれ忍者犬と獅子丸でござるの巻
142Will Kenichi Be Able to Finish His Work?ぬりたてセメント砦でござるの巻
72143Yumeko Has an Unique Experience!忍法打ち上げ花火でござるの巻
144Shinzou Has Become Really Naughty! Come and Let's See What Happens!本音香は危険でござるの巻
73145A Guest Came to See Me! Let's See What Happens!アレと一緒にお留守番でござるの巻
146Practice Makes You Perfect!バレずに忍法忍び足でござる巻
74147Shinzou's Double Sound Technique!忍法千の耳の修業でござるの巻
148Kenichi Wants to Sleep!眠っていたいケン一氏でござるの巻
75149Kemumaki Tries to Make a UFO Vessel!未知との遭遇でござるの巻
150Little Shinzou's Amazing Ninja Technique!涙パワーでみんな止まった。の巻
76151The Useful Shishi-Robo!シシロボは便利でござるの巻
152Renovation of Mitsuba's House!三葉家のリフォームでござるの巻
77153Mama's Homemade Vegetable Garden!ママ上の家庭菜園でござるの巻
154Our Kenichi Has Gotten Himself Into Trouble!つるり油でハッケヨイでござるの巻
78155Shinzou Became Sad and Kemumaki Troubled Him!シンゾウと獅子丸の便利屋でござるの巻
156Hattori Has a Loss Memory, Everyone in the House Gets Worried!拙者、記憶喪失でござるの巻
Season 4
EP###English titleJapanese title
79157The Chestnut Picking Battle!栗拾い大合戦でござるの巻
158A Disciple From France!フランスから来た弟子でござるの巻
80159We Have to Protect Aiko Teacher!アイ子先生をお守りするでござるの巻
160The 3 Fools of Iga!ずっこけ伊賀の三人衆でござるの巻
81161Ninjas Communicate through Smoke Signals!忍者はのろしで伝えるでござるの巻
162Today, I Take a Break from Ninja Training!本日拙者、休ニン日でござるの巻
82163Kiyo's Repayment!影千代の恩返しでござるの巻
164The Flying Ninja Gum!空飛ぶ忍者ガムでござるの巻
83165Meet the Female Ninja of Koga!甲賀のくノ一見参!の巻
166A Kite Fight Turns into a Tournament!けんか凧で大げんかでござるの巻
84167Let's Stay Underground!地下に泊まろうでござるの巻
168The Bamboo Horse Ninja Fight!竹馬忍者合戦でござるの巻
85169A Splendid Ninja Drone!恐るべし忍者ドローンでござるの巻
170We Help Each Other Through Thick and Thin, That’s How it’s Always Been!はたらく伊賀の三人衆でござるの巻
86171Ninja Sales Demonstration!忍者の実演販売でござるの巻
172Shinzou's Perfection!シンゾウ、最近絶好調でござるの巻
87173Ninja Class on Road Traffic Safety!忍者の交通安全教室でござるの巻
174Don't Send the Love Letter!ラブレターを届けるなでござるの巻
88175Shinzou Wants to Enter in Our Group!シンゾウ、仲間に入りたいの巻
176Following the Flute Sound!オカリナの音色を追え!の巻
89177Shishimaru's Training!獅子丸を鍛え直すでござるの巻
1781 Photograph, Please!芸能人と写真を撮りたいでござるの巻
90179I Don't Want to be a Class Representative!学級委員になりたくないでござるの巻
180The Prohibition of Ninja Tools!忍者道具は禁止でござるの巻
91181The Cap and Ball Competition!熱闘けん玉大会でござるの巻
182Shinzou Becomes The Strong Millionaire Boy!シンゾウはわらしべ長者でござるの巻
92183Ninja Snowball Fight!忍者雪合戦でござるの巻
184Skiing is a Fun Sport!スキーはお騒がせでござるの巻
93185The Letter of Challenge!果たし状が渡せないでござるの巻
186Shinzou's Heavy Weight Training!シンゾウの重たい修行でござるの巻
94187The Beach Cafe Business!海の家は大繁盛でござるの巻
188Hattori's Violent Sneeze!拙者のくしゃみは大暴風でござるの巻
95189The House Needs to be Cleaned!お掃除、伊賀の三人衆でござるの巻
190Is Our Guest a Boon or a Bane? Let's Find Out!お客様はいつまでもでござるの巻
96191Kemumaki Learns to Exercise!拙者に会えば痩せるでござるの巻
192A Day with a Popstar!会いたかったアイドルでござるの巻
97193Stay Away from Deceit!オレオレ忍者にご用心でござるの巻
194Koike Teacher's Marriage Proposal!小池先生は婚活中でござるの巻
98195Ninjas Too Have Misunderstandings!誤解されて誤解するでござるの巻
196A Holiday in Hawaii!ハワイに行ってみようでござるの巻
99197A Ninja from India!インドから忍者がやってきたでござるの巻
198Shishimaru Leaves the House!今家出するところでござるの巻
100199Kiyo Gets Into Trouble!影千代、危機一髪でござるの巻
200Mommy's Little Girl!三葉家の娘でござるの巻
101201A Bowl Worth a Million!これは見事な茶碗でござるの巻
202Shinzou Wants a Room of His Own!シンゾウの部屋が出来たござるの巻
102203Yumeko is Late for Her Piano Performance!ピアノの発表会に急ぐでござるの巻
204Detective Mommy!ママ上は名探偵でござるの巻
103205Scared You Should Not be!ビックリしてはいかんでござるの巻
206Momonbe, The Flying Squirrel!モモンべエがやって来たでござるの巻
104207The Good Luck Charm at the Invisible Ink!おまじないで仲直りでござるの巻
208Goodbye, Kenichi!父上、母上、おなつかしゅうござるの巻
Season 5
EP###English titleJapanese title
105209Helping Others is Best Job!やる事なす事良い事でござるの巻
210Octopus and Squids Fighting!タコ墨の術対イカ墨の術でござるの巻
106211Fire Training Practice!三葉家の防災訓練でござるの巻
212Kenichi Learns Swimming!水泳の特訓でござるの巻
107213Kemumaki Uses Ninja Whistle Technique!忍法封印で生活改善でござるの巻
214Teaching Roadways to Isa Yohi!方向音痴の道しるべでござるの巻
108215Finding Ninja Scroll of Massage!フリマで売られた巻物でござるの巻
216Making Food by Kung-fu and Karate!熱烈!カンフー対忍術でござるの巻
109217Shinzou Helps in Cleaning Home!忍法で大掃除でござるの巻
218Water Problem in Mitsuba's Home!断水で困ったでござるの巻
110219Shishimaru Becomes Cute Bear!熊になった獅子丸の巻
220To Make Mommy Happy!ママ上のご機嫌アップ作戦の巻
111221Ninja Technique of Smell!忍法ニオイ集めでござるの巻
222Kaiko Sir's Honor Becomes Winner!恋を掴むボルダリングでござるの巻
112223Finding Kemumaki's Weakness!ケムマキはアレが弱点の巻
224Hattori Bent His Neck!骨をはずしすぎたでござるの巻
113225Making Waste Things Into Material!忍法ゴミ分別でござるの巻
226Ninja Technique of Spinning!まわれ!忍者コマ合戦の巻
114227Ninja Technique of Spider Web!ケン一氏は日直でござるの巻
228Will Kenichi Conceal His Bag? Let's Find Out!我が家は運動からくり屋敷でござるの巻
115229Kenichi's Day Shift Work!忍者風邪にご用心でござるの巻
230Ninja Technique of Exercise!歩き出したら止められないでござるの巻
116231Ninja Fever and Illness!一度は撮りたい絶景写真でござるの巻
232Exercise with Ninja Duck Technique!またまたまたまた忍び足の巻
117233Watching Sunset in Hill Station!寝違えたでござるの巻
234Kiyo Fails in His Silence Walk!ママ上から隠し通すでござるの巻
118235Troubled By Hamster!ハムスターが逃げたでござるの巻
236Is Dad has Dog Allergy? Let's Find Out!パパ上のくしゃみが止まらないでござるの巻
119237Will Kemumaki Click Hattori's Ugly Face? Let's Find Out!
238Will Shinzou Apply Eye Drops on Hattori? Let's Find Out!
120239Shishimaru and Kiyo's World Record!
240Hattori's Balancing Training!
121241Ninja Bamboo Flying Drone Fan!
242Car Navigator in Driving!カーナビとドライブでござるの巻
122243Solving The Mystery of Mommy's Anger!
244Kenichi Build's Candy House!
123245We Went to Zombie Home!こんなゾンビは嫌だ!でござるの巻
246We Should Not be Scared of Aliens!こんな宇宙人は嫌だ!でござるの巻
124247Fishing Competition with Score!金魚すくい名人になりたいでござるの巻
248Shinzou's Memory Story!シンゾウの記憶力でござるの巻
125249Shishimaru Becomes Blue Bird!青い鳥はいずこ?でござるの巻
250Shishimaru Wants to Become Popular in Social Media!カワイイ犬になりたいでござるの巻
126251Kemumaki's Ninja Flower!
252Darkness Walk Inside Cave!真っ暗闇で修行でござるの巻
127253Shinzou Learns Ninja Signal!
254Super Intelligent Boy!生き物博士クンでござるの巻
128255Mission Of Ninja Hawk Scroll!鷹から手紙が奪われたでござるの巻
256Kemumaki Becomes a Scary Mask Lady!忍怖の都市伝説でござるの巻
129257Connecting Cup with String Telephone!糸電話を繋げたいでござるの巻
258Mommy Becomes a Small Child!ママ上はおてんばでござるの巻
130259Kiyo is Troubled by Another Cat!
260Kemumaki's Dance Trouble!
Season 6
EP###English titleJapanese title
131261The Mission of Saving Nest!
262Watching Shooting Stars with Set Up!プラネタリウムを作るでござるの巻
132263Kemumaki's Flying Ninja Technique!忍法ムササビを超えたいでござるの巻
264Mommy's Back Pain!シンゾウ、獅子丸、家事代行の巻
133265Ice Skating in Oil Mat!氷の上をスイスイでござるの巻
266Aiko Sir is in Trouble!あっちこっちに落し物でござるの巻
134267Will Shinzou make Hattori Calm? Let's find out!
268Searching for Four Leaf Clover!四つ葉のクローバーを探すでござるの巻
135269Shaving Shishimaru's Hair!獅子丸の散髪でござるの巻
270When Sticking Gum Becomes a Trouble!化粧のノリが良すぎたでござるの巻
136271Heart is Truth but Face is Liar!本音が知りたいでござるの巻
272Shinzou's Targeting Practice!忍法気合い砲でござるの巻
137273Shinzou's Ninja Different Voices!
274Making Things from Origami Paper!
138275Planning for Catching Thief!お年寄りハンターを捕まえろ!の巻
276Cute Baby Learns to become a Great Ninja!
139277Performing Music Of Wind Bell!
278Kenichi Practices for Sword Fighting!少年剣士、三葉ケン一でござるの巻
140279Kemumaki's Bad Luck!ケムマキ、史上最悪の日でござるの巻
280Shinzou's Flying Paper Fan!少年とシンゾウの風車でござるの巻
141281Searching for Yumeko's Dog with Kenichi's Calligraphy!
282Winner Winner Shinzou's is the Winner!たか〜い下駄で競争でござるの巻
142283Kiyo's Super Electrical Magnetical Power!
284We Should Maintain Cleaniness in Home!
143285Kemumaki Builds Strongest Armour!ケムマキの忍び甲冑でござるの巻
286Who is Best in the Photography News? Kenichi or Kemumaki!
144287Searching for Mother Seal's Child!
288Mommy's Collection of Capsule Toys!
145289The Trip to the Snow Place!
290Mr Snow Man becomes Gentle Man!
146291Kenichi and Kemumaki finds Yumeko's Grandma's Mechanical Book.
292Kemumaki's Training in the Forest.
147293Hattori's Cleaning Ninja Technique.
294Shinzou and Shishimaru Performs Awesome Stunts.
148295Daddy is Lost in the Forest!
296Shinzou Tries to Improve Stiching Design's for Clothes!
149297Yumeko and Isa Yohi Best Friends!
298Shinzou Learns Shadow Ninja Technique!
150299Kemumaki Becomes Devil!
300Shinzou's Ninja Technique Creates Kenichi in Trouble!
151301Kemumaki's Robotic Frog!
302Kemumaki's Target For Golden Book!
152303Kemumaki And Kiyo Got Trapped!
304Kemumaki's Machine Jumbo Fan!
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