List of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episodes (2016)
This is the list of episodes for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016.
List of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episodes
Season 2016
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes207 (and 1 special)
Original networkNBC
Original releaseJanuary 4 –
December 23, 2016
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List of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon episodes
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
392January 4, 2016Sylvester Stallone, John StamosShawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
Presidential Candidate Quotes; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Tonight Show Kid Dictionary (John Stamos); John Stamos and Jimmy do a fishhook; Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello performed "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
393January 5, 2016Kristen Stewart, Michael ShannonCage the Elephant
Russian Netflix Series; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Making a New Year's Resolution; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Kristen Stewart); Cage the Elephant performed "Mess Around"
394January 6, 2016Billy Joel, J. K. SimmonsBilly Joel
Longer Tweets; Tonight Show Superlatives; Billy Joel and Jimmy performed "Beast of Burden"; Billy Joel performed "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"
395January 7, 2016Mark Ruffalo, Kendrick LamarKendrick Lamar
Michael Bolton Quotes; Mark Kelley's Memory Loss; Jimmy accuses David Bowie of stealing his Thank You Notes gesture for "Lazarus" music video; Tonight Show #hashtags: #WorstFirstDate; Kendrick Lamar performed "Untitled 2"
396January 8, 2016Tyler Perry, Wagner MouraIliza Shlesinger
Thank You Notes (appearance by Scott Kelly); Tonight Show Spin the Microphone (Tyler Perry, Ilana Glazer, Abbi Jacobson)
397January 11, 2016Donald Trump, Ken JeongCam
Jimmy acknowledges death of David Bowie; Tonight Show Picture This; Jimmy gives Donald Trump a mock job interview; Cam performed "Burning House"
398January 12, 2016Kevin Hart, Noel Fielding, Joshua TopolskyN/A
NFL Quarterback Quotes; Dr. Lonnie Smith sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Obama's Final State of the Union Address; debut of Kevin Hart's cross-training shoe; Drinko (Kevin Hart); Noel Fielding brings Jimmy a painted ten-dollar bill
399January 13, 2016Danny DeVito, Khloé KardashianColin Hay
State of the Union Address Epilogues; Tonight Show Obama Expressions; Jimmy performed "Hotline Bling" as Bob Dylan; Charades (Danny DeVito & Khloé Kardashian Vs. Jimmy Fallon & Norman Reedus); Colin Hay performed "Overkill"
400January 14, 2016Hillary Clinton, Lucy LiuFlo Rida
Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb (with Sesame Street characters); Tonight Show #hashtags: #IfIWonPowerball; Hillary Clinton and Jimmy do a Snapchat video; Jimmy gives Hillary Clinton a mock job interview; Flo Rida performed "My House"
401January 15, 2016Ray Romano, Lucy HaleBrandi Carlile
El Chapo Text Messages; Thank You Notes; Tonight Show Explain This Photo (Ray Romano); Ray Romano shows his muscle condition; Brandi Carlile performed "The Things I Regret"
402January 18, 2016Tracy Morgan, Julianne HoughHank Williams, Jr.
Freestylin' with The Roots; Tonight Show Pup Quiz (Tracy Morgan); Hank Williams, Jr. performed "Are You Ready for the Country"
403January 19, 2016Chelsea Handler, Fred Armisen, Mario BataliN/A
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Buying the Playboy Mansion; Fred Armisen does Southern accents; Tonight Show Instant Song Analysis (Fred Armisen)
404January 20, 2016Dakota Johnson, Marlon WayansStephen Bishop
Donald Trump's Inner Thoughts; Bill Clinton's Odds of Helping Hillary; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Questlove's birthday, appearance by David Kirsch, NFL players re-enact a scene from Pretty Little Liars) The Acting Game (Dakota Johnson); Jimmy gives Marlon Wayans a Tonight Show Hairstyles sign; Stephen Bishop performed "It Might Be You"
405January 21, 2016Sarah Silverman, Marco Rubiowet
Tonight Show #hashtags: #AwwHellSnow; Tonight Show Word Sneak (Sarah Silverman); wet performed "Weak"
406January 22, 2016Jeff Daniels, Lilly SinghSt. Lucia
Presidential Candidates' Marriage Proposal Quotes; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives Jeff Daniels a hat; Tonight Show Fast Family Feud (Lilly Singh); St. Lucia performed "Dancing on Glass"
407January 25, 2016Kate Hudson, Dan PatrickG-Eazy
Tonight Show Do Not Play; Kate Hudson holds Hashtag the Panda; Tonight Show Dubsmash (Kate Hudson); G-Eazy performed "Me, Myself & I"
408January 26, 2016Josh Brolin, Kate McKinnonBilly Ocean
Presidential Candidate Poetry; Tariq challenges Jimmy to count out mathematical number; Jimmy announces week of shows in Los Angeles; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to the Super Bowl; Jimmy shaves off Josh Brolin's mustache; Kate McKinnon comes out wearing a fake mustache; Tonight Show First Impressions (Josh Brolin, Kate McKinnon); Billy Ocean performed "Suddenly/Caribbean Queen"
409January 27, 2016Natalie Portman, John OliverSia
Presidential Candidates' Opinions on Absence of Donald Trump at Debate; Fox News Debate Commercial; Tonight Show Ice–sking Questions; Jimmy mentions American Masters installment; Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; Jimmy, Sia, Natalie Portman and The Roots performed "Iko Iko"; Sia performed "Cheap Thrills"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
410February 3, 2016Martin Scorsese, Gillian JacobsThe Chainsmokers
Donald Trump gives speech; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show 5–Second Summaries (Martin Scorsese); The Chainsmokers performed "Roses"
411February 4, 2016Jonah Hill, Megyn KellyWiz Khalifa
Jimmy announces The Tonight Show two-year anniversary special; Tonight Show Puppy Predictors: Super Bowl 50 Edition; Tonight Show #hashtags: #SuperBowlRaps; Tonight Show Emotional Interview (Jonah Hill); Wiz Khalifa performed "Bake Sale"
412February 5, 2016Rebel Wilson, Jack HustonNathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Thank You Notes; Chubby Bunny (Rebel Wilson); "Single Life" music video (Rebel Wilson); Chubby Zombie (Jack Huston); Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats performed "I Need Never Get Old"
413February 8, 2016Ben Stiller, Morena BaccarinDan White
Presidential Candidate Super Bowl 50 Quotes; Jimmy congratulates Dave Diomedi on his DGA Award win; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Ben Stiller's Super Bowl 50 commercial
414February 9, 2016Ryan Reynolds, Katie HolmesThomas Rhett
Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelor; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Valentine's Day; Musical Beers (Jimmy Fallon, Katie Holmes, Ryan Reynolds, The Roots); Thomas Rhett performed "Die a Happy Man"
415February 10, 2016Penélope Cruz, Peyton Manning, Magic JohnsonHalsey
Terminator Vs. Presidential Candidates; Bernie Sanders gives speech; Penélope Cruz and Jimmy use Dubsmash; Peyton Manning reads Tonight Show Superlatives for Jimmy; Egg Russian Roulette (Peyton Manning, Magic Johnson); Halsey performed "Colors"
416February 11, 2016Kristen Wiig, Bob OdenkirkElle King
Posts on Jeb Bush's Facebook Wall; Freestylin' with The Roots; Kristen Wiig appeared as Peyton Manning; Rapid Fire Round (Kristen Wiig); Kristen Wiig throws golden football; Bob Odenkirk introduces his entourage; Bob Odenkirk catches everyone up on Better Call Saul; Elle King performed "America's Sweetheart"
SpecialFebruary 14, 2016Review of two years' worth of guests, sketches, and musical performancesN/A
The show's two-hour, second anniversary special. Note: This episode counted as a special and not a regular episode.
417February 15, 2016Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera2 Chainz & Lil Wayne
"Going Back to Cali" cold open (appearance by LL Cool J); Jimmy jumps through Randy's Donuts sign; Tight Pants (Will Ferrell, Christina Aguilera); 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne performed "Rolls Royce Weather Every Day"
418February 16, 2016Zach Galifianakis, Ronda RouseyPitbull featuring Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker
Donald Trump visits his family (appearance by Fuller House cast); Tonight Show True Confessions (Zach Galifianakis, Bill Maher); Pitbull featuring Robin Thicke, Joe Perry & Travis Barker performed "Bad Man"
419February 17, 2016Jennifer Lopez, Jay LenoZAYN
Jay Leno subs in for Jimmy's monologue; Ew! sketch (Jennifer Lopez); Password (Jimmy Fallon & Jennifer Lopez Vs. Questlove & Khloé Kardashian); ZAYN performed "It's You"; Note: Snoop Dogg was scheduled; however due to traffic he was unable to make it on time and Leno was interviewed.
420February 18, 2016Vince Vaughn, Ryan SeacrestDead & Company
Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (audience member hugs Drew Carey, Jimmy shoots hoops against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Tariq raps about Oscar nominees, USC Trojans Drumline plays with Questlove); Box of Lies (Vince Vaughn); Dead & Company performed "Shakedown Street"
421February 19, 2016Bryan Cranston, Demi LovatoThe Weeknd
Jimmy sings goodbye to Los Angeles (appearance by Carol Burnett); Thank You Notes; Bryan Cranston gives mock Oscar acceptance speech; Bathtub Interview (Bryan Cranston); Tonight Show Wheel of Musical Impressions (Demi Lovato); The Weeknd performed "In the Night" with Ms. Lauryn Hill
422February 22, 2016Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman, Audra McDonaldDaryl Hall & John Oates
How Jeb Bush's Campaign Money Was Actually Spent; Friends reboot video; The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers (Audra McDonald); Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Steve Higgins Vs. Hugh Jackman & Taron Egerton); Daryl Hall & John Oates performed "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)"
423February 23, 2016Kevin Spacey, Bill & Melinda GatesKygo
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Academy Awards; Kevin Spacey and Jimmy take an Instagram photo; Masterclass Junior (Kevin Spacey); Bill & Melinda Gates dance video; Kygo performed "Stole the Show"
424February 24, 2016Taraji P. Henson, Mike BirbigliaFKA twigs
Jimmy announces ten million YouTube channel subscribers; Tonight Show In Reply To; The Acting Game (Taraji P. Henson); FKA twigs performed "Good to Love"
425February 25, 2016Gerard Butler, Jenny SlateThe 1975
Facebook Reactions Suggestions; Life on the Line Trailer Mistakes; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyHometownIsWeird; Slapjack (Gerard Butler); The 1975 performed "The Sound"
426February 26, 2016Nathan Lane, Keri RussellMary Lynn Rajskub
Thank You Notes; Pyramid (Jimmy Fallon & Nathan Lane Vs. Tariq & Keri Russell)
427February 29, 2016Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, Martin FreemanCast of Bright Star
Tonight Show Do Not Read; Steve Martin's musical number; cast of Bright Star performed "Sun's Gonna Shine"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
428March 1, 2016Margot Robbie, Michael McKean, Kevin DelaneyN/A
Poll Stickers; Donald Trump Audio Tape; Celebrity Quotes; Jimmy Greene sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Facebook's New Emojis; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Margot Robbie)
429March 2, 2016Tina Fey, Rachel MaddowSantigold
Donald Trump gives speech; Tonight Show Know It All (Tina Fey Vs. Rachel Maddow); Santigold performed "Can't Get Enough of Myself"
430March 3, 2016Pharrell Williams, Priyanka ChopraLoretta Lynn
Airline Basic Economy Features; Jesse Frederick's Tonight Show theme song; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MySiblingIsWeird; Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy have a wing-eating contest; Loretta Lynn performed "Everything It Takes"
431March 4, 2016Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyler OakleyThe Who
Thank You Notes; Gwyneth Paltrow and Jimmy eat french fries with Goop skin care products; Tonight Show First Textual Experience (Gwyneth Paltrow); Face Swap (Tyler Oakley); The Who performed "Who Are You"
432March 14, 2016Shailene Woodley, Eugene Levy & Catherine O'HaraAurora
Freestylin' with The Roots; Pictionary (Shailene Woodley & Catherine O'Hara Vs. Jimmy Fallon & Eugene Levy); Aurora performed "Conqueror"
433March 15, 2016Jesse Eisenberg, Zoë Kravitz, Chris MartinColdplay
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to Trump University; Zoë Kravitz brings Dark 'N' Stormys; Inflatable Flip Cup (Zoë Kravitz); Coldplay performed "Up&Up"
434March 16, 2016Jennifer Garner, Cuba Gooding Jr.Pete Yorn
Tonight Show Picture This; Tonight Show Truth or Door (Jennifer Garner, Cuba Gooding Jr.); Pete Yorn performed "Lost Weekend"
435March 17, 2016Clive Owen, Nia VardalosJimmy Carr
The Roots wish viewers Happy St. Patrick's Day; Us Weekly 25 Things You Didn't Know About Me: Ted Cruz; Tonight Show #hashtags: #DontJudgeMe; Tonight Show Kid Letters; Clive Owen and Jimmy have Guinness
436March 18, 2016John Krasinski, Melissa BenoistMike Posner
Safe Plastics Day; Easter Vs. Nor'easter; Bumble Bee Foods Statement; Thank You Notes; Tonight Show Word Sneak (John Krasinski); Melissa Benoist teaches Jimmy how to stack cups; Mike Posner performed "I Took a Pill in Ibiza"
437March 21, 2016Jake Gyllenhaal, Paul ReubensRita Wilson
Different hairstyles on Jimmy Fallon; Point Pleasant Police Department (Jake Gyllenhaal); Paul Reubens hides something on the set for Joe Manganiello; Paul Reubens plays the balloon; Rita Wilson performed "Along for the Ride"
438March 22, 2016Don Cheadle, Saoirse RonanIggy Azalea
Carnival Cruise Line Slogans; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going on Spring Break; Catchphrase (Don Cheadle & Steve Higgins Vs. Jimmy Fallon & Saoirse Ronan); Jimmy gives Saoirse Ronan board games; Iggy Azalea performed "Team"
439March 23, 2016Ice-T, Allison WilliamsGabriel Iglesias
Don Cheadle sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Ice-T brings out his new baby; Ice-T does voice-overs
440March 24, 2016Ben Affleck, Zoe Lister-JonesZAYN
Notice of passing of Garry Shandling at top of broadcast; Tonight Show Video Mixtape; Tonight Show #hashtags: #WeddingFail; Tonight Show Pup Quiz (Ben Affleck); ZAYN performed "Like I Would"
441March 25, 2016Amy Adams, Timothy OlyphantBrett Eldredge
Where My Peeps At?; Jimmy acknowledges death of Garry Shandling; Thank You Notes; Amy Adams cries on cue; Tonight Show Box of Microphones (Amy Adams); Brett Eldredge performed "Drunk on Your Love"
442March 28, 2016Claire Danes, Sullivan StapletonBonnie Raitt
Tonight Show 3 Things You Might Not Know; Tonight Show Do Not Play; Tonight Show Fast Family Feud (Claire Danes); Sullivan Stapleton shows scarred injury; Bonnie Raitt performed "Gypsy in Me"
443March 29, 2016Susan Sarandon, John CenaMichael Stipe
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Taking a Carnival Cruise to Cuba; Sticky Balls (John Cena); Michael Stipe performed "The Man Who Sold the World"
444March 30, 2016James Spader, Colin HanksBibi Bourelly
Presidential Candidate Dates; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Tonight Show Random Cam, election coverage dubbed with Pee-wee Herman, Jimmy & The Roots Vs. Harlem Globetrotters); Bibi Bourelly performed "Sally"
445March 31, 2016Taylor Lautner, Sean "Diddy" CombsWeezer
Marriage Questionnaire; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyKidIsWeird; Milky Cow (Taylor Lautner); Random Object Shootout (Taylor Lautner); Weezer performed "King of the World"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
446April 1, 2016Aaron Paul, GovernorChris ChristieNate Bargatze
Election Romance Novels; Now That's What I Call Music! Commercial; Wendy Melvoin sits in with The Roots; Puppy Predictors: 2016 Final Four Edition; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives Chris Christie a gold candy dish
447April 4, 2016Melissa McCarthy, Bobby CannavaleWild Belle
Jeb Bush Speech Titles; Tonight Show Facebook Comments; Melissa McCarthy brings Jimmy a turtleneck tie; Lip Sync Battle (Melissa McCarthy); Wild Belle performed "Throw Down Your Guns"
448April 5, 2016Greg Kinnear, Padma LakshmiAndrew Dice Clay
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Chipotle Opening a Burger Chain; Tonight Show Bad Signs
449April 6, 2016Cameron Diaz, Jon FavreauAlessia Cara
Chad Smith sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; Drinko (Cameron Diaz); Jon Favreau gives Jimmy a The Jungle Book coin; Alessia Cara performed "Wild Things"
450April 7, 2016Russell Crowe, Jonathan GroffThe Lumineers
Gangster Turkey Quote; The Sugarhill Gang sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show #hashtags: #SpringRaps; Russell Crowe brings Jimmy a hat; Russell Crowe's birthday; Russell Crowe and Jimmy have fairy bread; Box of Lies (Russell Crowe); Jonathan Groff performs a mock ceremony; The Lumineers performed "Ophelia"
451April 8, 2016Kerry Washington, Ken JeongDion
Thank You Notes; Famous Face–Off (Kerry Washington & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Steve Higgins & Ken Jeong); Ken Jeong performed "Three Times a Lady"; Dion performed "Ride with You"
452April 11, 2016Sir Ben Kingsley, CommonIce Cube & Common
North Korea Rocket Launch Test Footage; Tonight Show Obama Expressions; GE Tonight Show Fallonventions: Kid's Inventions; Jimmy lip syncs to Sir Ben Kingsley; Common break-dances; Ice Cube & Common performed "Real People"
453April 12, 2016Amy Schumer, Richard LinklaterZara Larsson
Jimmy congratulates Questlove on his Grammy Award win and new book; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Campaigning in New York; Tonight Show Explain This Photo (Amy Schumer); Zara Larsson performed "Never Forget You"
454April 13, 2016Ice Cube, Ellie KemperConrad Sewell
Chicago Melon; Tonight Show Zoomed In; Tonight Show Battle of the Instant Songwriters; Ellie Kemper announces pregnancy and Jimmy gives her The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ice cream; Conrad Sewell performed "Remind Me"
455April 14, 2016Hugh Laurie, Senator Ted CruzFuture
Donald Trump Phone Call (appearance by Ted Cruz); Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyGeniusIdea; Future performed "Wicked"
456April 15, 2016Robert De Niro, Jesse Tyler FergusonNick Guerra
Old TSA Policy Vs. New TSA Policy; Tonight Show Kid Impressions: Donald Trump Edition; Thank You Notes
457April 25, 2016Ricky Gervais, Ariana GrandeAriana Grande
Film Posters; Jimmy and Questlove acknowledge the death of Prince; Casual Lip Sync (Ariana Grande); Ariana Grande's dog comes out; Ariana Grande performed "Dangerous Woman"
458April 26, 2016Chelsea Handler, Eric BanaD'Angelo & Princess (Maya Rudolph + Gretchen Lieberum)
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The New Season of Game of Thrones; Jimmy promotes the Lexus GS F; Tonight Show Truth or Truth (Chelsea Handler); D'Angelo & Princess performed "Sometimes It Snows in April"
459April 27, 2016Matt Lauer, Gisele BündchenFitz and the Tantrums
Real Effects of Aging; Tonight Show 3 Things You Might Not Know; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Tariq raps recap of Game of Thrones); Gisele Bündchen teaches Jimmy how to walk a runway; Fitz and the Tantrums performed "Hand Clap"
460April 28, 2016Adam Levine, Michael ShannonRae Sremmurd
Campaign Slogans; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyPetIsWeird; Freestylin' with The Roots; Rae Sremmurd performed "Look Alive"
461April 29, 2016Paul Rudd, Hugh DancyJack Whitehall
Thank You Notes; Paul Rudd and Jimmy recreate "Too Much Time on My Hands" music video
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
462May 2, 2016Louis C.K., QuestloveRufus Wainwright
Republican Quotes; Tonight Show Do Not Read; Rufus Wainwright performed "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart"
463May 3, 2016Chris Evans, Marc MaronLittle Big Shots
Lecrae sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to Prom; Frozen Blackjack (Chris Evans); The Tonight Show Presents Little Big Shots
464May 4, 2016Jeremy Renner, Fran LebowitzGrimes
Donald Trump Phone Call; Musical Beers (Jimmy Fallon, Captain America: Civil War cast); Grimes performed "Flesh without Blood"
465May 5, 2016Robert Downey Jr., Amy SedarisChance the Rapper
Tonight Show Puppy Predictors: 2016 Kentucky Derby Edition; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MomQuotes; Robert Downey Jr. gives Jimmy acting lessons; Amy Sedaris brings Jimmy a painting; Amy Sedaris and Jimmy wear sprinkles; Chance the Rapper performed "Blessings"
466May 6, 2016Jane Fonda, Andrew RannellsKeith Urban
Tonight Show Bottled Grump and Glittery Mittens; Thank You Notes; FML (Keith Urban); Giant Beer Pong (Jane Fonda); Keith Urban performed "Wasted Time"
467May 9, 2016Jodie Foster, Daveed DiggsGraham Nash
Tonight Show Bad Signs; Egg Russian Roulette (Jodie Foster); Daveed Diggs raps; Graham Nash performed "This Path Tonight"
468May 10, 2016David Spade, Mrs. Laura Bush & Jenna Bush HagerTegan and Sara
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Being Donald Trump's Vice President; Jimmy promotes Bud Light; Tegan and Sara performed "Boyfriend"
469May 11, 2016Jada Pinkett Smith, Andy CohenGallant
Queen Elizabeth II Quotes; Tonight Show Superlatives; Bonk!; Famous Face–Off (Jada Pinkett-Smith & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Tariq & Andy Cohen); Gallant performed "Weight in Gold"
470May 12, 2016Drake, Megyn KellyMeghan Trainor
Emily Wells sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show #hashtags: #ImDumb; Drake and Jimmy put mini cutouts of album image on the set; Drake and Jimmy have whiskey; Faceketball (Drake); Meghan Trainor performed "Me Too"; Note: Trainor fell to the floor shortly after her performance.
471May 13, 2016Kit Harington, Rose ByrneBlake Shelton
Pick–up Lines; Shaq Podcast; Thank You Notes; Charades (Kit Harington & Rose Byrne Vs. Jimmy Fallon & Blake Shelton); Blake Shelton performed "Came Here to Forget"
472May 16, 2016Andy Samberg, Gigi HadidThe Kills
Old Worker Quotes; Jimmy Fallon, The Lonely Island & The Roots sing "I'm on a Boat" with classroom instruments; Catchphrase (Andy Samberg & Gigi Hadid Vs. Bryce Harper & Jimmy Fallon); Gigi Hadid and Jimmy have burgers; The Kills performed "Doing It to Death"
473May 17, 2016Miley Cyrus, Josh Gad, Anthony Bourdain & Mario BataliN/A
What Cats Are Really Saying; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Traveling by "Hyperloop"; Tonight Show Funny Face Off (Miley Cyrus); Food Pyramid (Jimmy Fallon & Mario Batali Vs. Anthony Bourdain & Josh Gad)
474May 18, 2016Zac Efron, Carmelo AnthonyOneRepublic
Soap Opera Clip; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Two Really Fun Men performed an original song, Jimmy does a dance with Carmelo Anthony); Zac Efron and Jimmy wear wigs; Water War (Zac Efron); OneRepublic performed "Wherever I Go"
475May 19, 2016Seth Rogen, Fred ArmisenCorinne Bailey Rae
Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyWeirdNeighbor; Tonight Show Kid Standup (Seth Rogen); Fred Armisen and Jimmy read each others' minds; Corinne Bailey Rae performed "Green Aphrodisiac"
476May 20, 2016Billy Crystal, Beanie FeldsteinFlatbush Zombies
Thank You Notes; Billy Crystal and Jimmy do impressions at the hospital; Flatbush Zombies performed "Bounce"
477May 23, 2016Jennifer Lawrence, George LopezTom Odell
Obama Quotes; Tonight Show Do Not Play; Tonight Show True Confessions (Jennifer Lawrence, John Oliver); Tom Odell performed "Magnetize"
478May 24, 2016Tyler Perry, Dave FrancoHarland Williams
Questlove and Tariq re-enact a scene from The Bachelorette; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Throwing a Memorial Day BBQ; Blake Shelton Tries Sushi; Gimmie One (Tyler Perry); Dave Franco shows Jimmy how to throw cards
479May 25, 2016Adam Sandler, Karlie KlossAnderson Paak & The Free Nationals featuring T.I.
Service men and women in the audience; Horror Film Sequel Titles; Tonight Show Superlatives; Adam Sandler and Jimmy performed a song for the troops ("Friends on All Bases", to the tune of "Friends in Low Places"); Adam Sandler invites audience to his stand-up tour; Karlie Kloss teaches Jimmy how to pose mid-air; Anderson Paak & The Free Nationals featuring T.I. performed "Come Down"
480May 26, 2016Penélope Cruz, Jeff DanielsDierks Bentley
Musiq Soulchild sits in with The Roots; Jimmy tries on Musiq Soulchild's hat; Tonight Show #hashtags: #SummerRaps; Penélope Cruz styles Jimmy's hair; Tonight Show Dubsmash (Penélope Cruz); Dierks Bentley performed "Somewhere on a Beach"
481May 27, 2016Maya Rudolph & Martin Short, Leslie Odom Jr.Courtney Barnett
TSA Signs; Thank You Notes; Maya Rudolph & Martin Short bring Jimmy a pie; The Windy City Blue (Maya Rudolph & Martin Short); Leslie Odom Jr. burps; Courtney Barnett performed "New Speedway Boogie"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
482June 6, 2016Daniel Radcliffe, Mel BMaren Morris
Song Lyrics; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Daniel Radcliffe tries on outfit; Maren Morris performed "My Church"
483June 7, 2016Ethan Hawke, Freddie Prinze Jr.Ingrid Michaelson
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The NBA Finals; FML (Ethan Hawke); Jimmy gives Ethan Hawke his Saturday Night Live jacket; Ingrid Michaelson performed "Hell No"
484June 8, 2016Mark Ruffalo, Paula PattonThe Lucas Brothers
Trump University Survey Questions; Tonight Show Superlatives; Freestylin' with The Roots; The Best Friends Challenge (Mark Ruffalo); Jimmy gives Paula Patton a "Best Friends" necklace
485June 9, 2016PresidentBarack ObamaMadonna
Slow Jam the News (Barack Obama); Thank You Notes; (Barack Obama); Madonna performed "Borderline"
486June 10, 2016Ryan Seacrest, Cedric the EntertainerChris Young featuring Vince Gill
Dog Quotes; Thank You Notes; Jimmy tries on shirt; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & Cedric the Entertainer Vs. Ryan Seacrest & Steve Higgins); Cedric the Entertainer and Jimmy try on wigs; Chris Young featuring Vince Gill performed "Sober Saturday Night"
487June 13, 2016Liam Hemsworth, Nick JonasNick Jonas
Jimmy acknowledges the Orlando nightclub shooting at the top of the program; Tonight Show Do Not Read; Slip n'Flip (Liam Hemsworth); Nick Jonas and Jimmy redo a game; Nick Jonas gives audience concert tickets; Nick Jonas performed "Close"
488June 14, 2016Don Rickles, Lena DunhamDJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels
Steph Curry Products; Donald Trump Accomplishments; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Father's Day; Regis Philbin brings out a birthday cake for Don Rickles; Box of Lies (Lena Dunham); DJ Shadow featuring Run the Jewels performed "Nobody Speak"
489June 15, 2016Jay Leno, Jeff GoldblumA-F-R-O, Wale
Jay Leno subs in for Jimmy's monologue; Bruce Hornsby and Sonny Emory sit in with The Roots; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Hashtag the Panda dances to "Panda", The Tariq & Adler Show, Box of Freestyle (A-F-R-O); Jeff Goldblum teaches Jimmy chiropratic moves; Wale performed "My PYT"
490June 16, 2016Dwayne Johnson, Jim GaffiganPhantogram
Riley Rowin; Howard Jones sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show #hashtags: #DadQuotes; Saugerties High School Senior Prom (Dwayne Johnson); Jimmy brings out candy for Dwayne Johnson; Phantogram performed "You Don't Get Me High Anymore"
491June 17, 2016Ricky Gervais, Tony HaleBrian Regan
Tonight Show I've Got Good News and Good News; Father's Day Dad Rap; Thank You Notes; Ricky Gervais does terrible impressions
492June 20, 2016Blake Lively, Luke WilsonMumford & Sons featuring Baaba Maal & Beatenberg
Tonight Show Good Name Bad Name Great Name; Tonight Show Know It All (Blake Lively); Jimmy gives Blake Lively a cardboard cutout of himself; Luke Wilson brings Jimmy a book; Mumford & Sons featuring Baaba Maal & Beatenberg performed "There Will Be Time"
493June 21, 2016Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Simmons, Kevin DelaneyN/A
Republican Phone Call Audio; Hillary Clinton Film Titles; Cat Quotes; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Microsoft Getting Into the Weed Business; Two Neil Youngs on a Tree Stump (appearance by Neil Young); Whoopi Goldberg brings Jimmy candy; Whoopi Goldberg and Jimmy sit in the audience; Jimmy gives Ben Simmons a cheesesteak
494June 22, 2016Gordon Ramsay, Elle Fanning, Jack AielloMacklemore & Ryan Lewis
NBC Sunday Night Football Theme Song; Donald Trump Speech (appearance by Jack Aiello); Gordon Ramsay comes out with crutches and a foot cast; Gordon Ramsay and Jimmy have cocktails; Jimmy gives Elle Fanning a high school graduation present; Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Vs. Elle Fanning & Steve Higgins); Jack Aiello does impressions; Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed "Dance Off"
495June 23, 2016Will Forte, Ashley BensonJoseph
Tim Calhoun (Will Forte); Tonight Show #hashtags: #HowIGotFired; Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis performed "Can't Fight This Feeling"; Ashley Benson and Jimmy take videos; Joseph performed "White Flag"
496June 24, 2016Jim Parsons, J. J. WattThe Avett Brothers
Thank You Notes; J. J. Watt and Jimmy take a picture; Egg Russian Roulette (J. J. Watt); The Avett Brothers performed "Satan Pulls the Strings"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
497July 11, 2016Kristen Stewart, Chris ColferShawn Mendes
Horse Quote; Newt Gingrich Resume; Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; Kristen Stewart shows her new tattoo; Jello Shot Twister (Kristen Stewart); Shawn Mendes performed "Treat You Better"
498July 12, 2016Melissa McCarthy, Christian SlaterJennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Shopping on Amazon; Tonight Show Word Sneak (Melissa McCarthy); Jennifer Lopez & Lin-Manuel Miranda performed "Love Make The World Go Round"
499July 13, 2016Kristen Wiig, Rami MalekBenjamin Clementine
Cookbook Chapters; Ariana Grande and Jimmy in Snapchat music video for "Into You"; Tonight Show Bad Signs; Kristen Wiig comes out as JoJo Fletcher; Kristen Wiig and Jimmy performed a song; Benjamin Clementine performed "Cornerstone"
500July 14, 2016Michael Strahan, Parker PoseyMargo Price
Tonight Show #hashtags: #HadToDoIt; Face Breakers (Michael Strahan); Parker Posey brings Jimmy a 500 episode celebration cake and comes out with balloons tied to herself; Margo Price performed "Four Years of Chances"
501July 15, 2016Blake Lively, Rachel MaddowGood Charlotte
Bernie Sanders Book Titles; Ray Parker Jr. sits in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Password (Blake Lively & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Good Charlotte); Jimmy gives Rachel Maddow jerky; Good Charlotte performed "Life Can't Get Much Better"
502July 18, 2016Chris Pine, Joanna LumleyTroye Sivan
Mike Pence Tweets; Tonight Show Do Not Watch; Inflatable Flip Cup (Chris Pine); Joanna Lumley and Jimmy have champagne; Troye Sivan performed "Wild"
503July 19, 2016Idris Elba, Heidi KlumLukas Graham
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Republican National Convention; Donald Trump Speech; Idris Elba dances; Tonight Show Box of Microphones (Idris Elba); Heidi Klum performed a German song; Lukas Graham performed "Mama Said"
504July 20, 2016Mila Kunis, Mike BirbigliaA$AP Mob
Mike Pence Quotes; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Steve Higgins and Jimmy play Corn Hole, Bernie Williams plays whiffle ball, Jimmy does a cannonball); Tonight Show Filtered Scenes (Mila Kunis); A$AP Mob performed "Yamborghini High"
505July 21, 2016Alicia Vikander, Celine DionCeline Dion
Tonight Show Split the Difference; Tonight Show #hashtags: #IGotBusted; Pen in Bottle (Alicia Vikander); Tonight Show Wheel of Musical Impressions (Celine Dion); Celine Dion performed "The Show Must Go On"
506July 22, 2016Simon Cowell, Lilly SinghPenn & Teller
The Tonight Show Recap; Tonight Show The Meme–ing of Art; Thank You Notes; Lilly Singh announces release of her first book; Jimmy Meets Lilly Singh's Parents (Lilly Singh)
507July 25, 2016Denis Leary, Shay MitchellG-Eazy
Tim Kaine Instagram Photos; Corey Henry sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Good Name Bad Name Great Name; Catchphrase (Jimmy Fallon & Denis Leary Vs. G-Eazy & Shay Mitchell); G-Eazy performed "Drifting"
508July 26, 2016Michael Fassbender, Abby ElliottBastille
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Democratic National Convention; Pen in Bottle (Michael Fassbender); Frozen Blackjack (Michael Fassbender); Abby Elliott gives Jimmy a dollar; Bastille performed "Good Grief"
509July 27, 2016Matt Damon, David FehertySturgill Simpson
Army Representative Quotes; Tonight Show 3 Things You Might Not Know; Box of Lies (Matt Damon); Sturgill Simpson performed "All Around You"
510July 28, 2016Will SmithUsher
Candidate Photos; The Tonight Show Recap; Tonight Show #hashtags: #WorstFirstDate; Will Smith re-does his intro; Will Smith and Jimmy plan a trip; Usher performed "Crash"
511July 29, 2016Margot Robbie, Nick Cannon, Martha StewartN/A
Thank You Notes; Tonight Show Jinx Challenge (Margot Robbie); Jimmy Snapchats cooking segment
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
512August 1, 2016Jared Leto, John TurturroBishop Briggs
Facebook Headlines; Leslie Odom Jr. sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Screengrabs; Jared Leto brings Jimmy a gift; Tonight Show Pup Quiz (Jared Leto); Bishop Briggs performed "River"
513August 2, 2016Jonah Hill, Jaden SmithDua Lipa
Tonight Show Netflix Picks; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Olympics in Rio; Jonah Hill and Jimmy Take a Drawing Class; Dua Lipa performed "Hotter than Hell"
514August 3, 2016Aziz Ansari, Carla GuginoJeff Dye
Chad Smith sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show YouTube Premiere; Tonight Show First Textual Experience (Aziz Ansari)
515August 4, 2016Miles Teller, Keri RussellSteven Tyler
United States Badminton team performed "Badminton Boogie"; Writer orders Slurpee by drone; Facebook Messages; Tonight Show #hashtags: #WhyDidISayThat; Slip and Flip (Miles Teller); Steven Tyler performed "We're All Somebody from Somewhere"
516August 5, 2016Jerry Seinfeld, Seth RogenJason Derulo
Olympic Memes; Thank You Notes; Lip Sync Battle (Seth Rogen); Jason Derulo performed "Kiss the Sky"
517August 22, 2016Robert De Niro, Jordan SpiethMartin Garrix & Bebe Rexha
Ryan Lochte Endorsements; Tonight Show Do Not Read; Freestylin' with The Roots; Jordan Spieth attempts to drive a marshmallow into Jimmy's mouth; Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha performed "In the Name of Love"
518August 23, 2016Dolly Parton, Donald Glover, U.S. Women's Gymnastics TeamDolly Parton
Real Briefing Vs. Trump Briefing; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Returning Home with a Gold Medal; Hungry Hungry Humans (Simone Biles & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Laurie Hernandez & Aly Raisman Vs. Gabby Douglas & Madison Kocian Vs. Tariq & Donald Glover); Dolly Parton performed "Pure & Simple"
519August 24, 2016Aaron Paul, Tig NotaroFlorida Georgia Line
James Valentine sits in with The Roots; Bonk!; Jimmy debuts the show's new app; Aaron Paul uses the app; Musical Beers (Aaron Paul, Tig Notaro, Florida Georgia Line); Jimmy uses the new app; Florida Georgia Line performed "H.O.L.Y."
520August 25, 2016Barbra Streisand, Alec BaldwinBarbra Streisand & Alec Baldwin
Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyDumbLie; Barbra Streisand and Jimmy as Donald Trump performed a duet; Barbra Streisand & Alec Baldwin performed "The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened"
521August 26, 2016Jessica Alba, Jeff FoxworthyJeff Foxworthy
The Tower Opening Credits; Hillary Clinton Phone Call; Thank You Notes; Jessica Alba uses the Bonk! app; Roomba Pong (Jessica Alba & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Jeff Foxworthy & Steve Higgins); Jeff Foxworthy did a stand-up comedy bit
522August 29, 2016Kevin Bacon, Meghan TrainorMeghan Trainor featuring Yo Gotti
Tonight Show Picture This; First Drafts of Rock: "Free Fallin'" (Kevin Bacon); Meghan Trainor comes out in a giraffe onesie and brings Jimmy a dinosaur onesie; Meghan Trainor featuring Yo Gotti performed "Better"
523August 30, 2016Mel Brooks, Rita OraBanks & Steelz
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Being a Freshman in College; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Tariq & Adler Podcast, Matt Farley performed an original song); Mel Brooks and Jimmy acknowledge Gene Wilder's death; Banks & Steelz performed "Giant"
524August 31, 2016David Spade, The Kids from Stranger ThingsTove Lo
Questlove & David Spade re-enact a scene from Bachelor in Paradise; Frédéric Yonnet sits in with The Roots; Deleted scene from Stranger Things; Stranger Strings (The Kids from Stranger Things); Tove Lo performed "Cool Girl"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
525September 1, 2016Harry Connick Jr., Michael PhelpsZara Larsson
New Hats; Quarterback Quotes; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyRoomateIsWeird; Jimmy promotes Masterpass; Harry Connick Jr. plays a miniature piano; Egg Russian Roullette (Michael Phelps); Zara Larsson performed "Lush Life"
526September 2, 2016Meg Ryan, Nick Kroll & John MulaneyDan White
Writer goes through electric wall; Election Fight Titles; Thank You Notes; Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & Meg Ryan Vs. Nick Kroll & John Mulaney); Nick Kroll & John Mulaney bring Jimmy a Tonight Show sweatshirt
527September 6, 2016Clint Eastwood, Molly ShannonMike Posner
Millenial Quotes; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The New NFL Season; Tonight Show Bad Signs; Clint Eastwood uses the Bonk! app; Mike Posner performed "Be As You Are"
528September 7, 2016Michael Strahan, Zachary Quinto, James CameronVince Staples
Tonight Show Don't Quote Me.; Giant Tricycle Race (Michael Strahan); Vince Staples performed "Smile"
529September 8, 2016Ariana Grande, Russell WestbrookAriana Grande
New Siri Voices; Tonight Show Superlatives; Jimmy tries Ariana Grande's frangrance; Tonight Show Best Friends Challenge (Ariana Grande); Jimmy gives Russell Westbrook a Tonight Show ball; Jimmy tries Russell Westbrook's sunglasses and jewelry; Random Object Football Toss (Russell Westbrook); Ariana Grande performed "Side to Side"
530September 9, 2016James Spader, Mandy MooreJack White
Tonight Show Fashion Week: Dad Edition; Stewart Lindsey sit in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives James Spader a signed Jack White album; Jack White performed "Love Is the Truth/You Got Her in Your Pocket"
531September 12, 2016Renée Zellweger, Shaquille O'NealEric Church
Stan Wawrinka and Jimmy play Wii Tennis; Tonight Show Good Name Bad Name Great Name; Renée Zellweger and Jimmy do dance moves; Heavyweight Wrestling (Renée Zellweger); Jimmy gives Shaquille O'Neal a framed picture of his last appearance; Jell-O Shot Twister (Shaquille O'Neal); Eric Church performed "Kill a Word"
532September 13, 2016Shailene Woodley, Carol BurnettJason Aldean
Hillary supporters' illnesses; Wayne Newton sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: The Trump–Putin "Bromance"; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Carol Burnett); Jason Aldean performed "A Little More Summertime"
533September 14, 2016Kevin James, Michael B. JordanBon Iver
Donald Trump's Childhood Home Listing; Tonight Show Superlatives; Kevin James re-does his entrance and prat falls; Slapjack (Kevin James); Jimmy gives Michael B. Jordan a cheesesteak and soda; Michael B. Jordan shows Jimmy his signature handshake; Bon Iver performed "8 (circle)"
534September 15, 2016Donald Trump, Norm MacdonaldKiiara
Colin Powell Quotes; Tortoise Pick–up Lines; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyTeacherIsWeird; Jimmy gives Donald Trump a mock job interview; Jimmy messes up Donald Trump's hair; Norm MacDonald reads his medical records; Kiiara performed "Gold"
535September 16, 2016Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus
New Yorker Quotes; Runner Quotes; Tonight Show I've Got Good News and Good News; Thank You Notes; Phone Booth (Miley Cyrus); Miley Cyrus shows Jimmy a yoga move; Miley Cyrus performed "Baby, I'm in the Mood for You"
536September 19, 2016Hillary Clinton, Terry CrewsAriana Grande
Jimmy's birthday; Samsung Slogans; Ew! sketch (with Miley Cyrus); Jimmy gives Hillary Clinton Donald Trump's alleged presents to her; Jimmy reads kids' letters to Hillary Clinton; Terry Crews dances; Ariana Grande performed "Jason's Song (Gave It Away)"
537September 20, 2016Mark Wahlberg, Sofía Vergara
Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Taking a Self-Driving Uber; Giant Slingshot Target Practice (Mark Wahlberg); Mark Wahlberg and Jimmy have watermelon; Sofía Vergara gives Jimmy a Pittsburgh Steelers nail file; Sofía Vergara sucks on a helium balloon; MØ performed "Final Song"
538September 21, 2016Kelly Ripa, Priyanka ChopraBand of Horses
Letter to Santa; Stephen King Novels; Tonight Show Superlatives; Kelly & Jimmy (Tonight Show Word Sneak (Questlove, Kelly Ripa)); Priyanka Chopra and Jimmy bob for apples; Band of Horses performed "Casual Party"
539September 22, 2016Hugh Jackman, Ken JeongShawn Mendes
Tonight Show #hashtags: #FallSongs (with Shawn Mendes); Tonight Show Do Not Play; Jimmy gives Hugh Jackman a hat; Tonight Show Turn and Face the Music (Ken Jeong); Shawn Mendes performed "Mercy"
540September 23, 2016Will Forte, Haley Bennett, Grace VanderWaalGrace VanderWaal
Obama Letters; Will Forte sits in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Will Forte does his Emmy acceptance speech; Haley Bennett brings Jimmy a pie; Chubby Bunny (Grace VanderWaal); Grace VanderWaal performed "Clay"
541September 26, 2016Samuel L. Jackson, Gina RodriguezThe Lemon Twigs
Tonight Show Picture This; Tonight Show Truth or Door (Samuel L. Jackson, Gina Rodriguez); Gina Rodriguez raps; The Lemon Twigs performed "These Words"
542September 27, 2016Kate Hudson, David OyelowoDe La Soul featuring Estelle
Soundcheck Audio; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Getting a Flu Shot; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Tod the Turtle makes an appearance, celebrity impersonators re-enact a scene from A Few Good Men, Hashtag the Panda visits a corn maze); David Oyelowo impersonates an elephant; De La Soul featuring Estelle performed "Memory Of... (US)"
543September 28, 2016Sting, Kate McKinnonSting
Disney Character Issues; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show First Textual Experience (Sting); Sting performed "I Can't Stop Thinking About You"
544September 29, 2016Margot Robbie, Vice PresidentJoe BidenMetallica
Tonight Show #hashtags: #Badvice; Margot Robbie and Jimmy give each other temporary tattoos; Joe Biden and Jimmy have ice cream cones; Metallica performed "Moth Into Flame"
545September 30, 2016Nathan Lane, James MarsdenNikki Glaser
Jimmy chats with Willie Nelson in his tour bus; Thank You Notes; Tonight Show Fast Family Feud (Nathan Lane); James Marsden uses the Bonk! app
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
546October 3, 2016Emily Blunt, Mario BataliChance the Rapper
Tonight Show Screengrabs; Box of Lies (Emily Blunt); Mario Batali and Jimmy have roast beef sandwiches; Mario Batali and Jimmy taste test wine; Chance the Rapper performed "Blessings"; Chance the Rapper brings Jimmy a hat; Tariq's birthday
547October 4, 2016John Goodman, Lin-Manuel MirandaEmpire of the Sun
Tonight Show VP or TV; Olivia Newton-John sits in with The Roots; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Disney Buying Twitter; Hashtag the Panda drives John Goodman to Broadway; Lin-Manuel Miranda debuts footage from Hamilton documentary urging people to vote; Tonight Show Wheel of Freestyle (Lin-Manuel Miranda); Empire of the Sun performed "High and Low"; Jimmy and Olivia Newton-John sing "You're the One That I Want"
548October 5, 2016Ashton Kutcher, Issa RaeNorah Jones
Tonight Show Superlatives; Freestylin' with The Roots; Norah Jones performed "Flipside"
549October 6, 2016Ben Affleck, Sarah PaulsonGreen Day
Jimmy requests an Uber driver; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyDumbArguement; Tonight Show Kid Theater (Ben Affleck); Sarah Paulson performed "Shoop"; Green Day performed "Bang Bang"
550October 7, 2016Tyler Perry, Abigail SpencerVan Morrison
Thank You Notes; Donald Trump calls Madea for her vote; Abigail Spencer performed "New York, New York"; Van Morrison performed "Too Late"
551October 10, 2016Taraji P. Henson, David HarbourPhish
Doyle Bramhall II sits in with The Roots; Jimmy & Blake Milk a Cow; Password (Taraji P. Henson & Jimmy Fallon Vs. Questlove & Tariq); David Harbour explains his recent injury; Phish performed "Breath and Burning"
552October 11, 2016Kevin Hart, Phoebe Waller-BridgeJames Bay
Cards; Football Player Quotes; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Going to a Netflix Movie Theater; Kevin Hart brings Jimmy underwear; Tonight Show Would You Rather (Kevin Hart); James Bay performed "Hold Back the River"
553October 12, 2016Bryan Cranston, Dakota FanningBarry Gibb
Silhouette Singing with Barry Gibb; Tonight Show Superlatives; Cranst In, Cranst Out (Bryan Cranston); Dakota Fanning and Jimmy have spaghetti and meatballs; Barry Gibb performed "In the Now"
554October 13, 2016Vin Diesel, Norman ReedusChristine and the Queens
Hillary Clinton Rapper Names; Tonight Show #hashtags: #IOnceOverheard; Jimmy and Kevin Visit a Haunted House; Vin Diesel speaks Korean; Norman Reedus and Jimmy try on motorcycle helmuts; Christine and the Queens performed "Tilted"
555October 14, 2016Jon Hamm, Colleen BallingerKings of Leon
Thank You Notes; In the Dusk of Night (Jon Hamm); Colleen Ballinger does her character of Miranda Sings; Kings of Leon performed "Waste a Moment"
556October 24, 2016Ricky Gervais, Evan Rachel WoodMichael Bublé
Tonight Show This Week in Memes; Ricky Gervais gives audience copies of his new book; Tonight Show Random People Random Questions (Ricky Gervais); Michael Bublé performed "Nobody but Me"
557October 25, 2016Ethan Hawke, Phil CollinsPhil Collins
Tonight Show Tips: Life Without the Internet; Tonight Show Pros & Cons: Halloween; Tonight Show Today I Learned; Phil Collins performed "In the Air Tonight"
558October 26, 2016Justin Timberlake, Tracey UllmanStanaj
Facebook Messages; Tonight Show Superlatives; Camp Winnipesaukee (Justin Timberlake); Justin Timberlake and Jimmy throw a pizza party for the audience; Tonight Show Best Friends Challenge (Justin Timberlake); Stanaj performed "Ain't Love Strange"
559October 27, 2016Martin Short & Steve Martin, Ruth NeggaCommon
Baseball Cards; Jimmy bumps into Martin Short & Steve Martin backstage; Tonight Show #hashtags: #CrappyHalloween; Tonight Show True Confessions (Martin Short & Steve Martin); Common performed "Black America Again"
560October 28, 2016Anna Kendrick, John LithgowIliza
Vine User; Chick Corea sits in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Kids Campfire (Anna Kendrick, John Lithgow); John Lithgow has chicken soup; John Lithgow reads lines from "Monster Mash" as Winston Churchill
561October 31, 2016Jay Leno, Gabrielle UnionBig Sean
Jay Leno subs in for Jimmy during the monologue; Tonight Show Good Name Bad Name Great Name; Jay Leno, Gabrielle Union and Jimmy have beef sandwiches; Big Sean performed "Bounce Back"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
562November 1, 2016Whoopi Goldberg, Zoe Lister-JonesLecrae featuring Lalah Hathaway
Cleveland Browns Playbook; High Pet Quotes; Tonight Show Netflix Picks; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Jimmy, Steve Higgins and Questlove snap their fingers to change things, Hashtag the Panda dunks a basketball, Tariq raps, Don Francisco makes an appearance); Whoopi Goldberg brings Jimmy gingerbread men; Jimmy tries on one of Whoopi Goldberg's Christmas sweaters; Lecrae featuring Lalah Hathaway performed "Can't Stop Me Now"
563November 2, 2016Vince Vaughn, Patton OswaltNate Bargatze
News Reporter Quotes; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show Emotional Interview (Vince Vaughn)
564November 3, 2016Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel MaddowJim James
Chicago Cubs Player Statistics; Tonight Show #hashtags: #ThatHappened; Benedict Cumberbatch and Jimmy go through a list of Cumberbatch's firsts; Tonight Show Mad Lib Theater (Benedict Cumberbatch); Jim James performed "Here in Spirit"
565November 4, 2016Dana Carvey, Alicia KeysAlicia Keys featuring Young M.A.
Tonight Show I've Got Good News and Good News; Thank You Notes; Dana Carvey and Jimmy do impressions; Tumbleweed Canyon (Dana Carvey); Questlove brings Alicia Keys Krispy Kreme doughnuts; Alicia Keys featuring Young M.A. performed "Blended Family (What You Do for Love)"
566November 7, 2016Bill Maher, Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler, Ben Zobrist, Daveed DiggsMUNA
Tonight Show Obama Expressions; Ultimate Staring Contest (appearance by Alicia Keys); Anthony Rizzo, Dexter Fowler and Ben Zobrist bring out the World Series and Most Valuable Player trophies; Daveed Diggs raps with Tariq; MUNA performed "Loudspeaker"
567November 9, 2016Eddie Redmayne, Lily CollinsMartha Wainwright
Republican Quotes; Tonight Show Superlatives; Eddie Redmayne teaches Jimmy a mating dance; Tonight Show Know It All (Eddie Redmayne, Lilly Collins); Martha Wainwright performed "Around the Bend"
568November 10, 2016Amy Adams, Joe BuckMorgane & Chris Stapleton
Dow Jones Index; Starbucks Cup Designs; Seattle Seahawks do Thank You Notes; Tonight Show #hashtags: #NewWeedLaws; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Amy Adams); Joe Buck performed "Ring of Fire"; Morgane & Chris Stapleton performed "You Are My Sunshine"
569November 11, 2016Jeremy Renner, Michelle DockeryDavid Blaine
Jeremy Renner and Jimmy play catch; Thank You Notes; Michelle Dockery reads affirmations; Michelle Dockery and Jimmy use magnetic poetry
570November 14, 2016Billy Bob Thornton, Andy CohenLittle Big Town
Barack Obama and Donald Trump Phone Call; Tonight Show Sidewalk of Fame; Stranger Strings (Little Big Town); The Muff of Truth (Andy Cohen); Little Big Town performed "Better Man"
571November 15, 2016Warren Beatty, Naomie Harris, Robbie RobertsonAminé
US Senator Jobs; Tonight Show Polls; Aminé performed "Caroline"
572November 16, 2016Jude Law, Sterling K. BrownMacklemore featuring Ariana DeBoo
Application For Employment; Jimmy Fallon, Metallica & The Roots sing "Enter Sandman" with classroom instruments; Tonight Show Kid Letters; Macklemore featuring Ariana DeBoo performed "Drug Dealer"
573November 17, 2016Nicole Kidman, Michael ShannonMiranda Lambert
NFL Improvements; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show #hashtags: #MyFamilyIsWeird; Keith Urban makes an appearance; Tonight Show Jinx Challenge (Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban); Michael Shannon brings Jimmy clothing; Jimmy gives Michael Shannon a destroyed novel; Miranda Lambert performed "Vice"
574November 18, 2016Megyn Kelly, Chris HardwickEmeli Sandé
Jimmy invites audience member (Joe Biagini) back to re-do a failed high five; Jimmy plays Mario Kart with race car drivers; Thank You Notes; Megyn Kelly's birthday; Box of Lies (Megyn Kelly); Emeli Sandé performed "Hurts"
575November 21, 2016Jason Sudeikis, Kristin ChenowethDNCE
Donald Trump Tweets; Tonight Show Motivational Monday; Tonight Show Do Not Read; Tandem Sculptionary (Jason Sudeikis & Kristin Chenoweth Vs. Jimmy Fallon & Joe Jonas); Kristin Chenoweth performed "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)"; DNCE performed "Body Moves"
576November 22, 2016Sarah Jessica Parker, Scott Patterson, Liza Weil, Sean Gunn, Frank Pellegrino Jr.N/A
Popular Times; Tonight Show Siri Reminders; Tonight Show Bad Signs
577November 23, 2016Leslie Mann, Jonathan GroffMachine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
Thanksgiving Timeline; Tonight Show Superlatives; GE Tonight Show Fallonventions: Kid's Inventions; Leslie Mann gives Jimmy a coin to give to Harvey Keitel; Jimmy teaches Jonathan Groff a breathing technique; Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello performed "Bad Things"
578November 24, 2016Kevin James, Tim GunnThe Weeknd
Thank You Notes; Point Pleasant Police Department (Kevin James); The Weeknd performed "I Feel It Coming/Starboy"
579November 28, 2016John Goodman, Alexis BledelDavid Gray
Tonight Show This Week in Memes; Freestylin' with The Roots; David Gray performed "Babylon"
580November 29, 2016Natalie Portman, J. J. AbramsNeil Diamond
Tonight Show Podcasts; Jimmy gives Natalie Portman an ornament; Password (Jimmy Fallon & Neil Diamond Vs. Natalie Portman & J. J. Abrams); Neil Diamond performed "Christmas Medley"
581November 30, 2016Felicity Jones, Billy CrudupCar Seat Headrest
Betsy DeVos Phone Call; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show Audience Suggestion Box (Jimmy dresses up as Santa Claus and tackles a Christmas tree); Felicity Jones teaches Jimmy kung fu; Car Seat Headrest performed "Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales"
No.Original air dateGuest(s)Musical/entertainment guest(s)
582December 1, 2016Emma Stone, Jeffrey Dean MorganKacey Musgraves
Tariq promotes his grill; Tonight Show #hashtags: #OfficePartyFail; Tonight Show Whisper Challenge (Emma Stone); Jeffrey Dean Morgan brings Jimmy a basket of candy; Kacey Musgraves performed "Present Without a Bow"
583December 2, 2016Chelsea Handler, John LegendJohn Legend
Trump Tower Audio Book; Chuck Leavell sits in with The Roots; Thank You Notes; Charades (Jimmy Fallon & Chelsea Handler Vs. John Legend & Chrissy Teigen); John Legend performed "Penthouse Floor"
584December 5, 2016Annette Bening, Steve HarveyThe Hamilton Mixtape
Tonight Show Popular Mathematics; Tonight Show Family Feud (The Roots Vs. Jimmy Fallon & the cast of 20th Century Women); The Hamilton Mixtape performed "My Shot"
585December 6, 2016Chris Pratt, Katie HolmesJohn Mayer
Tonight Show Screengrabs; Tonight Show Mad Lib Theater (Chris Pratt); John Mayer performed "Love on the Weekend"
586December 7, 2016Edward Norton, Riz Ahmed, Reggie Fils-AiméN/A
Holiday Edition: Tariq & Adler Podcast; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show Wheel of Freestyle (Riz Ahmed); Shigeru Miyamoto performed the Super Mario Bros. theme with The Roots; Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé demonstrates the Nintendo Switch
587December 8, 2016Robert De Niro, Pharrell WilliamsPharrell Williams & Kim Burrell
Updated Books; Tom Petty makes an appearance; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show #hashtags: #TextFail; Pharrell Williams & Kim Burrell performed "I See a Victory"
588December 9, 2016Dwayne Johnson, Kevin NealonGary Clark Jr.
DuckTales Opening Credits; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives Dwayne Johnson rocks; Dwayne Johnson gives back to a show producer and army veteran; Gary Clark Jr. performed "Hold On"
589December 12, 2016Bryan Cranston, Hailee SteinfeldOneRepublic
Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Cranst n' Cranst Out (Bryan Cranston); Canyon Confessions (Bryan Cranston); OneRepublic performed "Let's Hurt Tonight"
590December 13, 2016Michael Fassbender, Jon GlaserNiall Horan
Gift Ideas; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show Air Guitar Battle (Michael Fassbender); Jon Glaser comes out in a relaxation hoodie and gives Jimmy a hoodie; Jon Glaser and Jimmy have a relaxing interview; Niall Horan performed "This Town"
591December 14, 2016Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elle FanningChildish Gambino
Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Do Not Play; Arnold Schwarzenegger explains his recent injury; Tonight Show Snapchat Interview (Arnold Schwarzenegger); Childish Gambino performed "Redbone"
592December 15, 2016Casey Affleck, Sienna MillerSolange
Tonight Show Break from Political Jokes; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show #hashtags: #CrappyHolidays; Tonight Show Ramen Challenge (Sienna Miller); Solange performed "Rise/Weary"
593December 16, 2016Reese Witherspoon, Andrew RannellsWarpaint
Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Stocking Stuffers; Thank You Notes; Jimmy gives Reese Witherspoon a present for her mother; Tonight Show Virtual Reality Pictionary (Jimmy Fallon & Andrew Rannells Vs. Steve Higgins & Michael Che); Warpaint performed "New Song"
594December 19, 2016Denzel Washington, Tony BennettTony Bennett
Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Sidewalk of Fame; Tonight Show Greeting Card Monologues (Denzel Washington); Tony Bennett performed "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"
595December 20, 2016Matthew McConaughey, Janelle MonáeSylvan Esso
Jimmy, The Roots, the cast of Sing and Paul McCartney performed an A cappella rendition of "Wonderful Christmastime"; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Kid Theater (Matthew McConaughey); Sylvan Esso performed "Radio"
596December 21, 2016Viola Davis, Nick Kroll, Chef Daniel HummPentatonix
Donald Trump Audio Tapes; Tonight Show Break from Political Jokes; Marijuana User Quotes; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show Superlatives; Tonight Show Best Friends Challenge (Viola Davis); Pentatonix performed "The Christmas Sing Along".
597December 22, 2016Jim Parsons, Evan & JillianDec 99th
Trump Winery Ad; Tonight Show I've Got Good News and Good News; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Tonight Show #hashtags: #NewXmasCarols; Tonight Show 5–Second Summaries (Jim Parsons); Dec 99th performed "Seaside Panic Room/N.A.W. Medley"
598December 23, 2016Adam Driver, Rhett and LinkR. Kelly
Tariq interrupts the monologue; Tonight Show 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters; Thank You Notes; Will It Tea? (Rhett and Link); R. Kelly performed "Step in the Name of Love/Home for Christmas"
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