List of Web archiving initiatives
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This article contains a list of Web archiving initiatives worldwide. For easier reading, the information is divided in three tables: web archiving initiatives, archived data, and access methods.
Map of Web archiving initiatives worldwide in April, 2021. Data
This Wikipedia page was originally generated from the results obtained for the research paper A survey on web archiving initiatives[1] published by the Arquivo.pt (the Portuguese web-archive) team.
Web archiving initiatives
NameCountryCreation YearTechnologiesNumber of EmployeesComments
End of Term Web ArchiveUnited States2008Heritrix, Wayback6-10The End of Term Web Archive captures and saves U.S. Government federal government websites (.gov, .mil, etc) in the Legislative, Executive, or Judicial branches of the government at the end of presidential administrations. Beginning in 2008, the EOT has thus far preserved websites from administration changes in 2008, 2012 and 2016, and is currently gearing up for the 2020 transition. Project partners include CA Digital Library, Internet Archive, Library of Congress, George Washington University, Stanford University, University of North Texas, and the US Government Publishing Office.
Archive.StUnited States2017Archive.st custom programming provided by US Support LLC>10Archive.st provides free online web archiving in the form of a .JPG and HTML archive.
EU web archiveEuropean Union2013Heritrix, Wayback1The EU web archive contains the main websites of the EU institutions, which are hosted on the european .eu domain and subdomains. Its aim is to preserve EU web content in the long term and to keep it accessible for the public.
Alabama State Government and Politics Web Site and Social Media Archives[2]United States2005Archive-it service
Australia's Web Archive[3]Australia1996PANDORA Digital Archiving System (PANDAS), Heritrix, Bamboo, NLA Trove, HTTrack, Webrecorder, outbackCDX.4>10The National Library of Australia leads the 'PANDORA' component of the Australian Web Archive which takes a selective approach and is a collaborative program of 10 agencies providing curatorial input. PANDORA uses the PANDAS workflow system (developed by the NLA in the late 1990s) with HTTrack as the default harvester. The National Library of Australia also conducts bulk harvesting of Australian government (the Australian Government Web Archive) websites using the Heritrix harvester and Webrecorder with a backend infrastructure (referred to as 'Bamboo') to organise content and the NLA developed outbackCDX tool to manage indexing access restrictions for content. In addition to these approaches the National Library also conducts annual harvests of the whole .au domain which is donein collaboration with the Internet Archive using Heritrix and Wayback. In 2019, PANDORA, the Australian Government Web Archive and the whole domain harvests were integrated into a new single discovery and delivery portal through the NLA's Trove discovery service.
PROMISE project[4]Belgium2017Heritrix, PyWB7The PROMISE project was a two-year project (2017-2019) that explored the policy-related, legal, technical and scientific issues related to archiving the Belgian web. The aim of the project was to a) identify best practices in the field of web-archiving b) develop a strategy for preserving the Belgian web c) set up a pilot for preserving and providing access to the archived Belgian web and d) make recommendations for the implementation of a sustainable web-archiving service. The project was launched by the Royal Library of Belgium[5] and the State Archives of Belgium[6] in collaboration with Ghent University (Research Group for Media, Innovation and Communication[7] and Ghent Centre for Digital Humanities[8]), Université de Namur (Research Centre in Information, Law and Society[9]) and Haute-École Bruxelles-Brabant[10] (Unité de Recherche et de Formation en Sciences de l'Information et de la Documentation). In October 2019 the concluding colloquium 'Saving the web: the promise of a Belgian web archive'[11]) took place at KBR. The main research findings were presented during this colloquium.
KBR web archive[12]Belgium20201KBR[13] or the Belgian Royal Library is developing an operational web archive based on the findings of the PROMISE research project PROMISE research project[4] (2017-2019). Operational policies and technical infrastructure will be developed based on the strategy outlined in the PROMISE project.
MT.GOV ConnectUnited States2007Archive-It Service1Montana State Library collection of state agency websites dating from 1996 in partial fulfillment of statutory mandate[14] to identify, acquire, describe, and provide permanent public access to state publications. Digitized historic state publications available at https://archive.org/details/MontanaStateLibrary
Stillio[15]Worldwide2011Puppeteer, V8 engine, Gecko, WebKit, Amazon Web Services34SaaS solution for periodical website & social media archiving. Provides screenshot archiving of both static and dynamic web pages in a fixed duration which can be customized as per requirements. Helps in regulatory compliances, trend tracking, ad banner verification, version changes.
PageFreezer.com[16]Worldwide2009PageFreezer's Deep Web Crawler, Hadoop, Cassandra, Elastic Search60SaaS solution for website & social media archiving. Provides automatic collection, replay, full-text search and data export of websites, blogs, social media and enterprise collaboration platforms for eDiscovery and regulatory compliance with FDA, FINRA, FSA, SEC, Federal Rules of Evidence, FOIA and records management laws.
WebPreserver.com[17]Worldwide2015WebPreserverChrome webbrowser plugin and web-based service to collect authenticated, legally-admissible webpages & social media pages for eDiscovery. Web snapshots can be exported in EDRM-XML, WARC, PDF and native HTML. The WebPreserver.com services allow legal teams to organize, tag and collaborate the digital evidence captured with the WebPreserver tool.
OoCities — GeoCities Archive / GeoCities Mirror[18]Germany2009[19]
Webarchive Austria[20]Austria2008NetarchiveSuite, Heritrix, OpenWayback1
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek[21]Germany2012Tools of oia GmbH3The crawling for the selective web archive is done by the German company oia GmbH. The access is restricted to the reading rooms of the German National Library.
DILIMAG (Digital Literature Magazines)[22]Austria2007WebCurator2One technician, one for collecting and metadata.
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)[23]Canada2012Heritrix, Wayback.22 librarians
Web Archiving Program at Library and Archives Canada[24]Canada2005Archive-It service43Web archiving in Canada is a legislated activity that is conducted for digital preservation purposes under section 8 (2) of the Library and Archives of Canada Act.[25] Four FTEs and three part-time staff work on the program. Web archiving at Library and Archives Canada[26] is also utilized to effect Legal Deposit.[27]
Web Information Collection and Preservation - WICP (Chinese Web Archive)[28]China2003Heritrix, Wayback and NutchWAX.
Croatian Web Archive (Hrvatski arhiv weba - HAW)[29]Croatia2004Crawl: DAMP software, Heritrix
Access: Wayback, Lucene
22The Croatian Web Archive (HAW) is a collection of content harvested from the Internet. In 2004 the Archive started as a concept of selective capturing of web resources. Whole .hr domain harvests have been conducted annually since 2011. as well as thematic/event harvesting for events of national interest. The content of the Archive is publicly available via HAW website. (2 librarians full time, 1 librarian part time, NUL), 2 IT professionals part time (SRCE - University of Zagreb, University Computing Centre)
Webarchiv (National Library of the Czech Republic)[30]Czech Republic2000Heritrix, Wayback and Seeder.52Czech web archive (Webarchiv) maintained by National Library of the Czech Republic focuses on archiving the Czech national web. Acquisition policy consists of three lines: selective harvests (collection of resources based on selection criteria), topic collections (focused on significant topics in the area of the Czech web) and comprehensive harvests (automatic harvests of content on the national domain). Staff contains 1 manager, 3.5 curators + 1.5 technical staff.
Netarkivet/ The Danish web archive (Royal Danish Library)Denmark2005NetarchiveSuite, Heritrix, Free text search using Apache Solr, Blacklight, and Wayback for playback. Developing search frontend and playback engine SolrWayback.15.5 FTESince 2005 the collection and preservation of the Danish part of the internet is included in the Danish Legal Deposit Law. The task is undertaken by the Royal Danish Library.
There is no public access to the Danish web archive .The archive is only accessible to researchers who have requested and been granted special permission to use the collection for specific research purposes.
This website, Netarkivet.dk, is designed to inform researchers, website owners, and other interested parties about the Danish web archive. For the time being most of the website is in Danish.
Estonian Web Archive[31]Estonia2010Heritrix, Squidwarc, PhantomJS and Puppeteer for screenshots of websites frontpages, Pywb, Custom Curator Tool.31Since 2006 the Legal Deposit Law allows the National Library of Estonia to collect Estonian websites as legal deposit copies. Web harvesting is done and archive is maintained by the National Library of Estonia.
Finnish Web Archive[32]Finland2008Heritrix, Solr, Wayback.2>2Maintained by the National Library of Finland. Annually, all *.fi domains are harvested, as well as web servers located in Finland. Outside these harvests, the library manually selects relevant websites.
BnF - BnF Web Legal Deposit[33]France2006Heritrix, Wayback, NutchWAX, NetarchiveSuite, BCWeb.10
Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)[34]France2009Crawl: PhagoSite, Crocket based on Firefox, Fantomas based on PhantomJS / Access: Vortex / Search: Dowser based on Elasticsearch7Staff of 80 documentalists taking part in nominating sites and QA
Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg​[35]Germany2003Archive-It service0.5Websites of about 20 cities, municipalities, districts and associated corporations, and state libraries are collected by BSZ in commission within various Archive-It collections. Public access. Data storage: San Francisco (Archive-It) as well as backup with Baden-Wuerttemberg storage infrastructure.
Web archive of the German Bundestag[36]Germany2005
Hungarian Web Archiving InitiativeHungary2017Heritrix, Wayback, PyWb, Brozzler, Webrecorder, WCT32From April 2017 till December 2019 the National Széchényi Library ran a web archiving pilot project as a part of its comprehensive IT infrastructure development programme. In 2020 web archiving has had become a permanent service of the National Széchényi Library. From 2021 the legal framework has established and the web archive works according to the modified paragraphs of the cultural law and the corresponding government decree. We are running thematic, event-based and domain harvests. We have a small demo collection with metadata and full-text search capabilities. The rest of the archive is not publicly available.
Iceland[37]Iceland2004Heritrix, OpenWayback
National Library of Ireland Web Archive[38]Ireland2011Archive-it service10.5 FTEThe National Library of Ireland selectively archives Irish websites of scholarly, cultural and political importance through its NLI Selective Web Archive.
Israel Web Archive[39]Israel2011Heritrix, Web curator tool, Wayback, Rosetta1>3National Library of Israel collecting '.IL' domains, 1 Project Manager part time, 1 Technical Leader full time, 1 librarian part time, 1 IT Infrastructure part time
National Central Library of FlorenceItaly2018Archive-it ServiceThe aim of the project is to collect and to archive digital document and web site from the ".it" domain having "cultural interest" according with the national legal deposit law.
Web Archiving Project (WARP), The National Diet Library, Japan[40]Japan2002Heritrix, OpenWayback, Solr72Web Archiving Project (WARP) has been archiving websites since 2002. The National Diet Library Law revised in 2009 and coming into force in April 2010, allows the NDL to archive Japanese official institutions' websites: the government, the Diet, the courts, local governments, independent administrative organizations, and universities. Websites of cultural and international events held in Japan, and those related to online periodicals, are also archived based on the permission of their webmasters.
National Library of Korea - OASIS (Online Archiving & Searching Internet Sources)[41]Korea2001Own system based on Oracle DBMS and specialized search engine (IRS) that performs data management and search function.311
Bibliothèque nationale du LuxembourgLuxembourg2015Heritrix, Wayback2The National library of Luxembourg conducts biannual broad crawls for the .lu domain as well as selective and event-based crawls.
The websites that are harvested in the Luxembourg Web Archive enrich the patrimonial collections of the National library, which allows for the preservation of digital publications for future generations.
Webarchive.lu is the Luxembourg Web Archive's information and participation platform.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek[42]Netherlands2007Heritrix 3.2, Web Curator Tool 3.0, Wayback, KB e-Depot system~101 crawl engineer, 1 software developer, and 9 collection specialists, all part-time (equivalent to around 4 full-time). The KB selectively collects Dutch sites of research and cultural value.
National Library of Latvia[43]Latvia2005Web Curator Tool and Wayback1Currently only storing for preservation, access to public in development (ETA June 2012). The Latvian term for web harvesting is "rasmošana".
New Zealand Web Archive[44]New Zealand1999Web Curator Tool, Heritrix3, Webrecorder, OpenWayback, OutbackCDX, Rosetta4>10National domain harvests have been run since 2008, and annually since 2015 in collaboration with the Internet Archive. Selective harvesting is undertaken by the National Library of New Zealand using the Web Curator Tool. Three full time staff harvest websites and a number of rostered staff harvest HTML serials or HTML monographs. Supported by one dedicated web archiving engineer, and wider departmental ITMS. Digital Preservation issues are handled by staff who work with Rosetta.
The National Library of Norway[45]Norway2001[46]
Arquivo.pt[47]Portugal2007In-house development, Heritrix, Wayback, NutchWAX, Pywb, Apache Solr, Brozzler71Arquivo.pt is a research infrastructure that preserves information gathered from the web since 1996 and provides a public search service over this collection. Arquivo.pt preserves websites in several languages and provides user interfaces in English. The archived data can be automatically processed to perform Big Data research through a distributed processing platform or through Application Programming Interfaces that facilitate the development of added-value applications. The Arquivo.pt team has also contributed with over 40 scientific and technical articles related to web archiving published in open-access.
Web archive of Cacak[48]Serbia2009HTTrack1
Web Archive Singapore[49]Singapore2006Wayback, Heritrix, Solr3The Web Archive Singapore is managed by the National Library Board, Singapore (NLB). NLB conducts domain and selective archiving of websites with a focus on Singapore content. The collection is viewable at the National Library, Singapore with selected content cleared by copyright owners available online.
Digital Resources (University Library in Bratislava)[50]Slovak Republic2015Heritrix 3.2.0, Wayback 2.2.0, Solr 5.2.1, Invenio, Custom Curator Tool41The University Library in Bratislava (ULIB) performed the first experiments of webharvesting in 2008-2009. In 2015 ULIB carried into operation a platform for web- and e-Born archiving (during the implementation of the national project "Digital resources", that was supported by the European regional development fund) - https://www.webdepozit.sk/?lang=en​).
Slovenian Web Archive[51]Slovenia2007Heritrix, Wayback1
Archivo de la Web Española[52]Spain2009NetarchiveSuite, OpenWayback, Solr3+supervisor2Maintained by the National Library of Spain with the collaboration of regional libraries. Takes a mixed approach of selective and broad harvests. Whole .es domain harvests have been conducted annually since 2009 to 2013 in collaboration with the Internet Archive using Heritrix and Wayback. Since 2014 selective harvests have been made by National Library of Spain, using NetarchiveSuite. National Library = 3 librarians full time, 2 crawl engineers part time. Regional libraries = several librarians part time. Since 26 October 2015 the Legal Deposit Law allows the National Library of Spain and the regional libraries to collect Spanish websites as part of the legal deposit and make them available to the public observing the rules of copyright law.
PADICAT: The Web Archive of Catalonia[53]Spain2005Heritrix, Wayback, WERA, NutchWAX, Web Curator and CAT.2PADICAT is the open access Web Archive of Catalonia, created by the Biblioteca de Catalunya: the public institution responsible for collecting, preserving and distributing the bibliographic heritage of Catalonia, in Spain.
ONDARENET - Basque Digital Heritage Archive[54]Spain2008Heritrix, Wayback, NutchWAX and Web Curator.1
Sweden (Kulturarw3)[55]Sweden1996NetarchiveSuite, Heritrix. Inhouse system for storage, maintenance and access, but moving to OpenWayback or pywb.1.25The Swedish web harvesting project started in 1996 and the first harvest was performed in 1997. In 2002 daily harvests of certain newspaper web sites were added. There was a pause in operation November 2009 - May 2011, but a harvest for 2010 was made with the help of the Internet Archive. No domain harvests were made in 2016, 2018 and 2019 due to problems with the harvesting platform. The daily harvests of newspaper websites were paused between May 2017 and December 2018, but was the expanded to cover all Swedish newspaper web sites on a daily basis. Since April 2013 the National Library of Sweden also receives online material through the Legal Deposit Act for Electronic Material.
Aleph Archives[56]Switzerland, United States2010Web archiving platform, capture domain name, high performance search engine, Near real time indexing, Web Monitoring tools>10Enterprise-grade automatic web archiving platform for online capture and preservation. Support eDiscovery with powerful and qualitative technology.
Aimed to corporations, institutions and agencies seeking to capture, preserve and leverage their Web content; dynamic websites, wikis, social media, forums, comments, disclaimers, and ads, for compliance (FDA, FINRA, FSA, SEC, FOIA), marketing or pure preservation purposes.
Expatriate Archive Centre Blog Archive[57]The Hague, The Netherlands2019Archive-It serviceThe focus of this project is blogs written by any people who have lived abroad. We preserve these blogs and their contents because we recognise their cultural and historical value. Adding a blog archive to our collection will enrich the research opportunities for students and other academics who choose the us as a place of study. The archived blogs will be selected based on very specific criteria and their quality will be checked on a regular basis.
Web Archiving Bucket[58]Switzerland, United States, Canada2012WARC Software Development Kit, Cobalt, Holon web serverThe "Web Archiving Bucket" is an initiative launched by Aleph Archives, to preserve data and provide libraries and organizations with free-to-use web archiving tools and components.
The Web Archiving Bucket provides set of tools to help archivists and professionals in their daily work.
Web Archive Switzerland[59]Switzerland2008Heritrix, Wayback, Webrecorder51 crawl engineer, 3 persons for quality assurance (sharing less than 1 full time), 1 coordinator. The curators, who do the selection, are partner libraries all over Switzerland.
NTU Web Archiving System, NTUWAS[60]Taiwan2007Lucene3
Web Archive Taiwan[61]Taiwan2007
The UK Web Archive[62]United Kingdom2004Heritrix, Web Curator Tool, Wayback, Solr for searching.
UK Government Web Archive (UKGWA)[63]United Kingdom2003MirrorWeb71The UK National Archives' UK Government Web Archive (UKGWA) is a fully open web archive. It includes over 5,000 central government websites and social media taken at regular intervals (1996 to present). The scope of UKGWA is outlined in the OSP27 document. Technical side of web archiving operation is supplied by MirrorWeb.
UK Parliament Web ArchiveUnited Kingdom2009MirrorWeb12The UK Parliament Web Archive captures, preserves, and make accessible UK Parliament information published on the web. The web archive includes websites and social media dating from 2009 to the present. The technical side of web archiving operation is supplied by MirrorWeb.
EU Exit Web ArchiveUnited Kingdom2020MirrorWebThe UK National Archives' EU Exit Web Archive is a fully open web archive. It contains a wide selection of documents taken from EUR-Lex (the European legislation website), including Treaties, legislative documents, the Official Journal of the EU, case law and other supporting materials, and judgements of the European Court of Justice in English, French and German. The collection contains all content published up to the completion of the implementation period, at 11pm GMT on 31 December 2020.[64]
It provides a comprehensive and official UK reference point for EU law as it stood at the end of the implementation period.[64]
The technical side of web archiving operation is supplied by MirrorWeb.
MirrorWebWorldwide2012Heritrix, PYWB for public archives, custom replay for archives inside the MirrorWeb platform. Custom social media archiving tools.40MirrorWeb provides a website and social media archiving platform for financial services and the public sector entities. They run a range of public archives, two of which include; the UK Government Web Archive and the UK Parliament Web Archive.
Internet Archive (provides Archive-it service)[65]United States1996Heritrix, Wayback, NutchWAX and other tools developed by the Internet Archive150Internet Archive's Wayback Machine is the largest and oldest web archive in the world, dating back to 1996. Internet Archive also provide various web archiving services, including Archive-IT, Save Page Now, and domain level contract crawls. The Wayback Machine is the publicly available access service to Internet Archive and partners' collections.
Reed Tech Archives[66]United States2010TrueArchive TechnologyReed Tech Archives provides support for Information Governance, Litigation Protection, Compliance, e-Discovery and Social Media Management. Solution offers both an automated approach or manual capture. For automated website and social media capture, the application captures sites on a recurring frequency and interval. The entire site is completely rebuilt inside the archive to provide the exact user experience afforded on the live web. A user will have the ability to navigate the site from a set of URLs or from within the visible archived site. Generally this approach supports compliance and risk
mitigation as well as the legal function. On-demand manual capture provides clients with the ability to capture a fully functioning page or series of pages from a website or social media property as needed through the Reed Tech Web Preserver plug-in. This approach tends to be used to support the legal, marketing and competitive intelligence functions.
Stanford University Libraries[67]United States2007Heritrix, HTTrack, Wayback, CDL Web Archiving Service, Internet ArchiveArchive-It25Stanford University Libraries has been engaged in web archiving projects since 2007 and started establishing a web archiving program in 2013. Collections that SUL is engaged in include Stanford University Archives, Bay Area Governments, Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Fugitive US Executive Agencies and many more. SUL is also involved in collaborative web archiving projects like the Archive of the California Government Domain, CA.gov with libraries at the University of California and the CA State Library, the End of Term Web Archive, and the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation.
Columbia University Libraries[68]United States2009Archive-it service2>1The Columbia University Libraries (CUL) web resources collection program archives selected websites in thematic areas corresponding to existing CUL collection strengths, websites produced by affiliates of Columbia University, and websites from organizations or individuals whose papers or records are held in CUL's physical archives. Began web archiving in 2008.
Cornell University LibraryUnited States2011Archive-it service1>1
North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives[69]United States2005Archive-it service3
Latin American Web Archiving Project[70]United States2005Archive-it service
Web Archiving Project for the Pacific Islands[71]United States2009Archive-it service4
Library of Congress Web Archives[72]United States2000Heritrix, Wayback, and the DigiBoard, an in-house curatorial/permissions tool680The part time workers spend a few hours per month (on average) selecting content for the collections.
Harvard LibraryUnited States2006Archive-It>10Harvard Library web collections consist of 10 curatorial units' collections,[73] with variable staff contributing to both technical and curatorial activities. Harvard is also involved in collaborative web collecting through the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation.

Harvard Library initiated web archiving activities in 2006 using a self-developed Web Archive Collection Service (WAX) and transitioned to Archive-It in 2017.[74]  
Web Archiving Service from California Digital Library (WAS service)[75]United States2005Heritrix, Wayback, NutchWAX4>1The number of hours that curators devote to the service is very variable.
Bentley Historical Library (University of Michigan) Web Archives[76]United States2000HTTrack, Teleport Pro, WAS service (2010-)2
University of Texas at San Antonio Web Archives[77]United States2009Archive-It3The number of hours varies dependent upon how the crawls are scheduled.
qumram[78]Switzerland2010qumram Web Archiving / Web Information Governance Software SuiteCommercial web archiving / web information governance software suite. Provides both remote harvesting as well as transactional web archiving. Allows integrations with any possible web application (WCMS, Portal, Sharepoint, eShop, custom applications) as well as repository (database, file system, electronic archive or records management system, cloud-based solution). Allows capturing and reproduction of public information as well as specific user interactions.
SAPERION[79]Germany2011SAPERION ECM Web Content ArchiveCommercial enterprise content management suite specializes on regulatory compliance. The product provides both harvesting as well as transactional web archiving based on the integration of qumram's[78] Chronos Web Archiving Software Suite. Web content is just another channel from which content is reaching SAPERION. Others may be scanner, fax, e-mail, mobile devices, office suites or any other system creating content like ERP systems.
Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Internet ArchiveEgypt2002Heritrix, OpenWayback, WARCrefs3Current crawling interests: Egypt beyond January 25, Arab League ccTLDs
Deduplication: using WARCrefs tool to deduplicate Web archive content in BA cluster
OpenWayback: handling big data indexing by using ZipNumCluster to locate a certain URI in compressed CDX files
AUEB Web Archive[80]Greece2010Heritrix, Wayback and NutchWAX.11This project is part of the function of the University Library.[81]
World Bank Web Archives[82]United States2007HTTrack crawler, Oracle RDBMS, Google Search Appliance03
Russian National Digital Archive[83]Russia2010wpull, grab-site, HTTrack crawler, ad-hoc scripts developed for social media archiving. Experimenting: Heritrix, WaybackAbout 5000 government websites collected (May 2018) using wpull and provided as archives for downloading.
Archive TeamWorldwide2009wpull, ad hoc scripts1~100Volunteer group. They partially archived GeoCities, Yahoo! Videos, Google Video and others.
WikiTeamWorldwide2011ad hoc scripts00Volunteers group. Over 20,000 wikis preserved.[84]
University of North Texas CyberCemetery[85]United States1997[86]Heritrix, Wayback; formerly HTTrack2The CyberCemetery is an archive of government websites that have ceased operation (usually websites of defunct government agencies and commissions that have issued a final report). This collection features a variety of topics indicative of the broad nature of government information. In particular, this collection features websites that cover topics supporting the university's curriculum and particular program strengths.
Archive.is[87]Worldwide2012Apache Accumulo, HDFS, ad hoc scripts11Saves external links from community web-sites (wikis, forums, blogs, ...). Can save snapshots of Web 2.0 pages.
Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at New York University[88]United States2007WAS Service11Archives websites related to New York City and National Labor and Left Movements. Projects include: Alternative Mass Media / News; Anarchism; Animal Rights; Arts and Cultural Left; Civil Rights and Civil Liberties; Communism, Socialism, Trotskyism; Economic and Social Justice (Including Occupy Wall Street); Education and Student Movements; Electoral Politics and Parties / Political Action (U.S. Left); Environmentalism / Green Movement; Feminism and Women's Movements; Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp & War Crimes (U.S.); Housing; Internet/Cyberspace Democracy; Jewish American Progressive & Left Activity; Labor Unions and Organizations (U.S.); Left Academia and Theory, Intellectuals and Other Notables; LGBT Rights; Other Left Activism; Peace Movements; Prisoners Rights and Political Prisoners; Progressive Policy/ Educational Organizations.
Preservica[89]Worldwide2012Heritrix, Preservica core product, WaybackCloud-based heterogeneous archiving service that allows ingest from multiple sources (including web archiving ingest via Heritrix). Ability to migrate content within WARC files and render in Wayback. Ingest runs as workflow so very little effort needed to run it. Developed, supported and run by Preservica.
Central State Electronic Archives of UkraineUkraine2007HTTrack, Wget2Archives interested in keeping websites and creating the thematic collections of such websites, Is presently in storage the Archives collections of websites which includes the topic of presidential elections in Ukraine from 2010 until today, about the Chornobyl disaster, the local elections, of Euro 2012 in Ukraine, UNESCO World Heritage sites in Ukraine, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko.[90][91]
York University Libraries, York University Digital. Library[92]Canada2012Heritrix, Wget, Islandora, OpenWayback10
New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC)[93][94]United States2012Archive-It service1~3Collaboration among Frick Art Reference Library, Brooklyn Museum Library & Archives, and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Library to archive specialist art historical web resources.
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Sound and Vision) web archive[95]Netherlands2011Heritrix, Elasticsearch for full-text index, Drupal for front-end~7Sound and Vision has been involved in web archiving projects since 2008, starting with the EU research project LiWA.[96] After a couple of pilots,[97] web archiving projects were scaled up in 2014.[98]
Rhizome (organization)United States1999ArtBase, Webrecorder, Oldweb.Today31Rhizome operates a digital preservation program, led by Dragan Espenschied, which is focused on the creation of free, open source software tools to decentralize web archiving and software preservation practices and ensure access to its collections of born-digital art. Oldweb.Today and Webrecorder are its tools focused on web archiving specifically.[99]
University of Texas at Austin Libraries, Human Rights Documentation InitiativeUnited States2009Archive-It service11The University of Texas Libraries' Human Rights Documentation Initiative (HRDI) captures the websites of human rights organizations in order to provide secure access to human rights documentation in the event that these often-fragile sites are taken down.[100]
Kentucky Department for Libraries and ArchivesUnited States2009Archive-it, Wayback>10This collection includes captures of websites for Kentucky state agencies in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches. Stand-alone websites for boards, councils, committees, quasi-governmental agencies, and agency programs are also archived. Captures for websites dating 2000-2008 are included in this collection via a transfer to our account from the Wayback Machine.[101]
University of California, San Francisco LibraryUnited States2007Archive-it, Wayback, CDL WAS Service>10This collection documents the web presences of UCSF, as well as the larger health science focuses of AIDS history; anesthesiology; biotechnology and biomedical research; tobacco control and regulation; neuroscience; and computational medicine.[102] Staff is one full-time digital archivist with various responsibilities in addition to web-archives.
Ivy Plus Libraries ConfederationUnited States2013Archive-It, Conifer11The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation's Web Resources Collection Program is a collaborative collection development effort to build curated, thematic collections of freely available, but at-risk, web content in order to support research at participating Libraries and beyond. Participating Libraries are: Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.[103] Collections are accessible via Archive-It.
Malaysian Government Web Archive (MyGWA)Malaysia2017Wayback, WGET, WPULL>10National Archive of Malaysia started to archive websites of public sector in Malaysia since 2017.
HTTP ArchiveCrawls popular websites for Data analysis[104]
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)United States2009Archive-It, Conifer~8NLM web collecting is guided by the Collection Development Guidelines of the National Library of Medicine and other strategic collecting efforts. Collections include Global Health Events, the Opioid Epidemic, HIV/AIDS, Health and Medicine Blogs, and NLM's own web presence. [105]
Archived data
NameArchived Contents (millions)Disk Space Occupied (TB)Archive FormatTLD/Broad CrawlsSelective Crawls (Yes/No)Comments
EU web archive35 (ca.)WARC.EUY.EU 80 websites in europa.eu domain and subdomains, crawled once per quarter + ad hoc crawls on request of website owners (selective crawls). Status Feb 2019.
Australia's Web Archive[3]11000600WARC.AUY.AU crawls (1996-2018): 10.15 billion files (530 TB). Selective crawls (1996-2019): 755 million files (44 TB). AGWA (2011-2018): 525 million files (58 TB).
Our digital island, a Tasmanian Web Archive[106]0.336HTTrackYPreserves online content related to Tasmania. ODI has operated since its inception under the assumption that web sites fall within the definition of 'Book' in the Tasmanian Library Act 1984.[107] Thus, no permission to capture from publishers is required.
Webarchive Austria[20]4095164ARC.AT, .wien, .tirolYA copy of the data is stored in a high security data storage unit.
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek[21]WARC.DEYOnly one experimental TLD crawl.
DILIMAG (Digital Literature Magazines)[22]0.030.996ARCProject from 2007-03-01 until 2010-12-23. The project DILIMAG for collecting, describing and archiving of digital German literary magazines.
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)[23]16731ARC/WARCYHarvesting began in 2009. Selective crawls of Quebec websites.
Government of Canada Web Archive (GCWA)[24]175070ARC/WARC.GC.CAYWeb archiving at Library and Archives Canada (LAC)[26] began in 2005 and concentrated on collecting the federal government web presence and capturing the federal elections, the Olympics, and Canadian commemorative events. Thematic web collections of Canadiana research interest have been curated as an ongoing program activity since 2009.
Web Information Collection and Preservation - WICP (Chinese Web Archive)[28].GOV.CNYHarvest of the web pages about the events that have great influence on the society, economy and so on, and the sites in 'gov.cn' domain.
Croatian Web Archive (Hrvatski arhiv weba - HAW)[29]23113Mirror, WARC.HRYSince 2004 selective harvesting over 5000 web resources. Since 2011 annual harvesting of national .hr domain as well as thematic harvesting. All archived content is publicly available via HAW website.
Webarchiv (National Library of the Czech Republic)[30]9412350ARC/WARC.CZYHarvesting began in 2001.
Netarkivet/ The Danish web archive (Royal Danish Library)36000634ARC/WARC.DKY+36 billion objects:
html : 19077101525
image : 5859756918
other : 4080719309
text : 757030275
pdf : 97318057
audio : 8166680
video : 7085143
word : 47510
powerpoint : 5660
excel : 4721

  • Snapshot harvesting
  • Selective harvesting
  • Event harvesting
  • Special harvesting

Estonian Web Archive[31]87456ARC/WARC.EEYArchive consists selective, event and topical crawls since 2010. Whole national domain crawls are done yearly since 2015. Besides TLD .ee, Estonia related web content is harvested from other TLD-s like .eu, .org, .com etc.
Finnish Web Archive[32]49423.FI, .AXYAlso crawls content hosted on machines physically located in Finland, independently from their domain.
BnF - BnF Web Legal Deposit[33]18800370ARC/WARC.FR + all sites hosted in FranceYBnF is making full copies[33] of all sites in the .FR TLD, as well as all sites hosted in France, ignoring both the Robots exclusion standard and the licenses of the documents.
BnL Web-Archive54341WARC.LUYThe BnL conducts 2 domain crawls per year, as well as event-based and selective crawls.
Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)[34]1058002359DAFFYAs of 2021-03-08
DAFF handles full content deduplication, so the size on disk takes into account compression and deduplication ; the equivalent disk storage in compressed ARC format would be approximately 10 PB
E-diaspora (Télécom ParisTech, FMSH)[108]103013DAFFYDAFF handles full content deduplication, so the size on disk takes into account compression and deduplication ; the equivalent disk storage in compressed ARC format would be approximately 51 TB
Internet memory Foundation180WARCCan be done by partnersYFormerly European Archive.[109] Collaborate with Internet Memory Research, which rovides the ArchiveTheNet Service (ATN Service). Selective crawls (140 TB), Domain crawls (40 TB), expect to grow to 1PB in 2012. New datacenter and a new crawler in 2012.
Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg​[35]9WARCYWebsites of about 20 cities, municipalities, districts + their associated corporations, and state libraries are collected by BSZ in commission within various Archive-It collections. Public access. Data storage: San Francisco (Archive-It) as well as backup with Baden-Wuerttemberg storage infrastructure.
Web archive of the German Bundestag[36]YGerman Federal Parliament. Selective. At regular intervals or at certain events are snapshots (snapshots) of www.bundestag.de and other web presences of the German Bundestag made. These are available in the web archive to date available.
Israel Web ArchiveARC/WARC.ILY.IL crawls (2006-2011): Pilots Crawls (500 GB). Selective crawls (1996, 2011)
Web Archiving Project (WARP), The National Diet Library, Japan[40]73581403WARC-Yas of Mar. 2019
15 TB of selective crawls based on permission (2002–2010). Started the web archiving of official institution sites based on the legislation from April 2010.
National Library of Korea - OASIS (Online Archiving & Searching Internet Resource)[41]24YRequires consent before archiving. Targets 56,401 Websites. Web archiving is managed under Digital resource management systems. In 2011 web archiving system will be rebuilt.
Koninklijke Bibliotheek[42]40736ARCYSelective crawls (annually) of ca. 20.400 sites (December 2020)
New Zealand Web Archive[44]2946137ARC/WARC.NZY.NZ crawls (2008-2020): 3 billion URLS (137TB). Selective crawls 33,500 websites (ca. 9TB). Legal deposit covers born digital material (including websites).
The National Library of Norway[45]
Arquivo.pt- the Portuguese web-archive[110]10 780721ARC/WARCFocused on .PT but also other domainsY.PT domain crawls and integration of external collections since 2007 and daily crawls of a selection of online publications of since 2010. Selective crawls related to national events such as elections or international content related to science such as websites about Research & Development projects funded by the European Union.
Web archive of Cacak[48]0.2550.013HTTrackYSelective crawls of 130 sites related to the city of Cacak. Collaboration with the Webarchiv team from the National Library of the Czech Republic.
Web Archive Singapore[49]WARC.SGYSelective crawls of Singapore-related sites and .SG domain archiving.
Digital Resources (University Library in Bratislava)[111]151468WARC.SKYHarvesting of the Slovak web started in 2015. Since then ULB has performed five (2016 - 2020) full-domain harvests (harvesting of the national .SK domain), multiple selective crawls and thematic crawls (topic centered and event devoted campaigns).
Slovenian Web Archive[51]30WARCSelective crawls since 2007, national domain crawls since 2014.
Archivo de la Web Española[52]2539117WARC.ESYDomain .ES crawls (2009-2013): 2.421 million files (111 TB) in collaboration with Internet Archive. Selective crawls (2014-2015): 119 mil files (6 TB). About 30 news media sites crawled every day. Not launched publicly yet.
PADICAT : The Web Archive of Catalonia[53]62032,5ARC/WARC.CATYIn accordance with the general trend, the archive model is a hybrid system consisting: Mass compilation of open-access digital resources published on the Internet (.cat); Systematic archiving of the web site output of Catalan organizations; Fostering of lines of research through themed integration of the digital resources pertaining to specific events in Catalan public life (elections, museums, etc.)
Basque Digital Heritage Archive[54]210.8ARCY
Sweden (Kulturarw3)[55]5700360Multipart MIME.se, Swedish .nu and geolocation for other tld'sYBulk crawls approximately twice a year.
Selective crawls of about 140 newspapers every day.
Aleph Archives[56]>10000000>25Native HTML, WARC, WARC2, ARC and HTTrack to WARC migration toolsYEnterprise-grade automatic web archiving platform for online capture and preservation. Support eDiscovery with powerful and qualitative technology.
Aimed to corporations, institutions and agencies seeking to capture, preserve and leverage their Web content; dynamic websites, wikis, social media, forums, comments, disclaimers, and ads, for compliance (FDA, FINRA, FSA, SEC, FOIA), marketing or pure preservation purposes.
Web Archive Switzerland[59]33ARC, WARCYMainly selected .ch crawls
NTU Web Archiving System, NTUWAS[60]20014Y
Web Archive Taiwan[61]
The UK Web Archive[62]20.6WARCYSelective crawls with previous permission. Now also conducting wholesale UK domain-scale crawls under Non-Print Legal Deposit legislation, enacted April 2013. This content will only be available on premises controlled by one of the six legal deposit libraries. The UKWA is a spin-off from the UK Web Archiving Consortium that ended in 2007.
Hanzo Archives[112]7WARCYCommercial web archiving services and appliances, for government and corporations whose compliance or legal obligations / needs extend to their websites, intranet, and social media. Many 'dark' archives across Europe and USA.
UK Government Web Archive[113]1000 +150ARC
WARC post July 2017
Between 2003 - 2005 the Internet Archive undertook the technical side of web archiving on behalf of The UK Government Web Archive. Between 2005 - July 2017 the technical side of the web archiving service was contracted out to the Internet Memory Foundation. From July 2017 MirrorWeb took over the contract and moved the entire archive to the cloud. The UK Government Web Archive was part of the UK Web Archiving Consortium from 2004 - 2009.
Internet Archive (provides Archive-it service)[65]69000021000WorldwideYProvides the Archive-it service and leads the Archive-access project (Internet Archive ARC access tools). Collection is mirrored at Bibliotheca of Alexandrina in Egypt.
Reed Archives[66]
Columbia University Libraries Web Resources Collection Program[68]48730.4ARC/WARCYSelective crawls with permission or notification. Thematic collections in: Human rights; Historic preservation and urban planning; New York City religions. Also capture Columbia University web domain.
North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives[69]51.53.8WARCY
Latin American Web Archiving Project[70]Y
Web Archiving Project for the Pacific Islands[71]5.5ARC/WARCYIncludes sites of 18 countries.
Library of Congress Web Archives[72]7741420ARC/WARCYFormerly MINERVA. Selective crawls with notification and permission; primarily event and thematic collections.
Harvard University Library: the Web Archive Collection Service (WAX)[114]190.661ARCYSelective crawls with no previous authorization.
Web Archiving Service from California Digital Library (WAS service)[75]21625.2ARC/WARCCan be done by partnersYProvides Web Archiving Service (WAS) to partners worldwide. Was developed at the California Digital Library.
Bentley Historical Library (University of Michigan) Web Archives[76]34.52.6ARC/WARCYWAS service since 2010.
University of Texas at San Antonio Web Archives[77]261.135ARC/WARCYUniversity administration, faculty and student sites; as well as selective captures on San Antonio and South Texas subject areas, including San Antonio organizations; San Antonio Online Journals and Blogs; Tejano and Conjunto music; Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Related Web sites in Texas, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley; Immigration/Borderlands; Mexican Cooking Blogs; San Antonio Restaurants; Renewable Energy in Texas; Rio Grande Valley Organizations; and Rio Grande Watershed and Texas Water Issues .
AUEB Web Archive[80]3WARCaueb.grNThe amount of data crawled from the domain aueb.gr ranges between 10GB and 14.9GB . The data is stored on disk compressed and requires between 8.8GB and 9.7GB, resulting in space savings between 12% and 35%. In the case of new crawl, we can only store on disk the Web pages that change since the previous crawl. Consequently, we crawled 13.1GB from the domain aueb.gr, but we only stored on disk 1.6GB, resulting in space savings of 88%.
World Bank Web Archives[82]0.143HTTrackno, so farY450 sites with historical or research value have been harvested since 2007, each archived before being taken offline or before a major upgrade.
University of North Texas CyberCemetery[85]0.887WARC.govY
Bibliotheca Alexandrina's Internet Archive800001000ARC/WARCEgyptian news and politicsY
York University Digital Library[92]0.435WARCyorku.ca + faculty requestsY
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Sound and Vision) web archive[95]ARC/WARCYAmong other av-heritage, Sound and Vision is tasked with archiving programmes broadcast by Dutch Public Broadcasters. Therefore, an important part of the web archive consists of websites of public broadcaster related to these programmes. Furthermore, websites are archived that do not have a direct link to the collection, but that are of interest in a broader, media-historical way.[98] Examples are websites of commercial broadcasters.
Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives30.3007WARCY
University of California, San Francisco Library12.50.587ARC/WARCYWebsites requested by staff and faculty, and growing list attempting to capture all UCSF websites as comprehensively as possible.
Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation8.2ARC/WARCYSelective crawls with notification. Thematic collections in politics and political protests, architecture, composers, design, gaming, geology, webcomics, documentary films, art, religion, sexuality, climate change, and more.[115]
Malaysian Government Web Archive (MyGWA)10WARC.GOV.MYYCrawls only Malaysian public sector websites only. View is by subject, i.e. administration, economy, security, and social.
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)1229.1WARCY
Access methods
NameURL history (Yes/No)Meta-data (catalog/advanced) search (Yes/No)Full-text search (Yes/No)Memento Compliance (No/Native/Proxy)Comments
EU web archiveYYYFreely accessible to all via data.europa.eu/webarchive
Australia's Web Archive[3]YYYNoSelected sites are publicly available through a directory structure. Domain harvests are not. The PANDORA Archive is indexed and searchable through the NLA's single search service Trove.[116]
The Australian Domain Harvests are full-text indexed but are not currently publicly available. The Australian Government Web Archive is searchable by URL and full-text indexes through its portal.
Our digital island, a Tasmanian Web Archive[106]YYNNoPresents thumbnails generated through Html To Image supplemented in HTTrack. Information is organized in directory: A-Z Subject listing, A-Z Title listing.
Webarchive Austria[20]YNYNoPossible to search online for versions either by URL or in (partial) fulltext. The websites are only accessible on special terminals at the Austrian National Library. Has bookmarking feature which allows to save versions online and recall them at the library webarchive terminals.
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek[21]YYYNoOnly accessible in the reading rooms of the German National Library. The metadata is included in the publicly accessible library catalogue.
DILIMAG (Digital Literature Magazines)[22]YYNNoMetadata are publicly available, for the archived versions provides free or restricted access depending on the right holders agreement. Full-text search is implemented in the new version (online since February 2015).
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ)[23]YNNNoProvides access according to partner policy.[117]
Government of Canada Web Archive (GCWA)[24]YYYProxyLibrary and Archives Canada[26] makes its federal government web archives (materials under Crown Copyright) publicly accessible. Indices are available for discovering Canadian federal web resources alphabetically by authoring organization and by URL. Full text indexing is based on Lucene.
Web Information Collection and Preservation - WICP (Chinese Web Archive)[28]YNoArchive content is only available in intranet in National Library of China. Some collections are publicly available, with meta-data search and browsable by collection.
Croatian Web Archive (Hrvatski arhiv weba - HAW)[29]YYYProxyFull open access.
Webarchiv (National Library of the Czech Republic)[30]YNNNDue to copyright restrictions, only a limited number of archived websites for which agreements were signed with the publishers is available online. For other resources you can find out whether a given website was archived and the number of harvested versions. Unlimited access to all resources in Webarchiv is available from public terminals in the National Library.
Netarkivet.dk[118]YNYNoOnline access granted only to researchers through a Citrix login to free text search based on Solr and a proxy solution that accesses an archive through the Wayback. It has established a framework for running batch jobs with the possibility of data mining.
Estonian Web Archive[31]YYNNoPublic access to archived content is allowed only with a permission of the copyright owner. Full archive is accessible merely to the web archive personnel.
Finnish Web Archive[32]YN30% of material.NoURL search but on-site access to content. Full-text search is available to 30% of material.
BnF - BnF Web Legal Deposit[33]YN15% of the collectionNoAccessible to authorized users of the BnF, through the reading rooms of the Research Library located in Paris and Avignon. Wayback interface was translated to French. Full Text search only for a relatively small portion of the collection (15% of 200 TB) indexed by Internet Archive. No current full text search implemented in workflow. Builds special collection galleries based on a selection from the archive on a given topic.
Ina (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)[34]YYYNoFull text indexing is based on Lucene. To accommodate results from frequent crawls (several crawls per hour for some pages) clustering is operated to handle similar versions of pages
E-diaspora (Télécom ParisTech, FMSH)[108]YNNNo1381 sites are currently crawled to build an archive on migrants usage of the web, social studies researchers have launched a long run project based on this archive Ina is handling crawls and storage
Internet memory FoundationYYYNoProvides access and search services according to partners policy.
Bibliotheksservice-Zentrum Baden-Württemberg​[35]YYYNativeArchived websites accessible via Archive-It; integrated in the SWB union catalog. Full open access for major part of snapshots, some restricted by IP.
Web archive of the German Bundestag[36]YNNNoWeb archive itself are snapshots of www.bundestag.de and other websites. Navigation is possible by clicking on the years.[119]
Israel Web ArchiveNYNNoStill in development and pilots
Web Archiving Project (WARP), The National Diet Library, Japan[40]YYYNoAll the archived websites are available on the premises. 80% of them is also accessible on the Internet with the permission of webmasters.
National Library of Korea - OASIS (Online Archiving & Searching Internet Resource)[41]YYYNo100% of the archive is indexed. Enables search by topic classification (e.g. Religion, Science, Arts). Search available.[120]
Koninklijke Bibliotheek[42]YNNNoThe web archive is accessible on terminals in the KB reading rooms to full members ('onsite').
New Zealand Web Archive[44]YYNNoDomain harvests: available to selected staff using OpenWayback and limited to URL searches. Selective harvests: each website is described in the catalogue (providing subject, author, title and URL searches) and can be viewed by the public via the Internet by clicking on the link to the archived copy. The websites themselves however are not indexed.
The National Library of Norway[45]NYNoSites are integrated in the Catalog. Left bar enables facet navigation with drill-down.[121]
Arquivo.pt- the Portuguese web-archive[122]YYYNativeA full-text and URL search service is freely available. Image search is also supported. Archived data can be mined through an Hadoop platform or publicly available Application Programming Interfaces to develop web applications.
Web archive of Cacak[48]NNNNoPlans to develop a search engine in the future. One bad characteristic of HTTrack is that it renames files during the archiving, so the original structure of the website is lost, as well file names.
Web Archive Singapore[49]YYYNoThe collection is viewable at the National Library, Singapore with selected content cleared by copyright owners available online.
Digital Resources (University Library in Bratislava)[123]YYNNoIt is possible to find out whether a website was archived and how many harvested versions exist. Due to the copyright restrictions only a limited number of archived websites is publicly available (based on agreements with publishers). The access to other archived resources is available locally in the University Library in Bratislava.
Slovenian Web Archive[51]YNYNoThe archive of selective crawls is publicly accessible. Use is possible by browsing and full-text search. National domain crawls are not accessible yet but will be in the future.
Archivo de la Web Española[52]Y (Future)Y (Future)Y (Future)NoPlan to provide access on-site in the short-medium term.
PADICAT: The Web Archive of Catalonia[53]YYYNoFull open access.
Basque Digital Heritage Archive[54]YYYNo
Sweden (Kulturarw3)[55]YNNNoPublic access through dedicated machines in the library building.
Aleph Archives[56]YYYNoEnterprise-grade automatic web archiving platform for online capture and preservation. Support eDiscovery with powerful and qualitative technology.
Aimed to corporations, institutions and agencies seeking to capture, preserve and leverage their Web content; dynamic websites, wikis, social media, forums, comments, disclaimers, and ads, for compliance (FDA, FINRA, FSA, SEC, FOIA), marketing or pure preservation purposes.
Web Archive Switzerland[59]YYYNoWeb Archive Switzerland is the collection of the Swiss National Library containing websites with a bearing on Switzerland. Web Archive Switzerland has been integrated in e-Helvetica,[124] the access system of the Swiss National Library, giving access to the entire digital collection. So you can do full text searching of a part of the Web Archive. But the archived versions of websites can only be viewed in the reading rooms of the Swiss National Library and of our partner libraries who help us build the collection of Swiss websites. But you can view the metadata of the archived versions from anywhere.
NTU Web Archiving System, NTUWAS[60]YYYNoPresents page thumbnails, archived pages mapped to geographical locations.
Web Archive Taiwan[61]YYYNo
PageFreezer[16]YYYNoEnterprise Class On Demand service to archive and replay websites, blogs, Ajax, Flash, video, audio & social media for litigation protection, eDiscovery and regulatory compliance with FDA, FINRA, FSA, SEC, SOX, Federal Rules of Evidence and records management laws. Used by government agencies and public listed corporations in Pharmaceutical, Food, Finance, Healthcare and Retail industry.
The UK Web Archive[62]YYNNative
Hanzo Archives[112]YYYNoCommercial web archiving services and appliances. Access includes full-text search, annotations, redaction, URL/History, archive policy and temporal browsing, and configurable metadata schema for advanced e-discovery applications. Used in government and corporations whose compliance or legal obligations / needs extend to their websites, intranet, and social media. Many 'dark' archives across Europe and USA.
UK Government Web Archive (UKGWA)[113]YYYNativeFull text search is operational on the UK Government Web Archive (UKGWA).[125] Users can browse the collection using a full A-Z list of all sites[126]
EU Exit Web ArchiveYYYNativeFull text search is operational on the EU Exit Web Archive
Internet Archive (provides Archive-it service)[65]YYYNativeURL history is available for all archived data. Meta-data and full-text search only for selected crawls. Until 2002 had a mining platform for research composed by Alexa Shell Perl Tools
av_tools and p2 platform for parallel processing.[127] It was replaced by a simpler access and direct method that enables automatic access to files but no platform for processing.[128]
Reed Archives[66]No
Columbia University Libraries Web Resources Collection Program[68]YYYNoAccessible through Archive-it service.[129]
Enhanced access to Human Rights collection available at: Human Rights Web Archive.[130]
North Carolina State Government Web Site Archives[69]YYYNoAccessible through Archive-it service.[129]
Latin American Web Archiving Project[70]YYYNoContent can be accessed via full-text search, or by browsing by country or by specialized sample collection.
Web Archiving Project for the Pacific Islands[71]YYYNoSupported by Archive-it service.
Library of Congress Web Archives[72]YYNProxyAccess provided via LCWA. Records in MODS (Metadata Object Descriptive Schema) format.
Harvard University Library: the Web Archive Collection Service (WAX)[114]YYYNo
Web Archiving Service from California Digital Library (WAS service)[75]YYYNoAccess for private study, scholarship and research. Most archives built with WAS have not yet been published because it is up to the partners to decide if they want to provide access. There are 16 partners using the service and they have created over 80 web archives, only 30 are publicly accessible. NutchWAX performance did not permit full archive search. Upcoming transition to SOLR will permit both full archive and collection-specific full text search.
Bentley Historical Library (University of Michigan) Web Archives[76]YYYNoPowered by the WAS from the California Digital Library.[131] Access is public but usage is restricted for private study, scholarship and research.
University of Texas at San Antonio Web Archives[77]YYYNativeAccessible through Archive-it service[132] and the Texas Archival Repositories Online database[133]
AUEB Web Archive[80]YYYNo
World Bank Web Archives[82]YYYNoURL history provided via open access to collection via standard web browser. Full text search is only available within each individual site. Search on metadata is available via advanced search within Web Archives collection.
University of North Texas CyberCemetery[85]NYYNo
Tamiment Library and Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at New York University[134]YYYNoAccess is provided through the WAS service[135] as well as through finding aids that are searchable through NYU's finding aids portal.[136]
York University Digital Library[92]YYY
Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Sound and Vision) web archive[95]YYNSelected sites for which agreements have been made are publicly available.[95] Full text indexing is done with Elasticsearch, the front-end is built in Drupal.
Kentucky Department for Libraries and ArchivesYYYNoFull open access
University of California, San Francisco LibraryYYYNative (through IA)Both capture and access for archived content are provided by the Archive it service, so all capabilities are same as for Archive-It
Ivy Plus LibrariesYYYNoAccessible through Archive-It service.
Malaysian Government Web Archive (MyGWA)YYYNoOpen Access
National Library of Medicine (U.S.)YYYAccess is provided through Archive-It
See also
Wikipedia:List of web archives on Wikipedia
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