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This is a list of preprint repositories.
AAS Open ResearchwwwMultidisciplinaryAt least one of the authors must be affiliated with the African Academy of Sciences2512018African Academy of Sciences & F1000 Research Ltd
AMRC Open ResearchwwwMedicineAt least one of the authors must be affiliated with AMRC member charities452019Association of Medical Research Charities & F1000 Research Ltd
AgriRXivwwwAgricultureGlobal preprint service for agriculture and allied sciences4182017Open Access India & CAB International
APSA PreprintswwwPolitical scienceEarly research outputs in political science and related disciplines3492019American Political Science Association & Cambridge University Press
arXiv[1]wwwMultidisciplinaryMain focus: mathematics, physics, astronomy, computer science, quantitative biology, statistics, and quantitative finance1,813,5851991Cornell University
AfricArXiv[2]wwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research in Africa1862018Center for Open Science
ArabixivwwwMultidisciplinaryArabic Preprint Server4932018Center for Open Science
ARPHA PreprintswwwMultidisciplinaryThe submission systems limited to the participating ARPHA journals142020Pensoft Publishers
Authorea[3]wwwMultidisciplinaryA collaborative writing platform that can be used as preprint server11,3342013Atypon
Beilstein ArchiveswwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for Beilstein journals3052019Beilstein Institut
BioHackrXivwwwLife SciencesPreprint server to report on works done during BioHackathons, CodeFests, Sprints or similar events82020Center for Open Science
bioRxiv[4]wwwBiologyOpen accesspreprint repository for the biological sciences106,7832013Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
BodoArXivwwwMedieval StudiesOpen Repository for Medieval Studies712019ScholarlyHub & Center for Open Science
Cell Sneak PeekwwwBiologyManuscript under review in Cell Press journals3,3752018Elsevier
ChemRxiv[5]wwwChemistryOpen accesspreprint archive for chemistry13,8652017American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry & German Chemical Society
ChinaXivwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research in China14,3612016National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences
CogprintswwwMultidisciplinaryPsychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics,Computer Science, Philosophy, Biology4,2301997–2017University of Southampton
CrimRxivwwwcriminologyCriminology’s open archive352020Criminology Open
Cryptology ePrint ArchivewwwCryptographyOpen accesspreprint archive for cryptography1,5901996International Association for Cryptologic Research
EarthArXiv[6]wwwEarth scienceAll subdomains of Earth Science and related domains of planetary science1,8622017California Digital Library
EcoEvoRxivwwwEcologyA free preprint service for ecology, evolution and conservation3662018Center for Open Science
ECSarXivwwwElectrochemistrya free preprint service for electrochemistry and solid state science and technology1722018Center for Open Science
EdArXivwwwEducationA Preprint Server For The Education Research Community6202019Center for Open Science
engrXiv[7]wwwEngineeringOpen archive of engineering preprints1,4312016Open Engineering Inc
ESSOArwwwEarth scienceEarth and space science preprints and conference posters2,5262018American Geophysical Union, Atypon, & Wiley
E-LISwwwLibrary scienceEprints in Library and Information Science22,5192003E-LIS Governance & CIEPI
F1000 ResearchwwwLife SciencesPreprint server with integrated option of peer review by invited experts, suggested by the authors, done openly after publication3,7902012F1000 Research Ltd.
FocUS ArchivewwwUltrasound researchA free preprint service for the focused ultrasound research community432018Center for Open Science
FrenxivwwwMultidisciplinaryFrench server for preprints1492018Center for Open Science
Gates Open ResearchwwwMultidisciplinaryA platform for rapid author-led publication and open peer review of research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation2862017Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
HAL[8]wwwMultidisciplinaryOpen archive for scholarly documents from all academic fields789,4692001Centre pour la communication scientifique directe
HRB Open ResearchwwwMedicineA preprint platform for HRB-funded researchers1572018Health Research Board & F1000 Research Ltd.
hprintswwwArts and humanitiesNordic Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences Open Access repository2742008French National Centre for Scientific Research & Nordbib
INArxivwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research in Indonesia16,4892017–2020Center for Open Science
IndiaRxivwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research in India1342019Open Access India & Center for Open Science
JMIR PreprintswwwMedicinePreprint server for JMIR journal582020JMIR Publications Inc.
LawArXivwwwLawArchive for legal research1,3662017–2020Center for Open Science
LISSAwwwLibrary scienceLibrary and Information Sciences Scholarship Archive3012018Center for Open Science
MarXivwwwMarine scienceRepository for ocean and marine-climate science. Closed.4582017–2020Center for Open Science
MediArXivwwwCommunication sciencesPreprints for media, film, and communication research1122019Center for Open Science
medRxiv[9]wwwMedicineOpen accesspreprint archive for medicine14,8312019Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
MetaArXivwwwMultidisciplinaryFocused on improving research transparency and reproducibility2002018Center for Open Science
MindRxivwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprints on mind and contemplative practices2152018Center for Open Science
Nature PrecedingswwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint repository of scholarly work in the fields of biomedical sciences, chemistry, and earth sciences3,4232007–2012Nature Publishing Group
NutriXivwwwNutritional sciencesPreprint service for the nutritional sciences812018Center for Open Science
OSF PreprintswwwMultidisciplinaryAggregates over 30 preprint servers (all from COP plus other like arXiv, bioRxiv, etc.). Number of native OSF Preprints documents: 25,114.2,289,8942017Center for Open Science
PaleorXiv[10]wwwPaleontologyPreprint server for paleontology1742017Center for Open Science
PeerJ PrePrints[11]wwwBiology, medicineInitially, developed as preprint server for PeerJ submissions. Closed Sep 30th 2019.5,0862013–2019O'Reilly Media & SAGE Publishing
PhilSci-ArchivewwwPhilosophy of scienceAn archive for preprints in philosophy of science8,6362001D-Scribe Digital Publishing
Preprints with The LancetwwwMedicinePreprints available via SSRN7,2382018Elsevier
Preprints.orgwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research governed by MDPI18,6142016MDPI
Preprints.ruwwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server for interdisciplinary research in Russia1152019NEICON
PsyArXiv[12]wwwPsychologyOpen accesspreprint archive for psychology13,2112016Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science
QeioswwwMultidisciplinaryPlatform to create, instantly post and openly peer review preprints and scholarly definitions2032019Qeios Ltd.
RePEcwwwEconomicsResearch in economics1997Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Research SquarewwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint server plus editing (commercial)56,3542018Research Square R&D LLC
Rutgers Optimality ArchivewwwLinguisticsA distribution point for research in Optimality Theory and its conceptual affiliates12501993SAS Rutgers University
SciELO PreprintswwwMultidisciplinaryInterdisciplinary research for Latin America, Iberian Peninsula, South Africa13,7132020SciELO
SocArXivwwwSocial scienceOpen archive of the social sciences68792016Center for Open Science
SportRxivwwwSports scienceRepository dedicated to sport and exercise related research2792017Center for Open Science
SSRN (First Look)wwwMultidisciplinaryAggregates over 30 preprint servers (Preprints with The Lancet, Cell Sneak Peek, etc.). More than 55 disciplines. Initially funded by SSRN in 1994, bought in 2016 by Elsevier.950,7331994Elsevier
TechRxivwwwEngineeringPreprints in Technology Research1,0432020Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
ViXra[13]wwwMultidisciplinaryMainly physics and mathematics, but also other. An alternative to arXiv. Well-known for specializing in unorthodox and fringe science.36,3422009Scientific God Inc.
Wellcome Open ResearchwwwMultidisciplinaryAt least one of the authors must be Wellcome researcher8202017Wellcome Trust
WikiJournal PreprintswwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint repository of scholarly work in a mediawiki format522017WikiJournal User Group
ZenodowwwMultidisciplinaryPreprint repository of scholarly work29442011OpenAIRE / CERN
  1. ^ The Discipline(s) contain only the repository's main focus, as in virtually all preprint servers there are manuscripts from many subjects.
  2. ^ If Created is red, it means that the preprint server is no longer operating.
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