List of conflicts in South America
This is a list of armed conflicts in South America.
This list is incomplete; you can help by adding missing items with reliable sources.

Development of Spanish American Independence
  Government under traditional Spanish law
  Loyal to Supreme Centr r Cortes
  American junta or insurrection movement
  Independent state declared or established
  Height of French control of the Peninsula
1536 Battle of Reynogüelén
16th century — 17th or 18th century Arauco War
French Guiana
1809 Portuguese invasion of French Guiana
c. 900 BCE — c. 200 BCE Chavín culture
The area of the Chavín culture, as well as areas the Chavín culture influenced.
c. 500 — c. 1100 CE Wari Empire
A map of the extent of the Wari Empire
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1438
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1463
c. 1472 — c. 1493 Topa Inca Yupanqui, the tenth Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire, extended the realm northward along the Andes through modern Ecuador, and developed a special fondness for the city of Quito, which he rebuilt with architects from Cuzco. During this time his father Pachacuti reorganized the Kingdom of Cuzco into the Tahuantinsuyu, the "four provinces". He led extensive military conquests to extend the Inca Empire across much of South America, within the boundaries of the nations which are today called Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. He became Inca in his turn upon his father's death in 1471, ruling until his own death in 1493. He conquered Chimor, which occupied the northern coast of what is now Peru, the largest remaining rival to the Incas.
A map of the extent of the Kingdom of Cuzco in 1493
c. 1493 — c. 1527 Huayna Capac, the eleventh Sapa Inca of the Inca Empire, extended the Inca Empire significantly to the south into present-day Chile and Argentina and tried to annex territories towards the north, in what is now Ecuador and southern Colombia, founding cities like Atuntaqui. Further north, Huayna Capac's forces reached the Chinchipe River Basin but were pushed back by the Shuar in 1527. The Inca Empire reached the height of its size and power under his rule, stretching over much of present-day Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and southwestern Colombia.
A map of the Inca Empire at its greatest extent
c. 1529 — c. 1532 Inca Civil War
1525 — 1572 Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire
1780 — 1782 Rebellion of Túpac Amaru II by indigenous people, mestizos, blacks, and criollos against the Spanish Empire
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