List of female finance ministers
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A finance minister is an executive or cabinet position in charge of one or more of government finances, economic policy and financial regulation. The title may also refer to a junior minister in the finance department. The British Treasury, for example, has four junior ministers.
A finance minister's portfolio has a large variety of names across the world, such as "treasury", "finance", "financial affairs", "economy" and "economic affairs". The position of the finance minister might be named for this portfolio, but it may also have some other name, like "Treasurer" or, in the United Kingdom, "Chancellor of the Exchequer". The finance minister is usually in charge of monetary policy, economic policy, fiscal policy, and financial regulation. Many women have been appointed to the post since the mid 1920s. This is a list of women who entitled the position[clarification needed] of finance minister; thus an economy minister who is in charge of financial policy will also be included. However economy ministers who head a separate ministry from the finance ministry will not appear in the list.
Sovereign states
  Denotes incumbent finance minister
NameImageCountryContinentMandate startMandate endTerm length
Indira Gandhi
Asia16 July 196927 June 1970346 days
Marie-Christine Mboukou
 Central African Republic
Africa197521 September 19794 years, 263 days
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
 LiberiaAfrica197912 April 19801 year, 102 days
Gloria Amon-Nikoi[citation needed]
Africa197919812 years, 0 days
Yun Gi-jong
 North KoreaAsia1980199818 years, 0 days
Dame Eugenia Charles
 DominicaAmerica21 July 198014 June 199514 years, 328 days
Dame Margaret Guilfoyle
 AustraliaOceania3 November 198011 March 19832 years, 128 days
María Mercedes Cuéllar
Clara Boscagli
 San Marino
Europe198619904 years, 0 days
Bintou Sango
 Burkina Faso
Africa198719914 years, 0 days
Shirley Kuo
Asia22 July 198830 May 19901 year, 312 days
Benazir Bhutto
Asia2 December 19886 August 19901 year, 247 days
Eglée Iturbe de Blanco
America198919901 year, 0 days
Uta Nickel
 East GermanyEurope18 November 198912 April 1990145 days
Klavdiya Melnik
 MoldovaEurope199019944 years, 0 days
Licelott Catalina Marte Hoffiz de Barrios
 Dominican Republic
America199019933 years, 0 days
Ruth Richardson
 New ZealandOceania2 November 199029 November 19933 years, 27 days
Elvyra Kunevičienė
 LithuaniaEurope13 January 199114 July 19921 year, 183 days
Irma Raquel Zelaya
 GuatemalaAmerica14 January 19911991?
Marie-Michele Rey
 HaitiAmerica13 February 199111 October 1991240 days
Anne Wibble
 SwedenEurope4 October 19917 October 19943 years, 3 days
Onur Borman
 Northern Cyprus
Europe199319952 years, 0 days
Benazir Bhutto
Asia19 October 19935 November 19963 years, 17 days
Ana Ordóñez de Molina
 GuatemalaAmerica199414 January 19962 years, 13 days
Christina Vucheva
 BulgariaEurope17 October 199425 January 1995100 days
Chandrika Kumaratunga
 Sri LankaAsia12 November 19949 December 20017 years, 27 days
Susagna Arasanz Serra
Europe7 December 19947 April 20016 years, 121 days
Indra Sāmīte
 LatviaEurope25 May 199521 December 1995210 days
Ruby Thoma
 NauruOceania11 November 199628 November 199617 days
Gabriela Núñez
 HondurasAmerica27 January 199827 January 20024 years, 0 days
Edith Nawakwi
Africa20 March 199829 June 19991 year, 101 days
Maritza Aguirre
America30 June 199830 June 19991 year, 0 days
Brigita Schmögnerová
Europe30 October 199828 January 20023 years, 90 days
Ana Lucía Armijos
America15 February 199921 January 2000340 days
Luísa Diogo
Africa24 January 20003 February 20055 years, 10 days
Pia Gjellerup
Europe21 December 200027 November 2001341 days
Mireia Maestre Cortadella
Europe7 April 20013 June 20054 years, 57 days
Dalia Grybauskaitė
 LithuaniaEurope3 July 20011 May 20042 years, 303 days
Halina Wasilewska-Trenkner
 PolandEurope28 August 200119 October 200152 days
Fernanda Borges
 East TimorAsia20 September 200120 May 2002242 days
Maria Tebús
 São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica26 September 20019 August 20031 year, 317 days
Enebay Atayeva
Asia24 November 200115 November 2002356 days
Zinaida Greceanîi
 MoldovaEurope8 February 200212 October 20053 years, 246 days
Manuela Ferreira Leite
Europe6 April 200217 July 20042 years, 100 days
Madalena Boavida
 East TimorAsia20 May 20028 August 20075 years, 80 days
Ayaovi Demba Tignonkpa
 TogoAfrica3 December 200230 July 2003239 days
Ljerka Marić
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaEurope13 January 20039 February 20074 years, 27 days
Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila
Africa8 May 200321 March 201511 years, 317 days
Georgina Barreiro Fajardo
 CubaAmerica21 June 20032 March 20095 years, 254 days
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala NigeriaAfrica15 July 200321 June 20062 years, 341 days
Juanita Amatong
 PhilippinesAsia1 December 200314 February 20051 year, 75 days
Ayşe Dönmezer
 Northern Cyprus
Europe13 January 20044 August 2004204 days
Antonieta Bonilla
 GuatemalaAmerica14 January 200414 January 20084 years, 0 days
Bibitac Vekilova
Asia22 April 20048 March 2005320 days
Margaret Keita
 Gambia, The
Africa10 March 200514 June 200596 days
Maria do Carmo Silveira
 São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica8 June 200521 April 2006317 days
Magdalena Barreiro
America8 August 200528 December 2005142 days
Kristin Halvorsen
Europe17 October 200520 October 20094 years, 3 days
Teresa Lubińska
 PolandEurope31 October 20057 January 200668 days
Felisa Miceli
 ArgentinaAmerica28 November 200516 July 20071 year, 230 days
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Asia7 December 200520 May 20104 years, 164 days
Zakia Meghji
Africa6 January 20067 February 20082 years, 32 days
Zyta Gilowska
 PolandEurope7 January 200624 June 2006168 days
Natalya Korzhova
 KazakhstanAsia18 January 200613 November 20071 year, 299 days
Antoinette Sayeh
 LiberiaAfrica2 February 200622 August 20082 years, 202 days
Maria Tebús
 São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica21 April 200620 November 20071 year, 213 days
Nenadi Usman
 NigeriaAfrica21 June 200626 July 20071 year, 35 days
Rebeca Santos
 HondurasAmerica3 July 200629 June 20092 years, 361 days
Cristina Duarte
 Cape VerdeAfrica6 September 200622 April 20169 years, 229 days
Denise Sinankwa
 BurundiAfrica13 September 200613 July 2007303 days
Zyta Gilowska
 PolandEurope22 September 20067 September 2007350 days
Vesna Arsić
Europe9 November 200614 November 20065 days
Christine Lagarde
Europe19 June 200729 June 20114 years, 10 days
Emília Pires
 East TimorAsia8 August 200711 February 20157 years, 187 days
Zyta Gilowska
 PolandEurope10 September 200716 November 200767 days
Karen Nunez-Tesheira
 Trinidad and TobagoAmerica7 November 200726 May 20102 years, 200 days
Tazimkhan Kalibetova
 KyrgyzstanAsia28 December 200714 January 20091 year, 17 days
Mariana Durleșteanu
 MoldovaEurope31 March 200825 September 20091 year, 178 days
Ângela Viegas Santiago
 São Tomé and PríncipeAfrica22 June 20081 August 20102 years, 40 days
Diana Dragutinović
Europe7 July 200814 March 20112 years, 250 days
Wilma Salgado
America8 July 200816 September 200870 days
María Elsa Viteri
America16 September 200821 April 20101 year, 217 days
Syda Bbumba
Africa16 February 200927 May 20112 years, 100 days
Lina Pedraza Rodríguez
 CubaAmerica2 March 20099 January 20199 years, 313 days
Sophie Thevenoux
Europe26 March 200914 January 20111 year, 294 days
Elena Salgado
Europe7 April 200921 December 20112 years, 258 days
Gabriela Núñez
 HondurasAmerica29 June 200927 January 2010212 days
Ingrida Šimonytė
 LithuaniaEurope7 July 200913 December 20123 years, 159 days
Jenny Phillips
 Costa RicaAmerica5 August 20098 May 2010276 days
Raya Haffar al-Hassan
Asia9 November 200913 June 20111 year, 216 days
Mercedes Aráoz
America22 December 200914 September 2010266 days
Wonnie Boedhoe
America12 August 201010 June 2011302 days
Penny Wong
 AustraliaOceania14 September 201018 September 20133 years, 4 days
Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf
Europe1 November 201031 December 20155 years, 60 days
Elfreda Tamba
 LiberiaAfrica5 November 201018 November 201013 days
Martina Dalić
 CroatiaEurope29 December 201023 December 2011359 days
Dinara Shaydieva
 KyrgyzstanAsia31 January 20114 February 20114 days
Maria Fekter
Europe21 April 201116 December 20132 years, 239 days
Maria Kiwanuka
Africa27 May 20111 March 20153 years, 278 days
Adidjatou Mathys
Africa28 May 201110 April 2012318 days
Adeline Wijnerman
America15 June 201112 August 20154 years, 58 days
Jutta Urpilainen
 FinlandEurope22 June 20116 June 20142 years, 349 days
Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala NigeriaAfrica11 July 201129 May 20153 years, 322 days
Oddný G. Harðardóttir
Europe31 December 20111 October 2012275 days
Christina Liu
Asia6 February 201230 May 2012114 days
Marie-Carmelle Jean-Marie
 HaitiAmerica16 May 20129 April 2013328 days
Katrín Júlíusdóttir
Europe1 October 201223 May 2013234 days
Maria Luís Albuquerque
Europe24 July 201326 November 20152 years, 125 days
Bouaré Fily Sissoko
Africa8 September 201310 January 20151 year, 124 days
Siv Jensen
Europe16 October 201324 January 20206 years, 100 days
Saada Salum
Africa20 January 20145 November 20151 year, 289 days
Ioana Petrescu
Europe4 March 201415 December 2014286 days
Marie-Carmelle Jean-Marie
 HaitiAmerica2 April 201418 January 2015291 days
Magdalena Andersson
 SwedenEurope3 October 2014Incumbent6 years, 294 days
Maris Lauri
Europe3 November 20149 April 2015157 days
Natalie Jaresko
Europe2 December 201414 April 20161 year, 134 days
Santina Cardoso
 East TimorAsia11 February 201515 September 20172 years, 216 days
Samsam Abdi Adan
 SomalilandAfrica7 March 201513 December 20172 years, 281 days
'Mamphono Khaketla
Africa30 March 20158 November 20161 year, 223 days
Kemi Adeosun
 NigeriaAfrica11 November 201515 September 20182 years, 308 days
Anca Dragu
Europe17 November 20154 January 20171 year, 48 days
Malado Kaba
Africa4 January 201628 May 20182 years, 134 days
Rosine Sori-Coulibaly
 Burkina Faso
Africa13 January 201624 January 20193 years, 11 days
Dana Reizniece-Ozola
 LatviaEurope11 February 201623 January 20192 years, 346 days
Alenka Smerkolj
 SloveniaEurope13 July 201621 September 201670 days
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Asia27 July 2016Incumbent4 years, 362 days
Lamia Zribi
Africa27 August 201630 April 2017246 days
Mateja Vraničar Erman
 SloveniaEurope21 September 201613 September 20181 year, 357 days
Christine Georges Diguibaye
Africa5 February 201721 November 2017289 days
Helga Vukaj
Europe22 May 201717 August 201787 days
Lea Giménez
 ParaguayAmerica6 June 201715 August 20181 year, 70 days
Vonintsalama Andriambololona
Africa18 July 201724 January 20191 year, 190 days
Claudia Cooper
America17 September 20172 April 2018197 days
Alena Schillerová
 Czech Republic
Europe13 December 2017Incumbent3 years, 223 days
Teresa Czerwińska
 PolandEurope9 January 20184 June 20191 year, 146 days
Margaret Mwanakatwe
Africa14 February 201814 July 20191 year, 150 days
María Elsa Viteri
America6 March 2018Incumbent3 years, 140 days
Ana Brnabić
Europe16 May 201829 May 201813 days
Mia Mottley
America27 May 2018Incumbent3 years, 58 days
María Jesús Montero
Europe7 June 2018Incumbent3 years, 47 days
Oksana Markarova
Europe8 June 20184 March 20201 year, 270 days
Sara Lobo Brites
 East TimorAsia22 June 201829 May 20201 year, 342 days
Zainab Ahmed
 NigeriaAfrica17 September 2018Incumbent2 years, 310 days
Baktygul Jeenbayeva
 KyrgyzstanAsia13 December 2018Incumbent2 years, 223 days
Anila Denaj
Europe28 December 2018Incumbent2 years, 208 days
Meisi Bolaños
 CubaAmerica9 January 2019Incumbent2 years, 196 days
Nirmala Sitharaman
Asia31 May 2019Incumbent2 years, 54 days
María Antonieta Alva
America3 October 20199 November 20201 year, 37 days
Vera Daves
Africa8 October 2019Incumbent1 year, 289 days
Katri Kulmuni
 FinlandEurope10 December 20199 June 2020182 days
Mariam Al-Aqeel
 KuwaitAsia17 December 201916 February 202061 days
Chrystia Freeland
 CanadaAmerica18 August 2020Incumbent340 days
Gintarė Skaistė
 LithuaniaEurope7 December 2020Incumbent229 days
Keit Pentus-Rosimannus
Europe26 January 2021Incumbent179 days
Janet Yellen
 United StatesAmerica26 January 2021Incumbent179 days
Constituent states, dependent territories, and autonomous regions
  Denotes incumbent finance minister
Italics denotes an acting finance minister and defunct states/territories/regions
NameImageCountry/TerritoryContinentMandate startMandate endTerm length
Varvara Yakovleva
 RSFSREuropeJanuary 1930September 19377 years, 243 days
Carmen Ana Culpeper
 Puerto Rico
North America2 January 198131 December 19843 years, 364 days
Jóngerð Purkhús
 Faroe Islands
Europe198419895 years, 0 days
Bette Stephenson
 OntarioNorth America17 May 198526 June 198540 days
Carmen Lawrence
 Western AustraliaOceania12 February 199016 February 19933 years, 4 days
Amina Salum Ali
Africa25 October 19908 November 200010 years, 14 days
Ella Tromp-Yargazaray
South America199319941 year, 0 days
Monique Gagnon-Tremblay
North America19931994?
Janice MacKinnon
 SaskatchewanNorth America8 January 199327 June 19974 years, 170 days
Elizabeth Cull
 British ColumbiaNorth America15 September 199317 June 19962 years, 276 days
Pauline Marois
North America19951996?
Joan Sheldon
 QueenslandOceania19 February 199626 June 19982 years, 127 days
Pat Mella
 Prince Edward Island
North America27 November 199610 October 20036 years, 317 days
Xenia Vélez Silva
 Puerto Rico
North America2 January 199731 December 20003 years, 364 days
Margaret Dyer-Howe
 MontserratNorth America200120021 year, 0 days
Pat Nelson AlbertaNorth America16 March 200125 November 20043 years, 284 days
Janet Ecker
 OntarioNorth America15 April 200223 October 20031 year, 191 days
Ersilia de Lannooy
 Netherlands Antilles
South America3 June 200210 October 20108 years, 129 days
Paula Cox
 BermudaNorth America22 January 200418 December 20128 years, 331 days
Shirley McClellan AlbertaNorth America25 November 200415 December 20062 years, 20 days
Carole Taylor
 British ColumbiaNorth America16 June 200523 June 20083 years, 7 days
Anna Bligh
 QueenslandOceania2 February 200613 September 20071 year, 223 days
Armelle Merceron
 French Polynesia
Oceania29 December 200631 August 2007245 days
Monique Jérôme-Forget
North America20072009?
Pat Atkinson
 SaskatchewanNorth America31 May 200721 November 2007174 days
Aleqa Hammond
North America1 July 200726 September 20081 year, 87 days
Iris Evans
 AlbertaNorth America12 March 200815 January 20101 year, 309 days
Rosann Wowchuk
 ManitobaNorth America3 November 20093 October 20111 year, 334 days
Lara Giddings
 TasmaniaOceania6 December 201031 March 20143 years, 115 days
Maliina Abelsen
North AmericaMarch 20115 April 20132 years, 35 days
Sonia Backès
 New CaledoniaOceania10 June 20115 June 20142 years, 360 days
Maureen MacDonald
 Nova ScotiaNorth America30 May 201222 October 20131 year, 145 days
Julianna O'Connor-Connolly
 Cayman IslandsNorth America19 December 201228 May 2013160 days
Jennifer Howard
 ManitobaNorth America18 October 20133 November 20141 year, 16 days
Diana Whalen
 Nova ScotiaNorth America22 October 201324 July 20151 year, 275 days
Charlene Johnson
 Newfoundland and LabradorNorth America29 January 20145 September 2014219 days
Melba Acosta Febo
 Puerto Rico
North America27 October 201431 July 20161 year, 278 days
Gladys Berejiklian
 New South WalesOceania2 April 201530 January 20171 year, 303 days
Kristina Háfoss
 Faroe Islands
Europe15 September 201516 September 20194 years, 1 day
Cathy Bennett
 Newfoundland and LabradorNorth America14 December 201531 July 20171 year, 229 days
Cathy Rogers
 New BrunswickNorth America6 June 20168 November 20182 years, 155 days
Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson
 Turks and Caicos IslandsNorth America20 December 201620 February 20214 years, 62 days
Lourdes Alberto
South America24 March 201729 May 201766 days
Carole James
 British ColumbiaNorth America18 July 201726 November 20203 years, 131 days
Karen Casey
 Nova ScotiaNorth America15 June 201723 February 20213 years, 253 days
Donna Harpauer
 SaskatchewanNorth America30 August 2017Incumbent3 years, 328 days
Xiomara Ruiz-Maduro
South America17 November 2017Incumbent3 years, 249 days
Jackie Trad
 QueenslandOceania12 December 201710 May 20202 years, 150 days
Susie Pinel
 JerseyEurope7 June 2018Incumbent3 years, 47 days
Rebecca Evans
 WalesEurope13 December 2018Incumbent2 years, 223 days
Darlene Compton
 Prince Edward Island
North America9 May 2019Incumbent2 years, 76 days
Diane Dodds
 Northern IrelandEurope11 January 2020Incumbent1 year, 194 days
Kate Forbes
 ScotlandEurope17 February 2020Incumbent1 year, 157 days
Selina Robinson
 British ColumbiaNorth America26 November 2020Incumbent240 days
States with limited recognition, non-UN member states
  Denotes incumbent finance minister
Italics denotes an acting finance minister and defunct states/territories/regions
NameImageCountryContinentMandate startMandate endTerm length
Irina Molokanova
 TransnistriaEuropeJuly 200624 January 20125 years, 207 days
Elena Girzhul
 TransnistriaEurope24 January 201225 December 20153 years, 335 days
Tatyana Kirova
 TransnistriaEurope1 January 2018Incumbent3 years, 204 days
Hykmete Bajrami
Europe3 June 202024 February 2021266 days
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